“Healthy food is too expensive”
  • 1 Can of Tuna: 1.12€
  • 1 Onion: ~20 cents (don’t take the giant ones)
  • 1 Egg: ~20 cents
  • 1 clove of garlic: ~2 cents
  • 1 tbsp flour: <1 cent
  • 1 tsp salt: <0.1 cent
  • 1 tsp pepper: <1 cent
  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper: <1 cent
  • 1 tsp balsamico: <1 cent

dice the onions, cut the garlic, mix it all together, form into small patties, fry in a pan for 90 seconds/side and you have one whole meal for 1.50€

you can garnish it with a salad as a side, still won’t exceed 3€

on the other hand, when you go to a fast food restaurant you’re gonna pay roughly 10 bucks for a meal that tastes worse, doesn’t fill you up, doesn’t give you energy while bringing you near your daily allowance and you’re gonna be hungry again 2 hours later.

Learn to love your local product aisle

it’s ok to get fit

You know you have a food addiction when...

-You try your best to eat normal meals, and tell yourself you won’t snack, but then out of nowhere you realize you’re in the cabinet snacking on something like cereal without meaning to.

-You wait until there’s no one around and then sneak over to the fridge/cabinet to get food, even when you’re not hungry.

-You spend an hour before bedtime trying to think of a way to sneak a snack food into your room so no one will see you eat it - again when you’re not even hungry.

-You see other people’s leftovers on their plates while cleaning up after a meal and feel a strong NEED to finish said food - even when you’re not hungry.

-You justify your snacking by telling yourself that you’re “fueling your body because it’s hungry” or something silly like that but it’s really just head hunger and you pretend you don’t know better.

-You try so hard to change your eating habits, eat better, etc. but you find yourself eating until it hurts, and even after it hurts.

-You can’t have any snack foods around because no matter how much you preach “moderation” to yourself or others, when you know it’s there, you feel an obligation and a physical NEED to eat it.

Sometimes I feel like a lot of the fitblr/healthblr/whatever community really pushes issues like food addiction to the back, in a shameful little corner. It’s something people don’t want to admit to. It’s a form of an eating disorder and I feel like we need to draw more attention to it, because honestly all I ever see are motivational posts like “it’s okay to eat. It’s good to fuel your body” and while YES THIS IS ABSOLUTELY 100% TRUE, it’s hard for someone with a food addiction to see ONLY that, because it’s almost like a justification for the disorder.

Food addiction is a real disorder just like anorexia or bulimia. It’s something I deal with every single day, every single hour, every single MINUTE. It’s a constant struggle with my own mind. Even after having a life changing surgery like gastric bypass, 9 months later and 100+ lbs down and it still hasn’t gone away. And I just wanted to take a moment to bring light to it, to admit my problem, and hopefully encourage others to know they aren’t alone in this battle (like how I feel 99% of the time).

Just remember, We are stronger than our addiction, and even if you can’t win every battle, you can win this war! 💪🏼💕


Surprisingly, Amelia hadn’t tried to leave the hospital after just one day, she stayed until they told her she could leave. Which, of course she reminded Owen that whatever money he’d bet on her only staying until the day after was all hers now. Getting home wasn’t bad, but actually settling at home was another thing. It was great to be home, that wasn’t the issue. They had all their own freedom with no one constantly coming in to check on them or anything. It was just the fact that Amelia was a nervous wreck and kept checking on the baby every few minutes even though she was still recovering. The nursery was all ready for her, not a single thing out of place yet the child was barely even in it when they arrived home because she didn’t want to leave her alone. Again, for the third time since they’d gotten home a couple hours ago to be fed. “Oh you cannot possibly be hungry again..” @o4-owen-hunt

A/N- So this one’s angsty…and I’m sorry? KAY LOVE YOU GUYS :*

Warning: Character Death

* * *
“Y/N quit it otherwise I’ll tickle you till you pee, again” You immediately stopped kicking Sam’s side of the passenger seat and leaned back with your arms crossed. You were bored, angry and hungry. Dean promised you a cheeseburger an hour ago and you were getting impatient.

“I’m starving” You mentally cursed Dean for picking a hunt that was so damn far away from Lebanon, you can’t believe your brothers agreed into taking a vetala hunt that’s 9 hours away from the bunker.

