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Title: in love and war

Rating: T

Summary: Her betrayal had made that seed of hatred further bloom…and yet right along with it had bloomed its twin – love. The two were intertwined, couldn’t live without the other.

Word count: 1,572

Warnings: angst, parallels, annalogia (kinda), character death, angst

I haven’t written anything solo in so long… So this is an apology as well as a thank you for being so patient with me, you guys!! You’re the best!! Please enjoy this twisted heartbreak, if you will ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡

He stilled at the sight of her.

Even with the temptation of three dragons nearby, their scents making his stomach pull hungrily, the sight of her was enough to stop him dead. She was standing just behind one of the dragons, the one that smelled like ash and sickness, as he had an arm thrown out in front of her. Even though he wobbled on his feet, his battered body barely able to stand, he stayed firmly placed.

Protecting her at the cost of himself?

The fool.

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anonymous asked:

top 5 tennant aesthetics?

ok i narrowed it down to 6… was difficult!!

6. hot dad/primary school teacher aesthetic:

5. boyish post-grad student discussing hamlet with you over tea aesthetic:

4. well put-together, clearly successful w/ a side of titus andromedon’s tie for some spice (really!) aesthetic:

3. rumpled just-had-sex-with-rose tentoo aesthetic:

2. hot af husband who makes your morning cuppa just how you like it aesthetic:

1. this………..fine…….. specimen. i cannot even categorise it. it’s just It. The One:

runners up: hardy in his pjs & blue jumper mmmmmmmmfnghik; david in his georgia t-shirt + cardigan looking sleepy that time on absolute radio; that photo of him with sandra that i cba to find but where he’s basically the doctor………so many, so much peak

A Soriel triple meme I did with @renrink and @tzulinart! Ahhh look at all the pretties! Also megaphones rule you guys rock lotsalove hehe

What we have here: 
#1 Dancetale:
#2 Underkeep:
#3 Reapertale:

Go look at their individual pictures, they’re all absolutely gorgeous! ♥ 

Hi everyone!! It’s been a few months ago I started being a multi-fandom blog, and honestly, this community is amazing and I’ve made so so many friends and everyone that I’ve talked to has been wonderful. 

mutuals in bold //  favourites in italics  // those with exclamation marks, ily


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i’m sorry if I had forgotten anyone!! (Also sorry that this is extremely long, I didn’t expect it.)