SHIT! i didn’t think about that!!! THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO BE THERE SO SOON!!!! zadfshgvdjhdf

so what is it guysss?????? you don’t want to spend some of the little free time you have with your oh so amazing wives?? uuuh? HAHAHAHAHAHA 

oh my god now i have images of j2 being cozy in their hotel bed this morning just enjoying being together in nashville uwu

also look at this

sooooo looks like a certain gentleman left his playing buddies right after the game was over ummm but where could he have gone to?? so weird right? xD

about jared’s tweet it simply was a BLATANT LIE, gen, a 8 months pregnant woman, couldn’t possibly go all the way up to vancouver just to grab jared, a man she doesn’t love, some food. nah it was just pr for the restaurant doubled with some bearding for jared. and you can bet your ass that if she had been there, there would have been pics

i lowkey think jared did this on purpose because he knew how absurd it would sound 

Title: in love and war

Rating: T

Summary: Her betrayal had made that seed of hatred further bloom…and yet right along with it had bloomed its twin – love. The two were intertwined, couldn’t live without the other.

Word count: 1,572

Warnings: angst, parallels, annalogia (kinda), character death, angst

I haven’t written anything solo in so long… So this is an apology as well as a thank you for being so patient with me, you guys!! You’re the best!! Please enjoy this twisted heartbreak, if you will ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡

He stilled at the sight of her.

Even with the temptation of three dragons nearby, their scents making his stomach pull hungrily, the sight of her was enough to stop him dead. She was standing just behind one of the dragons, the one that smelled like ash and sickness, as he had an arm thrown out in front of her. Even though he wobbled on his feet, his battered body barely able to stand, he stayed firmly placed.

Protecting her at the cost of himself?

The fool.

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anonymous asked:

top 5 tennant aesthetics?

ok i narrowed it down to 6… was difficult!!

6. hot dad/primary school teacher aesthetic:

5. boyish post-grad student discussing hamlet with you over tea aesthetic:

4. well put-together, clearly successful w/ a side of titus andromedon’s tie for some spice (really!) aesthetic:

3. rumpled just-had-sex-with-rose tentoo aesthetic:

2. hot af husband who makes your morning cuppa just how you like it aesthetic:

1. this………..fine…….. specimen. i cannot even categorise it. it’s just It. The One:

runners up: hardy in his pjs & blue jumper mmmmmmmmfnghik; david in his georgia t-shirt + cardigan looking sleepy that time on absolute radio; that photo of him with sandra that i cba to find but where he’s basically the doctor………so many, so much peak

@keith-suggestion alright i’m omw

A Soriel triple meme I did with @renrink and @tzulinart! Ahhh look at all the pretties! Also megaphones rule you guys rock lotsalove hehe

What we have here: 
#1 Dancetale:
#2 Underkeep:
#3 Reapertale:

Go look at their individual pictures, they’re all absolutely gorgeous! ♥ 

1/? of a set I’m working on. :) 

LISTEN you guysss I’m a sucker for the “rude tsundere jerk with good intentions +  sweet sunshine girl who can curbstomp your ass” pairings and I stg I always end up shipping this dynamic no matter what. kacchako is my newest obsession so I had this crossover idea! first up is inukag! Classic banter between these two just brings back the best memories. I always loved Kagome’s selfish obsession with Inu’s ears and how he lowkey loved it but would always pitch a fit. <3 (i have a rival otp from this series that’s even edgier when it comes to this trope tho and i won’t tell so don’t guess lol)  I picture Uraraka and Bakugou having a similar situation. @ochakos-trashcan this is dedicated to you because you’re encouraging and awesome! 

More to come! So far i’ve sketched these two out as fuu/mugen, zuko/katara, soul/maka, and junkrat/mei. i’m sure there are more because I’m a simple girl and I’m weak to this shit. whenever I think of one of my past OTPs i’ll add it to the list for sure lol 

Happy New Year everyone! I’m off to a pajama party~ 

~Leviii 💕
I never watched the anime “Attack on Titan”
(AoTfans: YOU SUCK! Me: tnx…D:) ‘cause I don’t like those kinds of anime like death people, so much blood, blood everywhere, kill a…umm…I don’t know…Sry
Now you hate me… IM SOO SORRY but I read the manga and maybe I will try to watch the anime “maybe”…Idk
I will try guys…
And watch little Jack plays that game. Look at his eyes! 😍
I feel like you, blade right now :/
Why did you do that,Jack!
Stop staring at Levi! 😂❤️