Hi guys! Forgive me for not having updated recently; The grade of my sister was yesterday and there were many things to do, however I hope we can start this special in the most beautiful way with one of your favorites “STARCO KISS”, but as for changing a little I decided to do it in their teenage versions, So it’s definitely a surprise kiss XD, star was not expecting it :V

I hope you like guys! , I will try to finish the special for Wednesday or Tuesday

 ._. … y si deje el “especial en español” , quiero que sea una marca personal XD 

Hii , my name is sis ; I’m here for my second follow forever ! just over a year ago , I started this blog without many ideas or creativity but with an immense willingness to produce something and make my days better in a space where I could be happy. guys , my joy is enormous and I can not describe it , but I really want to thank u all for my +5.6k This is not just numbers for me , you guys are really amazing and special to me ! thank you to everyone who sends me messages over time when I had a problem or was sad , thank you for this love and always supporting me in a wonderful way ! I made incredible and sweet friendships ilysm , and thank you for liking my editions and drawings , thank you for everything ! and thanks to Bangtan for changing my life !  ♡

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Seventeen At Thanksgiving: A Holiday Special

The turkey ain’t the only thing getting roasted

Vernon: Alright guys we can eat!
*they all rush to the table*

Seungcheol: Wow Vernon you really went all out

Seungkwan: If this is going out I’m staying inside.

Jeonghan: Be nice, Josh say the grace.

Joshua: Lets give grace that we all have the opportunity to be together.

Jun: *to minghao* We’re not even American, why are we doing this?

Minghao: *shrugs* just go along with it before this guy condemns us.

Joshua: EXCUSE ME I’M TRYING TO PRAY!! Thank you lord for this meal we are about to receive, and bless the hands that made it. Thank you for all our blessings this year lord, and in Jesus name we pray amen.

All: Amen!

Jun: Oh hell no, we’re gonna need the blessing not him!

*they all start eating*

Vernon: So how is it guys.

Jun: Which one do you want, the truth or the absolute truth.

Vernon: The truth.

Jun: We haven’t drop dead yet .

Mingyu: I should’ve cooked the food damn it.

Vernon: You’re not even American.


Joshua: Vernon you were in America for like five seconds, if anything I should’ve cooked.

Jun: Who left him in charge in the first place.

DK: I’m just gonna keep my mouth shut.

Hoshi: *tries playing footsie with DK, but hits Cheol instead*

Seungcheol: Who the hell just kicked me?!

Hoshi: *immediately starts serving himself to avoid conflict*

Minghao: Where’s the turkey?

Vernon: Where’s your lines?

Wonwoo: *mumbles* Hell’s about to break loose.

Gyu: What was that?

Wonwoo: Nothing..

Woozi: Lets change the subject, let’s talk about what we’re thankful for.

Chan: I’m grateful for you guys.

Seungcheol: Aw Channie.

Minghao: I’m just glad we didn’t get arrested again.

Woozi: Can we just drop it.



DK: I’m grateful that we became a group.

Seungcheol: Same here even though we’ve been banned from so many places.

Minghao: And who’s fault is that?

Jeonghan: Oh shit.

Seungcheol: Excuse me?

Minghao: Last time I checked you’re the leader, so you’re supposed to keep order!!!


Chan: Isn’t this holiday suppose to bring people toge–WHAT’S BURNING?!

Vernon: OH SHIT. *runs into the kitchen*

Seungcheol: Are you serious? Nothing goes right. FUCK.


Seungkwan: Shut up mingyu.

Mingyu: Excuse me?!

Hoshi: *flings a spoonful of mashed potatoes, hitting jeonghan*

Jeonghan: Who the hell?!

Jeonghan: *throws salad bowl, and it hits Joshua*

Joshua: What the hell?! *throws stuffing at Woozi*

Woozi: Hey! *throws green beans at seungcheol*

Seungcheol: *throws a pie*

*they all start throwing food*

Vernon: Okay nothing burned, I forgot I lit a candle and-MY FOOD, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FOOD I COOKED?!

Jun: Oh please, you really thought we were gonna eat that?

Hoshi: Why does the turkey still have its head attached?


Jeonghan: Honey, calm down..


