OK this pisses me off.

Then don’t go?!

I don’t understand how you spend all that money on a ticket and not research beforehand? There were 2 big tournaments this summer scheduled WAY in advance, which meant there was a strong possibility that some of the team’s biggest stars would not make it. Don’t get your junk in a funk because you failed to take that into consideration.

I won’t ask you to love me back when you truly don’t. I won’t even ask you to like me back. That’s not fair to either of us. 

Instead, I ask of you this favor: Remember me.

Remember the odd girl who speaks fearlessly in front of a crowd, only to stutter when saying ‘good night’ to you. Remember the girl whose face explodes into red whenever you so much as glance at her. Remember the way she looks at you with adoration and wonder, the way she smiles back as if you just took all the air out of her lungs with your smile, the way she fumbles with her hands, torn between waving hello at you and covering her face to hide away.

Remember the girl who everyone believed was made of steel until you came along and turned her into mush. Remember the way everyone said she was smitten with you, but she refuses to even say a word to you when you’re near. Remember the girl who didn’t beg for your attention. Remember the girl who didn’t fall in love with you for your looks, for your popularity, for your reputation. Who, instead, fell in love with your happiness and your silly grins and low laughter and twinkling dark eyes.

Remember her as the girl who never asked for your love but gratefully took all the smiles you sent her way, gathered all your side-glances and kind greetings, and cherished every moment she had with you in her patchwork heart. 

When it’s time for you to go, and I will never see you again, I won’t plead you to love me back. But please, remember me and don’t forget. Because I am certain I won’t ever forget you.

—  don’t forget me

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Imagine Sam teasing you because you’re so much smaller than him. (Requested: Genderneutral pronouns)

——— Request for anon ———

“Yay, food!” you grin as you approach Sam, who carries two bags of food from the diner across the street that boasted the best burger in town. He hands off one to Dean, who looks just as excited as you.

“Pie time,” Dean grins, tugging out his food as he retreats back to the motel bed that was his.

You don’t have that luxury, as Sam raises the bag that must contain both yours and his food, high above your head as he teases, “Oh, were you wanting some, too?”

You groan audibly in annoyance, giving him a glare as you futily jumped for it, “Come on, Sam! That’s not fair!”

Dean chuckles, “That’s just sad to watch.” After the second jump, you result to attempting to tickle Sam’s sides, successfully making him drop his arms.

Sam laughs, “Alright, alright, shorty! Here!”

Does anyone ever talk about how strong people with cluster A PDs are??

You have to deal with paranoia and you do such a great job!! You’re strong!

Being an introvert can be really hard, especially when you’re expected to work with others. But you do it! You’re strong!

The way people treat you for “acting weird” isn’t fair and you still go through that all the time!! You’re strong!

  • GaLm:And I have a dagger that rewinds time
  • Aphex:[stutters]
  • Aphex:HOW IS THAT FAIR?!
  • GaLm:You're a Lucha Libre. You think that you can do anything, but I have an entire suit. First off, that's gonna dampen any blow you do to me AND because I have infinite power, infinite wisdom... [continues on about his character]
  • Aphex:[nods along]
  • Aphex:OKAY BUT
  • Aphex:Fuck, you right....

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Hi Melly, I don't wanna sound stupid saying this, but zerrie breaking up once zayn signed with RCA didn't mean zayn was free. We know he is still very much tied to 1dhq. So if Cherliam break up that doesn't mean liam will be free. Although I hope it does, we won't know for sure. I just hope we don't get a gigi after they do...


You don’t sound dumb, it’s a fair and honest point. Zerrie breaking up didn’t at all signify that Zayn was free from 1DHQ (and Zayn remaining with 1DHQ has been proven at least 112 times over this past year if I were to quantify it with maths), so I would be a poor hoevestigator if I didn’t apply the same logic to Liam. 

There are a few key things that make me think Liam’s situation is different though, and the most key is that Liam is no longer going to be a Syco, or even Sony artist - he’ll be releasing music under Capitol/UMG, he has a brand new PR team, and Liam’s US and UK narratives remain starkly different.

HOWEVER, it’s been several days now, and the trades  have not picked up news of Liam’s signing to Doyen Global. Billboard & Hits Daily Double haven’t reported it,  Doyen Global still hasn’t put out an official press release, etc (and fwiw, that differs from Doyen Global’s standard operating procedure - they have put out press releases for every significant signing aside from Liam).  

@ziamgreatesthits also pointed out that Liam’s latest studio pap walk was with Matthew Kay of Doyen Global. What’s a smidge odd is that The Daily Mail (a known 1DHQ mouthpiece) was the only outlet that actually printed a story about that pap walk, and the pap agency was a known agency used by 1DHQ - Xposure Photos:

I could be wrong, but I don’t think that Doyen Global is Liam’s actual management. Doyen Global’s role in Liam’s career hasn’t been defined yet, and while I do think they are part of Liam’s team in some capacity  (most likely branding), I don’t think it’s management. 

That said, we do know that the guys aren’t going to be with 1DHQ for the long term, and 1DHQ won’t have access to Liam once that happens (and honestly, thank goodness for that). I do think they are laying the groundwork for the end of Cherliam. Whether that happens in tandem with X-Factor’s return to TV at the end of August, or with the single Cheryl is going to drop any moment, who can say. 

