the rich bitch diaries - l.h // part 4

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Bounce it, bounce it, I’m about to throw a couple thousand
Ones, fives, tens, twenties, Work your way up to them big face hundreds - just bounce it.

WARNING: Swearing, mention of sex, alcohol, and abusing drugs

Side note: Also I have no idea how to write smut without it just sounding extremely awkward and dumb but there is a rather sexual scene in this part so fair warning.. sorry.

PART 4: 

“I can’t believe y/n curved you,” Ashton laughed while taking a seat next to her in our section of the club.

“At least I’m not the one sleeping with Trump’s niece,” I retorted causing Calum and Michael to snort and Ashton to shut right up.  Ashton had fucked up and gotten involved with the Trump family; Trump’s niece to be exact. Despite her having a nice ass, she was just as unbearable and disgusting as her uncle. But no matter how much he hated her and the sex, he couldn’t just drop her seeing as her uncle and his father were business partners and pissing her off would ruin everything.

“Okay but you should’ve seen the look on Luke’s face though, almost like daddy took away one of his thirty credit cards,” she smirked. I glared at her. If she wants to be an ass, I can be a bigger one.

“Shut it, trust fund baby.”

She immediately stopped laughing and rolled her eyes at me while taking another drink of her champagne. That had struck her nerve. We’d only been at the Nice Guy for ten minutes and tension was already filling the air. Sure she had pulled stunts like that before but this was too far seeing as I getting sick of not getting what I want. “Well…I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like dancing. C’mon,” y/n spoke while grabbing Calum and Michael’s hands, dragging them towards the main floor, Ashton and I took another shot, following them.

Shot after shot, and drink after drink, I was trashed. Ashton was god knows where, Calum probably getting a blowjob in the bathroom, and Y/n and Michael grinding together. That bastard. They always had a habit of dancing together when they were trashed. They had this thing to where if one of them was too fucked up, they’d stick together, preventing them from hooking up with random people. Maybe it was the alcohol speaking, maybe it was my jealousy, or maybe it was the fact that for once I wasn’t getting what I wanted when I wanted it, that made my blood boil. I took another drink. Slow down Hemmings, you’re drinking too much. I grabbed the nearest girl and began grinding with her, staring at y/n the entire time, hoping she’d notice and become jealous. Who knew you could be so pitiful, Hemmings. The blonde on my crotch turned around and whispered something in my ear that I was either too drunk to catch or just didn’t care in general. I nodded my head trying to play it off that I actually payed attention.

“We should get out of here,” she suggested while running her hand down my chest. I glanced to my left, y/n was staring. This could’ve been you. 

“Your place or mine?” I smirked, feeling the alcohol hit me harder than before.

“Mine, it’s right down the street,” she replied, and before I knew it I was being dragged out the club, briefly making eye contact with y/n as she stood there in absolute shock as I left with another girl. You had your chance. 

Blondie opened the door to her condo and stumbled in taking her heels off. It was a nice place. Her father was probably in the state government and bought her the place. But mine was nicer. Everything slowed and I knew what was coming next. I was about to blackout. I gently grabbed onto her hips and pushed her against the wall, connecting our lips, trying to keep my shit together for as long as possible. Y/n should be the one I’m pressing against a wall kissing. My shirt was thrown to the side and her dress was lost somewhere on the way to the bedroom. I was stumbling. Most of this I probably wasn’t going to remember in the morning. I lied back on the bed as she climbed on top of me and attacked my neck with her mouth causing me to moan. Y/n’s mouth would be better… I flipped us over, kissing her while running a hand down her body. Y/n would look better underneath you than this girl. Blondie flipped us over again, discarding her lingerie. I know for a fact y/n’s tits are nicer. She reached down and began palming my bulge. “Fuck y/n, stop teasing,” I moaned. My vision getting blurry signalling I was going to black any second.

“Excuse me? Who the fuck is y/n?”

