OHKAY! So there were two moments that really bothered me before. Like when Regis spoke with Nyx in the elevator there was a dialog that went like “You knew this is going to happen?” “Yes. It was the only way to get their attention of Noctis”. And another moment when Cid said something along the lines of “It was not just Nifs, Regis was planing his own strike to take them out”. And both times I was like SO? What the fuck Regis? You knew that shit was coming and did nothing? Where was that secret move of yours? You didn’t even summon the Wall? You did nothing at all? 

And this moment! It all makes sense now! He looks at Insomnia and asks forgiveness! Regis purposefully gave up the city. That sudden attack was not sudden at all but exactly how he planed it to go! I even suppose he planed to die? If not the surprise on his face during the final duel I would have though he was actually well aware of Drautos’ plans or even worked WITH him. Too bad I think otherwise, would have been awesome tho! *0*                       


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Pairing: None
Word count: 572
Request: @moose-girl I was wondering if you could write something where the reader gets very embarrassed (like me) and Gabriel, Balthazar, Castiel, and any other angel you want to pus in makes the reader feel better and not so embarrassed. Sorry if that long. THX❤️

You blushed lightly when Dean pulled you into a hug. The eldest Winchester was someone that was constantly on your mind. After all, you’d had a crush on him for a long time. You never planned to actually say anything, because you knew that it wouldn’t come to anything. You were content as you were- a close friends.

He pulled away to head off towards the front door. Cas smiled at you. “I love watching your face light up when Dean hugs you. Tell me, do you intend to tell  him about your feelings for him?”

“Wait, what?” Dean asked from behind you.

Your face lit up as it got warm. “I, uh, never planned on…” Sam’s eyes were on you, as were Cas’s, and you knew that Dean’s were.”

Turning, you ran past Dean towards your room. Shutting the door, you leaned your back against it. You felt hot, and like crying. You knew that Cas hadn’t meant any harm, so you couldn’t even be too mad at him.

“What just happened?” Dean asked, looking around.

Cas looked over. “I assume that she’s embarrassed over you finding out about her feelings for you.” He guessed. “I’ll go speak with her.”

Sighing, you were leaning against your headboard when Cas arrived. “I’ve come to see why you’re embarrassed.”

“Cas, you wouldn’t get it. You’re an angel. You don’t even get embarrassed.” You shrugged.

“No, but I want to make things better.” He assured you. “I may need a touch of help.” You looked at him, curious as to what he meant.

“Heya, sweetcheeks.” Gabriel grinned when he appeared.

“Well, hello.” Balthazar’s smooth voice greeted you.

You looked between the three angels. “Guys, I appreciate it, I do..but what could you possibly do?”

Gabriel moved and sat on the edge of the bed. “This was…ages ago. Back in the 70s, you know how it was. Well. I was seeing this girl, cute, fun, feisty.” He chuckled. “She tells me to meet her in her room, and she’ll be right in. Told me to be ‘ready and waiting’. It wasn’t her that came through the door, though.” He ran his hand through his hair. “It was her boyfriend. Apparently, she thought I went both ways, and would like to hook up with him.” You bit your lip. “When I asked her later why she thought that. She told me ‘you just seem to be a bit….like that’. I didn’t know what to say. So, I replied with…I shit you not… ‘Thank you’. It was the first thing out of my mouth.”

“Oh…my….God.” You chuckled. “I’m sorry, but ‘thank you’?”

He nodded. “Yeah.”

Balthazar stepped forward. “Just last week I called someone ‘sir’, who turned out to be ‘ma’am’.” He shrugged. “Not my finest moment.” You could practically feel how embarrassing that would be. That had happened at work over the phone once. You cringed internally for so long.

Dean looked up when he heard footsteps. “Hey.” He said quietly.

You looked around. “Where’s Sam?” You asked, curious.

“Cas came and took him away somewhere. Just that ‘he needed to be gone’.” He chuckled. After a few moments of silence, he got up. “So, uh, you have feelings for me?” Slowly, you nodded, your cheeks turning a light pink. It wasn’t as bad as before, however. “Good.” He smirked, moving to stand in front of you. “Because I feel the same, sweetheart.”

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Batfamily Costume Contest

In the spirit of Halloween I did a thing. I took ideas from a bunch of different timelines and storylines, so everyone is pretty much in the same place for my story even if that’s not exactly how it is in the regular comics. Enjoy!

“Dami, you can’t hide up there all day. At some point you’re gonna have to show us your costume!”, Dick Grayson yelled up the stairs to his youngest and most stubborn brother. He had spent the last ten minutes at the base if the staircase trying to convince him to come downstairs and show off his Halloween costume to no avail.

