He tells you he doesn’t want to get attached, he kisses you when you give him presents but he never buys you anything, he lets you pay for your train tickets when you go to his place and doesn’t walk you back to the station cause he “doesn’t want to leave the house today”, he lets you wait for him for hours only to tell you that he’s not free tonight, he texts you early in the morning when he wants to fuck, he can’t be bothered to write you even a two line message when you’re away from him for three weeks, he always takes hours and hours to reply to your texts. And yet, when he decides that he’s had enough fun with you, when he decides that you’re getting boring, when he stops everything with no further explanation, you will still find a way to blame yourself for it; you will still find a way to wonder where you went wrong.
—  Cause it’s always your fault right?

There’s no relief, I see you in my sleep
And everybody’s rushing me, but I can feel you touching me
There’s no release, I feel you in my dreams
Telling me I’m fine

Every time I close my eyes
It’s like a dark paradise
No one compares to you
I’m scared that you won’t be waiting on the other side - [x]

the reason why Dwalin lived so long, was because he could not be sure. he could not be sure to see Thorin’s face again once he closed his eyes for the last time. and so he clung to his memory, unable to let it go… while Thorin patiently waited for the day they could be reunited once more.

  • person:that was not my fault
  • friends:dONT
  • me:but it isn't my fault i was given those beans youpersuadedmetotradeawaymycow for beans and without /those/ beans there'd have been /no/ stalk to get uptothegiantinthefirstplace WAIT A MINUTE magic beans for a cow so old that you hadtotellalietosellit which /you/ told were they worthless beans were they over-sold oh and TELLUSWHOPERSUADEDYOUTOSTEAL THAT GOLD so it's your fault NO see it's your fault NO yes it is ITS NOT it's true WAITAMINUTETHOUGH i only stole the gold to get my cow back from YOU so it's your fault YES no it isn't i'd have kept those beans but our house was cursed SHE made us get a cow to get the curse reversed it's his father's fault that the curse got placed and the place got cursed in the first place oh then it's his fault so it was his fault no yes it is it's his i guess WAITAMINUTETHOUGH i chopped down the bean stalk right that's clear so without any beanstalk then what's queer is how did the second giant get down here in the FIRST PLACEsecondplace yes-how-hm-well WHO had the other beantheotherbeantheotherbean you pocketed the other bean I DIDNTyesidid so it's YOUR no it isn't cause I gave it to my wife SO ITS HERno it isn't then whose is it WAIT A MINUTE she exchanged that bean to obtain YOUR SHOE so the one who knows what happened to that bean is you you mean that /old/ bean that your wife /oh/ dear but I neverknewandsoithrew well DONT LOOK HERE SO ITS YOUR FAULT but SEE ITS HER FAULT but AND IT ISN'T MINE AT ALL but what well if you hadn't gone back up again wewereneedy you were greedy did you need that hen butigotitformymother SO ITS HER FAULT THEN yes and what about the harp in the third place the harp yes SHE went and dared me to idaredyouto shedaredmeto she said that i was scared to shedaredme no i didn'tso it's YOUR FAULT wait a minif you hadn't dared him to and you had left the harpawell if YOu hadn't thrown away the bean in the first place it was your fault right it's youshe raised the beans in the first place ITS YOUR FAULT YOURE RESPONSIBLE YOURE THE ONE TO BLAME ITS YOUR FAULTshhhhhhh