Silent Treatment // Joe Sugg

Word Count- 723


Hiii. I wanted to request an imagine about you giving Joe the silent treatment? Like, he forgets something important to me and I give him the silentbl treatment? Can you do it? Please? Thank you ❤❤❤


Joe knew he had messed up, but he also thought you were overreacting. He had forgotten your mother’s birthday dinner. But what really iced the cake was that he had yet to meet your parents. He was supposed to meet them that night yet when you called him asking where he was, all you got was his voicemail.

So when you were stood in the middle of the living room waiting for him to come home, Joe wasn’t surprised.

“Where were you?” you had asked, hands on hips.

“Babe, I’m so-” he had begun saying.

“Where the hell were you?” you interrupted.

“I went out with the boys,” he sighed, plopping onto the couch.

You chuckled, “Nice. You stood me up and went out with the boys. How lovely.”

“I said I was sorry!” he stood up.

“And???” you shouted. “That doesn’t change anything Joe! My parents waited all night to meet the man I speak so highly of. An apology doesn’t mean shit right now.”

“Stop overreacting” he said as he walked past you to your shared bedroom.

“Where are you going?” you asked.

“To bed! Its half past two in the morning,” he replied, not turning around.

“Whose fault is that?” you mumble under your breath as you sat on the couch.

“Excuse me?” he questioned, reappearing in the doorway.

“Nothing,” you sigh.

“No, tell me!” he demanded, walking further into the room.

“I just find it funny that you went out all night and are complaining about it being two in the bloody morning. If you choose to go out, you shouldn’t complain about the consequences, that’s all.” You shrugged, opening your laptop.

“God you’re so fucking annoying sometimes!” he shouted. “You know that right? Sometimes you just really know how to annoy the shit out of me!”

“Then don’t be around me,” you said simply, getting more annoyed by the second.

“Just, please don’t talk to me.” He sighed once again before turning around and going to your room.

“If that’s the game you wanna play, then fine.” You whispered to yourself.


It had been 2 days since your and Joes argument, and things were tense. At first he hadn’t noticed what you were doing, he just assumed you weren’t in the mood. It wasn’t until he had asked you if you wanted to try the new dish he had made that he realized you were giving him the silent treatment.

At first he laughed it off. But when you continued to ignore him on even the smallest of things, Joe began to panic.

On the outside you were completely blank, but on the inside you were having the time of your life. Seeing Joe panic normally wouldn’t make you laugh, but he deserved it.

You had just closed the book that you had been reading for the past week. You were now headed to the bathroom to shower. But something stopped you right before you walked into your room.

“I don’t know what to do, Zoe.” He whispered into the phone.

A few moments passed then you heard, “I tried, but she’s not budging.”

You leaned against the wall, eager to see what Joe had to say about the situation.

“Of course I regret it! But I can’t change the past,” he sighed. “Yes… no… yes. Zo, you don’t understand. She won’t even acknowledge me. I don’t know how to apologize.”

Guilt started to rise in you, but then you remember why you were doing this. He embarrassed you and your parents. He chose partying over you; you had a right to be upset.

“No!” he said loudly. “Please don’t say anything. I need to fix it myself. Yeah, okay. Thanks Zoe… alright, bye. Love you too.”

After he hung up, the door opened faster than you could walk away.

“Oh, hi.” He said with a small smile. “Look, Y/n-”


“What?” he asked, taken aback by your voice.

“You know what you did wrong and that’s all that matters,” you smiled.

“So, you’re not mad?”

“Oh no, I’m furious.”

“Oh,” he sighed.

“But I have a few ideas on how you can apologize,” you wrapped your hands around his neck.

“And what would those be?” he smiled, pulling your body flush against his.

“Let me show you,” you whispered, pulling his head down to meet yours.

You’re Dating!? (Natasha X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Natasha Romanoff X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None


Request: hey can you do a Natasha x Fem!reader where the rest of the team freaks out when they found out the two’s dating ? thankss i love your writings btw c:

Originally posted by holy-bucky

“Hey Y/N, everything OK?” Steve asked you. You were upside down on the couch, flipping through TV. You hummed to tell him you were OK.