“Grayson, I would sooner be strung up by my thumbs over a boiling vat of acid”, Damian snapped from upstairs. He knew he shouldn’t have permitted his extravagant brother to select his costume, but it was too late to find a replacement now. He settled for waiting in his room until the night was over, as the zipper had gotten stuck and he couldn’t get out of it without assistance.

Damian normally would never be caught dead in something as humiliating as a Halloween costume, but he wanted to win the Wayne family costume contest as much as everyone else did this year. He just didn’t think Grayson would choose to force him into this one.

“Damian, c'mon! Tim and Jason are going to be here any minute and you need to be here for when everyone else comes. Remember Colin? He’s going to be bored and all alone without you.” When no answer was heard from upstairs Dick finally threw his hands up in the air, having tried everything.

At that moment Jason Todd and Tim Drake conveniently walked in, Dick not having heard the front door open over all of his yelling. The two brothers entered the room, both in their Halloween costumes.

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Shy!Jin X Reader Smut

[Requested by my favourite hoe, @minjinbiased]

His soft, pleasant laughs filled the room as your fingers brushed against the delicate material that covered his tan skin, your finger pads lightly pressing against his weak spots…

Jin had decided to come round to your flat, you being in a mood about family issues that had been going on, He decided to comfort you, after all he was your boyfriend.

You had been cooking together, making strange food combinations over and over, before laughing at your stupid, amusing creations. Jin had made the childish decision of wiping whipped cream on your forehead, he knew you didn’t like whipping cream, nor sticky condiments being purposefully pressed into your pale skin, sinking into your pores [ @minjinbiased suggested other things ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

 “You little fucker..” You mumbled, wiping the sweet cream off your skin.

A smirk tugged at his lips as Jin opened his mouth to speak, “Actually, to correct you, I am 2 years older than you.” he said smugly, his pink tongue swiping across his lower lip as he licked it in satisfaction.

You gave a huff, crossing your arms over your chest in irritation at his smart remark, “At least I can cook properly..” You mumbled, loud enough for your partner to here. A chuckle escaped Jin’s rosy lips as you set your eyes on his, they were a colour of rich soil, flecked with black, they were warm and welcoming, it always brightened your day when you saw those eyes. Those reflective milky chocolate eyes that embraced you and your affection towards him.

He raised his thick haired eyebrow, his face assumed that you were challenging him, and in a way, you were. “Maybe I could show you a few of my baking skills” his top teeth overlapped his bottom lip as he bit down softly. leaving a darker red mark from where his teeth had dug into his pink skin.

Jin was usually the shy type, not willing for anyone to see him unclothed. Although you two had been partners for over 4 months, you were both taking slow and easy steps, limiting yourselves from temptations, obviously there was teasing moments between the two of you, but nothing had happened further than those few situations.

Maybe this was your chance? Maybe Jin’s visible hunger for you was overpowering him and his body. You wanted to take things a lot further for a while now, obviously you would be patient, but you were so tired of watching people having intercourse on a screen, you had always questioned why that couldn’t be you and Jin, why couldn’t Jin’s fingers play with you instead of your own. Now you were wishing hoping for him to be thinking what you were, for your lover to realise that sometimes verbal love wasn’t as pleasing as physical..

Jin’s hands moved slowly towards you, his long slender fingers grasped the sides of your hips, he moved his head closer to yours, his warm, minty breath fanning against your lips. You gave a shudder as he grunted, a taunting smirk falling on his face.

“Jin?” You breathed out, your fingers clasping underneath the wooden for steadier support.

“Yes?” He lifted his head up, his eyes studying your flustered face.

“What are you going to do to me?” You asked confidently, you could tell you looked a mess already, the heat from your cheeks didn’t suit your pale skin at all, along with your unwashed hair nor shaving any private areas…

You were not prepared.

“Wait!” you shrieked, paranoid about what he saw in his eyes when he looked at you. You rushed out of his grip, speed walking to the bathroom. Jin was more confused at you sudden reaction to his affection. He shrugged it off walking to the bedroom, slightly disappointed at your negative response. He lay there, closing his eyes, not having the effort to see what you were up to.

You vigorously started to rub your scalp with expensive shampoo, drowning your hair in the clear, hot liquid before placing conditioner on, massaging your (now clean) scalp. You washed it off, grasping a razor off the side, there were no wax strips anywhere so you would just have to go through the risky way. Placing the razor on your sex. You grazed the blade over the free hairs, careful not to cut any delicate places.

You washed the razor, placing it back to its original place before stepping out the shower, applying makeup and draping one of Jin’s favourite blue shirts over you, slipping your arms through the thin sleeves, the loose fabric swinging freely as you placed on your laciest panties. your breasts being covered by the loose fabric.

You let your damp hair fall down, strands forming small ringlets. You took a deep breath, unlocking the bathroom door, creeping to the end of the bed, standing awkwardly as you watched your boyfriends chest rise as he slept.

