Dear person who messed me up the most;

You are the reason I am the way I am right now. You’ve ruined me, every good thing I felt about myself is gone because of you. We used to be so in love, everyone would talk about how they see us getting married and having kids together but that didn’t happen. You were the best for me, I believed in you, I gave you all of me. There isn’t one thing in my life that you didn’t know of.

I’m so glad that you are out of my life and that I’m not the person I once was after you left me. Whoever leaves their loved one after they’ve gotten pregnant, should definitely go to hell. But at the same time, I am 100000 times more happier without you, so thank you for giving me the most precious human being ever. She’s the reason why I’m still alive.

You abused me, you hurt me mentally and physically. I was a fucking junkie and an alcoholic because of you. Thank god for my friends and my daughter, or I would still be where I was.

SO THANK YOU, you jerk. Thank you for ruining me but letting me be free at the same time. I hope no other girl goes through what I have gone through with you. What goes around, comes around and your karma is just around the corner.


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Infinite Meme: One member

↳ {1/1} Dongwoo

"He’s the type to accept everything even when you joke around. He always has on a brightly smiling face and he’s truthful to the point of being a fool."  — Sungyeol (after choosing Dongwoo as the kindest member)