“You look good in red.”

A Peter Parker x Reader Fic 

Summary: You know Peter’s secret, you know he’s Spider-Man. But where’s the fun in letting him know that outright? It’s more fun to tease him about it…until you end up in between him and the Green Goblin. 

Warnings: fluff, some minor angst, I wrote the reader shorter than Peter so I apologize to those who’re taller than him ( :/ ), it’s long

A/N: I’d like to give a ginormous thank you to @riseofthehufflepuffs for always being there to help me with my Peter Parker fics and reading them for me no matter how shitty they are. Thank you, Mrs. Parker, you’re the freaking best friend a person could ask for and I’m so excited to see FOB live with you in Novemeber!

“So, Parker.” You poked at your food leisurely. “Do anything fun last night?”

“N-No.” He ran a hand through his hair nervously. “Just worked on some homework, yah know.” 

“Did you see the news?” You dropped your head into your hands, narrowing your eyes at your friend. “That robbery downtown seemed intense.”

“Yeah.” Peter nodded. 

“Thank the heavens Spider-Man swooped in and took them down.” You continued on. “It was crazy, I can’t even begin to fathom living a life like that. Living half as a well-known superhero and the other as, well, some random person. I wonder who they are…”

“Probably just some random person, like you said.” Peter sipped on his drink. “I doubt we know them.”

“Yeah.” You mentally scoffed. “You’re probably right.”

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core four as ldr songs (from lana del ray, born to die, paradise, ultraviolence, honeymoon)
  • ezria: kill kill, lucky ones, bel air, old money, honeymoon
  • haleb: pawn shop blues, without you, american, brooklyn baby, freak
  • spoby: yayo, born to die, ride, ultraviolence, religion
  • emison: put me in a movie, lolita, blue velvet, shades of cool, terrence loves you
Twice Reaction To You Coming Home With a Beat Up Face

Mina: Taking you to the hospital would be the first thing she would do. She’d be so worried, and wouldn’t leave your side at any moment. She would make you so many questions about what happened and who did that to you.

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Momo: She’d pretty much freak out the moment she saw you all bruised and hurt. She would make you sit somewhere and would clean you up. She’d be so worried and afraid, she’d probably start crying from seeing you like that.

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Dahyun: She would flood you with questions and would feel like it was partially her fault for not being there to help you when you were attacked. After knowing what happened, she would only focus on making you feel better.

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Jungyeon: She would stand and stare at you in shock for some seconds. Then she would hug you and would get you cleaned up. She’d only ask you what happened once and wouldn’t say nothing related to that after it. She’d deal with the situation later, her focus would be all in you.

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Tzuyu: Seeing you like that would scare her so much. She’d try to help you but she would be afraid that it’d hurt if she touched you. She would ask you a lot of questions about what happened. The whole situation would make her overwhelmed and afraid that it might happen again.

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Chaeyoung: She would be shoked at first, not really knowing if she should hug you or if she should take you to the hospital. After that she wouldn’t leave you alone for one second, and would probably be afraid to letting you go out alone.

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Sana: She would be terrified. She wouldn’t say anything about it at first, even though she was curious and a little scared. She’d do anything to make you feel better and would make sure that she wasn’t causing you any pain.

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Jihyo: She wouldn’t even ask you anything, she’d rush you to the hospital the moment she saw you hurt and bleeding even though you said you were fine. She would only get you back home when she made sure that you were ok. She’d probably be afraid of asking or saying something wrong and would let you speak about it when you wanted to.

Originally posted by jeongyeon

Nayeon: She would be so pissed. The first thing she would do after taking care of you and making sure you were “okay” would be trying to find out who did this to you. She would became so much overprotective, afraid of someone trying to attack you again or even worst. She wouldn’t let you go out by yourself for a long time.

