Part 4 and 5 of my coffee au.

To all of my followers whom is waiting for part 4 and 5 of my coffee au. I want to tell you that i…….screwed up. I was trying to finish it (night) while drinking coffee. I got tired so i went to bed. Soon as i wake up. TRAGIC. My sketchbook was soak with latte.( can’t be save anymore). So im just gonna tell you guys here.

After lapis got in the cafe, peridot felt dizzy and wants to vomit. She went in as well and wash her face. She look herself in the mirror. Pale.(haven’t sleep for days)

“Back to work”

She said to herself and goes to the counter. Standing beside lapis. Lapis notice that peridot was a bit pale.

“You okay?”

She ask. Peridot nodded her head. Then her boss came and call peridot.

“Help me with the boxes peridot”

Another nod from peridot. One step, two step three and ‘THUD’.

Peridot falls to the floor and went unconscious.



peridot jerk up from her nightmares. Breathing heavily and sweating. Lapis holding a bowl of life almost throw it on peridot.

Peridot drift her eyes around the room and stop at lapis.

“What are you doing in my room?”

“Ummm…hot porridge?”.

Peridot accepted the bowl and eat it like she haven’t ate for days.

“What happen?”

Peridot asked.

“Well you, had a hot fever, but you keep forcing yourself to work and went black out. boss and i lift your heavy ass into her car and drive you home. Plus, how can you forgot to lock the doors.”

Peridot kept her head down and shove the hot porridge in her mouth and burnt her tongue. Lapis shook her head and pass her a bottle of water.

“When was the last time you ate”

“….2 days ago”

“Seriously, you’re slowly killing your-”

Lapis was interrupted when her phone rang. Lapis took it out and excuse herself. She went to the living room and answered it. Even tho she was whispering peridot could still hear it clearly.

“I’ll pay the rent today, i promise. I get the money to-”

The other line hung up. Lapis sigh. She took a deep breath and place a smile on her face before entering the room again.

“ Hey, dorito head. Guess i gotta go now. Night shift. So see ya-”

“ landlord isn’t it”

Lapis flinch and stared deep into peridot’s green eyes. Lapis sigh.

“Yeah, i forgot to pay the rent for this month-”

“Live with me”


Peridot got up on her feet and walk closer to lapis. Maybe too close.

“Live with me. You don’t have to worry about paying rent but, you must cook for me”

“Like a wife would do?”

“W-wha ….yeah sure whatever”

Lapis could see visible red on peridot’s cheek.

“Heheh you’re blushing”

“NO I’M NOT!!”

“Yes you are~”


So lapis pack her things,live with peridot,cook for both of them and still work together at the cafe .The end. Okay, Next are just short comic about their daily life. THANK YOU. SORRY FOR BROKEN ENGLISH.

The fastest and most hideous doodle i ever made. I was stressed out at the moment.

the PALadins as questionable eating habits i have

lance: doesn’t eat the crusts when eating pizza, is too messy/lazy to clean up so leaves pizza crusts on plate, later eats the day-old pizza crusts that have been left out and are hard enough to chip a tooth

pidge: subsists entirely on nacho cheese doritos for a whole week

hunk: tortillas + cream cheese + hint of lime tostitos

keith: subsists entirely on energy drink of choice ( orange citrus mtn dew kickstart) for a week, usually in conjunction with the doritos

shiro: “when was the last time you ate something, dude?” “uh……. what day is it?” 


allura: puts popsicles into champagne flute -> microwave -> drink

coran: vienna sausages 

anon i hate this because i manage to be lance AND pidge …… did u know

starklinqs  asked:

Oooh and Batcat (any version)

Ooooh okay I’m gonna kind of center this around Gotham’s bby Batcat even though I’m super behind on Gotham and have no immediate plans to catch up whoops because they’re like. My favorite Batcat ever.

Also @starklinqs I’m sorry I took 5ever doing this when it was one of the first asks I got for this meme I’m so rude