“Sorry kiddo, just a couple of more hours. Why don’t you sleep it off?” Dean’s eyes looked at yours softly through the rear-view mirror. He knew how much you hated being hungry, you’d never tell Sam but when they were younger you two wouldn’t eat sometimes. Dad would give you money and Dean would sometimes lose it so you’d have to live off what you could hustle. Sometimes it was barely enough for Sam, which meant you and Dean wouldn’t eat for quite sometime. Being the second oldest wasn’t easy though, you were treated like you were the youngest but you didn’t care, as long as your brothers were around you it didn’t matter.

“Yeah okay” Sam threw you his jacket out of habit, you rolled it up and placed the rough fabric under your head while you curled up into a ball the back seat. Sam’s cologne always brought you to sleep in seconds, it made you feel safe, it made you feel at home just like Dean’s singing.

“Dean? Can you sing that song you use to sing for us when we were kids?” You mumbled half asleep. Dean chuckled and he began to use his husky voice, his voice filled the car and you drowned into a warm sleep.

“Oh the summer time is coming

And the trees are sweetly blooming

Where the wild mountain thyme

Grows around the blooming heather

Would you go, lassie, go?

Dean heard your soft snores halfway through and he smiled seeing Sam had also dozed off. He kept his eyes on the road while he hummed the lullaby hoping to see a diner on the way.

You felt something warm on your stomach and suddenly you felt fingers tickling you. You squirmed awake and you saw Sam staring at you with a goofish grin. You bursted out laughing and uncontrollably while Sams hands danced around your stomach.You managed to push his hands away and he stared at you while you regulated your breathing.

“I hate you, dickhead” He shrugged and turned around in his seat, you got up to see you were now at a motel. You saw a paper bag in the front seat and you tried to open it but Sam slapped your hand, holding the bag instead.

“Wait till we’re inside.” You huffed and saw Dean exit the motel’s reception area. You got out of the car and stretched your cramped up limbs. You yawned while your body felt fresh and free again.

“C’mon dopey” Sam threw his hands around your shoulders effortlessly. You kicked the back of his knee making him almost trip. Even though he was freakishly larger than you, being shorter had it’s perks.

“Yeah okay grumpy” You laughed at his bitchface while you ran to Dean and into the motel room. You walked into the room and cringed immediately. Ever since you guys discovered the bunker you were ecstatic that you didn’t need to sleep in dingy motel rooms like this but you still didn’t mind. You saw Dean unpack his duffel, taking out his weapons.

“You owe me a holiday after this, Dean” Sam walked in behind you and he shut the door. He placed the paper bag on the table and you opened it up, digging into the heavenly cheese burger. Dean smiled at your satisfaction. Literally any guy who’d succeed into getting you to like him is one lucky son of a bitch. You were so easy going that it was unbelievable.

“Eat up, we leave in 20 and then we can go to the damn beach or something” Sam grabbed his salad and he pinched one of your fries. You punched his stomach and he stole a few more, causing you to throw ketchup packets at his head.

“You’re gonna get fat if you eat them all by yourself, i’m just helping” He liked teasing you, he never meant anything he said and you knew it.

“Okay Mr. I eat salads that are drenched in ranch sauce.” Dean chuckled out loud mumbling a ‘shes right Sammy’. You smiled as you took another bite into your cheeseburger.

“Alright so the plan is you and Sammy take the front of the warehouse and I’ll take the back.” You threw your wrapper in the bin and burped out loud, while Sam grimaced.

“Should we call Cas? For backup” You asked, Cas was like another brother to you. He was the one you’d turn to when you couldn’t tell Sam or Dean anything.

“Nah he has a lot on his plate” You nodded, you got out of your chair and it scraped against the wooden floor.  You grabbed your jacket and your knives placing them in your holster that was wrapped around your waist.

“Alright lets go” Dean walked out first and you two followed soon  after.


You loaded your gun and stepped out of the Impala. You shivered at the sudden gush of cold air and you looked around at the run-down warehouse.

“Alright so remember, anything goes south, Y/N. You pray for Cas okay and run” You nodded, that was the drill. You had this code that if Sam and Dean got hurt or you were in danger you were suppose to grab the impala and go to Cas.

Dean walked around the back of the warehouse and you and Sam walked in past the iron gates. You held your gun tight as you entered the place and your footsteps creaked making you halt in your steps. You turned around to see Sam signalling everythings okay.

