He finds her out on the balcony. Jackie popped out for groceries to make for dinner, mumbling something about a shepherd’s pie long owed. They’re all quiet, subdued, in the wake of their return to the right universe. Jackie seems shell-shocked and on the edge of breaking and he thinks he’ll confine himself to the TARDIS tonight lest he overhear her crack. That seems too private a thing for the relationship they have.

 Rose retreated after she cried herself out and he let her, tinkering to keep himself busy, but when he emerged Jackie was leaving and she was nowhere to be seen. He made tea and went to look. The flat is small and it only took a moment to see her silhouetted by harsh street lamps

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I want to make a heartfelt apology for whatever it is I end up accidentally saying during the forthcoming #JurassicWorld press tour. I hope you understand it was never my intention to offend anyone and I am truly sorry. I swear. I’m the nicest guy in the world. And I fully regret what I (accidentally will have) said in (the upcoming foreign and domestic) interview(s). I am not in the business of making excuses. I am just dumb. Plain and simple. I try. I REALLY try!

  • Will:Hey, Nico?
  • Nico:Yeah?
  • Will:Aku Cinta Kamu.
  • Nico:Uh...
  • Will:It means "I love you" in Indonesian. I think...
  • Nico:And why do you know that? I'm pretty sure you don't speak Indonesian...
  • Will:I don't. But I heard this guy say it to his boyfriend and I thought it was really cute and-
  • Magnus Bane:*appears in mass cloud of glitter* THATS MY LINE
  • Nico:Wha- Will, who's this?!
  • Will:It's the dude I-
  • Will:Your line? It's just "I love you" in a different language. You can't own a language!
  • Magnus:WANNA BET, HAL-
  • Alec:*runs in* Woah, Magnus, you can't-
  • Magnus:My darling Alexander, these issues don't concern you... *looks to will* THEY CONCERN THAT UNORIGINAL LINE-THEIF.
  • Will:*steps forward* Line thief? I WAS JUST-
  • Will:Wanna go, witch?
  • Nico:Will, don't-
  • Magnus:WITCH? OH NO YOU DIDNT! *sparks blue fire* COME AT ME, PRETTY BOY!
  • Alec:Magnus, you're over-
  • Will:*runs at Magnus*
  • Magnus:*runs at Will*
  • Nico:oh gods...
  • Alec:*approaches Nico* sorry about Magnus... He tends to overreact...
  • Nico:*watches as Will and Magnus fight* Ugh, tell me about it.

WURHGH I’m in a situation where I really, really need money like direly (when am I not well it’s just reached new heights h ah  sobs), and so if anyone would commission me, it would really help! This money will go to help cover my living expenses that does not yet include money for food.

It is purely to help keep a roof over my head, have water and electricity.

The files that you receive will be much larger. Yeah ok the price between a headshot and fully body might sound dumb but the style is really time consuming v___v!

If you are unable to commission me, even a signal boost would really be appreciated! Thank you for your time!

If you’re interested, please send a message to my email (which is also my paypal email btw!)

Angry Girl Feels

First I’m told I’m “casual” and “female”. Together. You know, a “casual female viewer”. But then I’m told I’m “entitled” and taking my shit waaaaaaay too seriously because I’m having feels and opinions and shit. THEN I’m told I should buy this:

Oh! Hey! Look! It’s that guy you like gib us monies pleeze.

I AM SO FUCKING SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF FUCKING BEING TOLD I’M FUCKING FEELING IN A FUCKING UNACCEPTABLE MANNER THAT OTHERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO MANIPULATE! Oh, you women. You just like shiny things. You don’t actually MEAN it when you say you love something. Oh, you women. You’re so emotional. You don’t really know how the real world works when you respond with alllllllll that dramaaaaaaaa. Oh, you women. You’re dumb as shit and will swallow anything we shove in your mouth that looks sweet.

I’m sorry. C’mere. No. Closer. No… even closer. Get in realllllll good…. FUCK YOU!

This deserves a much longer post over on my blog, but for tumblr I’ll be brief. I just want to say, do not confuse reserve for apathy and do not confuse passion with stupidity. Do not tell me I don’t have the right to want what I want, even for things that only exist in my mind. The FEELINGS are real and will not be discounted.

I am not a victim of these feelings. They are my strength. They are my fuel. They drive me and will send me further and faster than all of your logic and reasoning. Because thinking comes from the brain and the brain is mortal and finite. All that shit will die. My passion comes from my heart and the moment I allow it to be, it is infinite. You cannot stop it. You cannot contain it. And you CANNOT TELL ME I AM WRONG.

I shall extend the same courtesy to those who disagree with me. Even if our THOUGHTS conflict, I shall remember the passion burns with the same intensity.

