This honestly connects to what I’m saying about anti tumblr being incredibly destructive and careless with how it addresses pedophilia.

You can’t just make a sideblog and call yourself mabel-against-ddlg or some shit and yell at some random 15 year old because they’re into billdip without even bothering to think about what factored into this and how terrorizing them only causes said 15 year old to gain support from abusive shippers.

I’m all for creating side accounts educating people on the dangers of toxic ships and the romanticization of disgusting relationships but I swear y'all created this unachievable standard where you think kids can just recognize when something’s bad right away and not look from their perspective at all.

Dating Tom Holland would include

  • cuddles 
  • him doing any and everything to make you laugh
  • lots and lots of sex
  • taking care of Tessa while he’s away
  • movie nights al the time 
  • him getting jealous super easy 
  • “Tom i don’t know why you’re so jealous, i only have eyes for you”
  • “because darling, you’re mine and only mine, why can’t people understand that’
  • “you’re cute when you’re jealous”
  • he just wants you to play with his hair and when you stop, even if for a second he whines till you put your fingers back in his hair
  • getting close with Harrison
  • Harrison getting grossed out by all the pda 
  • him bringing you to set whenever he can 
  • him making dinner for you 
  • “hello darling, how was your day today”
  • having cute little date nights whenever you can 
  • him being a hopeless romantic 
  • surprising you with random gift bc “I saw this and thought of you so i had to buy it”

sorry this is trash but also, thats not my gif 

Also I meant to post this on my other Tumblr but I don’t feel like redoing it so I’m leaving it up, if you’re interested in tom holland then go follow my other blog @tomhollandandtessa

Seventeen in school

Feel free to send in requests for reactions and imagines!

Originally posted by vitaminniedk


  • Volunteers to help the younger kids
  • Drinks water in every class #lubrication1!1
  • Smiles at random people in the halls
  • Student athlete
  • Is probably the only kid brave enough to kill a cockroach in the classroom because the teacher is too scared to

Originally posted by hanwooz


  • Always complains about being tired
  • “You can never have too many hairties!!”
  • Probably has those glasses that make his eyes look like he’s awake when he’s actually asleep
  • Girls are jealous of his hair and beauty
  • Shy about singing
  • Has a lot of friends

Originally posted by jihanlife


  • Has to make speeches about everything
  • Talks a lot // teachers get annoyed
  • Never gets in trouble because he gets good grades
  • Probably wants to be a lawyer
  • Rants on tumblr all the time
  • Probably secretly runs a meme account
  • Charming

Originally posted by fyeahwonhui


  • Flexes in P.E a LOT.
  • Smells nice
  • Takes too many selfies
  • Always finishes his homework before he gets home
  • Kinda shy // only comfortable around his friends
  • Always packs the best lunch

Originally posted by soohuis


  • Sings all the time
  • Hugs everyone
  • Steals hairties from Jeonghan
  • Very intrigued with the class pet
  • Drinks milk every morning and every afternoon because he likes to stay healthy
  • Loves snapchat

Originally posted by visual-17


  • Writes poetry on his math homework
  • Emo kid
  • Has like 9 My Chemical Romance shirts
  • Loves juiceboxes
  • Has an aesthetic tumblr blog

Originally posted by j-miki


  • Takes band
  • Is good at math
  • Kinda shy
  • Rants too much about random things
  • Quiet but vicious

Originally posted by just-soonyoung


  • Everyone loves him
  • Sings with Hoshi all the time
  • Makes cheesy jokes
  • Always happy
  • Always forgets stuff at home

Originally posted by mingyiu


  • That randum kid rawr xD !1!
  • Gets all the girls AND guys
  • Still watches disney shows
  • Is probably a theater kid tbh
  • Helps teachers carry books to their room cuz he’s nice

Originally posted by mvnghaos


  • Keeps a diary
  • Has to get Jun to kill spiders for him
  • The choir teacher probably loves him
  • Has an aesthetic instagram feed
  • Actually really sassy
  • Loves skinship