You continued to walk ahead and you past a bunch of broken down machines. You heard a clatter and you silently mentioned it to Sam. You softly and carefully walked towards the noise, you saw the moonlight shine in the middle of the room to where two people were tied up in a chair.

“Sam, survivors” You whispered, he nodded signalling for you to untie them. You ran to the two women and ripped them from their bound. The first lady felt directly into your embrace as she wasn’t breathing anymore, the rope was keeping her held up right. You sighed and laid her on the ground, checking the pulse of the other girl. You felt a faint beat, so you quickly ripped the rope off her. You heard gun-shots and your heart began to beat a bit faster. When you couldn’t see your brothers and you hear gun shots you panic, thinking the worst.

“They probably found the first Vetala, Y/N calm down” You thought to yourself. You gently set the girl on the ground. Her eyes fluttered open and she was purely afraid.

“Hey it’s okay, I’ll be right back just hold on” She barely nodded and you picked  up your gun again.

You walked stealthily to where you heard the shot. The silence was so deafening that the gunshot still rung in your head. You heard footsteps coming your way and the grip on your gun became tighter, but you relaxed once a breathless Dean came to view. You broke out into a smile until you felt a white hot pain slice through your stomach. Dean saw your eyes widen in panic and he noticed the young girl behind you, holding a knife to your back. She pulled it out and you dropped to your knees with a loud thud, tears gushed down your face from the unbearable pain and suddenly everything felt like slow motion. Your hands went to your back and you saw the blood cover your hands.

“NO” Dean shrieked which caused Sam to run towards you guys. Suddenly the gap between you and Dean felt like miles as he sprinted towards you. Sam saw you kneeling with a girl behind you holding a bloody knife, he shot the girl twice in the back before running towards you aswell. In normal circumstances he wouldve felt bad for shooting her but right now he couldn’t think straight.

You gasped for air but it was never enough, you were always breathless. Dean finally came to you and so did Sam, you were now limping and you wanted to let your body go but Dean wouldn’t let you.

“Hey, HEY! Y/N stay with us, c’mon” Dean held your head holding you upright, you fell into his arms with such force that it made him sit down with your head now in his lap. Sam was beside you and you gazed and your loving brothers while they hovered above you. You felt the blood seeping and trailing down your back while some made it’s way out of your mouth.

“No deals, promise me” You hoarsely whispered while watching Sam sob and Dean simply shaking his head, avoiding the truth of you possibly leaving them.

“You’re not leaving, I still owe you that beach vacation right? You’ve never been to a beach right? Hey WAKE UP” Dean let out a strangled sob when he noticed you were slowly drifting off to sleep, he looked at Sam with pure panic in his eyes. Sam then stared up into the sky yelling.

“CASTIEL” You shook your head, knowing that it was too late.

“Promise me” You cried out in pain and sadness, you didn’t want to leave, you knew this was going to kill them but you couldn’t hold on. Also you didn’t want them to do anything reckless. The last thing you wanted was for any of them to go to hell. They both nodded and mumbled out a quick I promise in between their sobs.

“I’ll tell mom and dad you say hi, do you think they’ll remember me?” Dean couldn’t stop his body from violently shaking, he held it together and picked your slowly unmoving body off the ground. He swore to protect you and he always will so he was damned if you were going to die.

“Just stay with us, bug” You realised Sam was now closer to you as you smelt his warm cologne. No matter where you were you felt as if you were home, even on the verge of death.

“Please fight” You felt your heart slow down by each beat and you knew it was far too late.

“Stop… it’s too late” You barely whispered and Dean heard you. Dean heard you say the gut-wrenching words he dreaded.

“Sing for me Dean, please?” He stared into your Y/E/C eyes, seeing an emotion he barely saw, fear. He saw vulnerability for the first time ever and he sat down on the ground with you and Sam. He stayed slightly strong for you and tried to fulfil your last wish.

“Oh the summer time is coming” You heard his struggled and broken voice sing to you, you felt bad. His voice was so beautiful it didn’t deserve to be filled with pain.

“And the trees are sweetly blooming”  Sam kissed your temple, you felt his lips quiver against your head and more tears streamed down your face.

“Where the wild mountain thyme” You saw Sam now struggling to breathe as he held your hand tightly.

“Grows around the blooming heather” Dean’s struggled voice continued with the tight knot in his throat.

“Would you go, lassie, go?” Dean continued. Even though he didn’t want to admit it but he knew you were going to leave him, after all he was cursed… everyone he loves dies.

