Lance headcanon

Okay so we all know that lance loves shakira, especially hips don’t lie
So what if he just starts singing it at random times
They’ll be waiting to get briefed for a mission and allura will come in and he’ll just start yelling
COMO SE LLAMA *runs up to the nearest paladin* SI!
BONITA *falls to his knees and throws out his arms* SI!
*starts rolling his hips around* Shakira Shakira!
The rest of the paladins just kinda groan and ignore him but its kind of entertaining watching him go. allura and coran have no idea whats going on

They’ll be sat at the table eating goo again, kinda bored, and lance will just suddenly stand up and they’re all like??????
And he just yells
COMO SE LLAMA *he puts his hand to his ear. no one joins in so he shrugs and does it himself, unphased* SI!
Bonita *stands on the table* SI!
he yells SHAKIRA SHAKIRA sits back down and carries on with his meal
Everyone has a small smile on their faces after, he counts that as a win

Later that day he’ll be around just pidge and hunk and do it for kicks and they kinda find it funny, so when he pauses for them to do it, they both scream SI and lance almost cries w happiness??? He’s so proud????
Few days later they’re all going on a some small mission checking out this planet for Garla or other life etc, and after a long day lance just kind of looks at everyone being tired and grouchy having found nothing, and when he decides to do it that time, everyone just gives in and goes for it, except keith, who refuses to take part in something so stupid and no Lance it’s not funny 

Like a week later they’re in their lions getting ready to go into a battle and lance just takes his moment to shine and at the top of his lungs in all their coms yells COMO SE LLAMA
everyone screams SI!
then lance yells keiths name and the red padalin just sighs really loudly, pauses, and then mumbles-
Shakira shakira.
And lance practically sCREECHes, they may be going into battle but if keith can sing shakira they can do anything 

my moms favorite thing to do lately is have me take 900 pictures of her in the face contouring filters on snow and have a literal stroke laughing and last night she had me make her facebook picture her with deer antlers my moms so dorky


Okay so no offense but I’m so protective of you??? Like people give you crap about the dumbest things and I literally want to fight them all?? You’re just such a ray of sunshine and I need for everyone to know how awesome you are and how good of a friend you are okay I’m going to stop before I do something embarrassing

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I know feminism wants equal rights but by replacing Ghostbusters with women, they dismiss men & thats not equal rights.

Dear anon, where you always that stupid or did you took lesson….?? This is the most dumbest and illogical thing I’ve ever read from an anon hate..

 Probably everyone on Tumblr is now dumber for reading your message..

Believe me, even if there were 100 male characters replaced with female characters, we still have a whole way to go before we women have the same rights and oppertunities as men… Until then, no man can say they have less right than women….

hc; LE

head·ca·non /noun/

-to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual

LE headcanons-

- constantly poses as if she’s in a photoshoot

- takes the most unflattering pictures of you and sets them as her background

- loves wearing high heels but flats are more her thing

- will rap about the dumbest things to make you smile

- smells like freshly baked cookies and cinnamon which makes you want to hug her like 3478 times a day

- back hugs are her fav but she’s always the giver


- immensly enjoys that feeling when you’re in an empty theatre and you feel as though you’re in your own house watching a movie on a huge screen

- never the first one to say I’m sorry

- more of an inner fangirl, can appear calm on the outside very well

- queen of funny faces

- tastes like chocolate

- actually loves to eat cough drops

- has a record player

- carries bobby pins EVERYWHERE she goes

- likes to turn all of the lights off and just light candles

- so greasy honestly, don’t underestimate her

- so easy to talk to. listens if you need her to, talks if you need her to

- loves big hats and has a collection in her closet

- boops your nose when you’re upset and somehow, it makes you feel better every time


Once, as a joke, Percy and Annabeth conspired to sing ’Amazing Grace’ every time Jason was nearby and as Jason was getting desperate went to ask for help to Piper and Leo, who looked at each other and they started planning his ’revenge.’

The thing was that during a contest to sing along in the camp, the three of them sang ’Miss Jackson’, pointing out all the time to Annabeth and Percy, and the rest of the camp could not contain their laughter.

Percy and Annabeth looked at them with a look of ’this is not over, just starting’.

“danny sexbang’s middle name is you, so his name can be enveloping you in a sensual manner.”

i was on a website that will bring up a random episode of game grumps and  super mario sunshine part 64 popped up. i got this little idea while dan was explaining why you was danny’s middle name.

i just took a gym but not like youre supposed to i was with a friend he’s team valor i’m instinct and we happened across a couple at a gym trying to take it and they were valor so my friend helped and i’m standing there and finally they beat it and theyre deciding what to put in and while theyre taking forever i put in my golduck, said bye bitches, and ran legit all the way home

i heard the girl yell “wait what’s wrong” and my friend was like “SHE’S YELLOW”

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What is the dumbest cryptid you've ever heard of, being either one that you think is foolish for people to believe in or one that you think is literally dumb (natural selection and all that)?

The dumbest one I’ve ever heard of is the hoax Darrel the Dogigator. It just makes me laugh every single time I see it. I don’t know if it counts for what you’re asking because it’s a hoax, but I really have no other answer because Darrel is just so funny to me:

honestly let me tell you about Leigh Anne Pinnock… this girl is literal sunshine and all good things in this world. When she is not being fierce as fuck she ALWAYS has a cute lil smile on and just radiates sunshine and happiness. And she tells the dumbest jokes but she’s so endearing you can’t help but laugh it’s so precious. And omG is she TALENTED!! Her voice is so beautiful and it has improved so much, like it’s unbelievable that she could get any better but she HAS!!! And her body is amazing, seriously so fit! Also her hair is the most beautiful hair, she can literally rock ANY style and look perfect!! She is just perfect and she makes me so happy!!

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I don't like Gideon Jura. He's my least planeswalker. lol I dislike Jace too. Also, I don't think your really Chandra. That whole bit saying you are her is downright the dumbest shit I've ever seen. Grow up, hun. You're not a fictional character, you never will be. I have no respect for a person, who thinks they are a fictional character. I'm sorry, but that shit is quite childish. I understand, if you like her. But, thinking that you are her is fucking stupid.

damn time to quit magic

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Damn, you should have just developed Pokemon Go yourself since you know soooo much

I should and I could have. I am a designer, I know what needs to be done to make something functional. A video game barely tells you how to play is poorly designed. This is not a debate.

and this “well you cant make it so you cant complain” is the DUMBEST argument.
You cant build a house but you would complain if the roof fell off for no reason, now wouldn’t you? You arent a plumber but you’d complain if you toilet was installed backwards. You arent a woodworker but you’d complain if a chair couldnt stand.

They are programmers and game designers. Its their JOB to make games. They are paid to do it. And if somethings not working, they are going to get criticized and should be. And they should listen to the complaints and evaluate what needs to change.

AND pokemon go is just a reskin of Ingress, which I was 100% expecting and FINE with.
Because I thought since Ingress was already done, they would take their experience from that game and make Go a better version of Ingress. But its not. Its LESS functional and has less features then Ingress.

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Who are the Gas Giants? There's Saturn, she's the dumbest planet you'll ever meet. That little one there's Neptune. She's totally rich because it rains diamonds. And then evil takes all forms in Jupiter. She may seem like your typical selfish, backstabbing, slut-faced hoe bag, but she's so much worse. Beware of the Gas Giants (Please get the reference omg)

They say Jupiter is so big because she’s full of secrets