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stainedglassthreads  asked:

Your name is Lavandula, and your brother is Papaver, and we learned this from your father, Forget-Me-Not. We're calling him Nots. He likes eating his flowers. Some of us stressed him out and he melted into a puddle of goop. But he's okay-ish now. As okay as someone sort of but not really dead can be

“Okay… you’re really starting to freak me out…”

Tobias: WENDY!!

Wendy: Whoa-whoa! How do you know my name?

Tobias: You too?… Please, Wendy, don’t do this to me!… I’m already done!

Wendy: I bet you’re one of these creepy stalkers and unluckily for yourself are hopelessly in love with me. But you see, I’m not afraid, I’ve been there.

Tobias: What?!… I… You’re my freaking cousin! You’re happily married, and you have a son! …Dain and Silver, do these names speak to you?

Wendy: … hey, whoever you are, I know a nice doctor over there? It’s late, but she might still be at her workplace. Come on. You really need help.

Tobias: Wendy, please, listen. It’s not a coincidence that I know your name, because everything used to be different. We were different. Just give me a chance.

Wait..Guys too? ( Stiles x Female Reader)

Requested: by @sydneywiencek

Can u do a stiles stilinski x female reader where ur Scott’s telekinesis sister and u fight with Scott and the others, but stiles are disappointed,because he always thought u were into girls but he finds out that u like guys too so he asks u out and stiles gets mad? Thx so much! I love your blog btw!

Hope that you weren’t disappointed and Enjoy. And hope you didn’t mind the slight changes in your request, but I was confused by the message, but I think you meant Scott gets mad.Anyways enjoy. 

You were always known and seen as (Y/n) McCall telekinetic sister to Scott McCall, The true Alpha. Although you loved your brother, we was always overprotective of you. When you told him that you were Bisexual, he kind of freaked out. Once, you told your brother that you were bi, you went out with mostly girls. But you have also had a crush on Stiles Stilinski, but he always seemed to be in love with Lydia, so you never bothered. 

You sat at lunch with the pack. You were distracted, and looked at your phone. “What’s wrong” Scott asked noticing you sad look. “(G/n), broke up with me, and over a text. How great.” you replied. “Oh, (y/n), are you okay” Lydia asked. “No, this sucks, why can’t I ever be in a  serious relationship” You respond. “ If you excuse me” You said as you ran to the restroom crying. “I’ll go with her, nice going Scott” Malia said as she ran after you. “What what does, she mean nice going, Scott what did you do” Lydia asked upset. “I may have convinced her girlfriend to break up with her, but I did’t think that she’ll break up with her through a text.” Your brother responded. “Scott, what the hell, dude, that was out of your place” Stiles said. “Look, I found out that, (y/n)’s girlfriend is a beta for an other pack that was trying to kill her, okay. I did it to protect her” Scott added. “That was still out of your place. (Y/n ) can take care of herself.” Lydia said as she went to go talk to you. 

Later at Home 

The whole pack was over at your house hoping to comfort you. You were in the kitchen getting snacks for the pack. And noticed that Scott’s phone was left unlocked. You looked over his phone and saw that in his recent calls he called your ex-girlfriend. You were so upset that you, when to go confront him. “Hey (y/n), are you okay?” Scott said noticing your angry expression. “No, Scott I’m not why did you call my ex-girfriend yesterday” You said as you showed him, his phone. “Hey, before you get mad, I did it for your own good okay, I did it to protect you.” He added. “Lair” You yell as you started using you telekinesis to trow him to the wall. “Hey, (y/n), this is it the way to show him how you feel, We understand that your upset.” Lydia yelled. “(y/n) he only did it to protect you okay, just let his go” Malia added. You were upset, you were blinded by the rage. and didn’t realize that you were destroying the living room and accidentally hurting your friends. You realized what you were doing. And stopped. You looked over to your friends and see them with a few cuts and bruises. You freaked out you were the reason why you hurt your friends. You tried to help them. “No, please, just don’t I’m fine” Liam said. You had no response, you ran to your room. “Not, cool Liam” Stiles said. “What, she could have killed us aren’t you disappointed” Liam responded. “Liam, she’s still learning to control it you need to understand.” Lydia told him. “I’ll go check on her” Stiles said as he walked into your room. 

