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these two are legit my oldest sims because i created them the day i bought sims4!!!! which was the 18th june 2016!!!! feels like a lot longer haha !

i tag~ @literallywhothe @applepiedimples @bratsims @kismet-sims @goldenpixels @citrontart @laenyrie @zauglom 💕

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Hey!! I remeber the post you made abt holo-shiro scaring keith... can I get one in wich he does it again so keith freaks out and adds Lance to the chat so he can help him??? Idk what would happen next, maybe lance finds out that that wasn't the real shiro and delets him or something... Please and thank you!!! 💖💖💖

i was surprised that this request came up more than once because i didn’t really think the first holo!shiro text was very well-received but i’m glad you want more!! so here ya go, a second installment with 100% more klangst and pining!keith ;)

… shall i continue? :)

@fightmemogami​ I am. I freaking adore love triangles. Me shipping stuff is like a bunch of loosely connected lines everywhere.

He didn’t have to read the other boy’s mind to know he was trouble. The arrogance, the entitlement, the almost overpowering sense of ego. He’d seen this type before and they were always trouble. If he was an esper on top of that as Kageyama had said then even more reason to avoid him. The fact that Kageyama was friends with a person like that was none of his business. If he, in naïvety or stupidity, wanted to be around a person who was obviously bad news then that was his problem. Just because Kageyama could be too nice for his own good, too forgiving, too open to manipulation didn’t mean he had to do anything about it. It was none of his business.

Except it was.

Now Or Never (Part 11)

Pairing: Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader
Word Count: 1,247
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex. Oral sex (female). Minor tiny bit of dirty talk.
Sequel: Part 11/? of Now Or Never

Authors Note: ***Important*** I don’t want to get blasted for knocking Ketch so far out of character so please read this note.  He falls out of character in this update. He shows heart, emotion, fear, vulnerability.  With all the changes he’s been through the man isn’t going to remain the stone faced assassin. So please don’t send me messages telling me he’s out of character.  I know he is and it was an intentional decision.

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