You tapped his foot, “Oppa?” Your voice scarce and nervous. You had never tried anything like this before, of course you were going to be nervous.

“Mhm?” Jin’s eyes fluttered open, looking up at you, his face turning from tired to shock. “Y-Y/N..?” His voice stumbled as he propped himself up by his elbows, it was clear that he wanted to see a much clearer view.

You were screaming on the inside, questioning why you even did this, what was the point?! You were just going to embarrass yourself even more..

You gave a soft cough, the blue shirt damp at your shoulders as the moisture from your hair had made contact with the delicate material. your breasts, concealed by the silk fabric that lay over your small frame..

Jin gawped at you, his mouth made a shape of an ‘O’ as his eyes studied your body. You smirked, your hand rested on your hip as your eyebrow raised.

“Are you okay?” you asked, slightly worried at his shocked reaction.

He gave a nod, licking his lips as his pure, innocent thoughts changed into sinning, steamy scenarios. You gave a smile, crawling towards him, the bed dipping as you got on your hands and knees. Jin sat up, his back resting on the head board as he stared at you.

“Y/N…What are you doing?” He took steady breaths as you sat on him, your legs on either side of his waist.

“I’m giving you pleasure-” You started to feel shy again, “I mean, if that’s what you want, if you don’t that’s perfectly fine” Your cheeks flushed as you started babbling on, saying sentences that didn’t make sense.

Jin grinned, cupping your cheek with his large hand before pressing his alluring lips against yours, your mouths fitting perfectly together, his hand lowered to the small of your back, you couldn’t help the feeling of adrenaline as your soft kiss turned into intense passion, from the pressure of his hands, you could tell Jin was as nervous as you were, this scenario would have never passed either of your minds. Your faces were so close together, the flouriest scent coming from his breath.

Jin’s lips reached your jaw, tracing the lines of your ear to your collarbone, they were so warm against your delicate skin. Your heart was pounding in your chest as the blood rushed to your cheeks. You lifted your arms off his chest, entwining them with his rose pink hair (Right now, his hair is pink).

His nails dug into your hips as he sucked on your neck, a garden of blue and purple flowers coating your skin. The marks trailing down to your breasts. You two had never gone this far before. But it felt good, it felt so good.

Jin's teeth nibbled gently at your breasts, careful not to hurt you, His lips covered your rosy nipples, as he started to suck on them, your squirming reaction had made it clear that you wanted to go further, He pushed you back, his hand resting at the side of your head as he hovered over you, he lifted your leg up to his waist before kissing down your stomach, his lips arriving at the material that restricted access to your most private area.

His warm breath radiated off the lace fabric, sending cool shivers down your spine. You had never been touched like this before, obviously you had, had sex before, but none of your past lovers had been so passionate about pleasure, about taking the time to make you feel good.

Jin hooked his index finger under the hem of your underwear, pulling them down to pool at your ankles, you kicked them off, a grunt escaping your lips as they fell to the ground, the underwear making a sound as it hit the crème carpet.

“Ahhh, Jagi! now I know why you rushed off..” Jin laughed, shaking his head as he thought about you running to the bathroom, it all started to make sense.

Your cheeks heated up as his chuckles echoed around the room, bouncing off the walls and back into your ears. His head lowered, his pink tongue circling around your clit, he inserted his middle finger as your moans started to get louder, the sound of his finger inside of you as your juices started to produce, make the most un-pleasuring sound you had ever heard, you both giggled, slightly embarrassed at what you two were doing.

He gave you a smirk, speeding up his pace, his tongue swiping vertically up your lips. You gave another groan, your body shuddering as Jin pushed another finger in, a grunt escaping his lips as he made a ‘come here’ motion with his fingers…repeatedly hitting your G-spot.

“I-I cant take it anymore…” You whined, the oversensitivity painfully pleasuring.

Jin slowed down, taking them out, before lifting his head up and licking both of his digits, “You taste very nice, Y/N” a smirk tugging at the corners of his reddened lips.

You giggled, licking your lips as he stared down at you, you could tell he wanted you, the way his hands were clenched into fists, the way his eyes looked you up and down every few seconds.

The way his member rose as it pleaded to escape the layers of fabric that covered it.

You lifted yourself up, your face inches away from his pelvis. Jin took a deep breath, looking down at you as you lifted your hands to pull down his sweatpants, his cock popped out, precum leaking from his tip. He licked his lips anticipation as you wrapped your hand around him steadily moving your hand back and forth.

“How did we not do this sooner..” Jin whimpered, his head tilting back, his adams apple bobbing as he gulped.

You shrugged, “We’re both pretty shy, and I guess our insecurities took over us..” You said in all honesty, wrapping your lips around his sex.