OR big feelings scare you and you don’t understand them. Then they SHOULD scare you. Because I am being kind and reserved in my reactions to you stealing our fucking shirt that has come from literally HUNDREDS of passionate hearts to try and make a goddamn buck. don’t buy counterfeit. 


3,000 FOLLOWERS! Woohoo!!

Thank you all so much! And here’s a brand new 1920x1200 wallpaper to (hopefully) replace that old one I drew 7 months ago. <:3c AND I INCLUDED KDIN FOR ONCE;;;;;

[Full View]

Unfortunately I am a dumb and can only work Photobucket so just click through to see it. ;;w;; If you hit the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner twice, it’ll go full view.

Thank you for everything, you guys. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. <333

I am not doing Soriel day

I am tired, guys.

Really tired.

Some things happened, people were jerks, and I have to deal with lots and lots of messages that are not nice. I am tired of repeating stuff, and I am tired of saying things that are actually on my blog and that you could go see if you actually cared a little bit.

Today was not a good day, and sorry if I replied to you and I was cranky. I’m just tired.

And I swear if I see another dumb ask I’m gonna throw myself off a window.

So yeah I am not doing Soriel because I don’t feel like it.

Let’s see if tomorrow I do anything at all.

I got so many ppl telling me “BUT ITS AN ADVERT TO MAKE YOU LOOK 58!!”

you get that’s a really specific number, right.

And that fandom (well after this episode was finished) figured out the math to say Stan was 58 a while ago right.

And that that’s the joke.

The joke is that Stan didn’t age well. He literally wants to look his age.


Because that’s how old he is.



another really dumb feanor comic I did today

I was working on a drawing of finwe and his hair is stupid long so I figured it be a High Elf thing of growing ur hair like down to the floor long especially for royalty but most of u have seen my feanor before and know his hair is pretty short compared to others.

So this stupid scenario popped in my head OTL

Submitted (anonymous) story: Why ace and bi erasure is damaging

when i was younger, up until probably late 2014 (16 and a half) i didnt know that there was a difference in romantic orientation and sexual orientation, or the idea of asexuality for that matter, or anything of the sort. (when someone first mentioned asexuality in reference to my sexual preference i told them that i wasnt a plant. lol) so i figured there were probably some biromantic aces out there or even just the average old ace who could maybe relate to this anecdote

fun story…

when i was a pre-teen i dated a girl because i was kinda dumb then and thought that you could change sexualities if you wanted to (ex: “i really like guys and am straight but hey! who said i cant date this girl, i could probably learn to be bi”), and it all went okay until things started getting sexual - the start of hormones, people wanting to discover bodies, sexting was the big thing then. my “girlfriend” (it was middle school) wanted to sext and all that jazz, but the idea of being intimate with someone in a sexual manner on phone, let alone in person, gave me this gut-gnawing, repulsed feeling. that feeling would follow me up into my teens and wouldn’t be recognized as regular sex-repulsion until later.

anyway, eventually we broke up because i confessed to her that - surprise, im not bi - since i never experienced sexual attraction towards females. at that age i thought being straight, gay, bi, and everything else in between referred to your sexual attraction as well as romantic, and struggled with the idea that i could have crushes on both girls and guys while still not being sexually attracted to girls. it got ugly really fast, a lot of heart breaking between me and her, and eventually some distancing.

long story short it took me a really long time, and a lot of confusion/dismay over my undesignated biromanticsm, for me to recognize it for what it was. i had troubles with guys because we’d flirt and be romantic, but i’d become repulsed and distancing once they grew intimate interests. i had troubles with girls because there were some i crushed hard on, but forced myself to stay away from because of this sexual-normative box i had enclapsed myself into. i had it engrained in my mind that i was straight, and i’d find the right guy some day, and that i should just steer away from relationships with girls because it’ll end in (their) heartache over (their) lack of sex appeal.

and that’s why acerasure, bierasure, and the belittling of romantic orientations are important to learn about i think. because for a while, i thought there was something wrong with me for falling in love with people i’d never do-the-do with. i thought i needed to stay away from guys and girls because i’d lead them on, or they’d get the wrong idea. i thought i was just an overzealous flirt, and constantly had to justify my romantic feelings for both girls AND guys because i never thought they were legitimized

this goes out to all the biromantic asexuals, to all the aces and aros out there. you’re not alone. it’s overwhelming how many people out there are exactly the same, and experience such similar things. it’s very humbling and comforting to know that. and thats why im sharing this with you guys!

