Do you remember this?

Remember when this clip was released? The 15:15-01:01 clip from s3ep7. 

It’s the only time we have seen a clip of the future, and boy was it painful! 

It was released on a friday at 20:30, which meant, when we were done watching it, it wasn’t done happening. Not only did we see past hours, we also saw future hours! When we were done watching the clip, we knew things were still good. They were at the hotel enjoying each other. Eating burger, drinking champagne, having sex. But we also knew that hell would break loose within the next hours.

I remember that night, just watching the clock, knowing what would happen at that hotel. Those hours were so fucking painful. I was literally thinking, while laying in my bed, Isak is running around Oslo right now looking for Even. It was really upsetting to know what would happen before it happend!!

Oh god, I was so invested in season 3. I’ve never been more anxious or nervous about fictional characters before.

I couldn’t go to sleep before we got that text from Isak to Eskild.

“Every single night when I sing with you guys and I hear you all singing back to me, it’s just a reminder that when you feel like everything is just too much, you’re not the only one. Because I can promise you, that there is over 10,000 people in this arena tonight who have felt the same way as you.”

If the last few days have reminded me of anything, it’s that there’s a ridiculous double standard for gay characters. 

One of the most frequent complaints about my fic was that everyone was gay and it was unrealistic, and when I put up my notice that I was leaving ffnet, one of the most frequent whiners defended himself by saying that it was his right to be offended by pairings with no basis, who were just randomly paired together.

This is particularly hilarious because I threw in a straight pairing with even less set up, and no one said anything. Certainly not him. 

The pairing in question wasn’t even blatant, but they’d already had a conversation regarding fears, a few moments of mutual admiration, and shared an understanding of each other’s fears and issues. This is honestly more than a lot of het pairings get, and I’m just so frustrated that the kind of people who complain about this can say I’m not a homophobe and be believed

Treating people as people isn’t some sort of gay agenda. It’s reality

sometimes on the breaks, when isak on his way to even, he sees him from the back in the hallway. he approaches him very quietly because he doesn’t want even to notice him. he wraps his hands around even and gives him the softest kiss in the neck. he never sees even’s face in this exact moment which lights up so bright with his smile. he turns to him and kisses him on the cheek. even never told isak, but for him these moments are one of the most precious in the world, because these hugs feels like he’s safe and nothing bad can happen. in moments like these he lives now he doesn’t care about anything else.
sometimes on the way to mcdonald’s when isak is talking to magnus or mahdi (jonas waits for them there as usual), sitting in the schoolyard, even takes his hand impatiently and drags isak after him. isak knows that means ‘babe we have to hurry or else class will start without us because we still will be there’. isak never told even this, but he really loves these moments, sometimes he starts these conversations with the boys deliberately and just waits for even to take his hand and make him feel safe. to make him feel that in this particular moment just the two of them exist and nothing else matters.

so i was rewatching season three and i just noticed something quite particular in the locker room scene.

when even is asking isak about what he thought about his and sonja’s break up even is wearing his hood up:

but then when we are watching isak’s reaction to the question, the hood is no longer up:

but when we then cut back to even has the hood magically flown up to his head again:

in conclusion, even’s jacket has a mind of it’s own.

  • Acd according to fans: someday the true story will be told... And my precious characters can finally be free....

listen…..modern au where fantine has a v lorelai-rory relationship with cosette AND cosette’s lesbian gf eponine. fantine knows eponine comes from a rough family so she tries her very best to shower her with all the love and protection she’s never received at home

((birb dad ginjika iS GREAT HHHHHHH))


((AHHHHH-! Look at this handsome man!!! You captured him just right <3 You even have those little subtle wrinkles in there, a product of dad-dum over the centuries XD Thank you SO much!! I’m glad someone could capture him far better than I could ;3;~ ))