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I'm considering coming out to my parents as trans... like, FTM trans. But I'm terrified to do it... I don't want them to freak out or anything... do you have any tips to help me?

1. It’s ok to wait until you’re ready and you feel safe. There is no shame in waiting.

2. It’s good to be honest. If you hide the truth or gloss over it or whatever and you’re parents love it, you’ll never know if they love the real you. It’s best to be totally upfront and honest. That way, however your parents react you at least know you have integrity and they’re reacting to the real you. Knowing that will bring you some peace.

3. Have a party for you after you tell them. See some friends. Plan something in your life for after so that it will feel a lot like your life will go on and on and on (because it will).💛💛

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Hiii! I have a character who gets shot from the back and the bullet goes out through their chest, while they are running away from the shooter. Obviously, they fall down because of it. Is it possible for them to keep crawling just a few more feet away? Or do they just die instantly? Either way, their fate is the same, but I'd like to be accurate.

Hey there! As long as your character isn’t shot in the spine, heart, or aorta, a few more feet of crawling is totally possible. They could also probably walk. Breathing might be hard if they’ve got a bullet in the lung, but the cause of death (tension pneumothorax) isn’t instant.

Good luck!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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SovietWomble Prompts!

(Because his videos are the funniest and most uplifting thing I know)

“Me and my flip-flops are ready to go.”

“I am now poor.”

*Alone in the woods* A: *weirdly calm* “There’s something walking towards us from behind you guys.” *B and C freak out*

“How can someone be so cute?”


“I thought you were watching?” “Yeah, I was, I stopped paying attention.”

“My scuba suit protects me from your bullshit.”

“God, fucking damn it A, you piece of…good job.” “What was that?” “I’m rebranding myself as the nice guy.” … “You lasted all but 7 seconds.”

“Surprise!” *explosion*

“English is not my first language, okay?” “You’re American.”

“A, what’s wrong with him?” “Many things.”

“I have got a plan!” “Which is?” “A terrible plan.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to you when you’re not eating.”

“A, I think you should take one for the team and run off as bait as the rest of us survive.”

“I’m under attack by a bucket!”

“I haven’t heard a word of the briefing, I was too amazed by the hand gestures.”

“We have a small technical issue.” “Which is?” “I seem to have run out of bullets.” “…it’s been five minutes.”

“You need your medication, come back here!”

“Why do you have a gun, A?” “’Cause it’s Thursday.”

“You lied to me!” “It’s not my fault you’re an idiot.”

“I really like dolphins, I wanna see one!”

“You can’t have a secret dance club, we have a job to do!”

“I’m a funky janitor.”

“If A starts saying something odd, just ignore him/her/them.”

“There are civilians in the village.” “I think the way you pronounce that is acceptible casualities.” “NO.”

“So you’re now just gonna kill people for just being tempted for deserting?” 

“I’d like for you to know you are a piece of human shit.”


“Turns out these are just the noises A makes when he/she/them is alone in his/hers/their room.”

“Clearly we lead different lifestyles.”

“Were you dropped on your head as a child?”

“SHUT UP, I’m trying to impose Zen you dumb bitch!”

*inhales helium* “Fuck you A.”

“Do NOT search that on Google!”

“I don’t know whether to eat Pringles, breathe or laugh!”

“He’s never gonna shut up about that now.”

“No more button pressing, okay?!”

“Everything is black, is this heaven?”

“Really? You’re gonna hide under the building like a house cat?”

“A? Can you stop touching my knee?”

“Um, my vision has gone green.” “You have green sunglasses on.” “Ah, that might be the reason.”

“If you’re not on a no-fly list somewhere in the world, someone is not doing their job.”

“Don’t open that.” “Wha-” *explosion* “…You could have told me you put a freaking bomb in there!”



“Did you see the way my hips were moving?”

“Are you in the habit of tattooing everyone unconcious?”

“My echolocation was not very effective.”

“My tummy hurts.”

“Is he going to go sulk in the corner?”

“That’s um… staggeringly unhelpful actually.”

“No, I’m having a snack, leave me alone.”

“Do those things and then jump off a bridge.”

“Look, think of it as science.”

