Why on earth do you draw shooting stars all the time?“ He asked, his fingers running over the dark shape against the page.

I smiled, “Somedays are harder than others, the clouds in my mind like to wander and rain. So when I wake up, I make a wish. Some days it’s love, some days it’s happiness, some days it’s simply a sunny day. And than I draw the shooting star.Why sit and ponder life when you can take it in your hands, grasp it tight, and never let go?”

I looked down, embarrassed.

“Why sit and wait, when you can make your own wishes come true.

—  When you wish upon a star
Just because you are small, doesn't mean you can't do great things.

If you are being teased often because of your shortness (like me), here are some brilliant short people who have still achieved greatness:
~ Anna Kendrick 5'2
~ Scarlett Johansson 5'3
~ Lady Ga Ga 5'1
~ Ariana Grande 5'0
~ Nicki Minaj 5'2
~ Martin Freeman 5'6 (that’s not that small but compared to Sherlock, he’s a hobbit)
~ Elijah Wood 5'6
~ Natalie Portman 5'3
~ Daniel Radcliffe 5'5
~ Carrie Fisher 5'1
~ Prince 5'2
What I’m trying to say is that your looks do not define you. You can do anything you want to do if you put your mind to it. What people think of you doesn’t matter! Do it anyway (within reason)!!
I needed to hear this today so I’m guessing someone else did too 💕


CHUCK AND BLAIR IN EVERY EPISODE || Seventeen Candles (1x08)

Something this beautiful deserves to be seen on someone worthy of its beauty.

Plain Jane

I am invisible next to them.
I hardly stand a chance.
I am not the prettiest,nor am I the smartest.
I do not leave a lasting impression.
People don’t see me because I live in the shadows of others.
I have no personal sunshine.
When it comes to face to face encounters,I am a hopeless case.
I retreat into my shell.
I don’t grab the attention of others.
For me,my mind is the charmer.
But people can’t see my thoughts.
They only see me..a plain Jane.
I feel like a nobody.

Clean Speech
Taylor Swift
Clean Speech

You are your own definition of beautiful and worthwhile…that is what you are!…I think that we mistake our mistakes for damage and we think other people will judge us for them, but I want you to know that the way that I see mistakes, they don’t make you damaged…they make you CLEAN.


This isn’t my audio…I found it on YouTube and thought that what she said is so true and important!  We all need to remember these things about ourselves and don’t ever let anyone make you believe differently!

Listen <3

Because I haven’t seen this...

Shout out to my Latina girls

Shout out to my Latina girls that can’t speak or can speak very little Spanish. You’re still Latina and your identity is valid

shout out to my Latina girls that have a thick accent when speaking English and get made fun of. 

Shout out to my Latina girls that feel left out from their family because they’re too “americanized”. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’ve been raised differently and that’s okay. Make your own culture.

Shout out to my Latina girls that have a lot of hair. It’s okay. it’s natural. You don’t need to change for anyone but yourself.

Shout out to my Latina girls that don’t have the large breasts or big butt that we seem to have become known for. Those traits do not define beauty. You’re beautiful.

Shout out to my Latina girls that are told by their parents that they have to find a husband at a young age. You don’t need to get married if you don’t want to. Go out and live your own life.

Shout out to my Latina girls that are told they’re perpetuating a stereotype by being emotional. Your emotions are valid. You are not perpetuating anything.

Shout out to my Latina girls that are told they are “too white” or “too black” to actually be Latina. Brown is not the only color. Being Latina is a culture and it is a spectrum. You’re still Latina.

Shout out to my Latina girls that are constantly mistaken for Mexican, even when you have said which country you’re from. Some people just group us into one group. You don’t have to deal with that.

Shout out to my Latina girls that don’t like to wear makeup. You don’t need to wear makeup if you don’t want to.

Shout out to my Latina girls that DO wear makeup. You’re rocking it and keep on being you.

Shout out to my Latina girls that have short hair. Short hair does not mean masculine. Rock that short hair and keep being you.

Shout out to Latina girls that are told to just jump back over the border and go home. You deserve to be here. Don’t let anyone make you think different

Shout out to Latina girls

     She first realizes she might feel something for Stiles on the dirty, grimy locker room floor. 

A kiss born out of sheer desperation to help her friend leaves her wide-eyed and confused. It’s unexpected at best; just plain wrong at worst. She’s dating Aiden and his dad is missing. The timing is off and so she puts it aside. 

 Forgotten feelings rise a second time. 

She’s on the dirty hallway floor this time, fingers curved around her knees and a relieved smile on her lips. He’s alive. She almost lost him, but he survived. There’s a heart-stopping moment where his eyes meet hers and she almost feels it — but then a banshee’s wail rises in her throat and she’s forced to her feet. Aiden is dead and Allison is gone and it’s wrong. 

 Everything is wrong. 

She’s in the backseat of the jeep the third time it happens. Malia is sitting passenger and she makes a comment; she says she would never leave Stiles. An unexpected chill spreads across her chest — not jealousy, but something like it. Eyes roll skyward, lips purse, and she realizes: she would never leave Stiles either.

 But yet again, the timing is wrong. 

He’s officially dating Malia when she finally accepts it: she feels something for Stiles that can’t be easily put into words. She could make a grand scene and force him to choose, and maybe he would even choose her if she asked. But he’s happy. She sees it in the way he defends her; hears it in his voice when he says her name. He’s happy with Malia, and that’s the most important revelation of all. 

Maybe she’s missed her chance, or maybe they’ll find their way together in the end. Maybe she’s meant to understand what genuine, adult love feels like (patient and willing to put his needs above her own) so she can love another better than she knew how to love Jackson. 

Or maybe this is all they’ll ever be, because as always  —- 

            the timing is wrong.

Namjoon MoodBoard

Words do not define beauty.
People do not define beauty.
Looks do not define beauty.

You define beauty.
In your depth,
In your speech,
In your mind.

You define beauty,
with your beautiful
and lovely your