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I hope ur alright little lamb!!! Pls take care of yourself you're a lil ray of sunshine and the world needs ur light!!!!

thank you so much here i have this for you

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So!!! After looking through your blog, I went ahead and decided to follow you. Honestly, a lot of the content that you re-blog and such is definitely stuff that I wanna see. Thank you for being a lil positive ray of sunshine on my dash from here on out. There’s humour and education in your blog: two things I think a lot of people should welcome into their blogs. An it wasn’t done in a mean or harsh way even. Please go follow this amazing blog y'all. 💕
P.s.: Come talk to moi sometime.

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Hello you lil ray of sunshine! What would a relationship between an Aries Sun, Taurus Moon, Aries Mercury, Gemini Venus and Scorpio Mars with a Pisces Sun and Moon, Aries Mercury and Venus and Scorpio Mars be like? Thank you and ilysm

hello! aries and pisces share the trait of childlike joy and carelessness, although they can be very different. taurus moon and pisces moon are two very calm signs, and albeit kind of different, can create a balance in the relationship. gemini venus and aries venus are very compatible, both energetic and want the same things in a relationship. scorpio mars and scorpio mars may clash, although can go along together very well.