You had been like this all month. However they had not pieced it together that it was because a month ago, Natasha went on a mission, and was yet to come back. You were like this every time she left but this was her longest mission and there was no time scale. She could be gone a whole year. But you knew one thing. Once she was back, you were going to kiss her right then and there, not caring about what the others first.

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Crowley & Death

This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all enjoy this!! <3 <3

Word Count: 233

Warnings: angst, hurt/comfort

(gif is not mine)

Crowley watched as you wept on the floor.  He wished he could help you, but there was nothing he could do.  He couldn’t snap his fingers and bring them back to life.  He couldn’t bring them back; not the way they used to be.  He knew it was better to let you grieve.

“[Y/N] I wish I could bring them back, but you know I can’t,” Crowley spoke in a low voice as he stood behind you.  He put a hand on your shoulder, giving it a squeeze.  “We should go kitten, they’ll be back.”

“Let them come back,” you muttered, a hint of anguish in your voice.  “I’ll kill all of them.  Whoever, or whatever they are.”

Crowley pulled you up from the floor, pulling you away from the room where your parents were.  He grabbed your arms, his brown eyes peering into yours.  “Dying won’t get your parents back [Y/N],” Crowley halfheartedly scolded.  “Let me help you darling.  I’ll get you the revenge you’re looking for.”

“My parents didn’t deserve to die Crowley,” you whispered as tears streamed down your cheeks.

Crowley wiped away your tears, his expression emotionless.  “I know darling,” Crowley murmured.  “But you’ll be safer with me.”

You nodded, letting Crowley take you away from the place you used to call home.  You hoped Crowley would keep his word.  You wanted to avenge your parent’s death.

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Them Not Being Able to Find any Background on Her: B.A.P


Lucky are those who wield the ultimate power of strong connections of easy to manipulate people. YongGuk definitely knew how to perform his role as the leader well, using all of his resources to find out your real name and occupation.


Eyebrows high on top of his forehead he would sigh tiredly and rub his face, sending a small and worried glance at his gun resting on top of his night-shelf. He sincerely hoped that there would be no need to use that gun against you.


He would take everything like a game, coming home later that evening with a cocky smile on his lips as he sat down to the dinner table with you on the other side. “So would you mind to enlighten me as to why you have two names?”


Alerts were going off in his head, though his heart did not agree with his mind that was going on an overdrive. He knew better than to trust you, but his love with you was so strong that he was forced to wait for a better moment to question you about it.


JongUp was not about the games and fluffy things- instead, he scurried home with rage, instantly cornering you and demanding for answers with the most gentlest of tones you had ever heard, sending a scared shiver down your spine.


His head would be filled with scenarios and end conclusions as to why you haven’t told him that you lived under an alias, but the most saddening scenario that came up in his had was the fact that you didn’t trust him enough.

Dust | Dorianne Laux

Dorianne Laux

Someone spoke to me last night
told me the truth. Just a few words,but I recognized it.
I knew I should make myself get up,
write it down, but it was late,
and I was exhausted from working
all day in the garden, moving rocks.
Now, I remember only the flavor –
not like food, sweet or sharp.

More like fine powder, like dust.
And I wasn’t elated or frightened,
but simple rapt, aware.
That’s how it is sometimes –
God comes to your window,
all bright and black wings,
and you’re just too tired to open it. 

Power (1/?) - Kim Jongin

A/N: I’m starting my second multiple-part series! I got an idea for a role reversal of a CEO!au and Jongin makes me weak so I had to try it. I’m not sure how many parts it will have, but I plan for it to have some of everything- fluff, angst, smut, all of it! I hope you enjoy! -Admin Peach 🍑

Summary: Jongin, the son of a wealthy CEO, and a few of his friends end up interning at the company of an attractive young businesswoman’s company, and you don’t mind having him visit your office occasionally.

Genre: This is just exposition. Smut, fluff, and angst to come later

Length: 1.4k+

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Them Realizing They’re in Love but Don’t Know Anything About Her: B.A.P


LoL…. Gukkie, our tough looking but an actual softie Leader… Yes, I can clearly see him just idly lazing around the spot he saw you in last, waiting till you appear so that he can come up and start a conversation with you.