Jeonghan: *stays quiet*

Seungcheol: I’m fucking sick and tired of this shit.



Minghao: Like you did at the restaurant?

*they all gasped*

Vernon: THATS IT IM LEAVING *storms out the dorm*

Seungcheol: Huh, usually I storm out on moments like these

Seungkwan: He’s just mad that we won’t eat his diarrhea enriched meal, I give him an hour, he’ll be back

In the end, Seventeen ordered chicken, and Vernon came back in an hour.

Happy Holidays from “Seventeen At!” Special thanks to my friend for helping me write this! Please like and reblog, especially reblog!! And welcome to Season Two of “Seventeen At!” Get ready cause it’s gonna be a wild ride!!

-Admin K

But consider, Nathalie Sancoeur and Nino Lahiffe

So, I don’t know if you guys saw in the XMAS special, but when Adrien disappears, Nathalie makes a phone call, and through editing, it’s pretty much implied that she calls Nino, which got me thinking:

  • As soon as Nathalie figured out that Adrien considered Nino to be his closest friend, she gave Nino her number, and took his. “In case of emergencies, and I mean it. Anything you need.”
  • Nathalie doesn’t expect anything to come of it, Adrien and Nino are good kids, they don’t get into too much trouble
  • But Nino texts her first, 
    • “Hey, am I still banned from the mansion? Adrien and I have a project and my house is -significantly smaller- for us to work in”
  • Nathalie replies
    • “Consider your ‘ban’ lifted. Mr. Agreste is in at headquarters for the afternoon”
  • Nathalie informs Nino when her boss is out of the house. 
  • Actually, after a month of this sneaking around, Nathalie sits Nino down for a formal lesson on “how to interact with Gabriel Agreste”
    • it’s a powerpoint she’s had on file since 2012 after a full night of drinking.
  • Gabriel catches Nino, Nathalie and Nino both come at him rationally and sensibly about the subject
    • Nathalie is proud of Nino and how he handled it. 
  • Nino called Nathalie while drunk one time to rant about Gabriel, and she realizes he’s at a bar a few streets away, and shows up, and makes sure he gets home safely
  • They become friends
  • They scream about Gabriel

look i’m gonna get sappy right now !!! when i first saw fantastic beast, i never thought i’d love newt scamander as much as i do. once i walked out of the theater, i cried because the movie and he was so perfect ???? i waited a week to make him because i’ve seen so many wonderful newt’s who would definitely play him better than me and i would be too intimidated tbh. but when i made him, everyone was so welcoming and even other newt’s had followed me, usually people who have the same muse as me don’t follow so i was surprised ???? it’s only been four days and i already have more than 100 followers, that has NEVER happened before on any of my blogs, i just want to cry, i love you guys asdfgbnbgfds <3 and i’ve but i love everyone in this fandom so much and you guys are so special. 


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Saint Nicholas's Eve

Part one

Holidays in Holland series masterlist

Pairing: Calum & Daphne + Sofie

This is the first installment of seven of the Holidays in Holland series! This is a Calum series specially written for the holidays (as if that wasn’t clear yet). The amazing  Fleur (@lukefightme) gave me some inspiration (as she is my fellow Dutchie) and has offered to make drawings based off the imagines. I really love her for it and appreciate all the effort she’s putting in this to make the series a success.

Some parts of the imagines will be in Dutch, but I’ll put a translation behind it in cursive brackets!

You can see the drawings [here] when they’re posted

I hope you all like this and please give me [feedback] if you’d like!

WC: 978

December 5th, 1:24pm - Alkmaar, the Netherlands

“Mama? Papa?” Calum watched as his wife Daphne stepped into her childhood home for the first time in three years. Sofie, their daughter, held onto her mother tightly, looking at her surroundings bewildered. “Maud? Daan? Ik ben er! Oh en Calum en Sofie natuurlijk ook. (I’m here! Oh and Calum and Sofie too, of course.)

