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Planets & minor bodies

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  1. ☉ Sun. your basic identity. your ego & self. what reasons things out and gives you the final decision. confidence, light, survival.
    ☉ Links: Sun Signs / Sun in the Houses / Sun x Moon Combos

  2. ☽ Moon. your emotional instincts and habits. your deepest personal needs. emotion, nurturing, soul.
    ☽ Links: Moon Signs / Moon in the Houses  / Moon Series / Sun x Moon Combos

  3. ☿ Mercury. communication and logical thinking. how you gather information. awareness, wit, reasoning.
    ☿ Links: Mercury Signs / Mercury in the Houses  / Ramblings / Mercury Series

  4. ♀ Venus. love and art. how you define romance and beauty. how you act in romantic relationships. how you enjoy life. comfort, senses, pleasure, luxury.
    ♀ Links: Venus Signs / Venus in the Houses / Venus Series

  5. ♂ Mars. your drive. how you initiate things, how you express anger, how you go after your goals. energy, assertion, physical.
    ♂ Links: Mars Signs / Mars in the Houses  

  6. ♃ Jupiter. how you can grow and prosper. expansion, optimism, joy.
    ♃ Links: Jupiter Signs / Jupiter in the Houses  

  7. ♄ Saturn. how you face reality and how you structure our life. discipline, restrictions, time, achievement, lessons, guide.
    ♄ Links: Saturn Signs / Saturn in the Houses  

  8. ♅ Uranus. your ability to innovate and go against established thoughts. where there might be refusal to blend in with others and erratic life patters. innovation, rebellion, science, progress.
    ♅ Links: Uranus Signs / Uranus in the Houses

  9. ♆ Neptune. your humanitarian, vulnerable, dreamy nature. what you daydream about. illusions, escape, mysticism and dissolution.
    ♆ Links: Neptune Signs / Neptune in the Houses

  10. ♇ Pluto. how you search for the truth and deeper meanings. where you seek control and how you deal with power. our dark side. destruction, rebirth, subconscious, healing.
    ♇ Links: Pluto Signs / Pluto in the Houses

  11. Pallas. creative intelligence, strategy. where you tend to find patterns. how you perceive interactions.
    Links: Pallas Signs / Pallas in the Houses

  12. Juno. what kind of marriage you need/end up getting.
    Links: Juno Signs / Juno in the Houses

  13. Vesta. what you’re dedicated about and how you recharge your energies.
    Links: Vesta Signs / Vesta in the Houses

  14. Ceres. what makes you feels nurtured and how you nurture others.
    Links: Ceres Signs / Ceres in the Houses

  15. Chiron. how you discover strength in the darkest places, how you deal with your pain and overcome it.
    Links: Chiron Signs / Chiron in the Houses


CHUCK AND BLAIR IN EVERY EPISODE || Seventeen Candles (1x08)

Something this beautiful deserves to be seen on someone worthy of its beauty.


It’s a beautiful thursday today~~ Carat, have you eaten?

     She first realizes she might feel something for Stiles on the dirty, grimy locker room floor. 

A kiss born out of sheer desperation to help her friend leaves her wide-eyed and confused. It’s unexpected at best; just plain wrong at worst. She’s dating Aiden and his dad is missing. The timing is off and so she puts it aside. 

 Forgotten feelings rise a second time. 

She’s on the dirty hallway floor this time, fingers curved around her knees and a relieved smile on her lips. He’s alive. She almost lost him, but he survived. There’s a heart-stopping moment where his eyes meet hers and she almost feels it — but then a banshee’s wail rises in her throat and she’s forced to her feet. Aiden is dead and Allison is gone and it’s wrong. 

 Everything is wrong. 

She’s in the backseat of the jeep the third time it happens. Malia is sitting passenger and she makes a comment; she says she would never leave Stiles. An unexpected chill spreads across her chest — not jealousy, but something like it. Eyes roll skyward, lips purse, and she realizes: she would never leave Stiles either.

 But yet again, the timing is wrong. 

He’s officially dating Malia when she finally accepts it: she feels something for Stiles that can’t be easily put into words. She could make a grand scene and force him to choose, and maybe he would even choose her if she asked. But he’s happy. She sees it in the way he defends her; hears it in his voice when he says her name. He’s happy with Malia, and that’s the most important revelation of all. 

Maybe she’s missed her chance, or maybe they’ll find their way together in the end. Maybe she’s meant to understand what genuine, adult love feels like (patient and willing to put his needs above her own) so she can love another better than she knew how to love Jackson. 

Or maybe this is all they’ll ever be, because as always  —- 

            the timing is wrong.


I cried. This is a beautiful message, and everyone needs to see it. Your size does not define you. Big or small, it DOES NOT define you.


“Growing up I didn’t understand the color of my skin.. Telemundo never had a dark skin Latina leading actress, at least not while I was growing up. Imagine what that does to a young child, who was not seeing anyone who looked like her or her family on the only network her family watched… I’ve grown to love the skin I’m in and hope to encourage my WOC(women of color) to do so also because it’s up to us to open these opportunities and break these walls. Everyone has their own definition of “beauty” but guess what?! there is no definition, you define your beauty, therefore you must embrace it and cherish it because there can only be 1 you!! —– Monicastylemuse DOMINICANA SOY!!

for more click here watch my I’m too dark to be Dominican. 🙏🙏 REBLOG ❤️❤️ and let’s spread love if you can relate.

Yaaasss, queen! The slayage is so real! 

Bullied teenager Kyemah McEntyre showed her classmates how to stand up to the haters — by rocking out the best damn prom dress, made by hand. The 18-year-old artist designed the daring frock and Markell Evette of Markell’s Closet created it AND CAN WE SAY THAT SHE LOOKED DAMN GOOD IN IT?!!

“Don’t let anyone define you. Beautiful things happen when you take pride in yourself,” McEntyre wrote on one photo. 

Find more pictures of Kyemah here.