(Y/n)’s Pov

I heard everything Liam said and that broke me even more. I bet they hate me I thought. Knock. “Go away” I said. “No, I’m not, I’m walking in” Stiles said as he open the door and walk in. “Aren’t you scared” I told him. “No, but I want to know, why are you so upset, you were only dating her for two months” he continued.  “I not upset about the fact that she dumped me, I’m upset that know one, wants to be with me” I said. “But do you know why, he told her break up with you?” He said, but I didn’t answer. “(g/n) is a beta from a pack that was out to kill you and Scott, he wanted to protect you” he added. “I could have protected my self, and I was going to break up with her, because she cheated on me, but she finished it before I could.” I said. “Hey (y/n), there are going to be others” “I know Stiles, There are going to be other girls and guys” I added. “Wait..guys” “Yes, guys, Stiles, didn’t Scott tell you I was bisexual, i dated girls, but I have interest in men too” He was surprised, I could tell. “Well, how about you start dating a guy for a change,” he said as he opened his arms. “Are you asking me out Stiles Stlilinski?” “Yeah” he said. “Of course” I said happily. And kissed him. “Are you kidding me” You heard Scott at the door. “This is why I was afraid of leaving you two alone, It fine, but Stiles, even though your my best friend, if you hurt her,” Scott continued. “Yeah, I know, and don’t worry I’ll take care of her” Stiles replied. 

Sorry if it sucked. Sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes. I hope that it fulfilled your request and that you enjoyed it. I do not own any of the Characters or gifs. Feel free to request.~ Fanfictionprincess10.

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How would Pete Dunne react to finding you crying in the hotel room

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How would Pete Dunne react to finding you crying in the hotel room

~ He called your name as soon as he unlocked the door, only to be met with the sounds of sobs and small hiccups coming from the bedroom area. His gym bags automatically dropping from his shoulder as he rushed to find you, worry and confusion coursing through his veins. 

~ “Y/N, where are ya love?” he’d shout following the sounds of your sniffles, his gym bags long forgotten at the door of room. As he entered the bedroom to see you wrapped up in the covers his heart would break a little, and a sense of panic would settle in him.

~ He’d gently sit down next to you and wrap his protective muscular arms around your shaking frame as his hands gently carded through your hair in an attempt to calm you. Although he was completely freaking out on the inside, having no real idea what to do.

~ After your tears has ceased, with the help of Pete timidly wiping them away from under your eyes, he’d lay on the bed and bring you down with him to lay on his chest as he asks you what happened.

~ When you describe to him it your period playing up he instantly offers to run to the shops and buy you chocolate; to which you decline as nothing was helping more than being snuggled up with him. 

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~ Moxxii 

captainthane  asked:

Like everyday i am coming to tell you : you art is freaking amazing <3 ! You have so many skills and talent <3 ! Your comic will be so great <3 ! You are also so awesome and an adorable sweetheart <3 ! You are a ray of sunshine for a lot of people <3 ! Keep this in mind Azy :D ! I didn't forget your followers : have a lovely day people ! All of you are unique and amazing ^^ !

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Hi I LOVE your blog! Could you do a HC where Connor or Evan finds out about the reader having anxiety or panic attacks and they help the reader out of a situation that is making the reader uncomfortable. Even if you don't do this one you are still one of my favs just saying😂💛

thank you so much boo!


•You had been so nervous for a major chair test in band. It would be deciding your position in the band for two months, and you just knew you would mess up and humiliate yourself. As your class period got closer, you started to panic more. Then, you had a full on anxiety attack. You had rushed out of the lunchroom, Connor following you quickly.