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there’s 100 of you guys and wow you are all so lovely and so sweet and thank you so much for following me! i made elia sort of fast, i loved her character and decided to make her and never has a muse come to me so easily or excited me so much as writing elia has! now, onto some super special lovely people i <3

gilmore squad 2k16

@winterfellswolfqueen: cori, ginger snap, ugh ily. you were one of my first followers back on my myranda blog and all around one of the kindest, sweetest and most welcoming people i have ever encountered. you made me feel welcome in this fandom and really, i love your sansa, all of my muses love your sansa and i love writing with you. <3

@ofbrokenmen: sophiiiee tbh we’ve only been interacting/taking for a little while but it feels like it has been forever and i am so happy to have met you! you are such a lovely person and an amazing writer. i honestly can’t believe that we never interacted until the group verse and that makes me a little sad, but i’m so happy to be able to consider you one of my friends <3

@mother-of-dragonns: okay so you don’t watch gilmore, but you are going in here cause ily. you are crazy and fun and manage to make me laugh every time i check the chat. you are also so very kind and sweet and a talented writer. thank you for joining the group verse, otherwise we might never have spoken <3

i love you guys like elia loves oberyn 

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i know i probably missed a bunch of people and i am v sorry, but if you follow me ily <3

anonymous asked:

Tammy u should totally ask Mattie out jus sayin

Tamara: Maybe you guys got it mixed up, I don’t know why Mattie would have a crush on me; Ell sure, heck Tori even makes some sense.

I’m nothing special.

Sorry guys! I JUST got home! Here you go! Special features start tomorrow.


Nevada sat with John and Amber, laying out the plan for when they would go after Natalia. It was relatively simple; she had no idea that he’d found her, and not a clue as to when he was coming for her. Finally he had the element of surprise, that was important.

“Dude, these wigs are amazing! I wanna wear one,” Amber mused, picking out a brunette wig and putting it on. “I look like Barbie…it’s a little weird.”

“Even weirder for me, I promise,” Nevada mused, looking over at John. “So? Everything’s all set?” he asked.

“Taken care of,” John nodded. “We’re all set to go when you are.”

His eyes moved to Amber and frowned. “You do share a striking resemblance to Mrs. Ramirez.”

Amber grinned and admired herself in the mirror. “I am so wearing my hair like this today, damn I’d make a hot brunette.” She thought for a moment, trying to picture things you did on a regular basis. She stuck her bottom lip out in an exaggerated pout and batted her eyelashes, “ay papi, as long as no one ever gets hurt in the heights I’ll be happy. Only fifteen percent make it out.” She snorted a laugh.

Nevada took a rubber band and placed a jelly bean from the bowl on Diamond’s make up table on the inside, stretching it back before he aimed it at Amber’s ass and released. The jelly bean bounced hard off Amber’s backside, and he chuckled.

“Payasa, cut it out,” he said in a laugh, looking back at John. “Okay bueno, I promised this one over here…” He pointed to Amber with his thumb. “I’d buy her lunch after our meeting so.” He held out his hand as he stood up. “Mañana. Eight am, you’ll get your prisoner, alive.”

“Bye Johnny,” Amber waved and took Nevada’s arm with a chuckle. “Vamos papi,” she cooed in her best impression of your voice. “I wanna talk to you more about my hopes and dreams. Maybe we can feed all the children in Africa before noon.”

“Jesus Christo, now you’re scaring me,” he replied, leading her out if the restaurant. “Bueno ‘Dama,’ where do you wanna go for lunch?” he asked as he walked out of the club with her and walked down the sidewalk.

She smiled at him, “anywhere you want, papi.” She smirked when he made a face. “Oh no,” she coos. “Is that annoying? Maybe you shouldn’t harass me and my boyfriend during sex,” she scolded.

“Maybe you shouldn’t scream so loud during sex,” he chuckled. “Y como que ‘boyfriend?’ Thought you guys were just fucking.”

“We’re…trying to make things right. We had something great 7 years ago…Omar doesn’t want me and Emmy doesn’t want him but…we want each other. So might as well work things out, right?” She sighed. “That came out wrong. I love him. I love Omar and I love Rafael. But Omar made his choice just like Emmy made hers…we can’t sit around heartbroken forever.”

“So you guys are comforting each other, I get it,” he replied, nodding his head. “Nothing wrong with helping each other out.” he added softly, winding his arm around her waist and pulling her tight against his side. “Just be careful nobody gets their heart broken again.”

