With my songs, the emotions I try to hit on is basically every emotion. I think as an entertainer and as a human being, I go through the same emotions and feelings that everybody else does. So, with my music, I only want to make songs that are relatable to. You can party, you can laugh, you can cry. You can feel a whole sense of emotions when you hear my music. But, in all, the main focus of it being positive.

Balmung, I need you!

So I wrote a post awhile back about karma, and generally being nice. that one of you wanna read it.

I’ve been doing this for awhile now, and I’ve realised there’s only so much I can do alone. So I’m making a linkshell, with the aim being to help people who need it and generally brighten up people’s day without expecting anything in return. I’m thinking help people get clears, help them farm things they want, hell even help them craft something they’ve been wanting.

Basically, if someone deserves something nice to happen to them, we’ll be there. Random acts of kindness are what it’s all about.

And that’s where you come in balmung. I need people willing to help. So if you’d be interested in doing some nice things for people, reblog this post for me so I know you wanna help? And if you don’t think you have the time to help, or aren’t able to, signal boost this for me?

Balmung, assemble! I know there’s decent people on this server, prove it to me!

Attention Pokemon Fans!

I had this idea and I told @neato-ft​ about it and she thought it was pretty cool so I thought I’d share it with you guys!

I won’t go into too many details, but it’s basically a regional league which random people can challenge for the title of champion.
If you are interested in either being a challenger or part of the league itself, it’s open to anyone at all so please drop me a message!

If this gets enough support, I’ll make a tumblr account dedicated to this idea and you’ll hear from us in the near future so please please message me or let me know some other way if you’re interested

Please reblog this to spread the word!

Thanks guys!

  • A dedication to all of you.
  • keiikun


I want to thank you for all your follows,

all the posts that light up my dash.

Every likes and every reblogs,

everything you guys do makes me smile too.

So thank you. I love you.”

Thank you so much to all the lovely people that I follow! I’ve hit 1.5K friends and it’s such an amazing feeling to know that I’m being noticed? I don’t even know for what because all I actually do is sit and reblog and like stuff lol. And suffer in school and die from all the school work which I should be doing right now. 

All of you make my time on Tumblr so meaningful, the conversations we have, the promos we do, the random rate blogs. I just love all of it because you know, interaction! (: 

I decided to do a song instead because you know, my photoshop is so potato that I just can’t hahaha!

Of course, even though I’m supposed to be on hiatus right now. I’m still trying my best to pitch in time on Tumblr because you know, I miss all of you! 

And of course, not forgetting my beautiful followers! (x Thank you all so much for noticing my blog, reblogging shit from me and stuff me and talking to me as much as possible! (: I love all of you forever, now come and give me them huggies! Huehuehhehehe. 

Okay, I should get back to my homework byeeeeee ;

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Hey guys, just posting an evening time reminder for the raffle going on currently for this lovely old timey jar full of what is over a pound of cinnamon sugar roasted almonds. They are home cooked (You can see me go through the steps of making them here.) and they get my totally unbiased review of being totally delicious. 


This is a raffle, so to enter you must get a ‘Ticket’ of sorts. To do that go to my Tumblr Page and hit the donate button 1$=1 Ticket and you can get however many as you like. On Friday all the tickets will be tossed into a randomizer, the more tickets in the randomizer the greater the chance.

Entrants must be in the US and the winner will have this tasty bunch of treats sent next day to their doorstep. The jar has an air seal, and these nuts can keep for upwards of a month.


For reading and or entering! Spread the word and see you at the end of the raffle! 

Hey! I bet you’re all seeing that thing to “Change your password” at the top, right?

That tumblr staff post says a bunch of things, but they’re forgetting stuff. I asked Raf about it, and looked up some info right here. Also, there’s added info in this post, too!

Okay, so the vulnerability’s called Heartbleed, and basically it’s a bug that, for anyone who knows the exploit, can get a dump of random information from the site’s servers.

