just don’t fall, ch. 14

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Chapter 14 - Week 5, Pt. 1

The rest of the night passed in blurs, in fits and starts, lost as she was in a cocoon of ecstasy and happiness and falling in love.  She knew there were many more kisses.  She remembered the way their mouths got acquainted and how his tongue searched out hers and the pleasure as his teeth nipped her bottom lip with just the right amount of pressure.

She remembered falling asleep on the beach, curled into his side.  She remembered vaguely being carried in his arms, still half-asleep, him laying her down in the backseat and tucking the quilt around her.  She remembered the kiss he pressed to her temple, and then to her nose, and then to her lips, like he couldn’t help himself to taste her again.

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my mom watching the japan haul video

 so at the beginning we were fine she was laughing at somethings they said she asked how old  are they and i said 5 she laughed  (ps she already knows there age she just said that cause of all the things )


i knew what was coming so i was about to jump out of my seat and she was like AWWW  how sweet and i just phangirled  out i made this weird noise with my mouth and she started laughing at me 

than she she saw this and was like umm that looks wrong lol 

than it froze right here and i was like omg this is a perfect screen shot for heart eyes Howell …and do you know what she says to me …




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Exo reaction #59

yehet88exo My god that would be disaster… sorry cause this took so long. i hope you enjoy this ^^

Baekhyun: … I’m dead

Chanyeol: …okay i’m in trouble…hah..i can’t belive i will become dad..*doesn’t care what your parents think, his happy to become dad*

Chen: *when your parents walk in the door* …heh..hi there…i’m so dead

D.o: … oh crap..

Kai: Please tell me this is some kind of joke…

Kris: Oh cool they know!…what?! They are mad…Why? They will have really swag grandchild..

Lay:I knew this day would come… i always tell you that we should use protection, but you never listen to me…and now this happened and i get all the blames cause i’m the man and i’m the one who has penis in this house… 

Luhan: Why you didn’t tell me this before your parents came here!? Now they think i’m somekind of jerk, who doesn’t know how to use protection..

Sehun: … You’re pregnant!? And you’re parents know..? what!? They’re coming here!? WHAT!? They’re already here!? What i’m gonna do!?

Suho: …What i’m gonna do..? 

Y/N: Suho Oppa don’t worry everything is gonna be alright ^^

Suho: Heh you’re so dead…

Tao: … I just wanted gucci purse and what will i get..?You’re dads shoe in my ass…

Exo : Don’t worry Minseok. Y/N paren’t can’t kill you, they like you
Xiumin: Eheh… shut up guys, or else you’re the ones who will die tonight…

-I don’t own any of thise gifs :)-

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Diary- Harry Styles Imagine

You were tired. You were tired of him ignoring you. You were tired of him not talking to you. You were tired of not being able to sleep. You just wanted everything to go back to the way it was before the fight even started. 

You sighed and rubbed your eyes before walking up the steps to your guys’ shared bedroom. You pouted when you saw the spot next to yours on the bed was empty. Well, not empty since your guys’ dog, minx, was there. But, to you, it was still empty.

After every fight, you knew Harry would go to his moms. He wouldn’t go to a bar. He wouldn’t go to Louis’ flat. Or any of the boys’ flat. His mom would always come over to talk to you after the fights, but today was different. She didn’t come at all. You were confused, but glad that you got time to yourself.

You stripped out of your clothes and threw on Harry’s Forrest green obsession sweater, leaving you with your underwear under it, stopping mid-thigh.

You turned off the lights and climbed into bed, cuddling with his pillow since he wasn’t here to cuddle with you.

But you couldn’t sleep. You can’t sleep without him by your side and it’s killing you. Little did you know, it was killing him to. He had a permanent frown on his face, snuggling closer to his mom, who was running her fingers through his hair.

Anne’s heart broke when she saw her baby boy sobbing on her couch when she got home from work. She dropped everything that was in her hands and wrapped her arms around Harry, rubbing his back while whispering to him that everything will be alright. Even she didn’t know what happened.

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The award show next week was all Luke has been talking about lately. He hasn’t asked you if you wanted to come along yet but you were sure he’s going to. That’s why you’d been shopping for an award dress with your friend. You’d found one. It looked beautiful and you were excited to wear it.

But the days went by and before you knew it, it was the evening of the award show. While Luke was getting ready you did the same. He called your name from downstairs so you went down all dressed up.

His eyes would go wide, Luke’s hand rubbing the back of his neck. You smiled walking towards him.

