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The feeling that I miss

I miss the feeling of being with you.
When I can pull up the most genuine and effortless smile.
When I like teasing you because you make the cutest expressions.
When we had our random conversations.
When solely being with you is enough.
When being with you felt like time. machine. Because Oh boy! How time flies fast when I’m with you.

I keep on holding on to these memories that you probably don’t remember.
Because now you have her.
You are giving her the feeling that I miss.
She is with the person that I miss.

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Fandom is a group of individuals with unique interests and backgrounds. No one is obligated to ship or create content for ships that don't inspire them, just to make random people on Tumblr feel validated. We're here to have fun in our own way. If shipping a rarepair is your way of being happy, great. Keep doing what you do and have fun with those who share that interest. Remember that you write to make YOU happy.

again. not demanding people content create for rare pairs. missed the point of my post. 

you can not like a pairing and not disrespect it.

literally all im asking is for people to stop shitting on pairings bc “oh but what about the lovesquare” and to help support content creators who would love some notes and some kudos on their work for less popular pairings

i pointed out popularity trends bc i think it’s an indirect symptom of this kind of attitude


that’s literally 


please tell me if you think that’s me asking too much

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okay let me tell you wHAT DONT LISTEN TO THOSE FUCKING ASSHOLES OKAY PEOPLE ARE STUPID AND MAKE HORSESHIT COMMENTS AND ACT LIKE THAY KNOW YOU BETTER THAN THEMSELVES AS IF THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO TALK TO YOU THAT WAY. NOPE. THEYRE WRONG. you can identify however you want because it's SELF-identification not random-shit-faced-assholes-on-Tumblr-identity-you so you just keep being amazing and wonderful and don't let them tell you shit. love you 💜

thank you so much! idc what others think i fucking love the label i found they can take it from my cold dead hands

So, I had this saved, but I somehow can’t find the complete requests anymore… Like does tumblr delete messages out of the ask-box?

girl trying to get their attention (flirting, being clingy, touching when not wanting them too) and s/o or crush starts thinking he might like the crazy fangirl so they have to try to make them understand that they’re wrong

So, the annoying fangirl’s name is Chiyoko (I just looked through random Japanese names and picked this one).


You scanned the cafeteria for your boyfriend and it didn’t take long until you spotted the familiar messy hair. You just wanted to wave when you saw her with her arms tightly wrapped around Zaizen’s arm, fluttering her fake eyelashes at him. 

Chiyoko was always around Zaizen and you were sure that by now she was spending more time with him than you. Instead of spending your lunch with Zaizen you left the cafeteria. 

Honestly, you had no desire to spend your lunch watching some other girl flirt with your boyfriend while you were the fifth wheel. You ate your lunch alone thinking back to how you first met Chiyoko. 

You really didn’t mind Zaizen spending time with her, but she was literally everywhere, always touching him in some way. There were even times when she Chiyoko tagged along on dates! Maybe Zaizen preferred spending time with her instead of you, maybe he was falling for her? 

With a sigh you closed your lunchbox and went back to class. The day seemed to drag on and you were glad when you finally finished all your classes, you even looked forward to walk home together with Zaizen. In a better mood you made your way towards the school’s gate. 

You smiled when you saw Zaizen already leaning against the wall, but before you could reach him Chiyoko brushed past you, pulling him in a hug “Heeey, Hikaru! Did you wait for me?! That’s sooo nice! Come on, let’s walk home together.” 

Your jaw dropped and you swallowed hard before rushing past them, trying to calm yourself down. You just wanted to go home. 

You didn’t see how Zaizen frowned, pushing Chiyoko off with an annoyed expression.

“I didn’t wait for you. I’m walking home with (Name) and stop using my first name, would ya?” 

Chiyoko blinked innocently, “Don’t be like that. (Name) already left so we can walk home together, right?” 

Zaizen cursed and he half jogged along the way to your house, you couldn’t have gotten far. Zaizen picked up speed when he saw you round a corner. 

As soon as he ran around the corner he bumped into your back, almost running you over if he hadn’t grabbed your arm. You looked up at him with an expressionless face, wordlessly shrugging his hand off.

Zaizen raised an eyebrow, “Why did you leave without me and why didn’t you show up for lunch? I was waiting for you.” 

You only shrugged, but Zaizen didn’t buy it.

“I know I didn’t forget a date, our anniversary or your birthday, so tell me what’s going on.” 

It annoyed you that he was so clueless and you couldn’t help but hiss, “Why don’t you walk home with Chiyoko? I mean you already take her along on our dates, don’t even bother asking me next time.”  

