Y’all need to be fucking better about the way you interact with young artists on here. And don’t you dare see this and think “oh I’m a minor so this post isn’t for me” cause you know damn well half the inappropriate asks artists get are from other young people. Think of all the kids who were contacting the creators of BMC and asking sexual questions about the characters. Think of how many asks you see popular artists get with sex jokes and talking about which of the characters they draw are bottoms, and how often you see them have to post asking their followers to stop, and remember that most of the people in our communities are minors. 
We constantly post about how the adults on tumblr need to be careful with the way they interact with minors, and they do, but i can say from experience that more often than not they’re not the one trying to discuss inappropriate things with random people they’ve never spoken to. Being around someone’s age doesn’t give you a pass to make them uncomfortable. 

I’m so tired of hearing my underage friends complain about all the inappropriate asks they get, even after saying time and again they want people to stop. It’s not fair to them at all. Have respect for the people you follow, they aren’t your friends, you don’t know them, sending them asks about this kind of stuff is so uncool and uncalled for. 

And hell, this doesn’t even apply to underage artists. There is no reason for you to send unprompted inappropriate asks to people you follow, no matter their age. You have no idea how they feel about what you’re saying, if they’ve had uncomfortable experiences. You don’t magically become chill with sex jokes and talking about character’s sexual lives because you turned 18. Just show people the respect they deserve??

Dating Tom Holland would include

  • cuddles 
  • him doing any and everything to make you laugh
  • lots and lots of sex
  • taking care of Tessa while he’s away
  • movie nights al the time 
  • him getting jealous super easy 
  • “Tom i don’t know why you’re so jealous, i only have eyes for you”
  • “because darling, you’re mine and only mine, why can’t people understand that’
  • “you’re cute when you’re jealous”
  • he just wants you to play with his hair and when you stop, even if for a second he whines till you put your fingers back in his hair
  • getting close with Harrison
  • Harrison getting grossed out by all the pda 
  • him bringing you to set whenever he can 
  • him making dinner for you 
  • “hello darling, how was your day today”
  • having cute little date nights whenever you can 
  • him being a hopeless romantic 
  • surprising you with random gift bc “I saw this and thought of you so i had to buy it”

sorry this is trash but also, thats not my gif 

Also I meant to post this on my other Tumblr but I don’t feel like redoing it so I’m leaving it up, if you’re interested in tom holland then go follow my other blog @tomhollandandtessa

This honestly connects to what I’m saying about anti tumblr being incredibly destructive and careless with how it addresses pedophilia.

You can’t just make a sideblog and call yourself mabel-against-ddlg or some shit and yell at some random 15 year old because they’re into billdip without even bothering to think about what factored into this and how terrorizing them only causes said 15 year old to gain support from abusive shippers.

I’m all for creating side accounts educating people on the dangers of toxic ships and the romanticization of disgusting relationships but I swear y'all created this unachievable standard where you think kids can just recognize when something’s bad right away and not look from their perspective at all.

I recently hit 10,000 followers after running this blog for a year. A lot of you ask for advice on starting your own blog, and I figured, to celebrate, I’d share my knowledge and *wisdom* with you.

Choosing A Topic

You may already have a topic in mind, but there are some things you need to keep in mind. A.) There may be a limited amount of content you can create surrounding that topic, and B.) If your topic isn’t popular, you may have to lower your expectations in terms of followers and growth.

Creating A Blog

If you aim to make your blog more popular, there are some important characteristics that can contribute to people being persuaded to click the follow button. For one, try to make it look good. On Tumblr, specifically, you have the option of customizing your blog, and the possibilities are endless due to the option of creating a code for your blog. Also, try to keep a theme to what you post, and reblog/post things that that your followers will find interesting. Your followers follow you for a specific type of content, so don’t reblog/post random things that have nothing to do with the purpose your blog is supposed to serve. 

Secondly, be available to your followers. Reply to messages, talk to those who reach out, be kind and welcoming, and be open to feedback. Your followers’ perception of you can greatly affect the way they interact with your content. If every time they see your icon on their dashboard, they recognize a sense of warmth and usefulness, they’re more likely to take the take to look at what you posted, like it, reblog it, send you an ask or a message, etc. The more interaction you have, the bigger you’ll become. Also, Tumblr bumps more popular and active blogs to the top of search results. 

