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Liutana AU where they're both alive and happy in Edenia? Proposal maybe? ❤️

Heh, maybe … ;)

Kitana cut a striking vision indeed; Liu Kang was fairly certain that the many people wandering beneath the Edenian palace balcony and beyond in the clean, shining streets would be able to see her stunning smile.

“You still manage to amaze me, my Queen,” he complimented her, intertwining his fingers with hers.

“And you would bless me if you agree to become my King,” Kitana replied, her eyes shining bright as she opened her other hand to reveal a golden band topped with a shining white jewel; for the Edenians below and beyond, nothing warmed their hearts more as they saw their Queen’s stunning smile broaden as she slipped the ring onto her lover’s finger.

The feels I got from writing this. T3T