She nodded, leaning her head against his shoulder as they walked. “This is nice, I can see why Barbie’s always so happy just to be next to you,” she hummed. “You’re like a walking toaster oven, all warm and cozy. And when you’re not talking? I could totally get why she married you,” she teased softly.

“Thanks,” he chuckled. “Helps that I got an amazing cock, too,” he mumbled softly into her ear.

“Oh gross,” she snorted and leaned her head against him still. “I’ll take your word for it, papi.”

They walked a little further along, side by side, in a comfortable silence. As they passed an alleyway, Nevada heard a familiar voice behind Amber.

“Keep walking, don’t turn around or I kill her right here, Trujillo. At the end of the block, take a right, and get in the black town car,” Adrian said, holding a small handgun against Amber’s spine. “I’m sorry, Y/N, but your husband here gave us no choice.”

Amber tensed in Nevada’s arms, trying to take deep breaths as they continued to walk. “Nevada,” she whispered softly, a small gesture of fear, she pressed her face to his shoulder as they continued on.

“Tranquila, Mami,” he mumbled to her. “Just do what he says, I’ll handle this.”

“Just like you handle everything else, isn’t that right, Nevada? You couldn’t just die in that Hangar? Your family would’ve been fine if you had. Now thanks to your stubbornness, you daughter’s gonna lose both her parents instead just her good for nothing father,” Adrian mumbled to him.

They turned the corner and got into the black town car, Adrian getting in behind them and knocking on the divider to signal the driver to go.

Amber buried her face against Nevada, not just out of fear. She knew if they realized she wasn’t who they thought she was, they’d put a bullet in her brain without a second of hesitation. She shut her eyes tight and gripped to the leather of Nevada’s jacket. “Por favor,” she whispered softly. “Adrian you have a son. How could you take a child’s parents away?”

“Dama,” Nevada said firmly. If she talked too much, Adrian would surely realize that she wasn’t you.

“It’s not my choice, Y/N. I have to protect Riker at all costs, and if your husband insists on coming to find us so he can kill the mother of my child…”

Nevada looked up at Adrian, arm holding Amber close to him with his hand on her head.

“Yeah, your little hacker isn’t as good as he thinks he is. Ours is better.”

“So what do you want, pendejo?” Nevada growled.

“I have to take you two out, well…I have to let my wife do the honors. I’m sorry Y/N…not sorry about Nevada. But I’m sorry about you. You don’t deserve this. I wish you hadn’t married the monster of the Heights.”

“Why don’t you just let her go, Adrian. It’s me Natalia wants. It’s always been me she’s wanted,” Nevada said with a tiny smirk, putting a double meaning in his words. “Just let my wife go.”

“Like I said, I’m sorry but both of you have to die. I know Y/N and I know the second we kill you, she’ll go after us full force. I mean, holy fuck…did you see what she did to your mother, Ramirez?” He chuckled. “Didn’t know she had such a dark streak.”

Nevada stayed quiet. He’d never told you, and he never would tell you, but he had been angry at first that you’d had his mother killed without so much as telling him until after it was already done. Swallowing hard, she pulled Amber closer into his side, turning his head to place a kiss on her forehead.

“It’s gonna be okay,” he whispered.

“She was still your mother,” Amber whispered, trying to give him some insight into what you had told her. All the things you’d confessed over drinks and tears. “And I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself. I haven’t been the same since.”


“Who could be Y/N? Killing your mother in law? I gotta admit, it’s a fantasy most of us have but…to actually do it? You had her executed like a dog,” he whispered right near Nevada. “I didn’t know you had it in you.”

“Why don’t you shut the fuck up, cabron,” Nevada growled, glaring at Adrian as he gave Amber’s shoulder a gentle squeeze.

“Calm down, Nevada. We’re almost there,” Adrian replied. “You might wanna give your wife one last kiss. Cause once we get to where we’re going, my orders are to tie her up, and make her watch while my wife guts you like you gutted her first husband. Then she’s gonna take her time doing the same to Y/N.” Nevada made a move to lunge at Adrian, stopping when the bald man held his gun up to Nevada’s face. “Now, now…let’s not ruin Natalia’s fun. She’ll be pretty pissed if I have to kill you before she gets her chance to satisfy her need to watch you suffer.”