Starting Tips

  • Perfect your theme before you start posting original content.
  • Make friends, network, collaborate, and make your presence known.
  • Don’t be obnoxious and ask bigger bloggers for shout outs when you have little to nothing to offer.
  • Only post things you yourself would like/reblog. Create a blog you would want to follow.
  • Try to be original and for the love of God, don’t steal work from other people.
  • Don’t make a blog for the soul purpose of gaining a following or making money. It’s unlikely that you’ll grow super fast, let alone make a penny.

Gaining Followers

To tell you the truth, there is no trick or hack that will bring you attention and the followers you desire. Growth takes time, but remember that the more you grow, the faster you’ll pick up speed. There are, however, some things that are guaranteed to help you get started. 

  • Post a lot. The more you post, the more opportunities there are for someone to stumble across your content and discover your blog. 
  • Persevere. It takes the longest to get off the ground, but once you do, your follower count will grow more quickly. Don’t give up if you don’t get immediate fame, because you probably won’t. 
  • Use hashtags wisely and whenever possible. Even on things you reblog. Notes on things you’ve reblogged still count toward your overall notes. Also, keep in mind that the first 5 tags below your post are the most important. Only use hashtags that are relevant to the post, instead of whatever is trending. You want to reach the people who are after what you’ve posted.
  • Make your blog easy to navigate. Have a link to Frequently Asked Questions or a masterlist in your descriptions, use descriptive titles, tag posts in certain categories for your followers to use to find what they’re looking for, etc. If your followers can easily find what they’re looking for, they’re more likely to return.


  • Try to post on a schedule.
  • Answer as many questions as you can, when you can. Communicate with your audience.
  • Be active on your blog. Even if you can’t post original content super often, reblog, talk, and share things with your audience.
  • Keep an arsenal of ideas at the ready. You should never be on the brink of running out of ideas. Brainstorm ideas every now and then for a rainy day.
  • Take it seriously. Blogging is hard work. It’s time consuming and if you want your blog to succeed, you need to put in the effort.


  • Be patient
  • Keep at it
  • Learn from the success of others

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Day6 as Popular Memes

Jae: The Starter Pack. You know, the ones that are scarily accurate and describes everyone you’ve ever met in your lifetime; or the ones that personally attack you. Have you ever seen him around Sungjin and Wonpil? Judging everybody, nobody’s feelings are spared.

Sungjin: The Tag Urself. He has relatable aspects of him. There’s a part of him for everybody. He won’t ever judge you (like Jae) but instead will try his best to empathize with you so you don’t feel so alone in the world. :’) 

YoungK: Just Girly Things. Not really a meme, just iconic enough to be on this list. I feel like when stanning YoungK, everybody gets a little jealous because he’s seemingly perfect on the outside, until you realize he’s probably as lonely as you are now, reading this post.

Wonpil: Zodiac Memes. Stylish, Hip, and always shitting on that one person. I still love him, though, even though I already know he’ll give Aquarius the ugliest piece of fabric that the human mind can…fabricate ;D I’m in a love/hate relationship with him for that. Always on my feed, regardless. 

Dowoon: Tumblr Textposts. Always either thinking or saying some random shit that your average person doesn’t even think about. Makes puns that aren’t even funny until it’s 2 AM and you’re sleep deprived and can finally understand it. Can keep you entertained 24/7 despite being shy, you probably have an Instagram collection filled with them. Makes you think “What the FUCK.” once or twice a week.

A/N; thanks to @wpil for requesting, this was challenging for somebody who sees memes 24/7. I’m doing Day6 as Dad Shoes next. 

Seventeen in school

Feel free to send in requests for reactions and imagines!

Originally posted by vitaminniedk


  • Volunteers to help the younger kids
  • Drinks water in every class #lubrication1!1
  • Smiles at random people in the halls
  • Student athlete
  • Is probably the only kid brave enough to kill a cockroach in the classroom because the teacher is too scared to

Originally posted by hanwooz


  • Always complains about being tired
  • “You can never have too many hairties!!”
  • Probably has those glasses that make his eyes look like he’s awake when he’s actually asleep
  • Girls are jealous of his hair and beauty
  • Shy about singing
  • Has a lot of friends

Originally posted by jihanlife


  • Has to make speeches about everything
  • Talks a lot // teachers get annoyed
  • Never gets in trouble because he gets good grades
  • Probably wants to be a lawyer
  • Rants on tumblr all the time
  • Probably secretly runs a meme account
  • Charming

Originally posted by fyeahwonhui


  • Flexes in P.E a LOT.
  • Smells nice
  • Takes too many selfies
  • Always finishes his homework before he gets home
  • Kinda shy // only comfortable around his friends
  • Always packs the best lunch

