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We know that Hannibal is a very complex and unpredictable character but I often wonder how he went from "imma eat that boy's brain" to "imma spent as many years it takes in jail and wait for him to choose me" I know he told Will: "I discovered you there (mind palace), victorious" and Mads saying that the would have gone through with killing if Mason's men hadn't stopped him and regretted it for the rest of his life but I still cannot entirely explain his choice to surrender, to take this risk.

Hannibal certainly had a lot of time to think while being bound and branded in that pen, but it’s hard to say exactly what changed his mind, or if there was one definitive trigger at all. But the fact remains that somewhere between Florence and Wolf Trap, Hannibal decided he couldn’t live without Will.

Will is unpredictable, and the way Will makes Hannibal feel is very much the same. Hannibal is accustomed to being completely in control of his thoughts and his actions, and the moment Will sauntered into his life with his smart mouth and beautiful mind (and perfect ass), it completely turned Hannibal’s world upside down. Post-Mizumono, Hannibal was heartbroken and grasping for his own control once more, and through several talks with Bedelia, he became convinced that eating Will was the only way to achieve this. (Bedelia planting that seed in his mind is something we have discussed to death at this point though so I I’ll spare you…)

Maybe it was his own brush with nearly ending up on Mason Verger’s dinner table, maybe it was simply having enough time to really think about what life without Will would be like, maybe it wasn’t until he went back to rescue Will and held him in his arms, or maybe it didn’t happen until Will rejected him and Hannibal felt that sudden sting of loss. However or whenever it happened, he certainly had a  major change of heart, enough so that he not only realized he didn’t want Will dead, but that he didn’t even want his own freedom if it meant Will would never again be in his life.


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Actual Request: “Can you do, where the reader is the youngest Mikaelson and she’s seems so nice and sweet (and she is) (basically likes pink and dresses) but people are more afraid of her than Klaus?”

gif credit: not mine.

“Yes, yes, yes…” you tell your victim. He’s a ripper in New Orleans and wants to taste your blood stash - tourists. “Of course I can understand your thirst for blood. But the thing I cannot understand and tolerate is… your thirst for what is mine.”

The Ripper tries to make a sound but since you compelled him not to do so, he just looks like drowning in his blood.

“What was that, again? The dress? Yeah, I know. It’s Chanel. I really like this candy-pink, if you ask me. Anyways, let’s get in this horrific business, shall we? Elijah and Klaus will be mad if I can’t make it to the dinner. Not that they’re gonna dagger me or anything but… Red doesn’t look pretty on my dress.”

You rip your victim’s heart out and leave him in the basement.

The dinner at your house is wonderful as always. But tonight’s guests aren’t that bright. Lucien and Aurora.

“Freya, can you please remind me why don’t we kill that bitch for what she’s done to Cami, again?”

Freya smiles and gives you a glass of wine.

“Because Klaus wants to skin her.”

“Oh, right. But tell me, my dearest Aurora, how is your brother? Is he enjoying the bottom of the ocean?”

Aurora tries to throw a knife on you but you catch it immediately.

“No.” you say calmly. “Do it again and I won’t wait for Klaus. You remember me, Aurora, right? You can remember how much I love to make a scene, right? I’m not Klaus, I’m not gonna make you nervous by keep you waiting and I’m not Elijah who can kill you in a blink of an eye. No, sweetheart, us girls we spend time together in my chambers and you’ll suffer for what you’ve done. Come on, please, throw this fork on me.”

Aurora stays silent and Lucien chuckles.

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something I kinda want to add to the discussion of “abuse vs. mental illness” is that, like. abuse is something consistent. A big part of abuse is going against clear boundaries set by someone, and it’s not just a one time occurrence. (aka something similar to a one time “oh I didn’t hear you say that.”)

In order to have a relationship with a trauma survivor/mentally ill/autistic person you need to communicate clear boundaries. You cannot just “let things slide” or even worse, assume we know your boundaries without telling us. Assume we know what you are uncomfortable with.