Amber mentally rolled her eyes, cupping Nevada’s jaw and leaning in to kiss him to calm him down. Neither of them would do any good if he pissed Adrian off enough to get them shot. She kissed him hard and hot, knowing that her profile matched yours just enough to get away with it.

Nevada purred softly, kissing Amber back when the car stopped and he heard Adrian’s voice again.

“Alright, love birds…break it up. It’s showtime.” Nevada pulled away, keeping his face close to Amber’s and staring into her eyes. “Let’s go. Out of the car.” Adrian nudged Nevada with the gun, and Amber opened the door and got out of the car. Nevada followed, standing close behind her and leaning down to whisper in her ear.

“Just stay calm.”

“Calm is not what I’m feeling,” she trembled and took a few shaky breaths, walking with Nevada and staying close to him.

“I know I’m a good kisser just try to focus, Mami,” he mumbled with a smirk, trying to get her to relax a bit.

“Inside, both of you.”

They walked into the small cottage out in the boonies, where a fire was burning in the fireplace. Natalia was standing there with a glass of wine. Amber kept her head down, letting the hair from the wig hide her face as Adrian shoved them inside and tied Amber’s hands behind her back, shoving her into a chair.

Amber kept her head tilted still.

“Trujillo, we meet again. I must admit, I was getting quite anxious to see you. When I heard you were looking for me, I just got all tingly inside.” She smirked and sipped her wine, moving to Adrian and giving him a long kiss. “Darling, will you do me a favor and call the nanny? Check on Riker?”

Adrian smiled and nodded, kissing her as he headed to the other room. Nevada arched a brow at her.

“Heard you two finally made it official. Congrats,” he mused. “You tell him Damien wasn’t your first husband? You tell him all about Fransisco? How you and that puta mierda had him iced so you could keep fucking without having to worry about him finding out?” he asked.

“They say the third time is the charm, no?” She walked over to Nevada, knife in hand as she yanked his head back. “I have been waiting a long time to do this. Getting your little pussy nephew to do it wasn’t nearly the satisfaction I wanted.”

Amber tugged at her restraints, testing to see how close she could get to pulling them free. They weren’t too tight, she had a chance, but it would take time…probably more time than they had.

“How about one last kiss, Mami? Hm? I remember how much you loved when I kissed you,” he purred, keeping calm even as death stared him in the face. “I know Adrian can’t make you come as hard as I did,” he whispered.

“You’d be surprised the things Adrian would do for me,” She glanced in Amber’s direction. “But since your wife is here…” she leaned up, threading her fingers hard in his hair as she tugged it again and kissed him.

“Nevada,” Amber whispered loudly, trying her best to keep her voice unrecognizable. “Natalia please stop.” Amber yanked on the restrains again while Natalia was distracted, feeling them loosen just the slightest bit. She wasn’t gonna break free in time at this rate.

Nevada kissed Natalia back, trying to buy time wherever and however he could. He purred against her mouth, sliding her tongue between her lips as his hands held her waist, pulling her closer. She pulled away, yanking again on his hair as she brought the knife up to his throat, letting the tip gently graze over his Adam’s apple.

“Good bye, Trujillo,” she purred, stepping back a bit to bring the knife back.

Before she could drive it into his sternum, a gunshot sounded, bullet knocking the blade out of her hand, and she turned abruptly to see six men with guns coming at her from both sides of the house, three on each side.

“Natalia Stecchino. CIA! We’ve been looking for you,” one of them said with a smirk as he came up behind her and cuffed her wrists tightly.

Natalia looked back at Nevada with a glare.

“I knew that once you found out I was looking for you, you’d come find me first, Mami. So I figured I’d make sure you’d find out, and let you trap yourself. Isn’t that right, ‘Dama?’” Nevada smiled at her, winking as he casually went over to Amber and untied her.

Amber tugged off the wig and made a face, “I can see why Barbie shot you,” Amber smirked pulling a gun out and aiming it at the doorway where Adrian was, hands up. “I gotta admit, I’m a little cranky I had to kiss this asshat,” Amber said as she walked over to Adrian, kicking him to his knees. “So sorry if I’m a little rough,” she whispered, slapping a pair of cuffs on him as well.