Originally posted by wonuflake


  • Scared of bugs
  • Probably a theater kid too
  • Is very competitive with Mingyu when it comes to theater-ing
  • Always sits by Vernon at lunch
  • Matches his outfits every day
  • Dramatic

Originally posted by carol12lopes-blog


  • On his phone in class
  • Likes reading fanfiction at lunch with Seungkwan
  • Probably likes watching YouTubers at lunch too
  • Is a kool kid
  • Only uses social media for memes

Originally posted by jeonwuu


  • Wishes that High school had recess
  • Probably is fun to walk to school with
  • Teachers always love him
  • Everyone thinks he’s smol and innocent
  • He’s actually a tough dood
SJM Podcast - Guests

Dear SJM Nerds,

First of all, thank you infinitely to everyone who’s shown so much enthusiasm for the idea of a SJM-centric podcast. It’s been hugely encouraging, and it’s been so much fun discussing ideas with everyone and hearing what interests y’all. Announcements, FAQ, and Info up ahead!

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The feeling that I miss

I miss the feeling of being with you.
When I can pull up the most genuine and effortless smile.
When I like teasing you because you make the cutest expressions.
When we had our random conversations.
When solely being with you is enough.
When being with you felt like time. machine. Because Oh boy! How time flies fast when I’m with you.

I keep on holding on to these memories that you probably don’t remember.
Because now you have her.
You are giving her the feeling that I miss.
She is with the person that I miss.

glitterbearbear  asked:

Hello! I was just wondering if u can write some hcs for being in a poly relationship with klance. Maybe some nsfw if u feel up to it. I just love those boys and ur blog. 😘😘💃🏾🕺🏽💃🏾🕺🏽💃🏾🕺🏽

Thank you for the compliment (: I’ve actually already done a lot of poly klance/reader headcanons! I have a few new ones however, tbh I’ll probably never run out of klance content. I’m gonna link to the other ones I’ve done, so you can check those out too! (these are all memes btw im sorry if u wanted some ~sexy~ content)

    • (^ previous posts)
  • Your iMessage groupchat is the fucking worst
    • Keith constantly sends you and Lance cursed images. Not only are they cryptic-looking, they have little date/year stamps in the corner, which makes them even worse
    • Keith also takes pictures of random trails of footprints he finds out and about and sends them to y’all with captions like “bigfoot: true, or real?”
    • Lance’s contribution to the groupchat is to send you random youtube links that typically link to either one of the three:
      • Neon Genesis Evangelion-style openings for shows that are clearly NOT anime (Cory in the House, Blues Clues, Johnny Test, etc)
      • “you reposted in the wrong neighbourhood” memes/variations (hE KEEPS SENDING “you reposted in the wrong dimmadome” AND KEITH HATES IT)
      • off-key songs (his favorite is “never gonna hit those notes”)
    • Your contribution? “follow for a free iPhone 5″/”like to die instantly”
      • Also: “BOTTOM TEXT”
  • One time, both you and Keith had the flu so Lance stayed home for the whole week to take care of you guys and take care of you both <3
    • While y’all spent the week on the couch suffering, you guys marathoned all 10 seasons of Friends. Every. Single. Episode. Neither of you slept because you had to clap along to the opening every twenty minutes.
  • Keith has an awful obsession with the “mac tonight” mcdonalds commercial from the 80′s and cries a lot because he knows the man in the latex moon mask will never return
  • Keith loves vaporwave…a lot
    • Keith, listening to “enjoy yourself” by saint pepsi: I am now a fiji water bottle.
    • Lance: keith baby what the fuck
  • (in reference to my previous posts) whenever the three of you get into disagreements, Keith starts saying unrelated weird shit to get y’all to stop
    • Keith: I’d FUCK Earthworm Jim
    • Lance: B a B E N O
    • You: s t o p
    • Keith: m a k e m e
  • Lance gets deep into Sonic the Hedgehog lore past 11 PM so if he doesn’t fall asleep right away good luck @ keith and you
    • Lance: ShadAmy has more chemistry than SonAmy because in Sonic Adventure 2, originally released on June 18th, 2001 for the Sega Dreamcast and re-released in 2002 for the gamecube, Amy confronts Shadow on Space Colony Ark and reminds him about Mari-
    • Keith: DUDE
    • You: who cares if she repeated what Maria said SonAmy is CANON AND HAS BEEN SINCE 1993 WHEN SONIC CD WAS RELEASED
    • Keith: im going to fucking leave