Originally posted by soohuis


  • Sings all the time
  • Hugs everyone
  • Steals hairties from Jeonghan
  • Very intrigued with the class pet
  • Drinks milk every morning and every afternoon because he likes to stay healthy
  • Loves snapchat

Originally posted by visual-17


  • Writes poetry on his math homework
  • Emo kid
  • Has like 9 My Chemical Romance shirts
  • Loves juiceboxes
  • Has an aesthetic tumblr blog

Originally posted by j-miki


  • Takes band
  • Is good at math
  • Kinda shy
  • Rants too much about random things
  • Quiet but vicious

Originally posted by just-soonyoung


  • Everyone loves him
  • Sings with Hoshi all the time
  • Makes cheesy jokes
  • Always happy
  • Always forgets stuff at home

Originally posted by mingyiu


  • That randum kid rawr xD !1!
  • Gets all the girls AND guys
  • Still watches disney shows
  • Is probably a theater kid tbh
  • Helps teachers carry books to their room cuz he’s nice

Originally posted by mvnghaos


  • Keeps a diary
  • Has to get Jun to kill spiders for him
  • The choir teacher probably loves him
  • Has an aesthetic instagram feed
  • Actually really sassy
  • Loves skinship

Originally posted by wonuflake


  • Scared of bugs
  • Probably a theater kid too
  • Is very competitive with Mingyu when it comes to theater-ing
  • Always sits by Vernon at lunch
  • Matches his outfits every day
  • Dramatic

Originally posted by carol12lopes-blog


  • On his phone in class
  • Likes reading fanfiction at lunch with Seungkwan
  • Probably likes watching YouTubers at lunch too
  • Is a kool kid
  • Only uses social media for memes

Originally posted by jeonwuu


  • Wishes that High school had recess
  • Probably is fun to walk to school with
  • Teachers always love him
  • Everyone thinks he’s smol and innocent
  • He’s actually a tough dood
The feeling that I miss

I miss the feeling of being with you.
When I can pull up the most genuine and effortless smile.
When I like teasing you because you make the cutest expressions.
When we had our random conversations.
When solely being with you is enough.
When being with you felt like time. machine. Because Oh boy! How time flies fast when I’m with you.

I keep on holding on to these memories that you probably don’t remember.
Because now you have her.
You are giving her the feeling that I miss.
She is with the person that I miss.

Sapphic Raffle

I know how difficult it can be to be sapphic and to make other sapphic friends.So, I’ve decided that I want to try and help you guys make some new friends! 

Basically, what I’m doing is a “Sapphic Raffle.” What you guys have to do is simple. You just need to submit your tumblr user name (side blog or main blog, it doesn’t matter) to my blog to be entered into the raffle. Each person will be matched with four people. You will be matched with two people while two other people will be matched with you, giving you a total of four matches. (Make sure you have your messages open to everyone or that you follow the people you’re matched with so you guys can start talking when you’re matched!)

The raffle is completely random. You’re not being matched by age (but everyone who does enter should be a teenager because my blog is for teen sapphics only) or your interests or even your timezone. Instead of being matched with someone I think you could get along with, I want you guys to talk to someone you might have never talked to. 

The Sapphic Raffle is open from August 6, 2017 and closes August 20, 2017 at 5:00 P.M. EST. The results will be posted on @teen-lesbian-hangout on August 23, 2017.

This might turn out really bad or really good, so I’d love to hear your feedback! And if you have any questions, shoot me an ask!


Hello, melodies! We all know that BtoB is making a comeback on this monday (16 October) with a ballad written, composed and produced by our Hyunsik! With this comeback, everybody is welcomed to help. 

Since not every melody can afford buying Melon / Genie / Naver streaming passes, we’ve decided to share some efficient tips in which everybody can help! All of them are under the cut.

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incandescentlysilver replied to your post “Dearly beloved”

ur fav programs of the season maybe? 🤗🤗 ngl probably gonna reblog whatever u gif cos u do great work 👍👍

Aww, thank you 💗💗💗 I am so glad you liked the stuff I made. Sadly (or not) I don’t rly have favorite programs from this season tho. I have The One Favorite Program and that’s it. One Program to rule them all. Yea it’s H&L.   

tadakixd replied to your post “Dearly beloved”

I love your mashups even though you say it’s overused and your use of text in the gifs, so i’m always looking forward to your next post! Fave spins compilation? Fave choreo seq? Fave k&c reaction? Hey i even like your fave jpop PV post hahahaha (i’m not requesting all of them i just like your gifs hahaha) have a gd break from work!