•He had found you sitting on the floor by your locker with your head in your hands. You thought it was ridiculous that you were getting this freaked out but Connor thought otherwise.

•He kissed you forehead, not minding the states as he did so. He rubbed your arm, calming you down slightly.

•"This is only one moment on your life. One. Humiliating or not, it’ll pass in a second. Make the best out of it.“

•You soon calmed down as he whispered reassuring words to you. He waited for you outside of the band hall door to find out how you thought you did.

•You knew you only did good because of Connor. It’s always Connor


•You had been on edge all day due to a huge fight with a shady friends. You had only gone over the edge of anxiety when she heard the fake rumors she had been spreading. The ones about you and Evan. While Evan was used to rumors spread about him by other people, you were not. You had rushed into the girls bathroom with tears in your eyes.

•When you came our, Evan was sitting by the door, waiting for you. He was in a long enough range it didn’t look weird though. Once he saw you, he immediately stood up, wiped the sweat off his hands, and hugged you.

•You, in return, hugged him tightly, putting your head on his shoulder.

•"They are nothing compared to you. This will pass, I promise.”

•You smiled and Evan held you until you calmed down. You pretty much skipped a whole class period, but who cares? It was time well spent with Evan.

•What you didn’t know is that Evan toldJared to confront the girl spreading the rumors. Dude, she got roasted so bad in front of everyone. Meme boy always comes in handy.

Hello, Sammy! I made this fast “sketch” thing (?) today for You! I’m not sure this “IRL Sammy” was enough good, but… I hope You won’t have nightmares because of that and… like it, Darling! *Bonus hug* - @darvolia

Sammy: Aw, I love it, Thanks darling!

[I’m sorry I didn’t answer this sooner or without a reaction picture from the crew, I’ve been ‘unsorted’ lately. Though this really makes the day brighter!! Thank you! 

(Here have some thinking about Alec’s past)

So Alec noticed he liked guys at like 11 years old,and up till 21 or so (what is his age in this show?) never even attempted kissing one,dating,or really anything. Alexander Gideon Lightwood managed to convince his sister who knew he liked guys about an fake nonreal girlfriend.

Like one day he must have gotten so tired of relationships being mentioned,and given an carefully created fake girlfriend. Probably had to meretriciously keep track of what he said about ‘her’ and more than once likely went ‘what girlfrie-oh right’. One day getting so tired,sick of his own lie that created an fictional breakup probably faking heartbreak to sell it.

At the same time probably deflected an lot ‘so when are you getting an girlfriend’ him freaking out internally before giving an convincing speech how he’s focusing on being an good shadowhunter,learning,etc. Making up stories about his first kiss,sometimes they didn’t match up.

Also just picture him at 11 starting to shut down,repress and bury himself. As time went on just getting bad tempered more and more. Countless times rolling his eyes when pda,love,or anything of the nature came near him. However listening to Izzy ramble about her relationships,being an big brother despite wanting to not hear an word.

How he’d have to listen to her talk about how cute guys are,watch her point them out and just stay stoic or arguments between them cause ‘seriously you need to be less repressed’. Late nights of him curled up tight as the emotions flooded over in his alone time. Learning how to give people what they want,to not fully lie but conceal the truth. 

Really who would notice what they didn’t want to think possible anyways. Which let the small things like his occasional checking another guy out be passed over. Cause easier to think otherwise than to have gone ‘wait an moment’. Alec probably kept to himself an lot too,and probably around before Clary showed up was cracking into pieces after so many years. It making his attitude even more hostile,and ill tempered. Withdrawing even more than before in his past. 

Then Magnus comes along and ‘holy shit there goes my heart again’ leaving an fresh inner battle,outward too. And all the hope followed by ‘I can’t,I’d screw it up,why me I’m an asshole,could never work,it’s just an game’. Overthinking and then some but also trying to define love to himself probably. (Since likely his parents haven’t been close in an long time,and love’s an ‘mundane’ type of thing) Falling hard and trying to shake it off,go back to before yet he’s already uncurling and can’t keep it all inward,or control the spilling of his insides.

