Listen Up

You are under NO OBLIGATION to make excuses for your abuser

No matter what is going on in their personal life, they have NO RIGHT to use you as an outlet, emotionally, physically, psychologically, or sexually

No matter what they may have done for you in the past, YOU OWE THEM NOTHING now



To your recovery

To saying to yourself every day, over and over until you believe it

That you did not deserve what they did to you

That you are valid

That you are allowed to feel this way

That you do not have to get better overnight

That you are perfect and deserve to take your time to believe in yourself again

That you will get better

That you will get stronger

Until one day you can look them in the eye and tell them that




Jongdae gracing us with his beautiful exposed skin

often we say “I love you” with one eye opened and teeth touching
we say “i love you” like it is just brushing off of our face
we say it with clenched fists and broken hearts, noses, and lives
we say it with a twisted mind and a soul that is too tired to ever live by. we say it with hands that are too small for something we could have and too big for something that we couldn’t.
we say it abruptly, spontaneously and often we say it with minds hovering around the idea that this, this love we claim to have will end every drop of misery in our lives.

but darling, this is not the kind of love you are supposed to have.

a friend once told me that loving comes from within as how the sun slowly engulfs the darkness, eating away every bit of that pitch black it had harbored inside; only realizing at the end of the day that it had not really touched it, a mere brush, a peck on the cheek
that it will come back again by six in the evening
it will come back
it comes back
sometimes with scattered showers
and it will drench your feet and drown you
until you gasp for air, trying to breathe
you did try and
that’s when you thought of his smile that you love more than the cherry topped chocolate cupcake made by your mom everytime you turn a year old, that’s when you value him more than the poster of Winona Ryder with one hand on her hips and the other pointed at you as if she’s telling you that darling this is how you define beauty, that’s when you thought that your playlist had turned into this set of songs trapped inside your crooked heart due to continuous rambling writing and
you fall
like how leaves do before November
kisses our earthly ground
this, this is not the kind of love youre supposed to have

you deserve the kind of love
you give and more than that
you deserve the love that surpasses
and transcends everything,
you deserve a deep, immense and immeasurable kind of love
you deserve a love that’s not too much or too little, just enough so you could
sleep on it at nights you thought darkness could eat you
darling you deserve the kind of love that would let you dream
peacefully under your sheets
you deserve love more than that “love” you think you deserve
because you are
truer than true
creation of God

you deseve a love more than words could describe
i know you do
so go and stay alive beautiful,
keep marching
keep running
keep breathing.
Not one boy,
Not one mistake,
No rules
could hold you back.

You deserve more.

—  retrouvailleset 
Sharp was the crown upon his head

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Royalty!Au / Angst / Fluff 

Rated T for future mentions of war and mature themes

Word count: 2.9k

Synopsis:  Everyone is against the infatuation the prince has for you: your mind is just too sharp, too sly, too free - nothing appropriate for a woman. Still, Jimin finds beauty in your gentle soul, and he’s more than willing to hide your secret meetings to the world if that means having your love.

⤷or: Like fire and honey are your kisses against his lips; and for them Jimin is ready to fight the whole world with his heart on his sleeve. 

Author’s note: I really couldn’t help but put just a tiny tiny bit of angst, nothing too heavy tho, I swear. So, this is just the prologue, to give you all a lil taste of what’s coming *wink wonk*


You still remember it, as clear as the sun will ever be – the day you first saw Jimin. It was a day of late Spring and beautifully the light was getting lost in the golden of his hair, in the tangerine of his lips.

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Beauty And The Beast Themed Asks

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Princess Belle

Do you have any weird or odd interests, and if so, what? 

What is your favorite book?

Prince Adam

What quality do you dislike the most about yourself? 

Is there anything that you would like to change about your past?


What quality do you like the most about yourself?

Is there anything you would like to happen in your future?


Have you ever had a crush, and if so, who? 

Have you ever had your heart broken?

Mrs. Potts

What is the best advice you have ever been given? 

What is the best advice you ever given someone else?


What’s your favorite childhood memory? 

Would you ever want to have kids?


Are you more extroverted, or introverted? 

What is your favorite food?


When was the last time you broke the rules?

What was your favorite time of your life?


What quality in a partner do you most admire?

Can you speak another language, and if so, what language(s) can you speak?


What is your favorite song to sing? 

