Jungkook when someone calls him oppa vs baby boy

maybe i’m preaching, but maybe i need to.

Jesus is coming back soon.

the world around us is screaming it, the earth, the evil things happening around us, the mindset of this world. the church should be yelling it just as loud.

Jesus is coming back soon.

that should make you joyous or afraid.

i want it to continue to bring me joy. but also to make me serious.

there’s no time to waste living for God halfway.

i want to live like i believe everything God has said is true.

and you know, just because we haven’t ever seen something or its beyond our imagination doesn’t mean it won’t come to pass.

oh my goodness, we need to wake up and start living with open eyes.

if we believe God’s word is true, we need to live it.

forget all of the trivial things we worry about.

what is anything worth if we don’t gain heaven?

give me heaven.

Sister: *sees that all my friends are hanging out together on snap chat* 

Sister: *sends text* hey, why aren’t you with them?

Me: Season 2 of Voltron came out today