A fist came at my face. And then blackness.






it was valentines day and you had been binge watching youtube videos while ash when on a date, and the boys of course went to spy on him. the date didn’t go so well. the boys reported a lot of awkward hand touching and uncomfortable eye contact and conversations. once everyone had settled down in your flat and you decided to practice some eyeliner on ash to distract him from his bad date. 

he was sitting on a kitchen stool with you straddling his lap, with his arms around your hips keeping you from slipping away according to him. your face extremely close to his, completely concentrated on the eyeliner. he would make weird faces and tell you dumb jokes to try and throw you off, causing both of you to giggle and rest your head on his shoulder shaking from laughter. you genuinely wanted to give him some bombass guyliner but your hands couldn’t help but shake when you felt his strong gaze on your face, and his arms tightening around you. he didn’t seem too disheartened by someone who just had a bad date. 

couple hours later before bed you noticed mike had tweeted you. @michael5sos: i have no idea what is happening but it’s 10 times cuter than the date ash was just on. with a picture of the both of you giggling during your eyeliner practice attached. you smiled to yourself saving the photo.

maybe valentines day wasn’t as naff as you thought.

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current 15 favorite songs

i was tagged by @virusyeol (thank you so much <3)

1. beautiful / baekhyun
2. girl x friend / exo
3. i am you, you are me / zico
4. dumb & dumber / ikon
5. pricked / mino & taehyun
6. beautiful goodbye / g.soul
7. holland / glass face
8. ghost in your mind / feel kim
9. yell / standing egg
10. elevator / jonghyun
11. apology / ikon
12. synchronization of your dreams / nct
13. little bit of feel good (ft. adam joseph) / salm
14. take me away / u-kiss
15. lightsaber (japanese ver) / exo

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you never expected calum to wake up earlier than two after a night out with the boys, so you were instantly suspicious when you had only just woken up yourself, padded quietly to the adjoined bathroom as not to disturb your sleeping boyfriend, only to return to the darkened room to see the maori boy sitting up in bed, a sheepish look on his face, and his long fingers playing with the short hairs on the back of his neck (a nervous habit even in the absence of curls). trying to avoid the ‘worst case scenarios’ playing out in the back of your mind, you sit down on the edge of the bed, your legs brushing against cal’s. his hand automatically moves to rest on your exposed skin, and the familiarity of the action helps to sooth your nerves. “you can’t be mad ok?” you can’t help but snort at that, asking “what did you do cal?” it’s not much of a surprise when he lifts up his shirt and there is a little square plastic wrap taped to his chest, right over where you can feel his heartbeat best, no doubt covering a new tattoo. you can only imagine what design drunk cal thought was a good idea, and you are even more curious as to why sober cal was worried you’d be mad. puling gently at the tape, you expose the new ink, letting your fingers trail over the new addition of your name in a heart. you can’t help but laugh while calum lets out the breath he was holding, a smile stretching his pretty face for the first time all morning. “why would i be mad?” you wonder aloud, letting your eyes trail from where they were fixed on his smooth chest all the way to his tired brown eyes. “i thought you might get freaked out, tattoos are pretty permanent you know…” you smile even wider at that, liking the sounds of that. permanent. you and calum were permanent. tracing your fingers over the black ink once again, you can’t help but ask, “in that case, maybe i should get one too?”

I know that this has already been talked about, but I have just seen it on Shazam but I just thought that it was interesting.

Yep, quite interesting. It’s looks like Syco has been running around trying to clean up that bit of info. But it’s been seen on so many different music outlets, no way is it a mistake.

Remember Zayn saying this to the Sunday Times recently:

On Cowell, for instance, can you clarify: did he broker your new solo deal? A big, bemused face. “I can’t clarify anything. I don’t know.” But you’re in contact? More face, more smirk, more swivel on his swivelling chair. I don’t get this, I say. “I don’t get it, either. You can say that. I don’t know what happened.”

Makes even more sense now, right? So the question is, was playing dumb the best strategy 1DHQ could come up with? Or did the incoming team plant this question in order to shade what they knew was coming with the release of Zayn’s debut single? A little of both?

At any rate, this continues to be a very important smoking gun and some of the best stunt evidence thus far.