“And we’ll all go together”  More blood poured from your mouth and your breath was shortening, the pain was slightly becoming numb and you realised time was running out.

“Where the wild mountain thyme” You reached out for their faces, stroking them leaving some blood behind. Sam leaned into your hand and he whispered ‘I love you’.

“Grows around the blooming heather” Sam sniffled and held your hand tighter but you couldn’t feel it, your whole body was numb except for the pain you feel in your heart.

“Would you go, lassie, go?” When Dean finished your hand became limp and fell on top of their laps, you released your last sigh and your eyes rolled to the back of your head and they fluttered closed with a slight smile on your face.

“Oh god no, please no” Dean shook as he grasped onto your body, hoping his pain would bring you back somehow. Sam sat their in total shock, you were gone. Sam’s hands went to his hair and he choked while he cried.

Sam shrieked and bawled out in pain, the pain of you dying. Dean was frozen while he held you in his arms, caressing your slightly warm face.

“It’s okay, sleep kiddo, it’s okay” Dean kissed your forehead and his hands violently shook while he grabbed your head. Sam was punching a wall, breaking his hand while Dean sat with you in his arms. Dean finally heard his brother stop grunting and he withered, far away from you. He hummed while he rocked back and forth, he stared at your peaceful content face and his heart felt like giving up.

“Would you go, lassie go?”

Prolouge for a Gravity Falls Blinded AU Fic I Will Never Write

So I did this instead of programming like I should have been. This is for dragonfangz’s Blinded AU, though I guess this is like an AU of it? I don’t know. Once you read this, you’ll get it. 

It probably sucks cause I wrote this in one hour-ish, staring at 12:30 am and ending at 1:20ish. Expect typos and what not. If this was something I would continue (I won’t), this would be a prologue to the story of two twins who have  forgotten themselves. Yeah, I’m rambling now so just go read it now.

PS: I did not look up the Blind Eye ritual scene again before writing this, so I probably got something wrong. Sorry. 

PSS: Sorry for being lazy but I am a hungry 18 year old with no hopes for getting through senior year. 

EDIT: Too many people were reading this, so I had to go back and fix the typos. I probably missed a few, but it’s at least more readable now. Tell me if you see any that I missed.  

            Ivan only did what his predecessor did to him: erase the memories of his heir. Make them the new keeper for the Society of the Blind Eye. With no past or future, the heir will be able to live detached to the rest of Gravity Falls. He can wipe the memories of those tortured and maintain the status quo of the healthy, if not listless tourist town.

 Of course, one had to consider the small issue that neither of the children he had chosen were willing to have their memories wiped like he had been, but he was gaunt with age and he could already feel his own sanity begin to chip away. If he no longer used the ray on himself, he would be fine and expect to live until he was too old to perform the ritual. Still, he did not wish to end up like his predecessor, a robust man who confessed that he did not want to end up like the man before him, and so on and so forth.

Now these children—they were smart. Foolish, but smart. The boy had a keen sense of logic and he was armed with a journal that looked quite familiar to Ivan (perhaps the red bound book was involved in a memory Ivan had wiped from his own mind). The girl seemed to understand people and, with the proper training, she could become a vital asset in finding those who have seen the supernatural. Perhaps one the way to end the brevity of the reigns of the society’s leaders was to have two heirs instead of one. Two people—siblings, no less!—sharing the burden of one. Now that was ideal.

It took time to convince the other members to go along with his plan. Too many of them knew the children personally. The boy and the girl were too precious, too silly, too sweet to ever be involved in something so sinister. Even Bud Gleeful put up a fight, insisting that Ivan was being “too hasty.”

But Ivan was acting with complete caution, or so he convinced himself. Yes, he still had time. But they were in need of an heir and these children were too perfect.

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filled, and heavy- 

my unloved hands, covered with the blood
from your mouth, and now, the way you kissed
my knuckles clean, and the way i dirtied them again-

i am sorry for digging so deep, that the branches
in your chest broke // i wish i could say more;
your heart is gone, and i, the one swallowed it 

so hungry, and paining, the gaps in my teeth,
and the hours that couldn’t break the silence //
so extreme, the aching in our roots that we 

couldn’t lead the stream, to the sea, and the 
sky with grey in its hold, let go of me // of you-
here we are again, and now, more lonely

than the time we were really alone.

