Grey Worm: it’s hard for me to say goodbye to you

Missandei: why

Grey Worm: you know why

Missandei: I don’t

Grey Worm: You are my weakness

Missandei: That’s what I am? Your weakness?

Grey Worm: when unsullied are young the masters learn their fears. One warrior is scared of dogs, one warrior hates high places, one is frightened of the ocean.  They make the boy sleep with dogs or climb a cliff. They throw him in the water.  If he learns to swim. Good.  If he drowns. Good.  Either way, strong unsullied. I had no fears.  I was never the biggest, never the strongest.  I was bravest.  Always.  But then, I meet Missandei, from the isle of Naath.  Now.  I have fear..

Missandei: I do too…