Reaction: In a Haunted House (BTS)

Rap Monster: Rap Monster wouldn’t even blink. You’d be clutching his arm tightly and he’d just smirk at you. He’d point at a bloody hand and ask how you could even be scared of this stuff? It all looked so fake. He’d tell you that it wasn’t logical for ghosts to exist and you’d glare up at him and tell that him that his face wasn’t logical. He’d just raise an eyebrow at your dumb insult. Then you’d smile evilly and suddenly scream right into his ear. He’d jump out of his skin! You’d laugh at his petrified expression and he’d look down at you angrily. Unexpectedly, he’d grab your hand and pull you into his arms, kissing you deeply. Afterwards, he’d release you and you’d be completely dazed. He’d just wink and say it was payback for scaring him.

Jin: Jin would be a darling. He’d hold your hand tightly the entire way and would constantly ask if you were alright. You’d try to convince him that you were fine but he’d keep giving you worried glances and would make sure to walk in front of you, shielding you from any harm. Halfway through you’d notice that he’d be sweating profusely and jumping at every little noise and realise that he was as scared as you. You’d tell him that you were right there with him and he’d blush and smile shyly back at you. You’d feel all the tension leave his body and he’d lean down and gently brush the hair out of your eyes. He’d lightly kiss your cheek and whisper that nothing scared him as much as losing you.

Suga: Suga would desperately pretend he wasn’t scared. In actual fact he’d be a teeny bit terrified. He’d walk beside you moodily with his hands stuffed in his pockets and mutter about how stupid haunted houses were. He’d snort at a fake head on the floor and kick it grumpily. Then he’d jump about two feet in the air and give a tiny scream when some fake blood would land on his shoes. There’d be a few seconds of silence and he would turn bright red and give an embarrassed cough. You wouldn’t be able to handle it any longer and would double over with laughter. He’d stand there sullenly and when you’d finished laughing, you’d tell him that it had stopped being scary thanks to him. He’d smile mischievously and suddenly you’d find yourself being picked up and whirled around. You’d scream in delight and he’d hold you in his arms whilst kissing a deep red mark into your neck. He’d grin darkly and say he could be much scarier than a haunted house. Just wait until you got home.

J-Hope: Anyone who knows J-Hope would know how he would react. He’d be bricking himself. He’d push you inside the house first and spend the whole thing cowering behind you, whimpering at the slightest noise. You’d moan and tell him to walk in front for a bit, but he would scream and crouch down, clinging onto your legs for dear life. He’d look up at you with big puppy eyes filled with tears and his bottom lip would tremble. Suddenly, a ghost would pop out of nowhere and he’d screech with terror and clutch your legs even tighter- making you trip and fall directly on top of him. You’d hear him groan in pain and would tell him it was his fault for being such a wimp. All of a sudden, his strong arms would wrap around your waist and you’d be looking directly into his eyes. He’d grin cheekily and lightly kiss your eyelids, then your cheeks and finally plant a gentle kiss on your mouth. He’d say that yes he was a coward but if you ever needed him, no matter how far away or terrified he was, he’d always come running.

Jimin: Jimin would hate to see you be scared but wouldn’t have a clue on how to help you. He’d pretend to be scared as well and would jump theatrically at every tiny noise, just to make you believe you weren’t alone in your terror. Unfortunately, you would truly believe that he was petrified and would decide that you had to protect him, as opposed to the other way around. He’d look on in surprise as you would take his hand in your trembling one and announce that you would save him from anything he feared. After saying this grand speech, you’d cower in fright as a huge spider would fall from the ceiling but would suddenly feel enveloped by a comforting warmth. You’d open one eye to find him covering your body with his and looking down at you gently. He’d give a tiny smirk and wrap his arms around your waist. He’d lean in and you’d close your eyes in anticipation but would only feel a light peck on the tip of your nose. You’d open your eyes to glare at him and he’d giggle adorably. Then he’d smile and say that you would always be safe and protected, because he would be by your side forever.

V: All this guy is scared of is heights. V wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at the fact that you were both entering a haunted house. He’d just take your hand and pull you in with him. He’d swing his arms cheerily and you’d be forced to skip through terrifying tunnels, V laughing happily the whole time. You’d be shaking in fright at a maze of dead people but he would just point at all the bodies and say how funny they looked. You’d glare at him and wonder how you’d ended up dating a guy who giggled at the sight of fake blood? But then you’d realise that all his laughing and singing had actually made the house far less scary and wonder if he had perhaps done it on purpose. You’d say this to him and he’d blush and look away. He’d mumble that he didn’t like to see you scared, so he’d thought maybe you’d feel better if he laughed the whole time. You’d reply that you did in fact feel better and he would look completely ecstatic. He’d squeeze your intertwined fingers, bring them up to his lips and gently kiss each of your knuckles. He’d say that you would never be scared as long as he could protect you – he’d always be there to make you laugh.