“What do you think” you asked giggling and spinning around.

“Well…why are you wearing that?”

“Because today’s the award show, isn’t it?” you asked, suddenly insecure.

“Yeah… but… I didn’t ask you to come there with me.”

“ I know. I just thought…” You stopped yourself. “You don’t want me to come along”. Your voice was just above a whisper. Realization hitting you hard. “You are ashamed of me, aren’t you!”

Luke didn’t say a word. He was just staring at the floor finding his feet suddenly very interesting.

There’s a part 2 for all who are interested

Exo Reaction To You Being A Really Good Dancer

Kyungsoo: You can dance?

Suho: I never knew she could dance…

Luhan: How come you never told me you dance?!?

You: I don’t!

Luhan: Bullshit!

Chen: We all know I’m the better dancer in this relationship.

(I had other ideas for Chen so here they are)

Chen: Aye she’s a dancer like me!

Chen: Gull don’t lie.

Xiumin: *Watches you while you dance*

Kris: *Jealous*

Chanyeol: You can dance?

Kai: Still not better than me babe…

Lay: Omg we can do a duet with each-other!

Baekhyun: You said you didn’t dance but whatever.

Tao: Aye, she can also dance!

Sehun: *When the other members also watch her*

Kai: Wow Y/N is really good.

Sehun: Of course she is, she’s my girlfriend.

Withdrawal: A Spencer Reid Imagine

A/N:This is a request for Reid coming and comforting someone who’s going through withdrawal. I used my own symptoms. I did promise work so here we go! - Fuckeree

Rating: 14A

Warnings: Withdrawal symptoms


You knew it was coming. That was the most horrible feeling out of possibly all of the feelings that were overwhelming you at this moment. Knowing that it was going to happen, and wondering if strength was what caused you to let it happen. 

It started with small things, ticks, twitches, simple involuntary movements like picking at your fingernails, or wiggling your nose or hands. Those around you might take it in as something normal, you could be suffering from severe boredom and your body was trying to move itself to fight it, but that was a dream compared to the reality.

After that, you would find yourself rocking, slowly and almost unnoticeable, but enough for your own body to realize what was happening. 

Then came the stomach pain, it felt like the angry version of “butterflies in your tummy”, and boy were they angry. They buzzed around, battering you from the inside out, demanding what you were fighting yourself not to give them. 

Eventually those angry butterflies had enough of just making your stomach hurt, no that wasn’t enough, then they made their way up into your chest and packed it so tight that it felt like you were drowning in a room of nothing but open air. 

You would begin to sweat, a cold sweat, uncomfortable and irritating in the way that it trickled down your neck, and coated your entire body. It made you feel as if a death bag clung to your skin, an homage to the works of “Insomnia” by the great Stephen King.

But this wasn’t a book, written by someone who knew how to make your skin crawl at just the right times. This was your life, and your skin was crawling, at all the wrong moments and for all the wrong reasons. No homage here, unless it was to the one thing destroying what you wanted. 

Your muscles began to ache, calling out to you in a way that you could never think of, they were begging you and screaming to you, but you had to scream back, enough was enough. 

Dragging shaky and shallow breaths into your battered lungs, you stifle a sob the best that you can and painstakingly reach for the phone a few feet away from you, screen down on the floor of your office. 

You couldn’t remember exactly how it had started, just that when it had, you’d shot up on your feet like a ball from a cannon and then felt the reality of what was coming over you. 

With black rings around the edges of your vision, causing the little light left in the room to filter in and eat away at your sight, you wrap your fingers around the device and struggle to push the password in. 

Your throat has begun to feel like grains of sand are taking up residence in your pharynx and larynx, and you jam on the screen with one determined finger. 

It takes what feels like hours for any semblance of sanity to pick up on the other hand, and all the while you slide down, leaning against the wall with tears streaming down your face. 

“Spencer.. Spencer I need help, it’s bad, it’s so so bad” hoarse and wavering, your voice nearly gives up on you as you beg and plead for the only help you’ve ever known. 

The other end of the line is clear for a moment, before he speaks up, and you can almost hear the desperation in his voice as he answers. 

“Don’t do anything, I’m coming”. 

Time drags on, the clock looks distorted and unmoved every time you glance up at it, and when you’re finally on your last legs, shaking and sobbing, it’s like you’re thrown into fast forward. 

