After Noct gets back from Dissidia NT:

Ignis: Oh thank goodness you’re okay Noct where have you been?? What happened—

Noct, wearing 13 friendship bracelets and one flower crown from Firion: I MADE SO MANY NEW FRIENDS HOLY SHIT

what she says: im fine

what she means: the purpose of tahani’s test was to see if she still cared about what people thought about her and even though she went through the door to her parents she came out not caring about what they said thus completing her journey to becoming a truly good person therefore she should have passed

it really breaks my heart when only mark gets acknowledged for being in 127 and dream. haechan exists too, please pay attention to him as well @ world!!

YES, mark lee is insanely talented and we love a hard-working man, but it makes me so sad to see how dejected donghyuck looks when people only notice mark when these 2 groups are mentioned. i understand that it’s because mark is one of the/is the main rapper in both groups, and donghyuck is only a regular vocalist in 127 and the main vocalist in dream, but he is working incredibly hard. he isn’t busting his ass to have nobody notice him on shows. he is a mood-maker, a vocal legend, a softie, and so, so much more. however, this poor baby doesn’t see himself for being as wonderful as he is. and let’s not forget to mention the fact that he is actively losing weight.

the bottom-line of this is please stan lee donghyuck aka haechan aka full sun + to give him more recognition. thank you xx

“If you ship Jon/Dany but you don’t like Cersei/Jaime then you’re a hypocrite!”

Well I mean, there is a massive difference between twin siblings starting to sexually experiment with each other at a young age and an aunt and nephew who met as adults and don’t even know they’re related at the start of their relationship.

Disregarding the whole twin thing, I never liked Cersei/Jaime simply because of how toxic it was. It was riddled with secrecy, adultery on Cersei’s end, passing off unrightful children as kings, emotional manipulation, and generally just tearing both Cersei and Jaime down, but especially Jaime.

At this point I honestly couldn’t care less about them being twins– I’ve been desensitized to that about three seasons ago. I hate and I’m tired of this pairing because it’s been ruining Jaime as a person for years and his character development is long overdue.

The two couples shouldn’t even be compared. The only similarity they share is that there are blood ties between the characters, and again I feel like there is a huge moral difference between twins that grew up together and two unknowing relatives meeting as adults.

People have been saying that Chan is giving some Wonho (from Monsta X) vibes

But look

Clearly he has a Zhang Yixing vibe come on

ulrich entering lyoko only to ask odd to immediately kill him because yumi needs help in the real world is my aesthetic