Jungkook: Jungkook isn’t afraid of anything. He would just tell you to hold onto him if you were scared and quietly lead the way into the house. You’d clutch his sleeve tightly and bury your face in his shoulder whenever a particularly scary apparition would appear. He wouldn’t make a sound and would even have the nerve to look bored, whilst you would be wetting yourself in fear. Then he’d mention that he could make it much more interesting and you’d look up him in surprise. How could you make a haunted house more interesting? Suddenly, he’d push you against the wall and place his hands either side of your head. He’d say that he could roleplay as a monster as well. He’d lightly bite your neck and suck at the skin there. When he’d finished his task he would look at you smugly. He’d tell you that monsters wouldn’t even be able to get near you if he was there– you only belonged to him and he only belonged to you.

I apologise if you wouldn’t actually be scared in a haunted house but I decided to use my own reaction as a basis because DAMN I hate horror! Seriously! It’s so freaking scary! Also, if you were in that situation anyone would act scared because… well you know… you can cling onto a sexy male idol “out of fear” and it wouldn’t be weird. ;) and maybe memorise the feeling of their bodies forever.

Once again I did this in school… I do actually get given schoolwork but I do that at 1 in the morning. This is FAR more important.

K-Pop has honestly taken over my life. AND now I’m into K-Dramas! Highly recommend ‘My Master’s Sun’ to anyone who’s looking for a good romance drama and hasn’t already seen it. So Ji-Sub! Seo In-Guk! Aaaah so gorgeous! >///////< (Also, I apologise for the fact that my reactions just get longer with each member…)

(None of the gifs used are my own)

-Mrs Kim (admin)

Am I overreacting or...?

Girls asks about where to get Papa E dildo. We discuss it’s unavailability. Man feels the need to say, “if you’re looking for a phallus, ladies, I got one ;) ;) ;) lolllllll”.

I mean what part of that ISN’T sexual harassment? They’re going off about how I can’t cry harassment because we’re the ones talking about dildos. Like we somehow deserve it then? So talking about dildos gives you the right to make dumb misogynistic jokes? You get to offer your dick to me? Joke or not, um NO. Facebook fandom is truly terrible and gross. And I feel like girls are afraid to say anything because they face this horrible backlash. Just treat me like a person, dude.

make a wish

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Youngjae | 1846 words | can you guess? (it’s fluffy)
You think Youngjae’s forgotten your birthday, but he has a special birthday surprise planned for you.

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Chapter 947


The kids look so happy about it that it’s cute, but Conan’s ridiculous expression is cracking me up. wtf is your face doing boy

Just ADHD things

Being the only person in a class of 300 to not have memorized your TA’s name and face after seeing them ONE TIME, and missing out on an extra credit thing as a result.

Then stuttering and being disgustingly awkward when asking your prof who your fucking TA is because you’re so absorbed with social anxiety and embarrassment about the whole thing

And looking like an idiot, somebody who is slow and dumb, to your prof.

Mhmm. I’m ready to die.

Sam X Reader - We'll get this right this time.

Imagine: Breaking up with Sam because he kept secrets (hunting).


Sobs shook themselves from your throat, your breath hiccuped, and your chest forced itself up and down.

Your eyes welded with tears, you held your self tighter and closer with each passing minute.

You laid in fetal position, holding yourself. Your heart beat increased, hiding your face into your pillow to silence your sobs.

Why… You thought to yourself.

So…dumb! You yelled internally to yourself.

You cried harder now, nails digging into your arms, stress habit. Your body shook and you held your hand to your mouth, breathing through the gaps between your fingers, in another attempt to silence your loud sobs.

It had been months since you’d last seen him but his image still haunted you, his long hair…beautifully built figure…him.

His name and his words echoed through your mind.

His last words to you lingered throughout your veins, gripping you tight from the inside.