The moment HimChan laid his eyes on you he knew that you were going to be his, and so he was the one who set off on the journey to ask about you from everyone he knew were your mutual friends.


Would casually ask about you from his friends, hoping that they will have a better knowledge of who you are and how did you come there.


Would use all of his reputation and ask everybody he knew, you knew and your parents knew to give him something about you. People might call him stalker, but he will call himself your future boyfriend because he’s a determined piece of shit.


I think that instead of lingering around the place like Gukkie did, JongUp would straight up walk up to you the first time he saw you, instantly striking a conversation even if he made things extremely awkward.


I don’t think that Zelo would try much to find out at least anything about you, since he was always a shy kid, that lacked a good bit of self-confidence. If something, it will be you starting a conversation with him.

campaignfromhell-blog  asked:

Out of all the systems that One Shot has run, what made you decide to use Edge of the Empire for Campaign? And was that the plan all along, or did you come back to it later on?

Well we used edge for the One Shot because we were trying out different Star Wars systems. We knew the 3.5 spinoff pretty well and wanted to give edge a shot. That was the plan before character creation and why we bothered doing the series.

But yes edge was always the plan, because the core mechanic plays to the strength of Star Wars. It’s meant to make you tell a movie. If you’re determined, you can make it look like space d&d, but that’s not the intention behind these mechanics. The intention is clearly Star Wars. Add my boys to the mix, and it’s a no-brainer.

Two of them like combat well enough, but one of them can’t be bothered with it. This system handles that difference well enough even though I personally would like mega intense combat in any long running thing I was a player in. My kids all want kissing and shopping amidst their Star Wars (a non-negotiable mainstay) These dice let that randomize meaningfully and quickly when it needs to. It’s a solid system for them.

If you can, match your mechanics to your players.

when you come to my mind now all i can think is “fuck you”, i seriously hate every thought i get of you now. you kept taking pieces of my heart and it’s not like i stopped giving you any, because i didn’t stop. but every time i felt like it was right, i felt like you knew exactly how to treat it because things changed since the last time. and every damn time i was wrong. i gave and gave and have nothing left for myself. the only thing i wanna do is talk to you but i don’t even know how. i’ve been trying so hard to act like i don’t care, cause maybe one day that’ll help ease the pain. i just want to know what finally clicked in your brain that you decided i wasn’t enough. i want to fix it, you know i always do. i was told that i could never hate you by someone who knows us both too well. and i was told that you could never hate me either. half of me wants to believe it, but i don’t think that’s true. i just want to know what i did so i can fix it. i want to fix us. when we’re good, we’re great. you are the only thought on my mind and the only one who knows more about me than me. losing you is worse than anything i could imagine. and i feel bittersweet about it. i know i’m sometimes the worst person in the world and i don’t always act like i should. and maybe it’s better for you to lose me, because you’re much too happy and i’m much too sad. but losing you felt like millions of little needles prying my heart open. when the realization came, i wanted to scream into the air for hours. i ripped up our picture and i tried to picture what it was like if you never existed in the first place. if you must move on, i understand. if you must fall for someone who will be better than me, because i know you deserve it, then i understand. but i wish i got an explanation beforehand. i do know one thing, and that is that i could never hate you. even if i do get mad at you.
—  a bittersweet letter to you. 
One day you’ll wake up in the morning and wonder what happened to the girl who use to be there for you no matter how much you pushed her away. You’ll remember all the things she has done for you and all the pain you put her through. You’ll realize how important she is in your life and how amazing she really was, but when that day comes, she’ll be waking up with the guy who already knew.
You smell like lavender,
Like a hotel room
After all the memories that were just made
Are all cleaned up.
They’ve replaced your travel sized soaps,
Changed out the towels I used.
They’ve found the toothbrush I left behind
And tossed it in the bin.
You’re ready for the next in line
To come crowding in
With her baggage. You’ll take it
And transform it into a beautiful wreck
Of memories
That soften too soon.
In and out.
I knew it coming in,
But somehow you convinced me
That I was different.
Maybe you just made me forget
That I’m the same.

mionewatts  asked:

No Kai No! I wasn't prepare for this at all ! I knew it was coming but I can't deal with it..:

Anonymous said:
Oh my goodness! Child Luna is SOOOOOO cute!!

