Today a PHOTO of mine reached 3000 likes for the first time. That’s not much for most people, but i’m pretty happy about it.

It’s also very satisfying that it’s a cow, and not a cat, because cat’s usually always win.

I’m sure the title played a large part in it’s ‘success’. All the more reason to keep trying to come up with good titles/captions.

So i want to thank everybody for the ongoing support, likes, reblogs and sweet comments and messages. Despite the fact that some people think it has become a lot quieter here (and maybe it has), it’s still a very great community of which i’m a very content member :-)

HERE is a, very far from complete, and not up to date, list of all the blogs i’m extra grateful to.

  • <p> <b>us:</b> we need updates, it's been too long<p/><b>mark:</b> *drops by casually in the airport with his new hair looking like the definition of perfection and looking good like always, trying to attack us*<p/><b>us:</b> what the-<p/><b>us:</b> suddenly im a mark stan<p/></p>

BUT YOU GUYS, Cas wanting to return the favor and making Dean a mix tape as well, and of course he isn’t sure how to even start so he’ll probably have to call Claire to ask her how it’s done. And her explaining how he should go about putting together a list of music that he likes, or that makes him think of Dean. 

So he gets it done, but Cas being Cas, he probably has a terrible taste in music, and so imagine Dean’s face when he first listens to it and the most cringe worthy songs play during Dean and Sam’s car ride to their next case.

Sam smirking the entire time, until Dean goes “oh bite me, Sammy!”, but Dean never making a move to turn the music off because this is Cas’ gift and on second thought, some of the songs may not be that terrible if you listen to them with an open mind and when they’re personally picked by the guy that you’re kinda crushing on.