“We can’t do this anymore, Sam!” You yelled, tears drying on your cheeks.

Sam stood on the other side of the room, back from his latest excursion, no explanation for the 3rd time this week.

“I can’t keep ending up this way because of your secrets, then getting back together after shit goes south, only for it to crash again! I don’t think I could handle it!” You yelled louder than before, his expressions still non-reactant.

“Sam!” You sobbed out as he continued to ignore you, throat now dry, your hands came up to reach your temples in order to calm yourself.

“Then, maybe you should just leave.” He said coldly, not facing you.

“What?” You choked out, fear and shock across you face. You didn’t want to leave him, you couldn’t.

You just needed an explanation, or some reassurance that he loved you still.

“I said leave! Damn it!” He yelled loudly, throwing his hands up angrily, still facing the wall.

“Look me in the eyes. Look at me and tell me to leave and I’ll go.” You said in desperate attempt to save what was left.

If there was anything left to save.

“Leave. Get out, don’t come back.” He said with out a struggle, his brown eyes dark with anger staring into yours.

You gulped down the sobs that threatened to jump from your body, the tears and hurt in your eyes already evidence enough that you were heart broken.

You looked to the ground and quickly exited the room, not a sound from either one of you.


Leave…get out… Don’t come back…

His dark words fought throughout your mind.

You gripped yourself tighter, your nails digging into your arms, drawing blood.

Slowly crying yourself to sleep, yet again.

You struggled to open your eyes, the dried tears holding them closed.

A bright light shown through the curtains of your hotel room and you weakly sat up, walking to the bathroom, washing off the dried blood from your arms.

A loud banging erupted from the front door and you slowly made your way to opening the door.


You looked up surprised, your eyes meeting those glossy brown ones…

“Sam.” You said, your voice strained from the crying. You pulled your arms around yourself, preventing him from seeing your nail marks and to prevent you from running into his arms like you’d desperately wanted-needed for so long.

“You look…like you haven’t slept.” He said sighing.

“You look the same.” You said, slightly disappointed he didn’t look distressed at all.

You being gone…had no impact.

“Trust me… I’m not.” He said quietly, looking down ashamed.

“What do you want…” You said quietly, the uncertainty of not knowing whether to comfort him made you extremely sad and uncomfortable, not knowing where to put your hands, so you just held them in place and crossed them.

“Just a minute…to explain myself, I want to tell you everything…” He said in a sad yet hopefully tone.

“You’ve had 6 months, Sammy.” You said, tears swelling in your eyes.

“I know, I just, I didn’t know how to make an approach…after what happened…what I said…” He said slowly.

“Sam.” You said disappointed, looking up to meet his tear filled eyes, your breath catching in your throat.

“Please, (y/n)…” He said, letting a few tears fall before wiping away at his eyes roughly. See his hasn’t slept at all either.


“No, (y/n). Please, I will tell you everything, anything you ask. I just- I need you, and I can’t lose you again… I’m going to do it right… We’ll get this right this time…” He rambled, more tears falling but his didn’t wipe them away.

A sob escaped his lips, breaking your heart.

You slowly opened your arms and wrapped them tightly around his waste, his weakly finding their way around your frame.

You cried now, hard, your body shook violently, his as well.

Now the only words echoing through your mind were different.

We’ll get this right this time.

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If Woohyun was your boyfriend, I think it’d include: 

- constant physical contact
- playing with each other’s hair
- helping each other dress for work
- quick kisses all the time
- walks in the park 
- watching him interact with kids (and maybe even teach them football/soccer!) 
- him always face-timing you to see if you’re alright
- couple selcas
- him taking unflattering candid photos of you
- and when you beg him to delete them he looks hurt
- “Woohyun I swear- delete those right now!”
- “Jagi, you’re never ugly. You’re the most beautiful, elegant, graceful-”
- “Woohyun stop-”
- “Charming, hilarious, and so sweet-”
- “Fine Woohyun, you can keep the photos, you dumb greaseball.”
- aegyo machine whenever you’re feeling upset
- but if that doesn’t work he actually sits and listens to you, holding your hand
- confessing how he always felt lonely when he was little
- and now that you’re in his life
- he’s long forgotten that feeling

“How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?”/“You were never just a friend.”