What do you mean you actually have seen the J-pop stuff I posted? Sweetheart, can I just say that I am absolutely in love with you for that? I mean, I thought nobody from the skating side (or anyone from any side rly) would ever even bother looking at those. I made those purely because I was bored.

Also, on a somewhat related topic, hey lovely Tumblr people, I’m actively in the market for a lady to play the Christine to Yuzu’s Phantom so I can do *drum roll* a POTO mash up. Yes I’m gonna do another one since you people apparently still aren’t fed up with me enough. Unfortunately my YouTube scouring effort has been in vain so far so please please let me know if you have any suggestion for a potential match.

Here’s Phantom Yuzu being divinely handsome to keep you motivated:

anonymous asked:

with the ace/aro side of tumblr, i remember it being more vibrant before the discourse, even though it was compact. like, all of my friends agree that we can only talk about being ace/aro in private now. we even took any mention of 'ace/aro' off of our themes because of harassment (before we even knew what the discourse was.) we're afraid to talk about being ace/aro at all on tumblr now. you can only make/reblog positivity if you're brave and willing to accept random harassment/discourse.

YUP I was actually pretty involved before discourse, and tbh back then I think a LOT of communities were more fun and beneficial. With the emergence of discourse culture, everything is a debate and everyone is a “side” of one, not a community. Its a goddamn hell


That doesn’t change that an overwhelming majority of people in the traumagenic community have expressed their discomfort, outrage, and anger torwards people who claim they’re experiencing exotrauma. A single person doesn’t have the right to speak for or over an entire group of people.

I am in no way trying to minimize or erase the pain people “with exotrauma” might be experiencing. I’ve seen people “with exotrauma” claim they suffer from nightmares, panic attacks, and triggers. Who am I to say that these people are lying or faking it? Why would anyone fake that? What makes someone else’s nightmares, panic attacks, and triggers more valid than someone elses?

Even though you had good intentions when you coined the term exotrauma, you have to understand that… it’s not a real thing. If it was, it would have been recognized years ago by mental health professionals and specialists years ago. You’d find instances in history where people were suffering from this. You would find “past life trauma” talked about in books written by mental health professionals for trauma victims. Trauma survivors would talk about it when they host events to raise awareness over trauma. You would find “past life trauma” under one of the causes of ptsd in the dsm.

So then where are your symptoms coming from? Definitely not from your past lives, that’s for sure. By coining this term, you’re confusing people that are suffering from these symptoms. You may believe that these symptoms are coming from past life trauma, but, like I said, past life trauma isn’t a real thing. People who think they experienced trauma from past lives are mislabeling their experiences, and that’s so harmful, and inhibits recovery.

Again, I get that you only had good intentions when you started talking about exotrauma. But being a survivor and having OSDD doesn’t make you an expert on trauma or mental illness. Mental illnesses require a massive amount of research, and teams of professionals working for years before they can come to conclusions. As a random user on tumblr with no credentials, you can’t just say that past lives have the ability to give you trauma, and then encourage other people to take part of this harmful belief. If past lives had the ability to give you trauma, professionals would recognize it, conduct studies and publish articles about it. You’re not just harming people that have been through trauma in this life, but other people that might incorrectly attribute their symptoms to “exotrauma”.

I get that your intentions aren’t to hurt people, but you are. And for the sake of trauma victims and mentally ill people, you should stop trying to spread and justify this false belief.

anonymous asked:

I love your reblogs of people helping and being good to one another. It makes me think that we don't deserve that big asteroid strike just yet.

It’s good to remember that there are still good people in the world. Sometimes Tumblr can make you believe that everything’s hopeless, and it really isn’t.

anonymous asked:

you sure have a lack of respect for the people whos hard work you use as icons and headers but gotta keep that edgy reputation so you dont look like the timid coward you were when you first came back after getting run off tumblr for being an anti semite 🤔

Lmao bring back some 2015 drama of me getting called le n word and saying its funny that the white girl mocking me make fun of my features because she has a “fat nose” and watching yall react to my jewish best friend saying shit with “how are you black amar? your nose is so big” but thats just me. rin who called me out during that time immediately got called out for anti asian racism for calling my eyes squinty and got run off tumblr. So if you wanna bring alla dat back we can recap rin’s callout and amar getting compared to animals for being jewish by random white kinnies. But we ignore those parts completely because it makes the situation look bad, also the fact that people made up the antiblack girl i argued with being jewish when she wasn’t, i still have screenshots of everything from that day.