thanks for sharing ur stories with me so that i could feel less alone

The signs as things I hear at work
  • Aries:"I'm gonna train my mouth to open wider!" *open mouth as wide as it can*
  • Taurus:"no homo... But you have a really nice ass Nolan"
  • Gemini:"why does Christian still work here?" "Because he's dumb and easy to mess with"
  • Leo:"I'm the biggest narcissist!" "Oh hell no, I am because I am way better!"
  • Virgo:"When I first met you I thought you were college kid in your emo phase." *other guy walks in* "I wouldn't even give him enough credit to be a college kid"
  • Libra:"AJ you can be the Meme Ambassador"
  • Scorpio:"Rene is the only cool person here I hate the rest of you."
  • Sagittarius:"So if your name is Craig is your real name Craiggory?"
  • Capricorn:*gets out wine glass* pour me some bleach please.
  • Aquarius:"I wish there was a goat running around in here."
  • Pisces:"Did you just say foreskin?" "No! I said forest gay."
Marauders Nicknames

So the Marauders came up with their nicknames when they became animagi? Like how did that conversation even go?

James: Now that we are Animagi, we need cool nicknames related to our animal

Sirius: I vote Remus to be called fluffy

Remus: Absolutely not

James: My nickname shall be prongs because my antlers remind me of forks

Sirius: Can I just be called black dog and be done with it?

Remus: I’ll be Moony, it’s a low key werewolf reference aha i am hilarious

Peter: At least you guys have something to work with. I’ll probably be called something dumb related to my tail that looks like a freaking worm


Peter: wtf James did you not just hear me

Sirius: I will be Padfoot because dogs have padded feet haha i’m a genius

James: Now we have cool animagi names

Remus: Was this really necessary tho


“Come on guys, I want one good picture of us,” you voiced out through the giggles of the two boys and the angel.

 “Just a second, Y/N,” Sam said as he took another sip of his eggnog.

“Sam, you’re drunk enough for this picture. You were drunk enough to put that adorable sweater on,” you smiled at him as you took a big slip of your eggnog.

“I can’t believe, I’m wearing this! I am not drunk enough for this,” Dean said as he looked down at the ugly sweater he was wearing.

“You look adorable, Dean,” you giggled.

“Mine is nice and cozy,” Cas grinned widely.

“Alright guys, I want one too,” Charlie said, “Let’s go then we can do really dumb stuff.”

“I have no idea what’s going on, if I’m being honest,” Sam chuckled as he finished off his drink.

“Alright boys, say Merry Christmas!” You said.

You looked at the photo, rolled your eyes and figured it would be best to give up. There was no way you were getting a good one with them.

x x

anyone else think it’s really dumb when people say ‘‘but you don’t have a reason to be sad’‘ like? yeah that’s what makes it so bad? there’s no reason yet here i am? and if there’s no reason there’s nothing you can do to make yourself feel better, like if you don’t know the source of the problem you can’t possibly find a solution. feeling sad for a reason is one thing because you know what needs to be done but feeling sad for no reason is literal hell because the problem is nothing and everything at the same time and it’s really fucking confusing and i for one am tired of it


I finally made a hair tutorial video wow sorry that the audio isn’t great and I feel really dumb I’m sorry oh gosh

Check out hollandrodem’s and banshae’s hair tutorials, and if you guys try any of these, tag me in your selfies! Lemme know if they help! ^u^


This is mostly for @daishannigans, whose tags on the kiss vid made my life better. I went ahead and uploaded this one, when Taron, as Daniel, comes back looking all smart in his suit and all, and, as an added bonus for those of you who want them, made a zip of these* plus the awkward flirting scene that I’ve yet to upload for y’all’s viewing pleasure. I AM working on uploading the full play, but it’s a bitch to upload because I’m not tech-savvy enough to know how to mess with file size and I don’t want to hurt the quality. Also, I made them have sound now because I was really dumb and had the “mute” thing checked in the program I’m using. I’m really really dumb with computers, you guys. But they’re longer and with sound in the zip, and the song in the tiny shorts scene is life-givingly amazing.

Until the whole thing’s done, have these little snippets at least. <3

Tags for @sherlockianonfire91 @mockingjaybeevicious @machtaholic @annaofaza @agentdagonet @elletromil @super-cynful @trekkiepirate (and I know you don’t need this as such, but still giving you links and credit where it’s due for making this possible at all) … probably people I’m forgetting but whatever. I’ve been trying to do this for hours and I keep getting sidetracked at work.


**EDIT AGAIN: So I’ve uploaded the lot of them to YouTube, since I think most people know how to rip from there? No site is big enough for me to just load that zip file for free, and I’m broke as hell. If that doesn’t work, let me know, so I can try something else. 

First of all thank you Lola for making the amazing edit! :)

So it’s about one year since I made this blog and I’d like to thank all the cuties who made my tumblr experience fun and also prevented me from having a life. Some of you guys I’ve been following since I first made my blog, others since yesterday. But I love all of you guys so much <3. 

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