my opinion.

 You don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone.
yes, i truly believe in this. though you may be extremely grateful someone or something is in your life, you never realize how much that meant to you, until you can’t have it anymore. it’s heart  wrenching, trust me i’ve had the experience more than once, wishing i would have appreciated that more.

love at first sight.
yes. it sounds crazy, i know. its usually movies and fairy tales. but i truly believe in it. I've only had two boyfriends in my life. but one, the moment we saw each other  just met for the first time, there was something that sparked. i’m not big on romance, god knows i’m a fail at it. but i do know, that everyday my heart races thinking of him. i cant get my mind off him. and he feels the same. since day one. its just something special, and you should never leave it second- guessed. i broke up with him. and if it comes back, it was meant to be? well, just a month ago, he came back. everything is better. i know what i’m feeling, and it’s love. so yes, love at first sight is definitely real. 

everything happens for a reason.
yes. i know things have not worked out for me so far. but all the little things, every detail happen for a reason. take my story below as an example. I've discovered one direction due to my troubles. but it helped. i lost my love but it came back. for a reason. people have walked out of my life. i’m happier now, and i wouldn’t have gotten rid of that person by choice. but it all happens for a reason. and i wouldn’t change anything for the world. i’m now a strong, independent person. so don’t you ever feel pity for me. i’ll never forget, i’ll never regret.