“A,” “Yes?” “I want you-” “I want you too!” “-to…” “Oh we were talking about something else, my bad.”


“I didn’t appreciate your insults to my mother yesterday.”

“I have an auto-sniper and exactly zero shame.”

“Ahahahahaha, you’re so- fuck you.”

“Whenever you do something awesome it’s ‘Oh look at me’ but whenever you screw up it’s ‘Oh we’re a team’.”

“You are actually hiding in a hedge.”

“Don’t worry boys, pappas’ got this.”

“I know Psychology, I use it on you.” “What do you you mean you use it on m-” “Nevermind.”

“I’ll hit you.” “Sorry.”

“A continues to amaze me.”

“We only had about three hundred bullets, and you’ve just wasted all of our ammunition in case we get attacked?”

“Dude, something’s happening.”

“I literally have no control over myself.”

“I just wanted you to know that I genuinely despise your existence you piece of shit.”

“In my eyes A, you are a beautiful caterpillar.” “What?!”

Oh no, what appears to have happened?”

“I will not leave you A.” C: ”I will.”

“I do not trust you, turn around!”

“Where were you guys when they were trying to BLOW UP THE FRICKING BUILDING?!”

“Sorry, is this supposed to be spooky?”

“I technically landed.”

“Make it interesting…nOT THAT INTERESTING!”

“I thought there was a guy in front of me but it was my own shadow.”

“Well we can tick ‘genocide’ off out to do list.”

“That’s a lot of dead people.”

“You ran in front of a machine gun?!”

“I don’t have Medi’stuff’, I didn’t expect the two of you to be this incompetent.”

“Stop parkouring and come get this jewelry.”

“Gayness?” “Gayness.”

“I don’t want to look because I’m scared.”

“Something just went ‘boom’.”

“Okay, that wasn’t where I left it!”

“We’re gonna go around the tornado.”

“No, no, no, don’t you dare say you can’t fly! FLY!”

“You’re so useless it’s not even funny.”

“Hey guys, I have an idea, why don’t you fuck off?

“I’m going to hide and if that fails…surrender.”

“Dipshit?” “Hmm?” “….the fact that you responded to ‘Dipshit’…”

“I have been trapped in my bathroom for the last 3 hours.”


Neutrinos are tiny particles spit out by supernovas that were rumored to travel faster than light. Even though we still don’t have FTL spaceships (sigh), I share with you why neutrinos are still freaking amazing.

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TLDR; I might have stumbled into the Gency.  Worry not, Mercy76 is still OTP it’s just… I finally get Gency now.

The full story;  I was playing Overwatch with one of my friends (shocker!).  We joined a game that already had 2 tanks and 2 defense heroes.  So I went Mercy and he went Genji as we had no DPS.


If you have a good Genji on your team, you 100% understand the Gency love.

He would literally come from nowhere to save me, kill the enemy, and jump back to harassing the enemy team.  All while leaving a spray at my feet and saving “Hello~!”

It was beautiful.  Fucking beautiful.

I was about to be murdered in cold blood and Ryūjin no ken o kurae!  Genji comes flying from the sky and destroys the enemy team all because I was saying, “AHHH ATTACK MERCY ISN’T WORKING.”  So he came running over to help me because the rest of the team was nowhere to be found =_=

And it continued!

Not just in this game.  But the next several thereafter.

If he went Genji, he always made sure to keep an eye on me.  And, in doing so, managed to keep me alive quite a bit!  To the point where I was usually on fire or having people constantly complement me.  Even the enemy team was like “OMFG WHY WON’T YOUR MERCY ****ING DIE.”

Heh, we had a pro Genji who was just protecting his Mercy.

My boyfriend ended up watching us play and even said I was on fire for all those matches we played together.

Guys, I’m telling you, a pro Genji, one that actively protects his Mercy, is the best thing ever.

And the best part?  We were more or less just dicking around.  I went attack Mercy too (because I’m learning that some people cannot hit targets to save my life so it’s up to me to try)!

It was great.  I’ve honestly never had so much fun with a Genji player before.  Every other one I’ve worked with has been pure cancer.  But this one, my friend, was awesome.

So I finally get the Gency.  It just took the right person playing Genji.