Tumblr is safe to change your password on now, but for other sites, you should check with this to make sure a site’s updated to the safe version before you change your password! Otherwise, the bug’s still working and the site could get a random packet with your information, including your new password. In fact, it will have a higher chance of being in a random packet if you change it now on an unsafe site.

So, I had this saved, but I somehow can’t find the complete requests anymore… Like does tumblr delete messages out of the ask-box?

girl trying to get their attention (flirting, being clingy, touching when not wanting them too) and s/o or crush starts thinking he might like the crazy fangirl so they have to try to make them understand that they’re wrong

So, the annoying fangirl’s name is Chiyoko (I just looked through random Japanese names and picked this one).


You scanned the cafeteria for your boyfriend and it didn’t take long until you spotted the familiar messy hair. You just wanted to wave when you saw her with her arms tightly wrapped around Zaizen’s arm, fluttering her fake eyelashes at him. 

Chiyoko was always around Zaizen and you were sure that by now she was spending more time with him than you. Instead of spending your lunch with Zaizen you left the cafeteria. 

Honestly, you had no desire to spend your lunch watching some other girl flirt with your boyfriend while you were the fifth wheel. You ate your lunch alone thinking back to how you first met Chiyoko. 

You really didn’t mind Zaizen spending time with her, but she was literally everywhere, always touching him in some way. There were even times when she Chiyoko tagged along on dates! Maybe Zaizen preferred spending time with her instead of you, maybe he was falling for her? 

With a sigh you closed your lunchbox and went back to class. The day seemed to drag on and you were glad when you finally finished all your classes, you even looked forward to walk home together with Zaizen. In a better mood you made your way towards the school’s gate. 

You smiled when you saw Zaizen already leaning against the wall, but before you could reach him Chiyoko brushed past you, pulling him in a hug “Heeey, Hikaru! Did you wait for me?! That’s sooo nice! Come on, let’s walk home together.” 

Your jaw dropped and you swallowed hard before rushing past them, trying to calm yourself down. You just wanted to go home. 

You didn’t see how Zaizen frowned, pushing Chiyoko off with an annoyed expression.

“I didn’t wait for you. I’m walking home with (Name) and stop using my first name, would ya?” 

Chiyoko blinked innocently, “Don’t be like that. (Name) already left so we can walk home together, right?” 

Zaizen cursed and he half jogged along the way to your house, you couldn’t have gotten far. Zaizen picked up speed when he saw you round a corner. 

As soon as he ran around the corner he bumped into your back, almost running you over if he hadn’t grabbed your arm. You looked up at him with an expressionless face, wordlessly shrugging his hand off.

Zaizen raised an eyebrow, “Why did you leave without me and why didn’t you show up for lunch? I was waiting for you.” 

You only shrugged, but Zaizen didn’t buy it.

“I know I didn’t forget a date, our anniversary or your birthday, so tell me what’s going on.” 

It annoyed you that he was so clueless and you couldn’t help but hiss, “Why don’t you walk home with Chiyoko? I mean you already take her along on our dates, don’t even bother asking me next time.”  

Zaizen looked confused before he suddenly started to chuckle “Are you jealous?” 

Huffing you continued to walk, but Zaizen jogged after you. Grabbing your hand he spun you around, his lips instantly meeting yours. His thumb softly stoked over your cheek while his arm wrapped around your waist pulling you closer. 

When he pulled back he rested his forehead against yours whispering, “Honestly, she’s fucking annoying. I already have the perfect girl(boy)friend so stop worrying, idiot. Just so you know a never invited her to our dates, she just keeps showing up wherever we are. I’ll make sure to get rid of her tomorrow… so I’m I now allowed to walk you home?”

Instead of answering you laced your fingers with his, tugging him along with you. You walked in silence for a while until Zaizen piped up.

“You know you are cute when you are jealous~”


You walked into the cafe where you wanted to meet with a few friends and your boyfriend. You had taken a bit more time to pick out a nice outfit so you were a few minutes late. 

When you finally rushed into the cafe you looked around for your friends and Kirihara. You spotted them at a table in the back of the cafe, but your smile fell when you saw who was sitting next to Kirihara, Chiyoko. 