Zaizen looked confused before he suddenly started to chuckle “Are you jealous?” 

Huffing you continued to walk, but Zaizen jogged after you. Grabbing your hand he spun you around, his lips instantly meeting yours. His thumb softly stoked over your cheek while his arm wrapped around your waist pulling you closer. 

When he pulled back he rested his forehead against yours whispering, “Honestly, she’s fucking annoying. I already have the perfect girl(boy)friend so stop worrying, idiot. Just so you know a never invited her to our dates, she just keeps showing up wherever we are. I’ll make sure to get rid of her tomorrow… so I’m I now allowed to walk you home?”

Instead of answering you laced your fingers with his, tugging him along with you. You walked in silence for a while until Zaizen piped up.

“You know you are cute when you are jealous~”


You walked into the cafe where you wanted to meet with a few friends and your boyfriend. You had taken a bit more time to pick out a nice outfit so you were a few minutes late. 

When you finally rushed into the cafe you looked around for your friends and Kirihara. You spotted them at a table in the back of the cafe, but your smile fell when you saw who was sitting next to Kirihara, Chiyoko. 

You knew for sure that none of your friends invited her so why the hell was she here? One of the reasons why you looked forward to today so much was that you had some Chiyoko free time. 

It’s not like you had anything against her, but she always was sooo hyper and you barely were able to talk to Kirihara whenever she was around. 

You were still staring at both of them when you noticed how Chiyoko stroked up Kirihara’s arm before playing with his hair. Kirihara didn’t seem bothered by it and you could see how he was grinning at her. 

You didn’t want to appear like an overly jealous girl(boy)friend so you walked up to the table with a happy smile, greeting all of your friends. Usually Kirihara would give you a kiss as a greeting or at least a hug, but Chiyoko had a tight hold on him and he didn’t bother trying to pull away. 

You just wanted to ask if you could sit next to your boyfriend when Chiyoko sweetly chirped “Look, there’s a free seat, (Name).” 

You ended up sitting in the corner far away from Kirihara and you had to spend the whole time watching how Chiyoko was all over him, complimenting his tennis skills. You were glad when you all decided to go to the arcade. 

You and Kirihara often spent time at the arcade and you always worked together to try to beat the high score at a two-player game. You walked up to Kirihara, thinking you could walk together when Chiyoko grabbed Kirihara’s arm and pulled him to the front of the group. You stopped dead in your tracks and one of your friends placed a comforting hand on your shoulder, giving it an encouraging squeeze.

At the arcade you finally managed to talk to Kirihara “Let’s try to beat the high score at our game…” you trailed off when Chiyoko popped up next to you “Hurry Kirihara-kun!~” 

Before you could protest she already had dragged Kirihara to a game, wrapping her arm around him to look over his shoulder while he played. You awkwardly stood in the background, feeling completely left out. 

After a few minutes you decided to play something by yourself, but you couldn’t concentrate, your thoughts always wandering back to Kirihara and Chiyoko. Did he ignore you on purpose? Did he actually like how she was all over him or even worse did he develop feelings for her? 

The time dragged on and you were glad when it finally was late enough for you all to leave. You all went to pick up your prices. Kirihara won a cute stuffed animal. He always gave them to you and you already had a pretty big collection of the different things Kirihara had won you. 

Kirihara turned around with the stuffed animal in his hand and immediately Chiyoko took it out of his hand “Did you win that for me?!” 

That was too much for you. You didn’t wait to hear his answer and ran out of the arcade. You stopped after a few minutes of running, sinking down on a park bench. 

You sat there for a few minutes, staring into the distance when suddenly Kirihara came running to you. His cheeks were red and he was panting “(N-Name)! I-I’m so so so sorry!” 

You looked up confused, but Kirihara already continued to ramble, stumbling over his own words.

“(F/N) explained it to me! I’m so sorry I didn’t get that you felt left out! It’s not going to happen again! Please don’t leave me! I only love you, really!” 

Shyly he handed the stuffed animal to you “I wanted to give it to you… I took it away from Chiyoko… and you are waaaaay prettier and funnier than her… Don’t leave me!” 

Kirihara squeezed his eyes shut and pressed his hands together in a pleading gesture. You giggled and quickly pecked Kirihara’s lips. 

Kirihara opened his eyes and looked at you with a goofy grin “Do you want to come over to my house so we can cuddle and spend time together without anyone disturbing us?”