The clock seems to shatter, keys jingle outside the door, the neighbours dog snaps and snarls against the fence, whining to get at whoever he can for some attention. Your head feels as if it’s being pumped full of bubbles, and as you cry out with what strength you’ve got left, the door flies open and bangs against the wall. 

“I’m here, I’m here Y/N, and I’m not going anywhere. I’ve got you, look at me, look into my eyes and see that I’m here, it’s okay” he braces your head with his bicep, pulling you into his chest and using his other arm to maneuver your body up into his lap. 

He brushes your wet hair back from your face, and calmly rocks you, taking the stress from your own muscles as he takes over the movement. 

His lips are in constant movement whispering kind and gentle words, making sure that you can hear his constant support and see how in control he is, coaxing you back to the surface, tossing you that imaginary life preserver. 

“Nobody and nothing can hurt you while I’m around, and I’m only ever a phone call away, I’ve got you my love, I’m here”. 

Surprise ~ Baekhyun Scenario

You were browsing ideas for May 6th and the process wasn’t going well. You never considered yourself a very creative person so you always looked for ideas and inspiration online, but it seems like your expectations were too high and no matter what you found, it didn’t felt like something good for Baekhyun.
Baekhyun and you had been dating over 2 years and it was time to go against the typical cake and little present thing….Damn, you didn’t knew what you had gotten yourself into. Baekhyun is really sweet and caring person but sometimes his diva personality really makes you wonder about his acceptance with things…just sometimes.
3 days were missing for the big event and you knew that his friends were going to do some reunion over Suho’s house and you wanted to come as the best girlfriend ever, someone Baekhyun could brag out to everyone. It was really frustrating you since when people asked for your boyfriend, you really highlighted all his positive points while him…he says you are a really caring girlfriend….and nothing else is heard.
Well now you are going to show him that you really appreciate him and that you place your biggest effort in him. You grabbed your keys and went out to look for inspiration at the shops. Just when you were about to start the engine of your car, your phone started ringing and you picked it up.
“Hello?” You spoke and played with the keys
“Hi Baby” Baekhyun’s voice was heard from the other end
“How are you?” You placed the phone near the base charger and then on speaker
“I am great, just calling to inform you that I will stay on Tao’s house today” He said and you could hear some shout at the background probably from Chanyeol
“Sleepover?” You teased and giggled as you started the engine of your car
“We are going to watch movies, not to talk about gossips and celebrities” You could already picture him rolling his eyes as his sarcastic tone was obvious
“Okay have fun and call me in you need anything” You smiled and ended the call
You started driving as what filled your mind was to make Baekhyun’s birthday something worth remembering. You quickly remembered how Baekhyun loved strawberries so his cake had to be with made with them and luckily your mother was a good baker so you can ask her for advice.
Now some special present for him, clothes are some of the usual gifts and you have no idea of what to give him. You look around the shops but find nothing interesting that could catch Baekhyun’s attention but then your mind remembers a conversation you two had some time ago.
The two of you were hanging out in the park when a couple walked past the two of you and were wearing couple outfits and couple rings, so that really caught Baekhyun’s attention. He tapped your shoulder to gain your attention as you looked at him.
“We should wear couple items” He suggested with a bright smile
You cringed in the inside since you considered those things a bit cheesy and you two had been dating by 4 months at that time. He was smiling so excited that you didn’t want to say no, so you decided to soften it a bit.
“Maybe when we have more time as a couple, we can do it” You replied and his smile grew wider as he held your hand tighter
You sighed as the vague memory ended in your mind. You kind of promised Baekhyun for it and now that you think of it, he has been giving subtle hints that he didn’t forgot about it. But some couple things were too much for you, so you had to search for one that could be neutral and fit Baekhyun’s simple style. This is going to be a long 3 days mission


“Can’t believe you are turning 23” Xiumin said as he sat in the couch with a bowl full of popcorn
“Me too” Baekhyun said stealing some popcorn from him and stuffing it in his mouth
“Have __________ and you made plans?” Suho asked glancing at the soon birthday boy
“No, maybe the usual cake and party” He sounded kind of monotone and kept his gaze on the tv
“You don’t sound too enthusiastic” Lay said focusing on the shorter male
“I just wish something different?” He admitted as he scratched the back of his neck
His friends knew about your effort to make this birthday different from the others, so they couldn’t help but smile in the inside as they tried their best to hide it. Baekhyun on the other side was debating on whether to be direct towards you and speak about it or not.
“Don’t worry” D.O’s voice took him out his trance as he frowned
“This time it will be different” Luhan reassured as he patted the brunette’s back
“How are you so sure?” He was kind of expecting the same thing
“Just trust us Baekhyun” Kai said as everyone nodded