“A couple of agents are picking up your drivers, too. So don’t worry about them,” Nevada added. “Looks like I beat you at your own game, Mami. Now you’re my bitch.”

“You are under arrest for kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, possession of illegal firearms and attempted murder. You have the right to remain silent and if I were you? I’d take that right.” She kicked him down to the floor stepping on the center of his back, heel digging into his spin as he groaned. Amber looked at Natalia and smirked, “game over, bitch.”


Nevada and Amber walked through the front door to see Rafael and the kids eating dinner at the table. He looked around for you, and furrowed his brows a little, shifting his gaze to Rafael.

“Where’s my wife?” he asked.

“I think she’s napping. We got home twenty minutes ago, and I knocked on your bedroom door, but didn’t hear anything, figured she was sleeping. I didn’t wanna bother her,” Rafael answered.

“Tio, we went on the roller coaster, it was so cool,” Eddie gushed.

“He screamed like a girl,” Izzy offered, giggling a little.

“Did not!”

“I’m glad you guys had fun. You gotta tell me everything. I’m just gonna go tell Dama the good news,” Nevada replied with a grin, winking at Amber before he went upstairs.

Opening the door, he furrowed his brows at the empty bed, moving into the master bathroom to see if you were in the bath, but you weren’t in there either. Coming back into the bedroom, his eyes finally caught sight of the rolled up piece of paper, kept shut by your wedding band, which had been slipped on the scroll. Sitting down on the edge of the mattress he pulled your ring off to unroll the sheet and read it.

I am so sorry.

He furrowed his brows, trying to decipher your five word note as he reached into his pocket to call your cell.

You answer, you hadn’t thought you would, but you couldn’t stop yourself.

“Nevada?” You whisper softly into the phone.

“Y/N…where are you?” he asked softly, looking down at your wedding ring in his hand.

“I can’t talk…I’m so sorry. I thought I could do this but…I can’t…I need you to tell the kids I love them and…I’m so sorry Nevada. I’m so sorry,” you whisper into the phone. “I can’t do it anymore, the guns, and the violence, the drugs and the danger…I can’t do it.” You shut your eyes tight, fighting the urge to cry.

“Esperate, so you’re just gonna leave your kids in it?! Dama, come home,” he said, shifting from mild anger back to calm within seconds.

“I can’t,” you whisper into the phone.

A voice from the background of your message speaks to you. “Ma’am you need to turn off your phone for takeoff.”

You nod, “just one second, please,” you beg.

“Are you on a fucking plane right now?” he asked, the anger quickly coming back.

“Nevada, I don’t love you anymore,” you say almost numbly into the phone. Your words hit him hard, and his face fell, lower jaw trembling softly.

“Come home and say that to my face,” he demanded.

“Tell the kids I love them…I’m so sorry, payaso.” You hang up the phone finally letting yourself break down into sobs as you turn to the man beside you, “it’s done,” you whisper, “now leave them all alone,” you growl.

The man just smirked, “sweetheart, we aren’t even close to done.”


…I made a little list because apparently I like making lists. There’s a lot of different stuff and I hope there’s something for everyone in it <^///^<

Since I’ll be busy with christmas specials and normal requests for this month, the prompts are for next year, meaning I start writing them in January.

List (you can already start sending me characters and the prompt you’d like)

Aaand since I’m already at it, there was something I wanted to ask you guys. I actually wanted to do a little giveaway but I’m not sure if anyone would be interested?

As probably almost no one of you knows, I’m a goldsmith apprentice and I wanted to make a little pendant or bracelet. Which is good practice for me and maybe makes someone else happy :) Something fandom related that you could choose (like form, colour etc…if I can make it of course)

It would be nice if you let me know if you’re interested ♥

chase2452  asked:

The LGBT doesn't even support people inside the acronym anymore. I'm a trans guy and I still feel excluded from the (largely gay/lesbian-centric) community. It's a really toxic place filled with gatekeepers and I'm tired of it lol

[CONT.] and in regards to the “queer is a slur” issue: I’m technically a “”“"straight”“”“ man, but describing my attraction as ‘straight’ just feels wrong. I’m a non-passing trans guy! my attraction will always feel queer because of that.