Do you consider yourself a good singer?


What is your favorite song to listen to? 

Can you play an instrument? 


When was the last time you were scared?

Have you ever had a near-death experience, and if so, what was it?


What is the last thing you have done that made you happy? 

Do you like to dance?

The Enchantress:

How do you define inner beauty?

Do you believe in the concept of soulmates, true love, and fate?

Enchanted Rose:

Choose two random questions above and answer them.

Please don’t base your self worth on someone swiping right on your photo.

Please don’t find yourself unlovable because a garbage person “ghosted” you, said all the right things to hook you in, and played you.

Please don’t define your beauty by the photos that others post on social media.

You’re so much more than the ways that a transient, unreliable, sweet-talking jerk treated you on a dating app or on some stupid date. They don’t deserve you.


If a guy in your life is treating you like shit, there is nothing holding you back from getting out of that relationship. Don’t try to convince yourself he’s “the one” because he’s not. “The One” will never call you fat, will never say you’re annoying, will never insult you in anyway shape or form. “The One” will bring you up when you’re down, will make sure you’re okay and healthy before even considering himself, he will treat you like you’re the freaking Queen. 

Don’t ever for a second stay in an abusive relationship. Even if you don’t see it, the people around you do and they will tell you to leave because you deserve so much better than someone constantly bringing you down. Listen to your friends, those are the ones who will stick with you no matter what if they’re true to you. You’ll know if they’re true if they tell you the guy your dating is a bad person. Listen to them. 

If a guy is forcing you to change for him, that’s a red flag. You don’t have to lose weight for a guy, you lose weight for you and no one else. You don’t have to change your style for a guy, you change your style for you and no one else. This goes with literally everything about yourself. You DO NOT have to change in any way for anyone. It tears me down to see these girls being torn apart by their so called “boyfriend” saying how she needs to lose weight or he’ll break up with her or that if she doesn’t have sex with him he’s leaving her. YOU DO NOT DESERVE THIS!!! Guys don’t understand this, but they have a huge influence on a girl when it comes to dating/crushing. Girls will try to look their best for the guy and spend hours doing their hair and makeup and picking our an outfit for a date or even a day of school if she knows she’s going to see him. If a girl really likes a guy, she’s going to do whatever it takes to be with him. She will try to change herself to make herself seem attractive to the male species. GIRLS THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU SHOULD BE DOING!! DO NOT CHANGE YOURSELF FOR ANY HUMAN BEING OTHER THAN YOURSELF!! IF YOU WANNA ROCK SOME BLUE HAIR, FREAKING ROCK SOME BLUE HAIR!!! IF YOU WANT TO WEAR THAT DRESS THAT’S A LITTLE TOO REVEALING BUT YOU’RE SCARED, GIRL PUT ON THAT DRESS AND ROCK THAT BODY YOU HAVE!!! NO ONE IN YOUR LIFE SHOULD INFLUENCE YOU TO CHANGE YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU WERE MADE BEAUTIFULLY AND PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE AND NOTHING SHOULD CHANGE THAT!!!

You do not NEED a guy in your life, if you’re dating just for attention, you’re dating for the wrong reasons. Just as you don’t deserve someone changing you and not treating you right, no guy deserves someone not treating them right. If you’re saying to yourself “oh i’m gonna get this from him and this and this” please step back and look at the big picture. If you cannot see yourself being there for that person through thick and thin, through the hard times and the good, going to them when they need you the most, i’m gonna need you to step away and give someone a chance to step in and give that person all the love they deserve. And it’s nothing against you if this happens, doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, just means that’s not the right person. 

If you find yourself falling for the wrong guy every time you go on a date or you’re in a relationship with them. Step away and give yourself some time. It is very hard to be with someone while you’re also trying to find yourself. If this is your situation where you don’t even know who YOU are. That means you need a break from relationships for awhile. Find yourself. That’s what being single is about, not looking for other guys and going on tons of dates, it’s a time where you can find yourself and what you want to do. Put yourself on the right track of life and a guy will fall perfectly into place when the time is right. 

Every girl does not deserve this kind of treatment. We are delicate flowers. but with that being said, we are hella strong delicate flowers and i know each and everyone female on this planet has been through a time where the person they were with didn’t treat them right. No. One. Deserves. This. I cannot stress this enough. You do not deserve any bad thing coming at you. But if you are going through a tough time even if it does not apply to this message keep telling yourself, there is always a rainbow at the end of the storm.