I say this myself as an autistic person, subtle cues and body language is not an efficient way to tell someone like me you want them to stop.

If you are not communicating your boundaries well, getting mad or accusing someone of being toxic/abusive because they can’t see your boundaries becomes a big problem for the both of you. It creates a large mess of the blame game, and really, it doesn’t get anything solved. It just ends up in a fight.

Abuse is not a one time occurrence. Abuse is not a lack of communication.

Two people who absolutely abhor each other because either one or the other can’t see each other’s boundaries correctly isn’t an abusive relationship. No one is fighting here because only one person feels powerless, there’s fighting because the both can’t communicate properly and fall apart.

Abuse, in relation to boundaries, is intentionally going beyond someone’s clearly set boundaries to make them uncomfortable and to get them to do something. It is not two or more people being completely vague with each other and fighting because no one knows the limits of everyone’s space.

and the reason I’m saying this and even talking about this is because the term “abuse” is very quickly becoming synonymous with “person who might have overstepped my boundaries but I’m neglecting information like how I didn’t set them to make them look like a bad person because I’m petty.”

and also, please keep in mind that “abuse” doesn’t mean “someone hurt me multiple times and I don’t want to be friends with them anymore.” It’s “this person controlled me through fear and made me doubt my worth and damaged me because of their power seeking violations to me.” Someone not being able to control their behavior doesn’t make them abusive. It just makes them toxic and needing to get themselves under control.

Wuthering Heights

“ You said I killed you. haunt me, then. Be with me always. Take any form. Drive me mad, but don’t leave me, in the abyss, where I cannot find you”

- Heathcliff, Wuthering Heights

Still one of the greatest but also one of the most heartbreaking romances…and this scene is really heartbreaking - a devastated Heathcliff’s speaks to Cathy after she died…The BBC edition from 2009 with Tom Hardy and his wife Charlotte Riley is my favorite….

BTW, did you know they met on set and kept their relationship a secret for a very long time? Even when they got married the press didn’t know until two months after the wedding and they didn’t told they were expecting either - not before she showed up at the premiere for ‘Legend’ with a huge baby bump…many, many similarites to SC,  if you ask me :-))

Mad Love.

Let’s be real here, if there was anything to Adam and Blake’s relationship beyond just mentor/trainee, I guarantee you that it was about as romantic as the Joker and Harley Quinn. Sure, Blake probably adored him because she was young and foolish but you cannot convince me that Adam was doing sweet things like taking her out on nice dates or buying her thoughtful gifts or caring about her emotions. No, I’d put money on he abused the shit out of her both physically and mentally. She was nothing to him beyond an overly loyal follower who he could exploit for his own benefits. We see this in Chapter 7 when one of the White Fang lieutenants is trying to update Adam on the search for her and he’s all like, “Eh, whatever, who gives a damn?” Adam’s a goddamn monster and even though she may still entertain doubts about it, Blake is SO much better off without him in her life.

Long overdue but at last, it is here @the-truthlies!

(Why not post it publicly and put it under a read more, who knows, others might be interested too… Nope.)

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HI :D 

I’m really flattered that you mentioned me in that post!

So I drew you a thing :D I hope you like it <3

Stay awesome. I really frickin love the way you draw the Mad Dummy XwX My art cannot compare XP

Oh No He Didn't!!

I cannot believe what Quinn said to Jules. Like I understand you are annoyed, hurt and concerned all your valid points go out the window when you get all butt hurt because she didn’t love you back. You can be mad at her for just not straight up saying it to you and leaving you with hope, but you can’t be all like look at how you treated me all these years! Like a friend!! Yes her pity friendship probably hurts now that you have other friends and they never treat you like how she did. Then again if you can all them friends… One is trying to bone you, the other is using you to find her dead brother, your roommate barely stands you and the other girl follows your roommate around for the D. Seriously Quinn, sorry she was your friend all these years. Yes she ignored your feelings and that end up hurting more and yes she is taking badly to failing something for the first time in her life apparently and you had some other valid points about her slumming. But they all went out the window when you took your friendship and threw it in her face.