incandescentlysilver replied to your post “Dearly beloved”

ur fav programs of the season maybe? 🤗🤗 ngl probably gonna reblog whatever u gif cos u do great work 👍👍

Aww, thank you 💗💗💗 I am so glad you liked the stuff I made. Sadly (or not) I don’t rly have favorite programs from this season tho. I have The One Favorite Program and that’s it. One Program to rule them all. Yea it’s H&L.   

tadakixd replied to your post “Dearly beloved”

I love your mashups even though you say it’s overused and your use of text in the gifs, so i’m always looking forward to your next post! Fave spins compilation? Fave choreo seq? Fave k&c reaction? Hey i even like your fave jpop PV post hahahaha (i’m not requesting all of them i just like your gifs hahaha) have a gd break from work!

What do you mean you actually have seen the J-pop stuff I posted? Sweetheart, can I just say that I am absolutely in love with you for that? I mean, I thought nobody from the skating side (or anyone from any side rly) would ever even bother looking at those. I made those purely because I was bored.

Also, on a somewhat related topic, hey lovely Tumblr people, I’m actively in the market for a lady to play the Christine to Yuzu’s Phantom so I can do *drum roll* a POTO mash up. Yes I’m gonna do another one since you people apparently still aren’t fed up with me enough. Unfortunately my YouTube scouring effort has been in vain so far so please please let me know if you have any suggestion for a potential match.

Here’s Phantom Yuzu being divinely handsome to keep you motivated:

anonymous asked:

Lmao so those girls have liked Harry's music since it came out! Almost like this idea of Harry's music being so irredeemably awful and the partnering with muna being "damage control" for the ott reactions of 15 people on Tumblr who were gonna hate his music no matter what it was is total bullshit 🤔 I can't believe some people can just enjoy music without having to exaggerate its every flaw simply because you've decided you hate the person lmao

isnt it amazing how the opinions of a few random blogs on Tumblr don’t reflect the opinions of the masses despite the fact that the people making those posts think they do 😟 almost like..people can use their brains and form their own opinions and also realize that music is fun and an outlet and not every single lyric of a song needs to be deconstructed and taken out of context for the sole purpose of tearing it down 😟

almost like…Harry really wanted to help give these amazing women a bigger platform because he’s incredible and probably likes and relates to their music and they appreciated it and like him because not only is he talented but also a great person in general 🤗

Fic Every Day in June

Happy June 1st! 

This month I am embarking on the ambitious project of posting a fic every day for the month of June. These will be short drabbles and one-shots mostly written from prompts you guys send me and stuff I have floating around my brain that possibly wouldn’t make full chaptered fics. 

So, feel free to send me a prompt and look out on my Tumblr and AO3 for fics every day. You can also follow me on Twitter for more random behind-the-scenes updates  

If you’ve ever sent me a prompt that I haven’t written yet, the likelihood is I’ll be using it for this project.

All of this is being attempted when I’m moving house this month  (#janeneedsstorage amirite?) so wish me luck!

I hope you enjoy them, first one is coming tonight maybe in an hour or so (UK Time). 

10 Things that make you happy!

I was tagged by lovely @my-space-and-all-within to write 10 things that make me happy - thank you!!