He moaned, tangling his hands in your hair, rubbing your scalp as you started to give him head, forcing his tip to hit the back of your throat, making you gag slightly. You rubbed your index finger against your thumb to stop.

He tugged at your hair, slowly thrusting inside your mouth. You smirked, grazing your teeth lightly against his length, causing him to shudder. “Agh, Jagi..” He sighed in frustration, Your cheeks hollowed as you sucked harder, making him wince at the pressure you were putting on his sensitive area..

“S-stop!” Jin cried out, tilting his head back, releasing a gasp, “I don’t want to cum too soon..” He chuckled, you nodded, the sound of you removing your mouth from his cock making a loud ‘pop’, the only thing connecting you two was a thin string of clear saliva. You gave a giggle, wiping your mouth with your wrist before kneeling up like Jin. He placed his hand on the small of your back before pulling you into a passionate kiss. his tongue twirled around yours, you sucked at his bottom lip, giving small smirk as he squeezed your ass lightly.

“B-bend over..” Jin stumbled, clearly trying hard to act dominant, you could tell his confidence was wavering

“Jin..” You pressed your lips against his neck, leaving a garden full of purple and blue flowers.

“mhm..” he mumbled, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the moment.

“Don’t be shy..It’s only me” You whispered, your breath fanning his ear as you nipped at it. He flinched, letting out a dry cough before pushing his chest out.

“Bend over.” Jin growled, his large hand making contact with your ass cheek. You squeaked, turning around and bending over, “Let me see that pretty cunt of yours more clearly” Jin mumbled, his finger dragged over your slick folds. you gave a gasp, clenching the sheets as he pressed his tip against your hole, pushing it in, along with the rest of his length.

He gave moan, his voice shaky and hoarse, before digging his nails into your hips as he thrusted slowly. You tilted your head back as you started to get into a rhythm, you hadn’t been pleasured this much in months, so it was fairly painful. But you didn’t mind. It felt good for both of you, and that’s all that mattered right now.

“You’re so small…” Jin growled, leaving trails of kisses down your spine as he sped up.

You groaned, edging closer and closer to your orgasm, his pace started to slow as your juices spilled out of you, the world seemed like it had stopped, and the only things that were breathing was you and your lover.

“Ah! Y/N!” Jin sighed, turning you over so you were laying on your back, “I knew you wouldn’t stay clean for more than 10 minutes” He tutted, putting his hand at the side of your head as he filled you up once again.

“I’m not just finished yet, princess.” Your lover grunted, kissing down your neck as moans escaped his soft lips.

His pace started to slow as he came, his mouth opening and closing as the white liquid drooled out of his tip. You smiled, grabbing his wrist pulling his down beside you.

“we should do this more often.” You whispered, twirling strands of his hair round your fingers.

“If that’s what you want?” He raised an eyebrow, wrapping his arm around your waist.

“Is it what you want?” you asked, kissing the tip of his nose.

“Yes, baby girl, yes.” He mumbled, closing his eyes as he drifted off to sleep.

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Snapchat Slip || Jack

Request: hi there and could you possibly do a jack imagine where you also have a youtube channel and everyone suspects your dating but then you get caught and have to come out as a couple, thank you i live for your imagines 💙

I tried to make this a little different than the ones I’ve seen before. Hope you like it! x


You and Jack had been dating for a few months, but didn’t quite feel ready to make it public. Your friends all knew, but you didn’t want to tell the viewers just yet. You were enjoying the stage you were at, where nothing was too serious and there was no pressure. With both of your YouTube careers taking off, there was no way to hide it forever, and both of you knew that. So, right now you were just enjoying the privacy while you had it.

The comments on any collab the two of you did were outrageous. Even though you weren’t out as a couple, the viewers were already trying to come up with ship names and were pointing out any look or hand touch they could: Did you see the way he looked at her at 4:52? Heart eyed emoji irl! or You could see he went to touch her back at 6:09 but stopped himself. Guys just admit it! The comments didn’t annoy either of you at all. If anything, it was just fun to see the fans go into full detective mode whenever they could.

Today, Conor and Jack were DJ-ing at Capital FM, interviewing JJ at Caspar for Laid in America. He wouldn’t come out right and say it, but you could tell Jack was nervous. Sure, he was just interviewing a couple of his mates, but being live on a famous radio show was quite different than sitting in his bedroom, able to edit out any mistake or fumble over words. You relaxed him as best as you could when you were at home. You made him a good breakfast and cuddled with him on the couch, playing with his hair and massaging his scalp. “You’ll do great,” you encouraged him gently. “I’ll be right there supporting you the whole time.” Jack hummed contently and went up to kiss your lips.

“I’m lucky to have you,” he smiled.

“I know,” you teased back.