May 6th arrived in no time so you made sure that Baekhyun was busy while you prepared everything for his party at Suho’s house. When you saved the cakes on the car, you went upstairs to your room as you changed your clothes. Holding the blouse you wondered if Baekhyun would like it, so you decided to give it a try as you placed it on and continue. You hold the shirt as you called for Baekhyun and he quickly appeared on the room.
“What do you need baby?” He asked taking little skips towards you
“We are leaving in 10 minutes so I thought that you would like to wear this
You showed the checkered red shirt as he blinked at it. He holds it and he couldn’t help but look back and forth between the shirt and you. The more he looks at it, the more he likes what he sees, you are wearing the exact same shirt and in the next second you are pulled into a bone crushing hug as Baekhyun jumps excited.
“Thank You baby! This is such an awesome gift” He kisses your cheek as he releases you and giggles
He quickly pulls his shirt away and proceeds to place on the new one. He carefully buttons it up as if it was something very delicate. A bright smile appears on his face as he watches his reflection on the mirror and then turns around to meet you.
“How do I look?” He asks with big excitement
“Handsome” You reply and reach out to take his hand with yours
“Let’s go to that party” Baekhyun’s aura is shinning as he walks out with you
As you reach to Suho’s house, you take out the cakes you did with your mom’s help and place them over at the table. Baekhyun’s eyes widen as he sees that this isn’t a normal type of cake but in fact Strawberry Icebox cake which he adores by the big amount of strawberries.
“You did all this baby?” Baekhyun asks tempted to take a bite
“Yup” You reply proudly as he is left speechless
His friends were right; this was going to be different. You were going against your likes just to give Baekhyun what he wanted; he was amazed by how you were. Everyone who attended the party congratulated him and pointed out how the two of you looked great in the matching shirts.
“Told you” Kris laughed and Baekhyun kept staring at you as you talked with his mom
“She did all this for me” Baekhyun couldn’t help but feel lovesick over you
“Go and thank her” Kris pushed him as he walked across the backyard
You walk over to a least crowded place of the house as you could feel Baekhyun looking around while he is trying to think of what to say. He stops and so do you as all you do is staring at each other.
“Thank You _________, for all this” He feels his words are not enough to thank you
“Don’t thank me until you open this” You take out a small box from your purse and handle it to him
He raises his eyebrow at it and he looks at you to see a sweet and melting smile formed on your lips as he removed the lid
“Happy Birthday Baekhyun” You whispered as he froze
There was a pair of couple rings inside the box, he always wanted to wear them but was afraid that you wouldn’t, so he just forgot about it. But the now reassuring smile on your face was telling him that the girl in front of him was willing to do so many things just to see him smile.
He slid the ring into your finger as you did the same. His gaze was lovingly towards you as he pulled you for a sweet kiss that poured all the grateful and deep love feelings he had for you.
“I love you ___________ and thanks for being the best that had happened in my life”


Happy Birthday to Baekhyun

chapter 1

Its was four in the morning. Violet was half asleep, getting another cup of coffee before he had to board the plane. He sat by the shops window and looked around, taking in all of the people and all of the things that he won’t see for weeks.

Violet had just got on to RuPaul’s Drag Race, basically a dream come true, but one of the downsides to it is having to lie to your friends and not see anyone you know for weeks. Violet wasn’t stupid, he knew he was going to be on the show for a long time, he knew his stuff and he was an amazing performer, so he prepared himself to not make human contact outside the workroom for a long time.

Violet shook himself out of his daydream and looked around the coffee shop, trying to distract himself. He noticed someone across the room, reading a book. He had messy dirty blonde hair and broad shoulders. He was quite attractive. Seeing someone attractive reminded Violet of how he hadn’t hooked up with anyone in weeks and he was about to be trapped in a hotel with just his hand.

Violet looked at his watch and saw he was going to be late for his flight. He darted towards the door, and ran into something. Coffee went flying everywhere and he looked back to see the attractive man standing there, soaking wet.

“Oh my fucking god I am so sorry, I was rushing to my plane, I’m such a mess” Violet ranted grabbing lots of napkins and dabbing him.

“don’t worry, dont worry, but im rushing to my plane aswell so we have to go” he said sounding nervous. Violet nodded and the two of them picked up their carry on bags and ran.

Halfway through running Violet realised they were getting on the same plane so they just ended up running together. The guy stopped running and Violet was very confused.