  • Who made the first move: PFFFT Selina “I dare you to kiss me you little shit lmao like I would ever WANT you to kiss me but totally come and get it though” Kyle, ladies and gentlemen. There isn’t a subtle bone in this girl’s body.
    • Like Bruce is over here with his frequent and lovely statements of how much Selina means to him and how connected he feels to her and how much he genuinely adores her and then Selina is over here like “FEELINGS? sounds laaaaaaaaame”
    • Literally the embodiment of this post
    • At some point she’s going to hit Bruce with “Ivy thinks we’re dating, isn’t that weird? Can you even imagine? How stupid would that be if we kissed? Wouldn’t that be the dumbest thing?”
    • And smol Bruce will very determinedly not even look up from his reading. It’s a struggle, but he’s not giving her the satisfaction. He knows how she works. “Are you saying you want to kiss me?”
    • “No,” Selina says, rolling her eyes with utmost disdain. She’s blushing though. “I’m just saying it would be weird if we did. Jerk.”
    • This happens multiple times
    • Eventually Bruce just has to kiss her just to make her stop and they’re both incredibly relieved 
  • Who said ‘I love you’ first: Okay I want you to reread all of the above
    • It was Bruce. Of course it was Bruce. 
    • Wow I’d just like to applaud Gotham for creating a Bruce Wayne who genuinely seems well-adjusted enough to be the person who says I love you first
    • Seriously ya’ll I know there’s no way Gotham will run long enough for David Mazouz to actually be an adult but you can just TELL he’d be like. The most human and compassionate Batmans ever if it did. 
    • New headcanon Gotham and Young Justice take place in the same universe and David Mazouz’s Bruce is the one who grows up to be the most responsible Batdad in recorded history
    • Sorry I just really frickin love everything Gotham does with Bruce he’s gr9
    • Also where the hell was Catwoman in Young Justice?
  • How often they fight: Not SUPER often, but they have, you know, some obvious moral disagreements. Selina usually ends up pouting and sleeping on the couch.
  • Whose big spoon/little spoon: Bruce secretly LOVES being the little spoon and Selina knows it
  • Whose the better cook: Selina would live off takeout food and stolen bags of Doritos if she could. Bruce isn’t a GREAT cook, but he’s real sick of stolen Doritos so he’s trying to learn to keep both of them alive.
    • “When was the last time you ate a vegetable?”
    • “Bruce don’t be stupid we’re in the middle of a CITY where do you expect me to find a VEGETABLE?”
    • “Oh my god Selina are you serious?”
    • She is serious. Addressing food deserts goes on Bruce’s to-do list, right after “avenge parents” and “stop crime”
  • Who remembers their anniversaries: Lmao NEITHER OF THEM EVER
  • Their favorite thing to do together: They like finding a nice rooftop to sit on and watching the sun go down together. Say what you will about Gotham, but it has amazing sunsets. (“Alfred says it’s because of air pollution,” Bruce says. Selina elbows him in the side. “Don’t ruin it.”) Maybe they make a little fire pit on top of an empty building and get a little fire going, and keep their hands nice and toasty while they watch sparks fly up into the night sky. They try to find the few constellations they know, and make up some new ones. Sometimes if they’re deeling really fancy they even round up the ingredients for smores (the fire pit works much better for roasting marshmallows than that borrowed lighter did.) 
  • Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship: Selina at first, but it’s gradually become obvious that both of them are huge nerds who have no idea what’s going on at any given time. They’re just clinging for dear life together

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Last Movie you watched: Dead Silence

Last song you listened to: South – Racing Glaciers

Last show you watched: Looney Tunes

Last book you read: i haven’t read any in so long, it’s just been fics for years

Last thing you ate: Doritos

If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?: hmm… i don’t know. i’m already at home, so…

When would you time travel to?: i’d want to like glimpse every year of the future so i’d know if i had at least one thing each of those years to look forward to

First thing you would do with lottery money?: move us somewhere better

Character you would hang out with for a day? daryl dixon, paul rovia, hershel greene, like all of team family basically because i love them all. cullen rutherford, dorian pavus, liam kosta, bruce wayne, clark kent, jason todd…

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The Personal Trainer Pt. 5

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel


Warnings: Mentions of smut, light smut.

Summary: You come home after a long mission and Pietro showers you with affection and you two spend a lot of time together catching up but then Fury has to remind you two that you are a trainer and trainee first, a couple second…

A/N: This starts out super fluffy then it’s going to get really angsty! 

Pietro loafed on the couch and ate a bag of doritos. He looked like a complete slob as his sister observed from where she was sitting across from him. “You know you’ve really let yourself go since Y/N left on that mission.” Wanda says and Pietro groans. 

“Don’t remind me she’s gone!” He groans and eats another chip with a loud crunch. 

“Could you eat quieter!” Wanda complains. “And get a napkin! There’s dorito dust all over the couch!” 

“No that was from the last time Cap and Bucky were left alone together here.” Pietro wiggles his eyebrows suggestively at Wanda and she blushes. She knew how Pietro liked to joke that Bucky and Steve were a couple because they were so close. And lately he had been picking on them a lot to distract from the fact that he missed you so much. 

“Will you just get up off the couch and do something useful!” Wanda scolds him again. “You’ve been moping around on the couch for the month that she’s been gone like a sad puppy!” 

“I am not a dog!” Pietro retorts to his sister and quickly sits up. 

“Guess who’s home….” You say in a happy voice as you walk down the hallway into the living area of the Avengers tower where the twins were lounging. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a fic with angry!Chloe?