I cannot promise you a relationship without fights. We will fight over the silliest things. I’ll get mad at you over the smallest things. You’ll get angry at me because of the same reasons. Simply because we’re like that. Two imperfect individuals. But I can promise you that we will learn together. I will give you chance after chance after chance. I will make up for all my mistakes. I will never let go of your hand. My faith in us will never waver. I will love you and only you.

My love, I am all yours.

—  To my future love 2.0

Character spotlight: Nina Dreadnoughtus.

Art credit: @feriowind

Short: Nina Dreadnoughtus is a lawyer and activist in St. Genevieve.

“We thought to create life. Conquer death. In our wisdom we sought to bring forth a gentle giant, not a predator. But instead… what we revived sued us.”

- Doctor Anat Dean, head of the dinosaur revival team at the Calm Science Center.

Nina ‘Subject 18799c’ Dreadnoughtus is the chairdinosaur of the Re-Animated Rights Society. She lives in a parking garage.

Early Life

Mostly a test tube, then an egg, then a surprisingly ill-thought out series of English and law lessons.

Settlement with the Calm Science Center

“Gentlemen, ladies, and other of the jury, I tell you now what went on at the Center was no calm science. I would say it was mad science. Mad science that created me without a means to support myself, in a world that cannot handle me. That is why I am asking for sixty million dollars in settlement for living expenses.”

-Nina’s opening argument in court.

The first dinosaur lawyer, Nina’s demand for her creators to take responsibility paved the way for several other cases like her. As a result, she formed the Re-Animated Rights Society which helps clones, ghosts, zombies, and anything else pulled forth fro the sweet embrace of death into the present.

Extra facts

She took her species name Dreadnoughtus as a surname, saying that her original one, 'Test Tube #32’, was too much trouble to hit the # key when filling out forms.

It is understood that corners cut during the cloning process means the species she was cloned from probably looked very different.

Nina wistfully hopes they were more colourful.

In 20–, she was brought forth in a civil suit for indecent exposure where it was ruled that dinosaurs don’t need pants.

'A triumph for dinosaurs everywhere,’ she said to reporters after.

You can read more about St. Genevieve at:

Cassandra’s Ghazal

In the first hour of another life, I named you god and took to singing the glory of you.

Even the feral saints called me mad but I was intoxicated, then, with the glory of you.

But that was another life, and its echo my curse. Somewhere in time, a symphony stirs,

but my praise songs and prophecies are nothing more than a sad girl’s story of you.

When I said I would find you anywhere, I thought there was nothing I could not foresee.

But blindfolded, bereft, I cannot locate the name you live by now in my rosary of you.

Do you remember how I came to your door, a vagabond, night after night? You asked what

magic or weapon I dispelled wolves and fiends with, but all I had was the armory of you.

And, lover, if you only knew – the only demon I knew was you. Caught between your teeth,

losing my head between your thighs, my fate irresistible, even knowing the augury of you.

I inhabit the past now, I speak no more predictions. To forget is mere Cassandra wish – and

would I want to? The nights are so long, and there is no body warm as the memory of you.

– sharanya manivannan

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ok but what about non-neurotypicals , like the victims with PTSD, who think that trying to forgive them really will do you more good in the end

then try to forgive them ?? im not mad at the people who think in their situation forgiving someone who isnt sorry is best for them. my problem is the people who reblog my post telling me i shouldnt not forgive because itll hurt me in the long run, which is fucking bullshit and pisses me off. the post was about someone abusive in my life that i cannot get away from. if i forgive them ill get myself hurt again. it was about my situation. if they wanna preach their shit they can do it on their own post, not mine

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What if someone, off anon, asked you to make a face describing their blog (personified if you feel me) would you do that?


Yeah that might be fun! Let’s say anyone is free to request a face with the caveats that (1) I absolutely cannot promise any kind of timeliness for the finished product, and (2) nobody is allowed to get mad if they feel like the face I draw for their blog is not actually representative of it in any way. Also (3) I reserve the right to not draw anything for anyone who I decide is a shithead.