You knew for sure that none of your friends invited her so why the hell was she here? One of the reasons why you looked forward to today so much was that you had some Chiyoko free time. 

It’s not like you had anything against her, but she always was sooo hyper and you barely were able to talk to Kirihara whenever she was around. 

You were still staring at both of them when you noticed how Chiyoko stroked up Kirihara’s arm before playing with his hair. Kirihara didn’t seem bothered by it and you could see how he was grinning at her. 

You didn’t want to appear like an overly jealous girl(boy)friend so you walked up to the table with a happy smile, greeting all of your friends. Usually Kirihara would give you a kiss as a greeting or at least a hug, but Chiyoko had a tight hold on him and he didn’t bother trying to pull away. 

You just wanted to ask if you could sit next to your boyfriend when Chiyoko sweetly chirped “Look, there’s a free seat, (Name).” 

You ended up sitting in the corner far away from Kirihara and you had to spend the whole time watching how Chiyoko was all over him, complimenting his tennis skills. You were glad when you all decided to go to the arcade. 

You and Kirihara often spent time at the arcade and you always worked together to try to beat the high score at a two-player game. You walked up to Kirihara, thinking you could walk together when Chiyoko grabbed Kirihara’s arm and pulled him to the front of the group. You stopped dead in your tracks and one of your friends placed a comforting hand on your shoulder, giving it an encouraging squeeze.

At the arcade you finally managed to talk to Kirihara “Let’s try to beat the high score at our game…” you trailed off when Chiyoko popped up next to you “Hurry Kirihara-kun!~” 

Before you could protest she already had dragged Kirihara to a game, wrapping her arm around him to look over his shoulder while he played. You awkwardly stood in the background, feeling completely left out. 

After a few minutes you decided to play something by yourself, but you couldn’t concentrate, your thoughts always wandering back to Kirihara and Chiyoko. Did he ignore you on purpose? Did he actually like how she was all over him or even worse did he develop feelings for her? 

The time dragged on and you were glad when it finally was late enough for you all to leave. You all went to pick up your prices. Kirihara won a cute stuffed animal. He always gave them to you and you already had a pretty big collection of the different things Kirihara had won you. 

Kirihara turned around with the stuffed animal in his hand and immediately Chiyoko took it out of his hand “Did you win that for me?!” 

That was too much for you. You didn’t wait to hear his answer and ran out of the arcade. You stopped after a few minutes of running, sinking down on a park bench. 

You sat there for a few minutes, staring into the distance when suddenly Kirihara came running to you. His cheeks were red and he was panting “(N-Name)! I-I’m so so so sorry!” 

You looked up confused, but Kirihara already continued to ramble, stumbling over his own words.

“(F/N) explained it to me! I’m so sorry I didn’t get that you felt left out! It’s not going to happen again! Please don’t leave me! I only love you, really!” 

Shyly he handed the stuffed animal to you “I wanted to give it to you… I took it away from Chiyoko… and you are waaaaay prettier and funnier than her… Don’t leave me!” 

Kirihara squeezed his eyes shut and pressed his hands together in a pleading gesture. You giggled and quickly pecked Kirihara’s lips. 

Kirihara opened his eyes and looked at you with a goofy grin “Do you want to come over to my house so we can cuddle and spend time together without anyone disturbing us?”

I need more people to follow

Okay, so basically, I need people to follow. I’ve created my tumblr account approx. 3 months ago and I still only follow 15 people with 5 being Youtubers and 5, my actual friends, making it only 5 other blogs i choose to follow.

So, if you post/reblog

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~Chris Kendall (CrabStickz)


~Random pretty things???