Can’t help it,tries to force himself out of it and also just doesn’t want anymore heartbreak. So forces himself backwards,try to meet expectations nobody’ll think twice if he does it. Course Izzy just goes ‘fine’ to have stress less over the wedding but is trying to convince him otherwise,glaring,and eventually going screw it and invites Magnus in hopes cause she knows full well how her brother gets an bit less stoic when Magnus is around.

And when Magnus shows up it sets it how much screw up he was causing,his breath stops,heart beating faster no more hiding it. He doesn’t want to,because if he gets married next it’ll be kids,and all other sorts he wouldn’t be able to fake enough ever for. So he takes the dive if heartbreak happens he’ll deal with it accordingly till then he wants to put it all out in the open.

Likewise he developed his habit of not using healing runes immediately,putting everybody first,and probably dived head deep into learning and work to help repress everything,to distract from it. Nights wondering what it’s like to be with somebody,mornings wishing to just be with somebody. Heartache when he woke up from happy dreams,to his empty bed. Avoiding even exploring the internet,or learning more about his own feelings to keep making denial easier.

Andy does NOT NEED you to buy a freaking fidget spinner

Hello lying snake,

Nice to see your back again. 

Andy can eat just fine without you buying a fidget spinner for $15.00 when it’s normally only $3 without his sticker on it and only costed him $1.00 each to purchase.

If he is desperate for money to feed himself maybe his wife shouldn’t be walking around on the first day of Warped Tour with a Chanel backpack she recently bought.  A backpack that costs about $3,500 used on EBay.

Or getting facial injections that cost $5,000 for just three sessions.

They are roughly blowing $10,000 to15,000 a month on things they don’t need, mainly stuff for Juliet.

How about they show their fans what actual adults are and stop buying things they can’t afford and expecting to sell overpriced merch to lovestruck losers that live in the middle of nowhere,  live below the poverty line and will pay any price to feel close to their “saviour”.

Andy’s a rat, Juliet’s a snake and well we all know how this will end.

anonymous messages psa;

//hey guys, it’s vi and i would just like to really quickly address something about my blog that i’m sure you guys have noticed and might be a little confused about; and that it WHY I HAVE MY ANONYMOUS MESSAGES TURNED OFF. before you guys freak out and think it’s bc i have been receiving hate or something i’d like to clear up that is not the case and i’d just sorta like to explain it a little bit. (i’ve actually only received anon hate but it wasn’t really anon bc i knew exactly who it was lmao aren’t ip addresses a bitch?)

so. i have anonymous messages turned off, and before anyone asks, no i will never turn anonymous on. here’s why:

recently i have noticed tumblr becoming a more and more toxic environment across multitudes of fandoms and really just in the tumblr rp community as a whole. i’ve noticed more and more anon hate being sent– and like this shit didn’t happen NEARLY as much as it does now just a year ago. i’m not sure what in tumblr changed or really why it’s taken the turn it has, but regardless, i do not view the community as a completely safe place anymore. that’s not to say all anons are bad, quite the opposite in fact, i see the majority of anonymous messages are actually quite positive. i don’t want people thinking i think all anonymous messages are bad or that anyone who is afraid to show their face is evil or blah blah blah. that’s not what i’m saying. 

what i am saying, is i am not personally interested in anything anyone has to say that they cannot say face to face with me. that’s it. i know some people are very shy, and i’m really sorry that that is the case, but lately tumblr has become too much of a game of he said she said, and i’m not interested in playing. IF YOU WANT TO SAY SOMETHING TO ME AND YOU DON’T WANT IT TO BE PUBLIC, please just message me on your account and clarify it is a private message, that’s completely fine. i have no problem with that. but i don’t believe in people speaking to me from behind a grey face. simple as that.