1. My fluffy little sweet doggo 
2. Greg Lake!!!!!! Everything about him!!!!!!!!
3. Music. I just… I can’t even describe how helpful music is for me and I won’t even start to count the bands\artists because it will never end!!
4. 19th Century things like art and literature .. Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe etc. 
5. Books!! Classics and horror (Stephen King!!!!!) and other random genres….
6. Being on tumblr (look mum! I do have friends!! >:( )
7. The fact I started learning German &Russian again after months of being Too Lazy to find my Duolingo password (also, don’t expect me to know anything bc I …… Don’t)
8. My bass guitar Sandy !! she’s my life 
9. Learning new stuff - mostly applies to certain artists and to some of the weird stuff of the 20th Century classical music (honestly my Music History class this year was such a pleasure - my grade was actually improved from around 65-70 to 90+ this year!!)
10. proving Pretentious Fucks that I know the music of their time better than themselves (view this post for example)

11. Bonus - the fact I have actually created a link on tumblr for the first time??? I hope it works

I tag - only if you want to ! @stroyent @dumbfaceadventureland @younglusts @clearthroughtheclouds @march-for-no-reason @moveslikekeithrichards @carlfrederickkendallpalmer @auroreamethyste sorry if you were already tagged or something!!

anonymous asked:

I am trying to find historical references to sunglasses or shades. All I can find are references to unreliable sources and dead ends. If you search '12th century chinese sunglasses' lots of articles appear but again, nothing I can use. Do you see anything in the later SCA time period? Thanks!!

*blows dust off Tumblr*


So the issue I’m running into is a lot of books/websites make reference to smokey quartz being used in 12th century China to shield the eyes/expressions of judges in court - but there’s no citation for this. Which, as a SCAdian Sinologist, makes me raise an eyebrow.

LIke this image being captioned as 12th century smokey quartz glasses. I don’t believe it, because I don’t trust random Tumblr/Pinterest user as a reliable source.


I do have images of Tang Dynasty eye-shades, from Secrets of the Silk Road (2010). They were only used as grave goods, though. Apparently the afterlife requires sunglasses. (Really, it was protection against sand and such, not unlike Inuit eyeshades.)

But here’s what I found - but remember your CRAAP test when going through these resources.

Developments in optometry can be traced back to the 1st century AD

The quest to correct and improve vision is one of man’s oldest medical challenges.
By Victoria Ward
The Telegraph, November 3, 2010

Medieval optometric traditions. [PDF]
L Bieganowski - HINDSIGHT: Journal of Optometry History, 2009 -
You can view more past issues of this journal here. [link]

A Barnett
American Journal of Optometry and Archives of American Academy of Optometry. 19(2):92, FEB 1942

Franciscus Maurolycus and his Photismi de Lumine, a chapter in late medieval optics. (just a citation)
Tannebaum S
Journal of the American Optometric Association
[01 Oct 1970, 41(10):868-869]
This one makes me go mnnneeeh, but it has some images and some footnotes, though the whole thing isn’t cited super well imho.

The Invention of Spectacles between the East and the West
Interesting perspective - because SO MANY of these articles tend to be Euro-centric. This is refreshing, and has citations! Whee!
This is one Wikipedia cites, and while it has some book references, those books don’t really have citations. So I’m kind of meh.

An uncommon history of common things. Volume 2
Author: National Geographic Society (U.S.)
Publisher: Washington, D.C. : National Geographic, [2015]

Panati’s extraordinary origins of everyday things
Author: Charles Panati
Publisher: New York, NY : Chartwell Books, 2016.


tbh i’ve known you since… good lord probably 2012, but we’ve only recently fully gotten to know each other ( and i’m so thankful ). you’re an amazing person, and so thoughtful in what you do. you message me randomly every so often and idk it’s kinda nice to et those random messages. anyways, not only can you write beautifully, but you understand selene ( our precious vampire baby ) in ways i can’t help but to admire and appreciate. the fandom of underworld is already so small, so just knowing that i do have a community here on tumblr makes me happy every time i think about it. your devotion to selene is beyond admirable, though, and i can’t imagine my dash without you. never stop being who you are bc tbh you’re amazing and i love you so much. thank you for giving me a chance in friendship with you, babe. ♥

When you see this share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs

Taming a Monster:

Dagrun made a noise of happiness as one of the magical butterflies landed on her noise. A wide, toothless smile spread across her chubby face and she tried to reach for the bug. But, being only a few months old, she was still learning how her arms and hands worked. She ended up smooshing her cheeks instead of grabbing the magic.