“look at the fucking time” he groaned, sitting on one of the benches and putting his hands over his face. The plane had taken off a good five minutes ago. Violet sat beside him and got out his phone, calling the producers. He hung up the phone, looking over and studying the man. He was on the phone also, so obviously he was going somewhere important.This guy was gorgeous, and now he had to wait until 8 for his next flight.

“That sounded important” Violet commented, smiling at him. He sighed and put away his phone.

“Its a complicated situation” he muttered, pushing his hair back. His eyes were bright blue, and Violet found himself getting lost in them.

“So what’s your name?” The guy asked, looking Violet up and down. This is the first time he actually looked at Violet. He was wearing a cute t shirt that was too big, showing off his collar bones and grey shorts. His hair was really long and curly. He was a cute for a twink.

“I’m Jason, you?” Violet asked, putting his hair behind his ear and putting out his hand.

“Matt” he replied smirking at him and shaking his hand.

“I’m not going to be seeing anyone for weeks, I’m going on a business trip and I’m basically stuck in a hotel room until they send me home” Violet lied. They had been talking to each other for hours and it somehow ended up with violets legs over Pearls lap. Violet felt so comfortable around Pearl, even though he didnt know him. The fact that he was attractive did help, but it was more than that. Over the few hours they’ve been talking they were already acting like best friends. There was something special.

“I’m in the exact same situation. I’m going for an internship thing” Pearl also lied. He couldn’t help but feel bad for lying, but he couldn’t ruin his chances and say what was actually happening. Although he did feel a weird connection between himself and Violet, which he knew was dumb. He only met him a few hours ago but he couldn’t help wanting to get to know him properly. He just had something that made him drawn to him.

‘You may now board the plane’

They both stood up, giving each other a weak smile. Violet gave Pearl his hand to shake but he was pulled into a long hug. Neither of them wanted to pull away, but it had to end.

“I just want you to know that if you are ever back here you should call me, because you are cute” Pearl handed Violet his number awkwardly, trying to be smooth. Violet leaned in and kissed Pearl on the cheek and walked away, smiling to himself.
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Writings On The Wall.

“There she is,” Sergio commented as he pointed off in another direction. Gareth turned to the area his counterpart directed his attention. “Who?”

“The woman who wrote that report about you.”

He didn’t have to ask what report Sergio was referring to. Everyone knew, especially him as he had read it at least 15 times now. He tried to delete the link from his phone and his laptop but it was of no use as he had practically memorized it by now. Everyone was talking about it and had even sent him messages about it from other reporters wanting to know if it was all true to his friends and family assuring him that no one could believe such malicious words coming from someone with no credibility.

But oh, she had become credible fast. Y/N gained her own attention from all of this once the article came out. Her social media followers had practically tripled and from someone who was once a lowly reporter busy with the various tasks her boss assigned to her, she was now becoming her own woman in the eyes of the media and the footballers who were nervously awaiting if they would be her next slaughter. It was just too bad Gareth had to be the first sacrificial lamb.

A grimace of disgust curved Gareth’s lips as he reached for a random drink nearby, quickly throwing it back regardless of the contents. He needed something to blur his mind once he saw her in person. He had expected her to be some older, unattractive woman that didn’t look as if she belonged and only thrived on talking bad about others but she was much more than that. She was actually…pretty, no matter how much he didn’t want to admit it to himself.

“Well I hope she stays far away from me because I’m sure I’m the last person she’ll want to encounter tonight,” Gareth remarked. In his head he had planned out all he would say to her if they had ever come face to face but much of those insults hidden between his rehearsed words were based on the premise that she’d be some ugly old hag that he now knew she wasn’t. Even still, he knew his words whatever they may end up being wouldn’t be nice.

The pair wandered around the room of the gala for a bit longer before being guided to their tables. All of the Real Madrid players were scattered about, expected to mix and converse with various sponsors, media members and the like.

How convenient it would be once Gareth realized who would be sitting right across from him.

He didn’t bother paying attention to the name plates on the table, only glad that Sergio was someone he knew that was also selected to sit here but once she came practically floating to the table and pulled out the chair across from him of the round table, his drink nearly caught in his throat.

“I want to be moved,” he quickly insisted. He shot her a dark glare which immediately made her head drop while she cowered in her seat. It was a much different demeanor than that in which she wrote. Her strong words labeling him a ‘womanizer’ and other demeaning titles didn’t quite line up with the shy persona she held now.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Bale but there are no other available seats,” one of the workers who had appeared just in time commented.