Sammi’s Space’s Guide to MTF Shaving

Hello lovelies! In an attempt to be a bit more active I decided to come up with a short little guide for everyone. This is one of my biggest struggles both with dysphoria and with maintaining how I look. Body and facial hair differs in how it fades for HRT recipients, and it’s often removed by laser hair removal, but clearly most people can’t afford that.

So! Here are a few rules.

1.) Always shave with a clean razor, and some sort of cream.

Never use a rusty razor or do it without some sort of cream or soap. That is how you increase the risk of cutting yourself, snagging the skin, or in general giving yourself awful razor bumps.

2.) Always shave with the grain.

Well. Not really. It is alright to shave against the grain in non-fatty areas, however as a rule you should always -finish- shaving by going with the grain. You want to shave fatty areas as follows: Once with the grain, once against it, once with it. This should help prevent ingrown hairs.

3.) Gently scrub your skin in small circles between shaves.

Ingrown hairs are nasty, and as are razor bumps. Using a body wash scrub or a facial scrub will help to prevent your ingrown hairs and will, in general, help prevent them from forming and will also improve the overall health of your skin. This should be done anyways, but it’s especially important here.

4.) Be careful when using creams like Nair.

Nair drastically increases the sensitivity of your skin when its used. If you do use Nair, be sure to follow the instructions to maintain proper care for your skin, else it can lead to uncomfortable and unsightly rashes.

5.) Use baby oil or baby lotion frequently.

This stuff is a godsend. It makes your skin smooth and soft and can be, and I’ve found it really helps to deal with pesky razor bumps or dry skin.

6.) Be safe, and be reasonable!

You don’t have to shave every day. You don’t have to shave anything you don’t want to or don’t feel safe shaving. Just remember that body hair doesn’t define you or how beautiful you are. -You- define that. <3 

Rant Time

SOMETHING THAT YOU CANNOT CONTROL IS NOT A DEFINING FACTOR OF YOUR ATTRACTIVENESS! Your skin colour, body shape or any other physical feature that you have and that you were BORN WITH does not make you any less of a person, or any less beautiful than anyone else. It is 2017, I thought we had moved passed slandering someone’s skin colour or body shape and saying that because they were born with those characteristics, they are less of a person. It is racism, regardless of which ‘skin colour’ it is against. I don’t care if you believe that the race you are slandering you believe is ‘privileged’ or not, it’s still bullshit. And this goes for different body shapes as well. In no way is it okay for you to point out someones body shape and degrade them and put them down because of it. 

Now, in saying that, you are not going to be attractive to everyone. I can see a solid 10/10 model, beautiful and blessed boy and think ‘oh yeah he’s beautiful and all but I don’t find him attractive’. ATTRACTIVENESS IS A PERSONAL PREFERENCE THAT THE PERSON CANNOT CONTROL. Just because someone doesn’t find you attractive, doesn’t mean that you aren’t beautiful or attractive to other people, it just means that they have a specific preference in which you do not fall under. AND THAT ISN’T A BAD THING. But you know what is a bad thing and what makes you less of a person? BEING AN ASSHOLE. It has nothing to do with how you look, or what religion or whatever else you identify with that will make me not like you, it’s your personality. If you’re a douche then I’m sorry, I don’t really want to talk to you, or hear your degrading opinions. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and every body shape, skin colour, fucking hair colour I don’t know, IS BEAUTIFUL AND DOESN’T MAKE THEM BASIC, OR TRASH OR LESS OF A PERSON.

Rant over

Why The BMI is BS:

i don’t normally post anything like this but i need to spill. i am a 5'5", white female. I weigh roughly 150 pounds. sounds like a lot right? my doctors say that i’m very muscular which has a lot to do with my weight. but my BMI says otherwise. my BMI claims that i am overweight. i know countless women and men alike who are extremely fit and who’s bmi is on the ‘overweight’ side. this is why the BMI shouldn’t be counted on. i’m constantly hearing from people 'Oh you don’t have a thigh gap?’ and 'Oh you weigh that much?! You must be overweight.’ and i’m sick of it. my weight does not define who i am. your thigh gap or lack thereof doesn’t define who you are. YOUR BMI DOESNT DEFINE YOU. You are not your weight, stretch marks, cuts, bruises, hair length, belly pooch, and cellulite. you are a human being who deserves to be happy and loved like everyone else. i just needed to let that out.