When you got to the studio, Conor and Caspar were already there. To no one’s surprise, you were just waiting on JJ. The waiting didn’t do Jack very good. He was pacing back and forth, constantly taking off his hat and running his fingers through his hair before putting it back on again. While Caspar and Conor were distracted by something on Caspar’s phone, you walked over to your boyfriend. “Gorgeous,” you cooed, wrapping your arms around him from behind. You immediately felt him relax. He turned so that he was facing you, his nose pressed to yours. “You’re going to do great. A little fumble over your words isn’t going to ruin anything.”

“I know,” he sighed. “Just don’t want to embarrass myself.”

“You know if anyone is going to embarrass themselves, it’ll be Caspar.”

Jack laughed a sincere laugh, “You always know just what to say.”

You placed a gentle kiss on Jack’s lips and smiled at him. “It looks like JJ’s arrived,” you told Jack, motioning to where Caspar and Conor were greeting KSI. “Go get em.”

To no surprise, the interview went flawlessly. The boys played a few silly games and JJ and Caspar answered a few questions about the movie. Jack only misspoke once, and quickly recovered, leaving no time for awkwardness at all. You were beaming with pride. As the interview was drawing to a close, you felt your phone go off in your hand with a text. It was from Zoe. You unlocked it and read the message, your eyes immediately going wide: Caspar’s shown you and Jack on snapchat!

You quickly opened up Snapchat and scrolled to find Caspar’s story. Sure enough, while Conor and Caspar were busy making funny faces with the filters, you and Jack were in the background of the frame. It was minutes before the interview when you were trying to calm him down. Caspar had even caught the kiss.

As soon as the boys exited the sound booth, you rushed over to them. “Caspar, go look at your story,” you told him. Confused, he opened it up and clicked through his story. When he saw the kiss, his jaw dropped.

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry!” he said quickly. “I can delete it.” You clicked the dots on the side to reveal all the people who had inevitably screen shotted it.

“Doesn’t matter,” you told him. “It’ll be all over Twitter and Tumblr in a few hours.”

“What’s going on?” Jack asked lightly, coming over with a big smile on his face and wrapping his arms around you.

“Caspar’s just exposed us,” you giggled to him. Jack furrowed his eyebrows and looked at the Snapchat when Caspar handed him his phone. Thankfully, he laughed right along with you.

“You’re not mad?” Caspar asked, relief in his voice.

“It was going to come out eventually,” Jack shrugged, kissing you on the cheek. “I suppose we’ve just gotten it out of the way.”

After assuring Caspar a few more times that everything was fine, you all headed your separate ways. While you and Jack were standing outside, waiting for an Uber, you couldn’t help but snap a picture of him when he wasn’t looking. He was wearing a flannel and some ripped jeans, his hands in his pockets and his eyes staring down the London street. You edited the picture and posted it on Instagram with the caption, Well, it’s no secret now. So lucky to call this gorgeous boy mine <3

You happily watched love come through the comments. You were so focused on your phone, you jumped when Jack came over to you and wrapped his arms around you, burying his face in your neck. “You alright, darling?” he asked, his lips gently grazing your neck.

“Mhmm,” you hummed contently. “I’m perfect.”

Parachutes (appreciation post)

So I just had the guts to finally listen to Parachutes and it hitted me harder than I thought it would. Frank has evolved so much since Stomachaches and it truly makes me happy, but, this album, is one of the heaviest I’ve heard. You can “feel” how desperate Frank is about telling people how he feels in his songs, but many things won’t come out. When I listened to the album I wondered if Frank actually knew me because how hard life has been lately but it has been for most of us, and that’s what I feel Frank wants to explain in some songs (if not them all), and about the struggles he has had with accepting himself and how many of us face the same problem.

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For you princess pt.4

Got7 Jb (Jaebum)


Summary: You get a literature substitute teacher, who for some reason gets interested in you.

the gif is still not mine


Recommendation: if you can’t read rape related stuff then don’t read. If you can’t stand cursing then you probably should not read this