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Hello, I saw that you were taking match ups, and I hope it's ok to ask for one for 1p and one for 2p, please and thank you. I hope the length is alright, if not send me a message in my inbox and let me know. Here is the blog , I hope it works. Its a tumblr blog and the first part is shortships(.) tumblr(.) (com) (without the parentheses). Also, there is no rush, you can take your time when/if you need it, I don’t mind being patient and waiting.

I know it’s may sound random but I have a very similar character to yours. And also, I’m sorry it took so long. I’m having a test after a test at school and I usually write these imagines at 1 am. Sorry, dear!

1p match up for you is…


☆ The thing that would make him interested in you would be your behaviour near your parents. He’d start to become more and more fascinated by your true self and wouldn’t understand why you’re so different near him.

☆ He wouldn’t mind the fact that you’re an introvert as he himself is one. When he’d notice you getting tired od being near other people, he’d either join you or let you be. It would depend on your decision.

☆ He’d adore the moments when you’re with animals. He’d see so much love in your eyes that he would just stand and stare at your figure while smiling in admiration.

☆ I promise you that Lithuania would never cheat on you. He hates cheating too and would never want you to feel the pain of it.

☆ When he’d notice that you’re being annoyed by the silence, he’d try to talk to you or start humming your favourite songs.

☆ He’d think your laugh is really unique and very cute to him. He wouldn’t hide it and would surely tell you that he likes it when you laugh. Because your smile would be one of his favourite things.

☆ You wouldn’t have to worry about yelling. Lithuania definitely wouldn’t shout at you and if he somehow had yelled at you, he’d apologise to you as he’d feel bad with it.

☆ He may sometimes not seem like it but he used to kick Europe’s ass so he wouldn’t mind standing up for you. He’d even protect you from Ivan if he had seen that he’s troubling you.

☆ He sometimes would hide his problems from you as he wouldn’t want to worry you but he would know that you’re a stubborn person, so he would tell you about them whenever you would insist.

☆ He wouldn’t really mind that you’re lazy. He’d make a lot of things for you and he actually enjoys cooking or washing the dishes. It really calms him down, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your laziness.

☆ You are both very affectionate towards the ones you love, so you would be very supportive of one another.

☆ He would want you to talk more about your opinions. He would always encourage you to do this because he would value them.

☆ Because of the fact that you two aren’t very trustful, you would have to wait a long time for you to get together. It’s not actually a really bad thing, as your relationship will be built on trust.

☆ He would accept that you have some moments when you just don’t have motivation to anything, so he would just stop everything he does to watch some TV with you or bake something together.

☆ He would like that you want to learn new languages. I think like he would know a lot of slavic languages like Russian, Polish and Belarussian. He would happily teach you them and Lithuanian. Um… maybe the Russian one would take some pleading from you.

☆ You two would definitely have many moments when you would be reading on a sunny day at home, stealing glances now and then.

☆ As Lithuania canonically likes martial arts, he would take interest in yoga and start doing it with you. It would be a nice warm up for him.

☆ He wouldn’t mind having a family with you. He would want it actually but it would take a lot of time for him to admit it. He would want to stabilize your relationship first.


With my songs, the emotions I try to hit on is basically every emotion. I think as an entertainer and as a human being, I go through the same emotions and feelings that everybody else does. So, with my music, I only want to make songs that are relatable to. You can party, you can laugh, you can cry. You can feel a whole sense of emotions when you hear my music. But, in all, the main focus of it being positive.

Balmung, I need you!

So I wrote a post awhile back about karma, and generally being nice. that one of you wanna read it.

I’ve been doing this for awhile now, and I’ve realised there’s only so much I can do alone. So I’m making a linkshell, with the aim being to help people who need it and generally brighten up people’s day without expecting anything in return. I’m thinking help people get clears, help them farm things they want, hell even help them craft something they’ve been wanting.

Basically, if someone deserves something nice to happen to them, we’ll be there. Random acts of kindness are what it’s all about.

And that’s where you come in balmung. I need people willing to help. So if you’d be interested in doing some nice things for people, reblog this post for me so I know you wanna help? And if you don’t think you have the time to help, or aren’t able to, signal boost this for me?

Balmung, assemble! I know there’s decent people on this server, prove it to me!

Attention Pokemon Fans!

I had this idea and I told @neato-ft​ about it and she thought it was pretty cool so I thought I’d share it with you guys!

I won’t go into too many details, but it’s basically a regional league which random people can challenge for the title of champion.
If you are interested in either being a challenger or part of the league itself, it’s open to anyone at all so please drop me a message!

If this gets enough support, I’ll make a tumblr account dedicated to this idea and you’ll hear from us in the near future so please please message me or let me know some other way if you’re interested

Please reblog this to spread the word!

Thanks guys!