It’s funny because it seemed like literally overnight the narrative for Liam through the mouthpieces changed - it went from  Liam having no prospects and being an International Purseholder for Cheryl to being a disloyal hoe and defecting to Capitol UK for his solo career (and somehow finding the courage to do it through Cheryl HAHA). There also seems to have been some kind of BTS contractual struggle with Liam not being able to be on the mixtape with Juicy J. 

That said, Liam’s solo announcement went much smoother and a lot less fucky then Zayn’s, but we just have to wait and see and hope for the very best, because things won’t be fucky for the guys of 1D forever.  


Finn - S for Stamina

               Finn could go for a longtime in the bedroom, practically for over an hour, taking his time with you to make sure you felt every corner of pleasure that you could possibly achieve. Finn would take a fair amount of time for foreplay, spending time pressing his lips to every inch of your skin before he makes his way to your soaked pussy, licking and touching you in every pleasurable way – his goal to make you do the ultimate – squirt. He’d achieve it of course before he’d enter you and he’ll slowly begin to thrust into you, passionately and lovingly as he works the both of you to your finish again.

if you’d like to request any A-Z NSFW imagines, you can find the post here :)

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My mum said none of my teachers or any of the doctors at the hospital will take me seriously with a peach stethoscope. I'm so disappointed. My GP has a black cardiology 3 and the metal part at the top and matte black and she wants me to have that one because my GP recommended it. She said its more professional and you won't be the laughing stock of the class.

… I’m just so confused by this!! WHAT?!?! Everyone I know at medical school has the classic littmann in a whole spectrum of colours. So I really don’t know where your mum/GP have got that from, unless I’m living in the only place in the world where people dare to have colourful stethoscopes!

Also I wouldn’t recommend getting a cardiology one. They’re more expensive and as a medical student you really don’t need that one, IMO it makes you look pretentious. Fair enough have one if you’re a cardiologist or respiratory doctor, but there’s no point if you’re a student! That would be jumping the gun a bit.

But if you want a peach stethoscope then GET ONE!!! Try and get your mum to listen to someone other than your GP. This is going to be YOUR stethoscope for the years to come and it is a very personal thing and should be YOUR choice. No one will laugh at you! x

  • My anxiety has been super intense this weekend because that’s what happens when you drink too much, hardly sleep and don’t eat. I think it’s about time I started remembering the basics are actually essential to overall well being.
  • I can’t get my head around it being August in a couple of days. But I do know that I can’t wait for this year to be over, I think we all know that 2016 has been a complete disaster and just needs to be done already. And it can always get worse unfortunately.
  • I got this 6 page text early this morning and I have no clue what to do with it and I haven’t messaged back and that is such a dick move I know but if you knew what it said you’d probably be like you know what girl that’s fair enough.

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I'm not surprised at your ignorance, I could have turned out like you, blissful unaware of my privilege because I'm a fair skinned Asian, nobody looks at me and thinks "I wanna kill you cause you're dark.".

Omg you are retarded. I’m filipino and I tan. As in, I get dark when I’m out in the sun. And where I live, half the people are brown. But do I let shit like that bother me? Nah, because it’s a bullshit thing to focus on.


so i’m going to slow down my queue a fair bit to avoid spamming you all too much. i’m just a ridiculous being that gets excited about all the awesome things that are posted and feel like they need to be shared forever.

and i will eventually get to all the tag games i’m in, SOON. 

also i wanted to do another small writing thingy for followers and mutuals because you guys are the greatest, most supportive people ever, and you make my day better. i’d love for the chance to make yours brighter even if it’s just a compliment or my weird writing. (if you have ideas feel free to msg/ask!)

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In all honesty though, I just wanna be loved by someone :(. I hear college is the time, but I'm so close to college (11th grade), and all my friends (who are all white because I go to an all white high school) have had boys that like them or talk to boys, or boys hang out with them and I just get the look whenever I try to engage. What if I never end up finding someone :(.

I understand. You’re still young, and have plenty of time to experience these things. However you’re still old enough to worry about your future. And I know it’s hurtful to see all of your white associates get all of this attention and you don’t because it’s not fair at all. It’s a testament in the dating world for black women or a cold reality for black women. Many of us ponder our future like this, so it’s natural to feel this way. It’s sad how black women are treated in the dating.interacting world by people. As if we’re not deserving of the same attention and treatment. It’s not fair at all.

I can understand the fear of not finding someone, a lot of black girls and women want the picket fence and happy family, but fear it not happening. However, you’re still very young and maybe as you get older and you travel and explore a change of scenery things will fall into place and you’ll meet that special someone. Right now it’s okay to go through those emotions and thoughts because it’s natural, but you’re still youthful and have your whole life ahead of you, just see where things go as you get older <3

Cancer Love Horoscope

There is a certain satisfaction about days like today. Although you may be moving through difficult territory in a relationship, you know exactly how to move through the problem. Your innate sense of fairness will help to keep both sides of the argument in balance, and your ability to smooth over any rough patches will help tremendously as well. Now you just have to dare to approach the subject.

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Allen doesn’t want to disappear. He needs someone to know about the parts of him that no other living person does. He can’t let that part of him die with him.

The only person he can tell is Kanda. It’s only fair right?


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