Anonymous said:

Thank you everyone! It’s hard to believe that she’s so big now, huh? A certified kindergartner!

Lulu also thanks you for all your compliments. :)

anonymous asked:

Is that anon actually annoyed that Shefani fans don't fall for manufactured drama from the tabloids? Thats what you do when you're a fan. You dont buy into every piece of garbage especially when it comes from tabloids that have had B & G pretnant, married, broken up since rhe day they got together. One good thing is when the trolls start getting mad that they're trolling isnt working anymore, things are moving in the right direction.

Evidently that person wasn’t a true fan!

As fans we know better than to listen to tabloids and the stupid stuff they are saying now!

We knew the “trolls” would come out in force at The Voice was aired.

We all know that since the Knockouts were taped in January, Gwen and Blake have been to Adam’s Hollywood Ceremony, gone to OK for President’s Day weekend, Gwen was in Spokane and Tacoma and they are now in OK again.

Why “The Final Problem” being John’s version of “The Abominable Bride” makes absolute sense

Lots of others have mentioned this already. However, because a lot of us are upset over The Final Problem, no one wants to rewatch and write meta.  But here are a few things for you all to consider.

1) John got shot at the end of The Lying Detective. He got shot with an actual bullet.  We’ve been studying Sherlock’s subtext forever and we all knew John was going to get shot, we knew the Three Garridebs canon moment was coming, yet we ignored it when we saw it because we believed the narrative spoon-fed to us.  John did not get hit with a tranquilizer – he actually got shot.  He’s in his mind palace.  Or, rather, his mind bungalow, as he’s referred to it before. 

2) The Six Thatchers told us John knows a LOT about horror films. Probably why 20 of them were mentioned in The Final Problem.  John also loves Bond movies, which is why this nightmare scenario is part Saw- part Bond.

3) If Moriarty was Sherlock’s inner demon in TAB, then Eurus is John’s inner demon in TFP. This is why young Eurus is wearing John’s sweater. This is why she’s shown as a mirror for him on multiple occasions. She’s bisexual, she’s kept behind glass (repression) because her family put her there at first but now because she chooses to be there as an adult. She hears Sherlock playing Irene’s theme on the violin and asks if he’s had sex – this is John’s inner demon right here, asking what John’s already asked on the surface.  John’s demon can be saved only if Sherlock comes to the bedroom and helps land the plane. “Landing” is follow-through when it comes to “falling in love”.  TFP is a direct mirror to TAB – Sherlock knew then that John would always be there when he’s falling, and now John knows Sherlock would be there when he’s landing. It’s a complete mirror, exactly the one we were certain of months ago. Why did we dismiss this when we saw it? Because we lost faith in the story.  Like Sir Boast-a-lot. Like The Princess Bride. We’re right on schedule.

4) Everything happening in TFP is a nightmare for John.  Sherlock neglecting Vatican Cameos, Sherlock leaving him to drown, Sherlock saying “I love you” to Molly, Sherlock actually loving Irene Adler, A John-sized coffin with “I Love You” written on it closed and smashed by Sherlock, Mary infiltrating their lives again to tell them how their relationship should be. John is so fucking repressed he doesn’t think Sherlock feels the same way about him that he does about Sherlock.  He’s mirrored in Molly in real life – how awful for John to think “I love Sherlock, I’ve always loved Sherlock, but he thinks we’re friends, why is he making a fool of me?” – like, The Final Problem might be my new favorite episode because this is masterful. 

5) Eurus does exist, but not as a crazy woman on Shutter Island.  There was a reason she flirted with John, there’s a reason she’s been hovering around them for ages now.  I wrote a meta about it here.  It still fits 100%.  The only thing I didn’t take into account was BBC Sherlock faking its own death by dropping a ludicrous red herring as a series finale. 

You guys thought we couldn’t see anything gayer, anything more repressed than Sherlock’s mind in The Abominable Bride?  Oh.  Oh, no. Take another watch of The Final Problem and you’ll see what actually happens to a repressed bisexual with a high sex-drive and a crippling love obsession when their mind is allowed to play tricks on him.