“Then I’d prefer to eat in the bathroom.” Gareth didn’t feel the need to acquire permission. He scooted his chair back and stood up from the table, throwing the napkin that was once in his lap onto the table before heading away from the table and to the bathroom just as he had said but he wasn’t alone.

It seemed as soon as he closed the bathroom door, it opened again and he heard the click of the lock and the soft voice of a woman. “Gareth?”

A bitter chuckle left his throat as he turned around to face the reporter that had so harshly ruined the past week of his life. “Don’t act like you don’t know my name and don’t call me that. My first name is reserved for friends and people that actually know me. Not those that go spreading lies about me.”

“Ga-…Mr. Bale, I’m sorry okay? I-I didn’t realize it would all get as big as this.” The sympathetic look on her face wasn’t enough to get his anger to die down. “Oh, so it would have been okay to write that stuff about me if it didn’t get the attention it did? Isn’t that the point of a newspaper article? To get reads and clicks? Don’t play me for a fool. You spread this incredibly wrong information about me saying I was a man who had women slipping in and out of my home and I just discarded them like trash. I don’t know if you realize but that’s not a compliment.”

“I’m sorry! I was just given the information and expected to write it. It’s part of my job. I don’t do it with the intention of hurting anyone,” Y/N insisted as she ran her hand through her hair, frustrated with how she could get him to understand her side.

She was a young reporter just trying to make ends meet and unfortunately, making ends meet included taking information she wasn’t sure was 100% believable and making it seem as true as possible. Did she know Gareth? Not at all but she did think there was a high probability he caught the eyes of many women and entertained at least 10% of them.

10% of the pool of women interested in Gareth was a pretty high number.

He gave a slow and sarcastic clap. “Well you’re doing a great job. You can go now.” He motioned to the door and waited for her to turn around and head out but she didn’t.

“No.” Even with how bad she felt, she couldn’t just turn around and leave him hating her. She felt she needed to fix this while they were face to face. There wasn’t much of a chance of it happening again but Gareth didn’t have the same sentiment.

“Then I’ll leave,” he coldly remarked before he walked past her and out of the door, out of her reach and sight for the rest of the night.

He scrolled his phone, reading for the final time before he turned the key of his car to turn off the engine and began exiting the car to enter the unfamiliar towering building. Gareth didn’t know what had brought him here to an address he had to enter into his GPS, though he knew it was the correct location by the familiar logo on the side, but here he was.

Guilt maybe? Probably.

He had scribbled her name into his phone to make sure he had it correct when he arrived and the receptionist, though somewhat taken aback and awestruck by the famous figure in front of her, gave him the number and location of Y/N’s office. He just hoped she was in.

When he arrived to the slightly ajar door, he didn’t bother to knock but instead just pushed it open and revealed the woman sitting at her desk and quickly typing away. When she heard his entrance, her eyes were brought up from her keyboard and towards him.

“Y/N?” He questioned though he didn’t need to. He knew her name and the image of her from the gala was still fresh in his mind even if it was a week ago that they had their encounter.

“Yes?” It was obvious she was nervous and unsure of what he was doing here by the way her eyes squinted.

Gareth closed the door behind him and invited himself further inside and to the edge of her desk, sitting there while trying to avoid the many stacks of papers covering the hardwood desk. It took a moment for him to speak, his eyes glancing down to the floor before going back up to her. “I read your article. I want you to read it to me.”

“Uh…” It was clear she was confused so he clarified. “Not the first one. The one you just wrote the other day.” The one he couldn’t stop reading more than the other, the one he had sent to the many people in his inbox, the one he had contemplated placing on his Twitter.

The one that had him here today.

“Sure…” She focused her eyes on her computer and within a few clicks, he could tell she was on the appropriate screen. Y/N cleared her throat and began to recite the words he had practically memorized.

“Dear Mr. Bale, I am writing this personal article to apologize for my previous writing about your personal life. To my readers, I want to make it clear that I do not know Mr. Bale on a one-on-one basis and I have no credible evidence on my claims. It was a malicious and costly mistake to speak about someone I do not know in the manner that I did. To jeopardize someone’s livelihood for the purpose of advancing my own career is not worth it and I am incredibly sorry to Mr. Bale for spreading lies about him. It was a mistake I’ll never ma—“

“Stop,” Gareth interrupted. Her eyes drifted up to him inquisitively before he continued speaking. It was a lengthy article, even longer than the previous one and he wouldn’t bore her any further with continuing. “You don’t have to read the rest. I’ve read it already but I do have a few questions. Why did you delete all of your social media?”