Honestly, the ‘community’ irritates the hell out of me because it has all these special hoops you need to jump through in order to be considered a ‘valid’ member. Trans individuals have to either pass at all times (which, 1: that’s genuinely really painful for those who have to bind, and 2. incredibly expensive and inaccessible if you look at how much top and bottom surgeries cost, not to mention the cost of various other things, such as binders for trans guys or makeup and waist shapers and various other undergarments for trans ladies, and 3. nOT EVERYONE EVEN WANTS TO ‘PASS’ AT ALL TIMES OR AT ALL AND THAT STILL MAKES THEM VALID, and 4. not passing puts trans individuals at such a higher risk for violence and harassment and it is ‘the community’s’ responsibility to be there for you guys but it just throws y’all under the fucking bus and that pisses me the hell off) or they aren’t ‘trans enough’. Bisexuals need to pick sides and aro/ace individuals are considered ‘basically straight’ and lord help everyone who identifies outside of those sexualities because ‘the community’ will turn around and act like we don’t even exist. Like

let me tell you man, ‘straight’ refers to people who are

1. Cisgendered


2. Heterosexual


3. Heteromantic

So a cisgendered, heteromantic asexual individual? Well, they’re asexual. They have a place in the community. But does the community consider it that way? No.

Cisgendered, heterosexual aromantic individual? They’re aromantic and have a place in the community. But does ‘the community’ see it that way? Nope. 

A trans man who is attracted to women? Has a place in the community. Does the community consider it so? No.

And, frankly, ‘the community’ has no fucking place ASSIGNING sexualities and labels onto people. If someone identifies as queer they are fucking QUEER, leave them the fuck alone. 

Like, I’m fucking tired of this shit, too. Your gender and sexuality is valid and as a trans man, you deserve to have a place in a supportive community that recognizes that the label of ‘straight’ does not sit well with you and that, by all means, you identify as QUEER and thus BELONG IN THIS COMMUNITY. 

But, honestly, at this point: fuck ‘the community’. 

Sorry for making rants on “Hero’s Holiday”, if you love it, that’s fine. The reason why I hated it is because it’s a Christmas/Holiday special that really fell way below my expectations. Yes, I still love Pauline, and I am still an Atomic Puppet fan. But I just don’t think that this is the episode for me, and personally, I consider that episode to be the #1 worst/weakest Atomic Puppet episode that I have ever seen, even though “Erlenmeyer’s Revenge” is at #2, and “Snow Maniac” is at #3. Sorry if I hurt you guys’ feelings, but you need to also agree with my opinions on that episode. It’s just not for me. If you love it, like I said, that’s fine by me. I just wish there could have been another Atomic Puppet Holiday Special, something that I love, like “Joey’s Wonderful Life” (based on the 1946 Christmas movie classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”), that would be much better if it exists.

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bug type!

bug types are cool, kid. dont let anyone tell u otherwise.

My favorite pokemon of that type:

Originally posted by shelgon

This guy is a fucking badass. Scizor once came to my house and punched my boyfriend in the fucking face. How cool is that? Need me more pokemon in my life who can pull such a stunt.

My second favorite pokemon of that type:

sorry, scoliopede, i have to put you aside for the true runner up of this contest. the good boy, the special (dead) son. My pokemon in arms,


Originally posted by sealeo

He is perfect and I think his ability is really cute. And the way to get him is creepy but unique! Good on you, Shedinja.

The cutest pokemon of that type:

Originally posted by shinycaterpie

Tumblr told me to not put 3 gifs in a post, but i need to remind people of the cutest bug type pokemon. even if they dont read this post, they will have to glance at Wurmple while scrolling past.

Least favorite pokemon of that type:

Wormadam. That’s it.

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So I got my tenth tattoo (all in places easily hid or not visible) and my mom told me I'd never find a guy who would be okay with a girl having so many tattoos, so could you do a HC for Sonny being with someone with lots of ink?