You remember yesterday when I said I was gonna write? I wrote about a half a page and then got hungry so I went and got food but realized I can’t write and eat at the same time so I decided to watch netflix while I eat but I ended up watching about three hours worth and then I ended up on tumblr again and then about one in the morning I got a spark of inspiration and wrote seven pages.

And that is my writing process.

Seattle Gothic

You’ve learned to lean forward when you walk. On the rare occasion you’re on flat land, you’re looking down. Your nose touches the wet concrete. No one says anything. Everyone’s noses are raw.

You can pay to explore the Underground. You know people who have gone down the Red Stairs but somehow never saw them again to ask how it was.

A homeless man used to shout “hungry!” at you as you passed. You gave him change once. You haven’t seen him in weeks. No one seems to care.

The bus is late. The bus is always late. You’ve been waiting for hours. Days. Where were you going, again?

There is a totem pole in Pioneer Square. No one mentions the irony. No one speaks as they pass it. When it is quiet, you can hear the Eagle crying nobly.

A man in a beanie asks if he can vape here. He stands in front of a sign, newly repaired to say “no smoking, no vaping, no loitering.” You shrug. Why is he talking to you?

A man who looks like a Mormon stands on a street corner, asking passersby of they’re twenty-one. No matter what, tell him no. Do not follow him. You will wake up in a strange place, in a tub full of ice.

Everyone knows someone who lives near Starvation Heights, has heard the stories. No one knows anyone who lives near Starvation Heights. How did they first hear about it? Where is it? Nobody seems to know.

The Seahawks won last year. Who won this year? Nobody can seem to agree. Most are insisting that there was no game this year, the football season hasn’t started. The Seahawks won last year.

There are ferries that leave Seattle, and people get on, but no one ever leaves Seattle.

You can see the Space Needle from anywhere in Seattle. Always keep it in your peripheral, or it will follow you. When you go to the Space Needle and see it on the horizon, do not scream and do not look directly at it.

BS #6 - First Night At Home

Calum: He was the first one up at the first sound of any crying. “What if she’s hungry?” you murmured out. “Then I’ll bring her here, it’s okay,” he murmured, gently pushing you back into the bed and heading down the hall to the nursery. You sighed and put your hand over your eyes, listening to her cry and cry for about five more minutes before she was finally able to settle down. Everyone in that house relaxed when silence settled in again, a clean diaper giving you and Calum a couple more hours of sleep.

Ashton: Holding the Joseph to your chest, his sister Ali slept peacefully in her crib. He wasn’t hungry, his diaper was clean, but as soon as he was in your arms and the two of you were rocking, he settled down. You yawned out deeply and let your head fall back. Joseph were fast asleep and you were as comfortable as you could be. Being careful of the stitches, you pulled a blanket over the both of you and let yourself fall asleep, knowing that you wouldn’t be getting much for a little longer.

Luke: You and Luke and finally gotten her to sleep, collapsing into your bed. “It’s so good to be home…” you murmured out, letting out a deep breath. “Yeah,” Luke hummed, sitting up for just a moment to pull off his t-shirt, leaving him in his gym shorts before he fell back down and pulled the blankets over himself. You didn’t even bother changing. As soon as your eyes were closed, you were asleep. Luke looked over at you, kissing your cheek softly, preparing to be on night duty.

Michael: “You need to go lie down and let me take her okay?” Michael murmured, his hands resting on your shoulders as your baby’s cried filled the room. “But…” you went to protest, but Michael stepped in front of you and took the infant from your arms, cradling her in his. “Go get some sleep…” he murmured, kissing your forehead gently. “You’ll call me if she needs anything,” you breathed out quietly. “Yes. Yes, no go sleep,” he chuckled, going to sit in the rocking chair while you hesitantly went back to bed.

Fic: Heart by Heart (13/?) (M)

Author’s note: Remember when I said there were be two more chapters left? Well, I lied. I had to add one because I was trying to cram too much in. Enjoy! And I hope I’m forgiven for any possible legal fudging. ;)

Also posted: / AO3

Chapter 13

Ten days, fifteen hours and forty two minutes. That’s how long it had been since the Feds had carted Killian off. Not that she was counting.

“Emma, you have to eat something.” It was Elsa, trying once again to coax her into eating.

“I’m not hungry.”

“You said that at breakfast too.”

“Well, it was true.”

