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hey yondu, ever heard of a terran by the name of merle dixon?

Yondu: I was scopin’ out the local neighbourhood before I picked up Quill -

Kraglin: You mean, ya went off on a bar crawl. An’ didn’t invite me.

Yondu: …Anyway, I’m fairly sure this fella got called ‘Merle’ by his brother before he socked me in the face.

“ There are a million little strings attached to every choice you make, you can destroy your life every time you choose”

“ في كل خيار تختاره هناك ملايين القيود المتصله به, تستطيع تدمير حياتك في كل مره تختار “

Synecdoche, New York (2008) - Dir: Charlie Kaufman

Part one Your Choice

“I loved you.” You said to Jax
You had left work and needed to stop at the store. Once you got there the thought about going in had lost all of it appeal. Remembering that there was a bakery down the road you headed there.
Walking in you didn’t notice Jax and the boys till it was to late. Wanting to get out with out a full conversation you hurried to ordered.
“I know you did. Y/N I loved you to.” He sighed.
“But I wasn’t right for you. You deserved better.”
“That wasn’t your choice to make. It was mine. I should have had the choice. Who I want to spend the rest of my life with Jax.”
“Number 4.” The cashier said holding your sandwich and chips.“
“Thank you.” You said turning toward the guy and leaving a tip in the jar by the register.
Losing the smile you had as as you turned around.
“I always prayed to God you would come back. Because you’re the one I saw myself with. But either one of us got the chance because you made the choice for me. So don’t tell me I deserve better. When the truth is you just didn’t want me.”
He watched as you walked away and kept watching as you got into your car.
“You love her why did you ever let her go away.” Chibs said from the table.
Jax didn’t answer. He let you go because he let someone tell him you wouldn’t be able to handle this life.
“You shouldn’t listen to people Jackie Boy. Y/N is in love with you and your miserable without her.”
“She won’t be safe.”
“None of us are safe. We just work harder at keeping the ones we love as safe as we can.”

Getting home and kicking your heels off. You had lost your appetite. You were so in love with that man and even though he broke your heart over and over. You were still in love with him.
“Get a grip girl. He has moved on and so should you.” You said talking to yourself as you walked to the bedroom.
Since you were little a warm bubble bath always made you feel better. Starting your water and adding your favorite scented bubble bath. You started to get undressed when you heard a knock on the door.
“Seriously.” You said reaching over to turn your water off. Grabbing your robe you wrapped it around you and headed by into the living room.
Looking thru the peep while you couldn’t believe who it was.

I’m just gonna vent a little…

I read CMBYN maybe a while back and then re-read it recently.. I didn’t think this book would be made into a movie for several reasons, valid reasons- being that translating this into a movie and capturing it’s visceral emotions at it’s core would be difficult- and yet, Luca conflated with James Ivory and many others, have done a phenomenal job..

Now.. I can’t invalidate people’s concerns regarding the age difference and the movie should be clear about the age (Elio= 17, Oliver=24).. it doesn’t help that Elio looks much younger *yuck yellow backpack compared to Oliver’s knapsack*, and Oliver looks much older.

But don’t generalize this movie. It is NOT a cliche white gay couple trope storyline. I, quite frankly, wouldn’t even give this book the time of the day if it WERE but it isn’t. 

It’s nuanced and what I gleaned from this movie (my opinion is no less valid than yours)- is that it’s about human connection, first love and heartbreak

Engage in a discourse but it’s futile if you’re unwilling to listen to each other with pragmatic and reasonable dialogue.

Read the book, don’t read the book. Don’t spew vitriol no matter what side of the aisle you are on.

Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Don’t be offensive to those who WANT TO and that applies to those who DON’T WANT TO WATCH IT, as well.

I hate how so many are using each others words and every action to create a point. We have forgotten how to listen and simply find solutions, together! I suppose we are too busy liking the sound of our own voice and fighting the world around us, like there is only one cause! There should be a common thread we all come back to…humanity!
—  Jane Doe