Namjoon x You

Word Count: 642

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                     A slack expression was exposed to the one person you would never want to see something so…well, dumb looking on your face. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen your dumb faces before but this was different. Has one ever been in an earthquake because the suddenness of the onset with the jarring motion was occurring to you right now, only internally? “What?” The words stuttered out of your mouth were to be the cause of your own cringing later. Yes, later, when you were done being stunned into oblivion.

              Taking a step backwards you stumbled and grasped onto the nearest solid object, a chair. Water in the pot could be heard as it started to boil. However, lunch was the last thing on your mind right now. Slipping into the chair you stared up at the already taller than you silver haired best friend of yours. “Really, Alex, how can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?” If it hadn’t been for the slight exasperation in his raspy voice and tinge of pink dusting his cheeks and tips of his ears, you wouldn’t have believed anything of this was real.

              Raising your arm out like a crossing guard at the end of school, you said, “Wait, wait, wait…Namjoon-ah there’s a girl in a new skirt at your door every week.” Raising a brow at him, how in the world could you realize anything when as of the last month he had a myriad of girls traipsing about. His blush deepened; nervously his hand rubbed the back of his neck, eyes looking past you now. Stumbling over his own words he tried to explain. “They weren’t anything or in skirts some had jeans…aish, I just wanted to see if you’d get jealous. Why weren’t you jealous?!” Namjoon’s frustration shined through the last of his words. Running your hand through your hair, you shook your head, still having a hard time coming to terms with your best friend being in love with you.

              The water spilled over the pot, causing a loud hiss to interrupt the both of you. Getting up you went over to the pot to turn the burner off. His hand grabbed your arm midway, turning your gaze in his direction his eyes told you his story. There wasn’t any hint of a joke or lie there. Namjoon didn’t lie to you anyway, he was horrible at it. The gaze he was giving you cried out for you to see his love and even more so for you to reciprocate it. The heat in the kitchen was making your skin itch. Needing a break from his intensity, you looked at the burner again. His hand released you and you turned the knob, saving the stove from more damage. “Namjoon-ah, you were never just a friend.” The words softly left your lips. It felt like a huge weight was lifted and you could breathe easier.

              Not being able to meet his gaze you whispered, “Your happiness is my happiness even with those annoying girls.” Your cheeks became flushed, foot tapping the floor as you were quite embarrassed now. His deep chuckle filled the room. “So, you were jealous. I knew you had to be.” Without even raising your head you knew there was a smirk on his lips. Ugh, he was so annoying. Punching him in the arm you brushed past him. “Make your own lunch, jerk.” You didn’t get but a few steps out of the kitchen before his strong arms wrapped around your waist lifting you up and swinging you around. Yelping at the surprise, he set you on your feet and nuzzled your neck. “This means your mine now. So, no trying to escape,” His smile could be felt against your neck. Entwining you fingers with his, you nodded. As if you’d try to anyway.


Dear Charlie,

I love you, and I miss you. More than anything I want to see your dumb face and hear your goofy laugh. More than anything I want you to pick me up and hug me.

I will see you again in a month, therefore in a month the torture begins anew.

Selfishly, I want you for my own. Selfishly, because you are not my own - you are hers, and you want to be hers.

So though it hurts me, bless you both. Though it hurts me, I hope that you are happy.



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i need your expert opinion on this, please. why is it that every time i see jhope on the screen, i have this big dumb smile on my face? your help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Well, there has been quite an amount of research on why and how we smile and also what it does to our brain and to our mood and health. But leaving all those studies aside, I think we can all agree that things that cause us to feel love and joy make us smile the brightest. So, I would say (and this comes from personal experience) that, since Hoseok is probably one of the most beautiful, sweet and lovable people on earth, he just has that effect on people ;)


Kylo Ren makeup because i wanted to push some of my personal barriers and do some more extreme male contouring of someone with a uncommon face shape and?? i actually like it!!
i def need to learn some more jaw lengthening techniques and some ways to manipulate the hood/lid of my eyes some more, but i just!!
really like it
dumb space emo

(click pics for funny captions (theres a reylo and a huxlo one in there for you shippers))