Spiridon’s Plight:

With the sealing of the temple came many worried voices from the other tribes of Sheikah throughout the valleys. For three days, Harani Impa dealt with a steady stream of chieftains. I was impressed with how calm and reassuring she remained, filling her people with hope rather than fear.

Second Chances:

It was a busy day for the Full Tankard, which was somewhat unusual for early spring. Normally, business started to perk up around late spring, but the snows had melted sooner than normal and the world was already beginning to blossom anew.

“Four bowls o’ stew, Galiene!” Baylee chirped as she backed into the kitchen. She carried a large platter practically overflowing with used dishes. “Two with biscuits, two without.” She set her platter down on the counter beside the washbasin.

“Are you jokin’ me, lass? There are still hungry people out there?”

Since I didn’t upload anything in a while, due to getting more tired lately from work and having lack of motivation, I thought I should upload some of the old pieces as well (this one is from 2016). Yes, this one is already on my old blog (it is indeed my old blog), but since I want everything in one place and have no intention to use my old blog, I decided to upload it here as well. So have some random turian being smug about something and his human friend being seemingly annoyed by it. Fun fact: I was considering making a tumblr ask-blog for those two, just to draw funny pictures and answer some questions, but this idea most likely would be to just die away quickly.

I post my art only on: Tumblr, Furaffinuty, Furnation and Deviantart (all links you can find linked on my DA profile page or on my Tumblr in the “My links”). If you see my art on Instagram or somewhere else - it wasn’t me. Please, let me know so I can report thief if it happens.


Tuaari’s 15,000 Follower Giveaway!

As a thank you so all of my lovely followers, I’m hosting my third giveaway!! This was originally supposed to be for 10k, but y’know life & depression gets in the way sometimes ahah.. I just want you all to know I appreciate every one of you. You’ve stuck around for so long and honestly idk why, but I’m really grateful to have the lovely followers that I do.

This is also to promote my shop! I started a shop last year called Equinoxx, where I make and sell crystal & polymer clay jewelry, and due to my mental health being shitty, it’s my only source of income at the moment. I put a lot of work & thought into each pendant, so I’d really appreciate if you’d check it out and share my shop (it gives you extra entries!).


  • Must be following me
  • Must be 18+ or have your parents’ permission
  • Do not tag as “giveaway” (tumblr can remove it if you do)
  • No giveaway blogs
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  • New followers are welcome
  • Favourite, share, or buy something from my shop for extra entries! (but make sure you let me know if you’ve done so)
  • Winner will be picked via random number generator
  • I’ll ship anywhere
  • Ends July 1st!

What you’ll receive:

  • Rough selenite log
  • Polished selenite wand
  • Two labradorite points
  • Astrophyllite wand
  • Desert rose
  • Amethyst “fang”
  • Optical calcite
  • Heulandite
  • Lapis lazuli tower
  • Two aura quartz geodes
  • Bottle of amethyst chips
  • Tumbled rose quartz
  • Sage stick
  • Howlite ring
  • Amethyst ring
  • Black cherry incense
  • Patchouli forest incense (my favourite!)
  • Amethyst cluster pendant
  • Epidote pendant
  • Kyanite pendant
  • Labradorite & amethyst pendant
  • Celestite & opal pendant
  • 30% off any item in my shop

anonymous asked:

I hate how you deflect legitimate criticism with a sarcastic unfunny tumblr picture. You're not funny and you try too hard. We all know you fake your twitches and anxiety and you're fake as hell. Stop posting videos. Stop being a fake and hanging out with other fakes. You're not unique because you talk about your asshole 'CUZ LOL QUIRKY XD' while making dumb faces and talking fast or adding retarded random captions. You're not talented. Any tumblr teenager can do what you do.

anonymous asked:

You should do dating Steve Rogers would include!!! I love those

Hi! Thanks for requesting :

Dating Steve Rogers would include;

-Keeping the language joke alive. Every time he swears, you grin and yell ‘LANGUAGE!’

-Him sneaking into your apartment and making you breakfast in bed

-Random dates all the time.

-You and the Avengers nicknaming him 'the fossil’.

-Steve buying you LOADS of flowers, all the time.

-Being really over protective of you, but not to the point of being controlling.

-When a guy hits on you, Steve clears his throat and says 'Nice to meet you, I’m her boyfriend. Can I help?’

-Him confiding in you with all his secrets and he tells you everything.

-Being each others emotional support.

-Having really cute 'tumblr couple’ moments that Natasha keeps teasing you for.

Hope you enjoyed! :3

Elm’s First Ever Giveaway!

Originally posted by tylers-babe

In honor of 428 followers and with Yule coming up, I have FINALLY put together my first ever giveaway! There will be two winners who will be getting two very nice goodies! I know you all don’t really care about reading a whole paragraph that just rambles on and on. Instead I will try my best to keep it short and simple!

The Prizes

1st Place: The Wild Unknown Official Keepsake Box Set 

2nd Place: The Linestrider Tarot 

3rd Place: A tarot card reading of your choice! You can find a spread that strikes your fancy, or I can make one up just for you! 


1) US & Canada Residents Only (I’m sorry but shipment is really expensive).

2) Reblogs count as 1 entry, but you can reblog as much as you want as long as you don’t spam your followers.

3) Winners will be chosen via random number generator and you MUST be willing to give me a shipping address.

4) DO NOT TAG AS A GIVEAWAY! If you do, they’ll take it down and that’s your loss.

5) This giveaway is in no way associated with Tumblr. This is just a thanks to everyone being amazing and wonderful.

6) Giveaway ends December 5th, 2016 at 11:59pm EST.


Have a World of Warcraft character on Wyrmrest Accord? Check out @gwenivyr for the WoW Giveaway I’m doing! I know, none of this has fancy graphics or anything. But hey! It is what it is! Thanks so much everyone and have a lovely day!

- Elm

Bbybearnini’s Follow Forever!

Note: Formerly kailaystan, now bbybearnini!

I never expected to have 1000+ rays of sunshine interested in my intense love for the group that is EXO, so thank you so much! It’s been just four months, but I’ve made a lot of new friends, fallen way in love with EXO, probably ranted too many times, nearly cried at 1 am, laughed hysterically at 5 am, said hello, said goodbye, and smiled until my cheeks hurt. Now that I think of it…it’s hard to remember not being on here… 

💗 - started from the bottom now we here, y’all have been my mutuals since the beginning :))) thank you SO much for riding along with me <3333

💞 - new mutuals and/or mutuals I can’t get over you followed me (bc i love your blogs so much omggg and its probably why i don’t talk to you a lot)

💖 - you’re in one of my squads that you may or may not know about..

💝 - you’ve got a message from me under the cut!

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I just wanna say I’ve noticed you and thank you especially: @lets-lovedance-forever @lonly-yixing @guccigrunt @ayyomg714 @amazingally10 @mylostxings @snorlaxluke @sushiofdreams @in-thegalaxy @steadypeanutrunaway @krismemore

There are a lot more mutuals I didn’t get to mention (and of course blogs that I just follow!), but thank you ALL for following me, and livening up my dash with whatever it is that you blog. ;) You matter more to me than you think, always remember that. 💗

Messages under the cut~~not in specific order

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