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It’s like the mind of an old very wise man trapped in the body of a young and hot british actor

the way alycia brightens up when she talks about being insanely busy with her work and the way she rambles on about it just makes me fall in love so much more i mean you can literally see the passion in her eyes and it’s so rare someone loves what they do so much and has the courage and strength to pursue their dreams i mean she left home and everyone, and went across half the globe all by herself to further her acting career and it breaks my heart when she talked about how lonely and hard it was and how she had no friends and had to make friends of friends of friends and still she pushed through and continue to fight for her dreams even till this very day when she’s already achieved it her passion still burns so bright she’s honestly too good too pure for this world she doesn’t deserve all this shit that has happened to her


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Thank you, we are really excited about this campaign and this project, Misha mentioned to me a while back and i said, look man, you give me the go and i will hop on with you and we will see what we can do.” Jensen Ackles  You Are Not Alone Livestream [x]