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Why on earth do you draw shooting stars all the time?“ He asked, his fingers running over the dark shape against the page.

I smiled, “Somedays are harder than others, the clouds in my mind like to wander and rain. So when I wake up, I make a wish. Some days it’s love, some days it’s happiness, some days it’s simply a sunny day. And than I draw the shooting star.Why sit and ponder life when you can take it in your hands, grasp it tight, and never let go?”

I looked down, embarrassed.

“Why sit and wait, when you can make your own wishes come true.

—  When you wish upon a star

CHUCK AND BLAIR IN EVERY EPISODE || Seventeen Candles (1x08)

Something this beautiful deserves to be seen on someone worthy of its beauty.

I Promise

A/n - Hiya! I’m sorry this took so long!! I couldn’t get it right I had to rewrite it like a million times but its long and fluffy and I’m happy with it so idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯    

request: hello! would you be up to writing plus soze reader with buck? it’s totally ok if you don’t feel like it! xx

pairing: bucky barnes x reader 

warnings: it starts of a little negative, but gets better, self-conscious reader, but bucky makes ya girl feel good l8er, lil’ bit angsty I guess?? implied frickle frackle but is all pg 

word count: 5.5k (oops??)

A/n - most importantly love!! Yourself!! Your!! Appearance!! Does!! Not!! Define!! You!! Y’all are beautiful inside and out in case you didn’t know and needed reminding xx


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You remember the first time you met Bucky as though it were only yesterday; it was the start of a new beginning, the memory vivid in your mind. Your morning hadn’t been very eventful, your day starting off slightly below average as you slept through your alarms for what seemed like the millionth time, making you late for the most important job you had ever been hired for. You had been hired as an assistant in the laboratories of the Avengers Headquarters, and to this day you were still unable to comprehend your luck at landing such an incredible job, yet here you were, running late again. You had awoken with a start, the neighbours’ dog’s loud barks jerking you out of your slumber, causing a string of curse words to slip past your lips when you cast your gaze on the alarm clock by your bed. Throwing the covers off your body, you rolled off the bed, groaning as you ran quickly around the room, attempting to gather all your necessities for work. Huffing, you felt your eyebrows crease together as you exited your apartment, locking the door behind you. You tried to regain your breath to the best of your ability as you stumbled down the street, not pausing for a moment, terrified of your boss’ reaction of your tardiness. Keeping your gaze down, you winced as numerous people nudged you accidentally as they hurried past, pressing your lips together as you fought the frown that was threatening to take over your features. It was times like these that you cursed your chubby legs, preventing you from running down the street without feeling as though a lung would surely collapse. Shaking your head slightly, you refused to let your thoughts cloud your mind, as you once again glanced at the watch on your wrist arriving at the front door of the Avenger’s tower. 

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Okay I never post things like this but...well here we go

My New Years resolution was to loose weight. And I know that’s cliche and whatever but at the end of 2016 I was incredibly unhappy with myself (not only the way I looked but my emotional self as well) and I decided that I needed to do something to feel good about myself. I truly believe that every body is beautiful and there is no “wrong” body type as long as you are healthy. Weight is just a number and it does not define you or your beauty. But though I hold those beliefs for others…I had a very, very hard time believing it about myself. It got to the point where I couldn’t look in mirrors without breaking down, so I started avoiding them. I literally could not name one thing I liked about myself, and my physical appearance was just not what I wanted it to be.

So I decided that I needed to make a change, both physically and mentally. Mentally I started going to therapy more often and cutting toxic people out of my life, and doing some soul searching. And physically I decided to jump start my weight loss and I found Isagenix. (I’m not going to go into a whole spiel about Isagenix right now. If you want a full run-down of what it is and how it works you’re free to message me privately)

I’m still not where I want to be, but I’m finally….happy. Or at least happier than I have been in a long time. I’m still working through some things but no one is a finished product so I fully expect to continue working on myself throughout my whole life. But as of right now, I am proud of where I am and how far I’ve come. 

Sorry for the rant. Always keep fighting. Love yourself first. You are not alone.

(these photos are 30 days apart just fyi)