~Hot boys???

then please press like or reblog so i can find more cool blogs to follow!!! thank you!!!! ily!!!!

random thought of the day: being bisexual means you get hella used to the idea that your sexuality is constantly festishised by men - but can we talk for a sec about the fetishising and voyeristic aspect of tumblr’s treatment of the wlw community (who are as much at fault for this)? pls don’t get me wrong when i say this - wlw positivity is hugely important, and part of that is sharing and promoting pictures of women in love. but the huge huge influx of sapphic pictures on tumblr honestly just makes me uncomfortable. i don’t feel empowered, i don’t feel part of a wider community; i feel scrutinised. i feel watched, and it only adds to the fears i already have about kissing my girlfriend, or holding her hand in public

anonymous asked:

i've been looking around the web for explanations of the houses (where they are on your natal chart, how to find them, and what they mean) and while i have read a bit, it still makes 0 sense (hence why i have those questions). also, what does it mean if there's no planet in a house, and what's the difference between a planet being in a house vs a house being in a zodiac sign (random example: neptune in 1st house vs house 1 in capricorn)

Houses are like.. What defines your sign? And having a sign in a house just means thats what type of way you act or will be with that sign? (I’m not good at explaining! D: If another astrology tumblr can help explain this furthur I’d love you foreverrrr)

anonymous asked:

I always wondered why the stars have been shining brighter lately, you my friend have such power you influence the very heavens to reflect your exuberance. You are so awesome and wonderful, I love how much you love your Tumblr friends I love the family you have created on here. You are perfect in every way and a inspiration and blessing to so many including myself. Thank you for being you.

these type of messages, so pure and kind makes me all weak inside… I feel I don’t deserve it, I’m only a girl trying to make a safe and warm space here on this blog. you know, a place where people (including myself) can come when feeling down to feel better, either with random memes, inspirational quotes etc.

I’m just too tired of the drama, the sickness, the horrors of mankind, I wanna create a lil corner in the world to, you know, have some fun and forget about everything for a while. and makes me so damn happy to know it’s working, at least with you feeling this way <3 thank you for your beautiful words and for taking the time to write, it means a lot! hope you have an amazing day 💕

tfw you make so many jokes about being “old” that Tumblr starts showing you ads like this

Damn it, I’m not even 40 yet!

[Disclaimer:  Yes, I know people can have mobility issues at any age, but the ad talks about “retaining your independence,” which is language usually aimed at senior citizens.  I am not being ableist.  It’s a joke.  At my own expense.  Because I’m old.  …  And there I go again.  Oops.  I’m just going to shut up now.]

Answer 11, Ask 11, Tag 11

I was tagged by the marvelous @inksmudge . So here I go!

1. Do you have any tattoos? No. But I want one or two or…..

2. Least favorite chore? kitchen cleaning 

3. Dream profession? Being a teacher. Love kids.

4. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning? The Flash is only a week away!

5. Do you keep a journal? yes, full of random recipes that I never get to make.

6. Favorite social media platform? Tumblr is my happy place

7. Current celebrity crush? Too many to count but Gillian Anderson will forever be my woman crush

8. A fictional character you wish were real? Totoro. And for he to live in my garden.

9. Do you prefer structure or flexibility? Flexibility but I need structure 

10. What’s your form of creative release? I love to do paper handcrafts

11. What do you look for in a friend/companion? For him/her to be a geek

* New 11 questions to answer:*

1. Where are you from?

2. Do you believe in the existence of extra terrestials?

3. What is your biggest fear?

4. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

5. Do you speak another language other that your mother tongue?

6. Name 5 countries in the world you would love to travel

7. Do you keep in touch with your high school friends?

8. Name three all time OTPs of yours

9. What was the last thing you binge watched?

10. If you could go back in time to which year of your life would you return to?

11. Have you ever met any of your tumblr friends?

Hope you guys want to play :D

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worst kind of tumblr blog titles

im bout to lose some followers here let’s do it, if i can’t have fun no one can

  • Welcome to my Twisted Mind (best way to let people know you just joined and you like Bethilda Cugglesnatch)
  • *some generic bullshit about voices in their head*
  • Name/Age/Favourite Quote
  • *random quote from tv show*
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  • dicks out for ____
  • *song lyrics from obscure band that makes the person feel better about themselves since they know them and you don’t*
  • *song lyrics from well known band that makes the person feel better about themselves since everyone knows them so they fit in*
  • anything with emojis good lord