“Cut the bullshit, did dad know about Im Jaebum?“ You asked

Your mother sighed and sat down and signaled you to do the same “your father was nosy little motherfucker. He was the only mistake I did when I were 16. Your father knew about everything. I’m not saying that I killed him because I didn’t but that bitch got what was coming for him. When I got arrested because that brat Jaebum your father didn’t want you to visit  me. ” Your mother said. You were shocked, your mother never talked with that tone about your father “mom, he was my dad after all. I don’t have a dad anymore.” You said with a shaky voice “you wanna know what I did to that little sissy boy Jaebum?” Your mother said and lofted her elbows on a table between you two. You didn’t nod nor did you talk “that kid was only trouble. When you were eleven, these thirteen years old kids used to steal others bikes or anything they could get from their neighbors yards. He was one of them. I only thought him a lesson. He’s mother asked me to babysit that brat and I said yes. When I were alone with him I tied that shit down and shoved he’s mothers vibrator down to he’s ass,I watched some tv while it was on and after about an hour or two I turned it off. He was a crying mess. I left the house, I left the brat and two days later they arrested me for teaching a kid a lesson.” A tear fell down your cheek, you wiped it off before your mother could see it “mom, what if that was me. I mean what if I got raped when I was thirteen? What would you do? Would you think that it was a lesson or something?” You asked with shaky voice “sweetheart, you were an angel, if someone even tried to rape you I would have killed them.” Your mother said and wiped a tear from your cheek. Your mother was sick with her point of view. You were afraid of her because what she said. She couldn’t see it in the other way, she couldn’t even think that if it was all different, that what if someone raped you. You wanted her to understand that she would’ve acted like Jaebum’s mother. At least that’s how she should’ve have acted “Mom, when are you gonna grow up, you are 36 and this is like your forth time in prison!” all the feelings came out of you. You barely saw your mother when you were little and now your father is dead. You had no parents anymore “fifth to be exact. But sweetheart, I didn’t kill you father. It wasn’t me. You have to believe me. Yeah I sold drugs, robbed a store and raped a brat but I did not kill your father.” She tried to defend herself “all the evidence are against you!” You wanted to believe her but you had to be realistic “sweetheart…” your mom started but you interrupted her “mom, I should never have come here. I gotta go.” You said and left. Your mother screamed after you “Y/N you have to believe me. I didn’t do it. I was framed!”

You got ready to your date with Jaebum. You tried on like millions of outfits but all of them were bad. You finally chose a black dress and red heels. You finished your makeup and fixed your hair. You heard a knock on your door. You grabbed your purse and opened the door for Jaebum who stood there with black pants, white dress shirt and a black jacket “aren’t we fancy tonight.” He smirked while looking you up and down “see, if you dressed like this to school I would’ve given you an A like days ago.” He said. You giggled “if I dressed like this to school everyone would think that I’m crazy.” You stepped out and gave your car keys to Jaebum. Jaebum opened the passenger side door to you and jogged to drivers side. He held your hand while driving to this luxurious restaurant he gave your keys to the valet. The dinner was nice and he flirted a lot. In some point you both forgot that he was your substitute teacher. After you ate you drove to Jaebum’s apartment since he said that Jinyoung was going to be with he’s girlfriend the whole weekend. 

You sat on the white couch again “Do you want coffee or ssomtehing?” he asked “No thanks.” you answered. Jaebum sat next to you and looked into your eyes “God, you are so beautiful.” He said and leaned in to kiss you. 

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Guys, we all knew Mary leaving one way or another was coming. And it makes sense for her character. Does it hurt to see Dean and Sam so hurt by it? Fuck yes! Is it goddamn awful that Dean has to go through losing his mom twice? You betcha. But Mary never wanted to be a hunter and she’s dealing with SO much.

It’s hard to see Dean hurt and not instantly be like whoever did this will PAY but Mary’s a person, not just a mom and she needs to figure out how she fits.

And she didn’t say she never wanted to see them again, just that she needed some space to grieve.

Think for a second, just a second, what she’s been reading in John’s journal. How hard would it be to see someone you loved go from the John she knew to the one obsessed with figuring out what killed her to the point that he raised her boys exactly the way she didn’t want?

I’m just saying I see where she’s coming from.

That doesn’t mean I’m not sobbing and wishing for death because the looks on Dean and Sam’s faces will haunt me forever.

anonymous asked:

But what if Harvey kept that painting around as a painful reminder - of the good times yes, but also of how much his mom let him down and why 'caring makes you weak'. Which would mean ultimately he gave up that painful 'caring makes you weak' reminder because he cared too much about Mike Ross not to.





but omg though like thinking about how far harvey’s come in terms of emotional availability? mr i don’t care, i win, mr caring makes you weak, mr they think you care they’ll walk all over you, mr won’t let another heart touch his, lOOK AT HIM NOW.





(i mean except when they got high buT LISTEN)





god i fucking hate harvey specter and his hetero feelings for mike ross sometimes. they literally make me want to weep bc of how much he loves and cares about mike. like, his brother aside, i’d happily fight anyone who tells me that mike ross isn’t the most important person in his life. and i’d fucking win fam. 

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Everything Changes (Again)

Wade groaned when he heard someone pounding on the door and rolled off of the couch. He’d gotten Ellie to sleep just about an hour ago. She’d been so hyper…apparently you weren’t supposed to give a child ice cream an hour before they go to bed just because they asked for it.

Who knew?

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anonymous asked:

i know that you are a fan of running man but from your posts it's kind of hard to tell because of all the slander do you really think that running man is going to flop and be cancelled? what do you think they should do now that gary's left?