-Sonny would love the ink on your body, especially since they’re not easily visible (which means he’s probably one of the only people who gets to see them) - he’d find it incredibly hot
-when he first sees them, he’d probably want to know the story behind each one if there is a story or meaning
-he’d probably also find it hot that you got 10 tattoos, like tattoos hurt like a bitch and the fact that you could stand that pain 10 times is pretty hot, too
-when you guys are cuddling he’d lightly trace one of the tattoos without even thinking cause he finds them interesting
-and when you two have sex he’d for sure kiss them (have one on your stomach/sides? He’d kiss them as he’s making his way down to eat you out. Have a tattoo on your leg? While going down, he’d bite the tattoo and ughh)
-but, since momma Carisi is catholic, he’d probably want to keep your ink a secret from her. Catholics tend to not like tattoos.

(Side note: this made me think of a Fred Weasley fic I read years ago where the girl in it had lots of tattoos that changed or something idk and in one chapter they were having sex and Fred would kiss and bite the tattoos and it was really hot)

My mom and I were joking around that we almost hoped he would be an asshole when I confronted him so I can get over him. But she told me it’s like watching slow, agonizing torture, and it made me sad. She’s the only person that can tell me what it looks like on the outside. But he’s so special to me, and I won’t give up until I truly have a reason to. We’re tough people guys. We go through so much. If anyone needs me I’m always here. Love is supposed to make you HAPPY, and my TC is undoubtedly the light of my life, but sometimes it is just painful.

I love my friends so much

Like, I know I complain a lot about my life, mostly the stuff that can’t be changed. I’m a very whiny crybaby and have trouble finding my way sometimes.
But the people I have in my life, my wonderful friends. You guys make it all worthwhile.
I’d like to give a special shoutout to Tal who I always visit, who took me to the Island in the summer and really sticks his neck out sometimes to help me. He got me my PS3 earlier this year, plays minecraft with me, he helped me continue to be able to play video games in my room without injuring myself by helping me get a tv stand and chair and taking them back this week even though it cost him a lot of gas mileage and he also goes against personal mental conditions to be a good friend to me.
And a special shoutout to Rob/Fishy who’s constantly helping me keep running the Heart of Darkness website, helped me make it to the convention last month, and cheers me up by sharing cool ideas, talking to me, and writing amazing stories for me to read.
And a special shoutout to Liliumchance for being my shoulder to cry on, brothers in arms. Tumblr Heart of Darkness fandom BFFs. There’s been so many times you’ve helped me get through tough things in life. I remember when we first met and talked on the phone for hours, laughing and joking about and that felt so special to me.
Then there’s Kale who rescued me from the bad living conditions on the island, which also allowed my mom brother and dogs to improve their living situation as well by no longer having to look out for me. Kale’s been supporting me for several long years and though we’ve jumped around he hasn’t gotten tired of my dysfunctional butt yet. Kale has often been my voice of reason, stopping me from flying off the deep end and offering harsh words when needed. A big brother to be a positive male rolemodel in life I really haven’t had since Mr Rickson.
And of course to HobbitCat. My first truest earliest closest friend who’s been here since square one. I’ve gone though some bad phases in life, some pretty shitty things I’ve done. But despite that you’ve never given up on me and in the end we’ve stayed friends. We were there for each other when I had nothing. So many fond memories of what a childhood should have been like I have because of you. You’ve shaped me as a person and for the better.
I can go on, listing off all my friends. I’m sorry to get so emotional but I just really had a big shock remembering how much I value all you people in my life. Life doesn’t have meaning because of what happens to us, but who we share it with.
After spending some time with Tal and getting such a special gift from Kale, I just feel loved, and wanted. It’s a rare but powerful feeling, one that makes me feel invincible. That things have gotten so much better, and they’ll always be the potential for them to get better.

Just thank you guys. The world is better for having you in it. And so is my life.

CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT/And an unfortunate semi-hiatus notice.

Hey guys! So, I’ve been rping Ben for nearly a year. And, I wanna do something special for all you who have been following, supporting and rping with me. So, I figured I’d do this. 1st Place gets a promotion, courtesy of yours truly. 2nd place gets eight icons made by yours truly, and 3rd gets five icons made by this weirdo running this blog. Contest ends on December 17th.




Now, here are the rules! You must be following me, and you must reblog this post. Secondly, I’m going on semi-hiatus for a while. There’s been a recent tragedy in my family, and I need time to withdrawal and heal. I love you guys, and hope to see more of you beauties around my blog. - Cody