So maybe he had begun ‘stalking’ her various accounts until they mysteriously disappeared the other day, looking through the many pictures of her out and about with her friends and tweets about the random happenings of her day. He wanted so badly to understand her and her reasoning for writing about him of all people but her Twitter and Instagram didn’t give him many answers. It only peaked his interest in her physically.

“I knew a lot of those people were following me for all of the wrong reasons so I deleted them. I got that attention based on writing lies about you. It didn’t feel right. I never meant to hurt you and I never in a billion years thought you would be reading my work but that’s no excuse. I realize now I shouldn’t have done it.”

He gave a soft nod, satisfied enough with her reasoning and continued apology. “I see. I guess I can understand though I don’t condone it. You’re trying to do your job, no matter how terrible of a job it is but hey, you got people to believe I’m a dick.”

Her eyes dropped to her desk in embarrassment while Gareth continued speaking. “But I get it. I’m over it. You’re not the only one to lie about my character and you won’t be the last. You are however the first to apologize and own your mistake and I respect that. Even though you wrote these terribly awful things about me…” he chuckled. “…You write beautifully.”

A blush covered Y/N’s cheeks as she muttered, “Thank you.”

“How about we go grab a bite to eat and get you out of this office for a bit? Maybe I could give you some material on Ramos and his messy habits,” he joked which caused her to laugh as well. He wouldn’t have minded hearing her melodic laugh again.

“I would love that, Mr. Bale.”

 “Call me Gareth.”

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I'm really upset, some unknown friend of my roommates decided to lecture my SO and I on why we're calling our gender reveal, a gender reveal. She proceeded to go on about how gender and sexuality affected her growing up, and is affecting her children. I don't think she had any right to say anything at all. If I knew her better, or she was a friend, I'd be like "alright go on." but she is someone I've only seen a handful of times.

I think a lot of people know that gender isn’t decided by anatomy but we still call it a “gender reveal”. You should have asked her if she would come to your “genital reveal party” just so she could see how odd the PC version sounds.



I was listening to “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth and immediately thought of Sam and Dean. The lyrics just fit their relationship perfectly;

It’s been a long day without you, my friend
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
We’ve come a long way from where we began
Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again

Damn, who knew?
All the planes we flew
Good things we’ve been through
That I’ll be standing right here talking to you
‘Bout another path
I know we loved to hit the road and laugh
But something told me that it wouldn’t last
Had to switch up
Look at things different see the bigger picture
Those were the days
Hard work forever pays

Now I see you in a better place

How could we not talk about family when family’s all that we got?
Everything I went through you were standing there by my side
And now you gon’ be with me for the last ride

It’s been a long day without you, my friend
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again (I see you again)
We’ve come a long way (yeah, we came a long way) from where we began (you know we started)
Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again (let me tell you)
When I see you again

First you both go out your way
And the vibe is feeling strong
And what’s small turn to a friendship
A friendship turn to a bond
And that bond will never be broken
And the love will never get lost (and the love will never get lost)
And when brotherhood come first
Then the line will never be crossed
Established it on our own
When that line had to be drawn
And that line is what we reach
So remember me when I’m gone (remember me when I’m gone)

How could we not talk about family when family’s all that we got?
Everything I went through you were standing there by my side
And now you gon’ be with me for the last ride

So let the light guide your way, yeah
Hold every memory as you go
And every road you take will always lead you home, home

It’s been a long day without you, my friend
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
We’ve come a long way from where we began
Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again

When I see you again
When I see you again

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Can we maybe now put to rest the "fact" that Zayn leaving was planned? Like this kinda animosity does NOT come from leaving two weeks earlier than you were suppose to leave. It comes from LEAVING YOUR FUCKING BAND. If we were to believe that they all knew and supported this, there is NO WAY this would be happening now. Not to mention all the other members not responses? Louis and Zayn were in each others pockets till the day that Zayn left and now we get this. Like HELLO??? So obvious.

So was there this animosity when zayn was at the Asian awards? You think he was faking hat answer and really hated the boys? You think it was a coincidence that they fell almost seamlessly into filling in Zayn’s solos? Think it’s a coincidence they didn’t revamp the set list? I’m just curious when you think this animosity developed if it happened bc zayn left the band bc it didn’t seem to be there when he fucking left.