Haha, i knew this was going to come up eventually. Im a huge fan of running man, i watch it every single day. At least 3 or 4 episodes and im not exaggerating.

I feel like if you’re a big fan of anything you cant just blindly support it. You make criticisms because you care for the show and want to see it succeed. And in a way it might seem from all the posts that i want it to be cancelled or whatever but thats far from the truth.

Do i think running man will be cancelled? It’s really hard to say. The problem with cancelling a show is that you need another show to replace it and i dont think sbs has any ideas for a new program.

The show needs to reinvent itself. The lack of characters or personalities is clearly shown on camera. Haha is no longer the playboy, kim jong kook is not the same Mr. capable. Monday couple broke up 3 years ago. And when you take four cast members personalities away, what you are reduced to is the yoo jae suk and kwang soo show. 2 members cant possibly carry 5 others, but thats what they’ve been doing for almost 3 years now. And you can clearly see the results in the episodes.

The show desperately needs a younger cast member. Doesnt matter if its a guy or girl just someone young and athletic. The last thing we need is another ji suk jin character and increase the average age even more.

And dont be surprised if you see another cast member leaving the show.

My Thoughts on Changes

Fuck you Jim Butcher. That’s my first thought. You can’t just shoot Harry and end the book! That’s not even remotely fair. Nothing in this book was remotely fair. There’s always been some form of a silver lining. Bad guy dies, something worked out relatively nicely for Harry, gave him a tiny bit of happiness or hope or something. And then this time you fucking shoot him!?

Okay. So. Everything is fucked up. Everything. Ebenezar is Harry’s freaking grandfather! How did I not see that coming? I expected Susan to die in this book, granted not in the way it happened and I’m really upset about it but I was kind of ready for it. I knew someone had to die, and I figured it was either her or Murphy. And I just knew it wouldn’t be Murphy after she went all power-of-the-almighty.

There were a lot of interesting parts obviously, the bit with the Erlking was unexpected. so was the part where fucking bland man Martin betrayed them. Killing the entire red court was cool, but expected after Bob confirmed it could be used on any bloodline.

There’s just so much potential now, everything’s differently obviously. I mean the books called changes. Harry’s the winter knight so I’m expecting more faerie related shenanigans. The wars over which obviously means more black council shenanigans. Murphy’s got to do something, early retirement ain’t her deal. And Harry has nothing, no car, no house, no office, no heartbeat. This is like the end of an era. And I can’t help but feel like whatever comes next will be like a Harry Dresden 2.0 better than the original, or maybe worse depending on how you look at it. He’s a broken man now, a tragedy of Shakespearian proportions. I’ve never equally hated and loved a book so much in my life.

(Very) Unpopular opinion

I, for one, couldn’t be more thrilled that Leah is coming back. I loved her somehow. And for once, a character that I love is coming back, so YAY !

I know everybody thinks she broke up Calzona (and most of you hate her but that’s fine, I can be alone in this, eveyrone is entitled to their own opinion) but COME ON, they had issues waaay before she entered the picture ! Be fair guys !

You might not like her as a character, but you can’t say she’s responsible for this. If anything, I felt she was a victim here. 

Because she was used by Arizona as a rebound, even when she knew the girl was falling for her, and then she dumped her like a bad habit. 

Plus, Callie wasn’t fair to her when she found out. She lashed out against her, even when it was Arizona’s doing all along (okay, to be fair, I might be remembering this badly since I’m seeing everyone seems to recall Leah just freaked out, so let’s just assume Leah freaked out, but felt unable to be teached because of it. I’m not trying to shame Callie for anything, she was a victim of the situation as well and reacted humanly). But Leah did NOT provoke all this. She did not force Arizona to do anything.

The only mistake she made was to fall in love too quickly, but that was the thing with this character, and it was stupid, but not condemnable. 

And even when she got fired, in the most insulting way possible, she was the better person. She never complained, came in to help even though she didn’t have to anymore, and even called out Shane when he was trying to label it as “unfair”. 

And then, she made her exit, walking tall. 

So, if she was annoying to you, you can hate all you want, it’s your right. But to me, she was peculiar and had potential. 

That doesn’t mean I want her to be with Arizona again. I would feel it’s an insult to her character, because Arizona treated her so badly I kinda want her to fight for herself and ask for better. 

And I’d kinda prefer if it was someone who pursue her for a change, and for her to be the one who’s about avoidance and not getting into relationships again. It would only make sense for her, regarding what Arizona put her through. 

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Can you do the line “Oh fuck, oh FUCK.” w BoKuroo? (Lol i thought this described them tbh) Love your blog btw!

Ah thank you! Sorry for the late response, haven’t really been feeling these two lately.

Oh fuck, oh fuck.” Bokuto’s hands trembled nervously and all he could do was stare at the flames coming from the pan. The smoke was filtering through the kitchen.