Beginners Guide To Being A Gay part 1

Experiencing feelings: Okay so your 12-13 years old and you see all the boys and girls getting into each other (not sexually))yet anyways( I’d sure as hell hope not ) But when you start to notice boys and girls yourself and you start to feel weird. Like what is happening to you? Your having the same feelings but not the way everybody else is. You begin to ask yourself why your attracted to people of your own gender. You don’t want to feel like a freak or be an outcast to your friends if you ask them about it. You just want to these feelings to go away and try not to ignore them.

Here’s what I’m gonna tell you. Liking a boy if your a boy or if your a girl who likes a girl at this age is normal. Your not alone, a lot of people have felt the same way you do. Your not weird or creepy, It’s gonna take you sometime to be fully comfortable with who you are given the fact that the people around you will pick on you for every little thing you do at your age. But remember school doesn’t last forever and as you get older you’ll stop caring about what people think of you because you’ll want to make yourself happy. Acceptance of yourself will become easier over time.

2014 was a bad year on tumblr I remember like accidentally following someone who had an “ask before you follow” buried somewhere in their info pages but nowhere visible on their blog and I totally would’ve unfollowed if they came and asked but instead they sent me messages saying “kys you freak” etc and when I apologized and unfollowed they continued to talk about me calling me ableist and invasive for saying they had responded rudely. they were like 22 entire years old… 

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Umm I need your help if you're willing... I forgot the name of this one ABO fic where Yuuri and Victor are soulmates but Yuuri's a werewolf while Victor's vampire and they've just reached truce from a war. Thank you in advance! You're doing a very very freaking good job even though it's totally unpaid!

I think the fic you’re looking for is Mismatched by orion_keep_me_company and you can read it here!

So, here’s what I noticed about the Japril-places (that’s SO not a thing but wtv)

Here are Seattle, Lake Tahoe and Bozeman (the city where Japril were staying in Montana)

And if you draw the lines, it makes for a perfectly perfect triangle!

ALSO, you can’t NOT notice that San Fransisco, Lake Tahoe and Bozeman, the three places their track record in hotels took place, are in the SAME GODDAMN LINE.

Aaaaaand lastly, if you put them all together there forms a FREAKING PYRAMID


Just Follow Me- Jimin

Jimin Drabble
Warnings: none

Jimin hovered over you. Pressing kisses to your nose and cheeks and neck, everywhere except your lips. You two hadn’t reached that stage yet. There was something about actually pressing your lips to his that freaked you out, no matter how much you wanted to do it. Yeah you’ve kissed his cheek and that one time where you bopped his nose but the idea that you would actually kiss the boy you liked sent your heart racing and butterflies in your stomach soaring.

“you’re such a pretty girl” he laughed as his hand roamed over your side, keeping well away from your breast and hips but still enough that he managed to make your legs feel like jelly.

“pretty girl. pretty girl” he sung quietly as he peppered your cheeks with small kisses.

You had your head turned to the side avoiding looking at him in fear you might just kiss him. Why was this such a big deal!? There really wasn’t much involved. Lips against lips. That’s it. All you had to do was turn your hea-

Jimin’s lips touched yours as you did. You both froze, his eyes going wide at the new contact. Five seconds passed. Each heart beat loud and prominent and the only thing you could hear. The two of you just stared at each other, blinking and trying to make sense of what had just happened.

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Holy. Freaking. Cow. Oh my goodness, guys. I am in absolute shock right now.

I have had a difficult time as of late and have been dealing with a lot of emotional/physical/mental issues, but it is your support that keeps me looking forward to the next day. You all mean the world to me, and it may sound silly when I say I am grateful that you guys put up with my shenanigans. Whether you’ve been following MM for a little while now, or since the beginning, I want you to know I am extending a huge hug to you. The support I have received from this community has been overwhelming, and I am grateful to see so many new blogs, so many older blogs, and meet so many beautiful people.

I love you all and wish I had better words to say. Just…thank you!

I am also so thankful for @her-majesty-madi, because she has done a beautiful job with this blog in my absence. I am forever grateful for all she has done. <3

Please, don’t be afraid to swing by and say hello. I cannot say whether readings will be open again in the future, but I am thinking of doing another giveaway. Stay tuned!

Best-and love always,