Run off tumblr doesnt really apply anymore since thats about to be 3 years ago but I’m glad you were upset enough about the guards in my stories wearing an outfit like that to try and mention me as iziziayayaorihahama as a sick burn


Tuaari’s 15,000 Follower Giveaway!

As a thank you so all of my lovely followers, I’m hosting my third giveaway!! This was originally supposed to be for 10k, but y’know life & depression gets in the way sometimes ahah.. I just want you all to know I appreciate every one of you. You’ve stuck around for so long and honestly idk why, but I’m really grateful to have the lovely followers that I do.

This is also to promote my shop! I started a shop last year called Equinoxx, where I make and sell crystal & polymer clay jewelry, and due to my mental health being shitty, it’s my only source of income at the moment. I put a lot of work & thought into each pendant, so I’d really appreciate if you’d check it out and share my shop (it gives you extra entries!).


  • Must be following me
  • Must be 18+ or have your parents’ permission
  • Do not tag as “giveaway” (tumblr can remove it if you do)
  • No giveaway blogs
  • Likes don’t count
  • New followers are welcome
  • Favourite, share, or buy something from my shop for extra entries! (but make sure you let me know if you’ve done so)
  • Winner will be picked via random number generator
  • I’ll ship anywhere
  • Ends July 1st!

What you’ll receive:

  • Rough selenite log
  • Polished selenite wand
  • Two labradorite points
  • Astrophyllite wand
  • Desert rose
  • Amethyst “fang”
  • Optical calcite
  • Heulandite
  • Lapis lazuli tower
  • Two aura quartz geodes
  • Bottle of amethyst chips
  • Tumbled rose quartz
  • Sage stick
  • Howlite ring
  • Amethyst ring
  • Black cherry incense
  • Patchouli forest incense (my favourite!)
  • Amethyst cluster pendant
  • Epidote pendant
  • Kyanite pendant
  • Labradorite & amethyst pendant
  • Celestite & opal pendant
  • 30% off any item in my shop

Tumblr Labs can be fun or make you wonder what kind of human being would think that “convert random words into emojis” is a good feature and worth real people money.

However, it does make looking at every long, political post enjoyable because someone’s intense rhetoric will be replaced by 🆓💛 or 💰👎 out of nowhere.

Also it lets me know who has shit aesthetic taste because all of their posts are eye-searing or utterly illegible. 

anonymous asked:

I hate how you deflect legitimate criticism with a sarcastic unfunny tumblr picture. You're not funny and you try too hard. We all know you fake your twitches and anxiety and you're fake as hell. Stop posting videos. Stop being a fake and hanging out with other fakes. You're not unique because you talk about your asshole 'CUZ LOL QUIRKY XD' while making dumb faces and talking fast or adding retarded random captions. You're not talented. Any tumblr teenager can do what you do.

anonymous asked:

Do you still post text imagines?

ok listen my sweeties, momma’s gotta break it down

Originally posted by gypsyastronaut

college is an insane, busy, incredible, stressful, amazing time. the thing i want MOST is for you guys to be happy - but i also want me to be happy! and what makes me happy is enjoying my college life while i still can :)

i really enjoy checking in - i check my inbox everyday in case one of you wants to say hello 

but as for text imagines go, i really dont think i’ll be posting anymore. it has gotten way too busy without tumblr, and i don’t need extra stress on top of my honors courses! 

BUT IM STILL HERE!!!!!! please send me asks of opinions, and hello’s and other random shit bc it truly makes my day. 

i love all y’all and thanks for being so rad

Originally posted by mtbd95

nononimousq133  Another instance of ss fandom not understanding…

I’ll be sure to bring that up in the next SS council meeting because as you know fandoms are all shared hiveminds and we control what random anon reviewers write on your fanfics or you could stop stop being duplicitous and stop pretending this is anything but lame bait for some drama and trying to shame an entire group of people you dislike over some anonymous twat because I doubt you believe making a tumblr post will do anything to change the mindset of people like that

ah yes typical ss fandom, let’s just defend the suicide baiters and cry ‘oh what can we do?’ instead of you, you know, making it clear in your tag and in your fandom that doing stuff like that isn’t okay, that it makes your fandom look bad, and if someone is going to behave like that, then they aren’t welcome in your fandom. But sure, cry about it instead because that’ll help :)