Bitch. The second of the angst alphabet.

“I’ll be over the bar, okay? Wait for a while.” Calum quickly said, pecking you on the cheek which you smiled at.

You sighed out, somehow feeling contented with everything, leaning on the bar with no interest to drink since you didn’t even feel on getting wasted.

You swinged your legs back and forth, looking at the people around you while your eyes landed on Calum, talking to the other boys.

A cold hand was then placed on your bare shoulder, making you immediately flinch and slap the hand away.

“Fucker.” You groaned to yourself, and just in queue, Calum was right beside you.

“We’re gonna go home.” He sternly said.

“But the boys are still here?” You dragged the words out, referring to Calum’s bandmates.

“We’re gonna fucking go home. Right now.”

“What the hell was that?” Calum yelled, bursting the door open of your shared flat, excess snow from his figure being shaken off from the powerful motion.

“You saw what exactly happened, Calum.” You gritted through your teeth, taking your boots off as well as your coat, trying to keep up with him.

“I know what I saw!” He retorted, pushing the door open to your also shared bedroom, crossing his arms across his chest as he looked down at you.

“There’s you answer then!”

He looked at you in despise, his ego not wanting to back down.

“But you still flirted with him.”

“And why the fuck would I flirt with him? I have a boyfriend, and that’s clearly you!”

“Bullshit. You even held his hand.”

The argument of Calum was far from valid, he made up reasons to make him even mad at you.

“I slapped his hand away since he rested it on my shoulder.”

You firmly said, silencing Calum.

He still stood by his statement, that you’re the one at fault and he’s not. He hated being cornered like this, he didn’t want to get embarrassed either during this fight.

“You’re such a bitch!”

The words rolled of his tongue effortlessly, making it look like that he’s spoken it like a chant, added with his fiery gaze.

You had nothing to do but nod, finding the nerve to still smile even hopeless you looked with the tears already pouring down.

“I, uh — thanks, Calum.”

You headed for the door, wanting to get your mind else where but here.

“I didn’t mean it like that.” He croaked out, restricting you to move away by gripping your wrist.

You humorlessly chuckled, “What does it mean then?”

He found no words to speak out.

“Exactly. You actually mean it.”

You bit your lip to avoid any sobs from coming through, you wanted to conceal the fact that you’re actually hurt.


He choked out, the word feeling so foreign after everything the both of you went through.

“I’m sorry.” His bottom lip trembled, the regret and guilt washing over him quickly.

You shrugged your arm forcefully away from his grip, marching downstairs and locking yourself up in the guest room.

Calum somehow made you feel like you were just a guest.

“Y/N, please.” He pleaded.

Calum, with every fibre of him, hoped that this isn’t the end.

fight-me-cunt-nugget  asked:

You go to Seventeen's fan sign and talk to Woozi and you both have love at first sight? :D Sorry if this is awkwardly phrased hahaha. I'm excited to see Seventeen reaction blogs!!

It wasn’t awkwardly phrased; I understood you perfectly! I wrote this real quick before going out so my apologies if there’s typos and such! I hope you enjoy, love!

Your feet were aching, you were sweating more than needed and on top of that your eyes could barely stay open. To make matters worse, you were at this crowded fansigning alone because your friend had decided to bail at last minute. But since you had already bought an album (of the band you barely knew) and had still managed to get a spot in the fansigning, you figured it was worth your time going.

Now, however, you were the twenty fifth person in line and regretting it with every fibre in your body.

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