I just thought I’d let you all know, that I’m reading every comment and every single tag on this post. I am completely overwhelmed by all the kindness you send me with your words and support. I’m checking in with the crazy girls a few times every day, to keep them updated.

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If the support keeps up like it is right now, then me and the lil’ one gonna find out what’s it’s like to be squished in between those two. *passesoutbythethought*

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Omg I'm like.. So amazed by ur art dude like holy crap. Like even just comparing stuff from a couple months ago, like you can see the improvement, and it's just been so interesting and so awesome to see your constant improvement with your art and the comic and everything. Thank you so much, I love SYW! I'm so looking forward to seeing where it goes

WOW oh man…. that means so much to me! thank YOU for such a nice message!! drawing a page nearly every single day for the last year has absolutely forced me to improve. i never really realize the effect it had on me until i look back at my old art, even from the beginning of part 2 in april there’s a definite difference. i hope i continue to improve, and i hope that you continue to enjoy syw!

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Delton, Delton, Delton! You /belong/ with the Chargers, I can tell! I love this so much. Bull and his Chargers. I love them and I love the way you write them! Can’t wait for Delton to realise that ohhhh shit, maybe he *does* like the Bull.

T^T Yesss I just wish he’d realise it GAH. I’ve always toyed with the idea of him just kinda… falling in with the Chargers, almost by accident. It’s like “oops I have a family”.  I just want him to be happy. I’m so glad you’re liking it!! <3<3