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How did you come out?

I just kind of bluntly told my sisters and one of them was like ‘cool, can you pass the remote’ and the other was like ‘i knew it! And jsyk I love you no matter what’ 

For my mom there was a joke about being gay I was putting on my facebook as one of those messages sent around telling you to choose one of those  as your status and my mom looked at me all offended like ‘don’t put something like that on facebook, your future employers could see it! Besides, you’re not gay.’ and then I was like ‘no, but I’m halfway there!!!’ as a joke (even though obvs being bi is not being half gay.) and then my mom was just like ‘no you’re not, you like boys’ and we haven’t talked about it since. :(


“Y/N, you here?” Calum calls out.

“In the green room!”

Today was the day that you’ve been dreading for the last few weeks, ever since you came to London before tour you knew this day was going to come fast. But this was the agreement, the day after Madrid you were going back home and going back to school for the remainder of the year. Yeah, it was hard but only a few months till you could see Calum again.

You were still shocked your parents even let you go with 5SOS on tour for a few weeks, never did you expect it to happen. I mean crying and begging did help, the last three weeks of school work came with you even though you were done with it all the day you got it. But everything paid off in the end when you were on that plane to London, Calum next to you. From then on, everything changed.

Now here you were in the backstage of the arena in Madrid, frowning as you packed up all your belonging for the plane ride home. Yeah it was hurting you to go and not see Calum for a few months, but this was the agreement or else you had to drop out of school. It’s not like you were going to go to college anyway, you were going with Calum on tour after you graduated so it was just see you later.

“Packing up huh?”


“I can’t believe how quick this has flown by.”

“I know, it seemed like just yesterday we got to London, now back home it is…”

“After graduation, you’ll have a new home…” Calum muttered.

Turning around semi quickly, you caught the deer in headlights expression on Calum’s face. Confusion took over as you look at him harder, walking slowly. You could tell he was nervous by the way his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down and how he backed towards the couch, knowing he had no escape.

“What do you mean?”

“I wasn’t going to tell you until I saw you again…”

“Well spill it now…”

“You graduate in a few weeks yeah?”


“Well, I was thinking that…you could..”

“I could what? Calum why is it so hard to sa-”

“Move to Sydney.” He blurted out.

It felt like a wave of emotions hit you so hard, the way your heart was processing this was a bit too much. After the last two years of you both dating Calum has not once mentioned ever moving to Australia. This is why he wanted you to go to the Sydney shows, not to see him but to live there. A smile slowly took over your face as you giggle, sitting on his lap.

“Yes!” You smile.


“Yes Calum, I’ll move to Sydney.”


“If that’s what’s going to make us happy then yes, all I want to be with is you and now you can show me around babe. At least we don’t have to wait long to see each other again.”

“I love you Y/N, you’re my everything.”

Requested by Anon

Aww you’re too cute for this world anon!

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I want to ask you something .. Me and my GF we've been together for 1 year and half and we were hide it because if any1 knew it we will get in a trouble So one of my GF's friends didn't like me very much and I think she's jealous of me because she is thinking that I stole her friend ( lol she's my gf !!) anyway she spread the fact I'm lesbian in all school but she never knew that this is the truth ! Now everyone is talking about us and we're in big trouble .. We can't see each other anymore ;(

Okay try to find a way to fix the rumors sometimes it is better to just act on it, be proud about yourself and let them know that you don’t care, also it is maybe smart to go talk with that friend of your girlfriend,try to fix the problems between you two, let her explain your feelings, and try to tell her how you feel, come to a resolution, maybe hang out more together or give her some quality time with your girlfriend. And about you and your girl, please don’t let this rumor break you two apart. Find a way to be together, don’t make yourself unhappy because of other people, together you two are stronger then them ! 


You wait patiently for Thomas, Newt, Gally and Minho to finish showering to see their reaction to the prank you had pulled this time.

Pretty soon frustrated groans are coming from the showers and a few chuckles from the other Gladers who knew about your prank.

Newt: “Bloody hell Y/N, were are my damn clothes?!”

They step out of the shower with nothing but a towel and still dripping hair and that’s when you couldn’t hold it anymore. You burst out laughing rolling of the floor pointing at their irritated faces.

Y/N: “That’s what you get for freezing all my bras shunks. You should see your faces, o my god this is priceless. I wish I had a camera.” And you burst into a fit of giggles.

Minho: “You really have it coming now baby girl.” And they storm off trying to find their clothes and already plotting their revenge.