Elsa huffed in frustration. She snatched a mirror off Emma’s vanity and shoved it on her face. “You’re not sleeping, not eating. There’s circles under your eyes. Look.”

Emma frowned. “Why does it matter what I look like? I’m trying to actually do something to get Killian back!”

“I know you miss him, but running yourself into the ground is not going to help. I promise you.”

Emma pushed the mirror aside and buried her face in her hands. “It’s been dead end after dead end,” she whispered. “I don’t know what to do.”

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Monstrating ~ Newt Imagine

Requested by anon: Could you please do a one shot about the reader getting their period and the shucking boys have no idea what it is or how to treat her. Also, reader and Newt flirt a lot but nothing has happened yet. Reader gets emotional and blurts things out. Thanks. :)

“Shucking. Piece. Of. Klunk. Shuck. You.” you grumbled as you walked out of the forest, kicking rocks and sticks out of your path grumpily. It was that time of month again, and you were a flurry of emotions. One minute you were fine, the next you were angry, sometimes you felt so sick and your cramps hurt so bad you thought you could curl up and die, but then most times the cramps randomly disappeared and you got hungry, like really hungry. The only problem was you either didn’t make use of the brief moment of opportunity to eat and felt sick not even half an hour later, or you would raid the kitchen and pig out on snacks Frypan had made, only to still feel sick from eating too much. But the thing you hated most about your period was the moments when you started doubting yourself, and you would just break down and cry. These moments seriously scared you, you were sad enough being stuck in the Glade and crushing on a boy who will probably never like you back, you didn’t need added hormones making you feel even worse about yourself. 

Luckily for you however, as you walked towards the Homestead, you weren’t sad, but unfortunately for the guys in the Glade, you were so angry you were literally yelling at the grass for making your legs itchy, and at the bugs for biting you. 
“Ugh! Just shuck off!” you growled as you swatted at a bug on your arm. The guys looked up at you and you looked back, taking in their confused expressions. 
“What?” you exclaimed, rolling your eyes and sitting down. 
“You okay, Y/N?” Newt asked cautiously, trying not to anger you further. You looked up and frowned. “Fine,” you replied sharply. 
Chuck, who was also watching you, leaned closer to Newt and whispered not so quietly in his ear. “I think she’s on her.. what is it?" 
"Girl problems?” Gally chimed in, raising a brow. 
“Period.” you snapped. “But that doesn’t mean anything,” you said matter of factly. 
“I really don’t get girls..” Chuck added, scratching his head. 
“Why not?” you asked quickly. 
“They’re confusing… if it’s not your period, then why are you angry?” he asked. You narrowed your eyes slightly and opened your mouth to answer with another snappy remark when Newt chuckled and stood quickly. He took a hold of your arm and pulled you gently to your feet. 
“Come on,” he said with a small smirk. 
“What? Where are we going? Newt! Let me go!” you protested. Newt laughed and shook his head, leading you away from the rest of the guys. 
“Newt, what the hell?” you grumbled as you pushed him away from you and glared up at him. 
“You were about to bite off Chuck’s head, Y/N.. Seriously, what’s wrong? If it is your period, it’s okay. We know you get it, even if we don’t know all the details.” he said with a small shrug. You looked up at him and very slowly your glare softened, your eyes filled with tears and you started sobbing. Newt’s eyes widened with shock and he hesitantly wrapped his arms around you. 
“I don’t know what to say, Newt! I just feel sad and angry and sick but hungry but not hungry and I’m so sick of being stuck here. I hate this place, I hate not knowing who I am or who my family are. I want to get out, or run away, or even just not be here at all. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t live this life. I-it’s exhausting!’” you rambled in between sobs. 
Newt held you close and sighed as he listened to you. He could relate to almost everything you said, he just didn’t know you felt that way. 
“Hey, it’s okay. We can’t change the past, but we can control what’s going to happen from here on out. We’ll get out, I promise,” he said softly. You sniffled and looked up at him before nodding. You opened your mouth to answer but you were cut off by your stomach rumbling. The two of you looked down at your stomach before you both started laughing. Newt grinned and hugged you again before stepping back and linking his arm through yours. 
“Let’s go feed the dinosaur before it gets hangry..” he teased. Your mouth dropped and you scoffed playfully, pretending to be offended as you smack his arm. 
“Watch yourself, shank.” you smirked, following him back to the group.