Kuroo finally appeared and his eyes widened, “What the hell?!” He grabbed the pan and threw it into the sink, turning the water on. Smoke was everywhere. It was too late though, the fire alarm was already going off and they knew that the whole building would have to evacuate.

“I’m sorry.” Bokuto whined as Kuroo angrily dragged him from the apartment.

“You’re going to get us kicked out.” Kuroo sighed and people on their floor were sending him glares.

“I was just trying to cook you dinner!”

Kuroo sighed, “Try harder next time babe.” He kissed his cheek.

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How did you come out? It's eating away at me I want to so bad but I'm too nervous and I don't think they'll believe me and ugh help

hmm well when I was a freshman in high school I started liking this girl because she started hanging around more and more. I knew she was a lesbian and she told my friends she was attracted to me. I had never really thought about being gay, I just knew something wasn’t all the way there when it came to the way I felt about guys. I found myself trying to find ways to be around her more, wanting to talk to her more. at this point, I cared sooo much about what everyone would think. I didn’t want people to know. we eventually kissed and it felt different; it felt real and better. my mom suspected it, she was walking home with me one day and she asked “Sarah, you’re not gay are you?” and I was embarrassed, I didn’t know how to respond. I just kept walking. she told me that she felt like a failure as a mother and she cried and cried. she said that I wasn’t really gay, I was just pretending to be. so the thing with the girl, it didn’t last because of my insecurities, and I made myself date boys again. I wasn’t happy and things just didn’t feel right so I decided to be alone. a couple months into sophomore year, this girl came along, we started seeing each other more, and she asked me to be her girlfriend. I fell really hard. at that point, I didn’t care and I wanted to show her off to the world. I brought her home and introduced her to my mother as my girlfriend, whether she liked it or not. I put our relationship on Facebook without a whole big announcement about how I’m gay, people just either accepted it or they didn’t. I held her hand around school and kissed her and what not and we would get scoffs, dirty looks, and some days people would yell at us, calling us names, making a scene. other days people would love us. my dad came to visit and he knew without me having to say anything, he said “I just want you to know that it’s okay, you don’t feel that way about boys? me neither. I accept and love you no matter what.” we went to pick out a necklace for her graduation present. my friends support me. my siblings do and the rest of my family doesn’t talk about it for the most part, but they’re against it and they have let it be known a few times. my mom now accepts me, too. I’m not dating that girl anymore, but I am dating someone else now. I’m to the point where I love being gay and despite how much harder it might be sometimes, I wouldn’t be straight even if I had that choice. people either love me for who I am or they don’t, I’ll still marry a woman. I wish the best of luck to you. my best advice would be to just be yourself and don’t spend the rest of your life trying to make everyone else happy. put YOURSELF first. I know it’s such a scary thing, but you will get through it

My Own Ticke Story

Hey guys! I just wanted to share a really odd tickle story that happened to me. And the tickler? Yeah…it was my cat XD Anyway what happened was, I was laying on my back, and my cat, Logan, comes up on my bed. And he is a really cuddly cat, let me tell you, but anyway, he jumps up, and I am watching something on my phone, and I guess he knew that I wasn’t paying attention to him because he walked on my stomach and sat down. I am used to this because my other cats do it too, so I just pet him on the head and continue what I am doing. All of a sudden, I feel his head go up my shirt and his nose is sniffing around my stomach and his paws were kneading my sides. I let out the most loudest yelp I could and my roommate came in trying help me get Logan off me, since he weighs about 16 pounds, and the whole time I am squirming and giggling because he wouldn’t stop kneading my side until my roomie got him off me.
Ugh…the one time I finally get tickled and it had to be from my cat…not the best moment of my morning XD

rachrar replied to your photo:totes okay its long dude lol i appreciate you…

I kinda wanna butt in if that’s chill. I’m a transguy myself and I respectfully disagree with that anon. I can understand that it can come off that way, but my personal feelings are that Genji could have been trans and thus keep what he knew and got what he wanted, or could have been cis and got something new. I personally don’t see a reason why, if in a universe where it worked perfectly, it would not be acceptable to simply get something new for sexual satisfaction.

totes fine, i welcome all sides and its good to read mutiple people’s opinions on the matter. thank you for your input!

Valentine’s mistake part 3

Originally posted by jimentos

Summary: Hobi is wishing for something you’re not sure how to fulfil

Word count: 1488 // I know it’s short sorry…

Warnings: Swearing but this is already so basic I guess you should know that if you’re reading my scenarios ;)

Author’s note: The gif should describe you guys XD But I promised to write a third part although I didn’t knew how to but yesterday I finally had an idea how to end this torture :P

Maybe some of you will read and like this :O :)

part 1 // part 2

Btw I got a masterlist now…WHOOOO! Check it out here :)

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