Beca couldn’t tell, but she felt like the woman doing the dishwasher was slightly more pent up than usual. Finding out, of course, meant getting up and out of bed, and seeing as she had twenty-two more minutes left until her alarm woke her up, she wasn’t too interested in checking. 

That is, until she heard a squeak of pain, followed by a clatter louder than the entire clean-dish-removal project that someone with the quiet skills of an overweight elephant decided to take on. The rest of the house was still asleep - the only two people who had 8ams were Chloe and Beca, which made for a few minutes of quiet time with her favorite redhead before the day started. 

Beca slipped out of bed, growing concerned when she noticed the silence that fell over the kitchen as soon as the clattering stopped. 

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How Bleach characters would be passive-aggressive (if you ate the food they were saving)

Author’s choice list. :)

Personally, I hate passive-aggression. It is one of my greatest pet-peeves, and the #1 reason I over-explain all of my feelings to everyone. But let’s say Bleach characters are feeling a little passive aggressive today, because you happened to eat the food that they were saving for themselves. How would they passive-aggressively express their anger? 

1. Unohana: Casually pours your favorite drink down the sink.

While looking at you.

You: W-what are you doing with my limeade??

Unohana: What? Oh I’m sorry.

Unohana: I assumed you were full from eating my food.

2. Rose: Composes a…pointed song

And then “practices” it in the same room as you.

You: So, uh, you’re writing a song called “Stolen Food Blues”?

Rose: Yes. I got inspired for some reason.

3. Ginjo: Loudly slurps food that should not be slurped

In this scenario, you of course ate the ramen he was saving.

You: I didn’t realize you *could* slurp doritos.

Ginjo: That must be so annoying for you.

4. Katagiri: Is too “understanding”

In this scenario, you are Ryuken.

Katagiri: Thank you for eating the last of the ice cream.

Katagiri: I know you did it for the good of the Quincy.


Katagiri: What? But surely that’s the reason?

Katagiri: Why else would you eat my ice cream?

5. Berenice: Asks too many hypothetical questions

She’s the question-Quincy. In case you don’t remember her.

Berenice: Why do human beings wrong each other?

You: What

Berenice: What is it in the nature of humans that cause them to hurt each other, even in seemingly innocuous ways, like stealing from them their edible treasures?

You: Edible treasures?

Berenice: Hypothetically.

6. Ikkaku: Tries to hide his anger from you

But, as we know, Ikkaku is very very very bad at keeping secrets, so

You: So I heard you’re mad at me for eating your food?

Ikkaku: What? Don’t be ridiculous! Who told you that?

You: Yachiru. And Renji. And Matsumoto. And Iba. And Komamura. And Kurotsuchi for some reason.

Ikkaku: ………oh.

7. Yumichika: Sighs a lot

Unfortunately for Yumichika, he is pretty good at keeping secrets, so you may or may not notice that he is angry at you.

You: Um….are you sighing?

Yumichika: Nope.

You: Oh, okay.

Yumichika: [sighs]


8. Rukia: Makes some pointed drawings

You know, like a bunny getting sick after eating some stolen food from the fridge.

You: So I saw your new comics.

Rukia: What? Did I leave those out where you could find them??

You: I know. What a huge shocker.

9. Hitsugaya: Sends out some “general” memos about correct fridge etiquette

You might be Matsumoto in this scenario.

Hitsugaya: Did you see the memo I sent out?

You/Matsumoto: Naw I don’t usually read your memos because you always tell me about them anyway.

Hitsugaya: [twitches]

You/Matsumoto: What?

10. Aizen: Stabs you in your face

He meant to miss. But Aizen is bad at stabbing in the way he intends.

Aizen: Um….I guess that was less playful and more murderous, huh?


Why Don’t We Go...

For Fairy Tail Fluff Week Day One – Together/Come on!

A sequel to my oneshot “Somewhere to Begin”.  Read it first from that link if you haven’t already.  :)  

“It had been over since Natsu had picked up that bat… at least, until Lucy Heartfilia took his hand.”

Worn sneakers padded down the faded asphalt, gripping the ground as if they knew their home.  The young man walked past lines of foliage and gravel on either side of the street, not ceasing until he arrived across from the end of a long driveway.

Against what most would deem reasonable, however, he stepped out not to cross the street, but to stand exactly in the middle.  The road was quiet.  Nearly empty as it always had been; he’d not seen a car for miles around.

Adjusting his scarf, Natsu smiled, stuffing his hands into his jean pockets.  Not a thing about the setting had changed since that time four years ago.

Nothing but the night, the snow, and the beautiful girl that had tackled him into it from this very spot.

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You don’t mind sharing a bed, do you? (Prompt request, pt 3)(Steve Rogers X Reader)

Hi guys!! I feel like I’m going to be eternally apologizing for being late all the time with my writing, but here’s part 3 of the latest fic, sorry it took so long!! I feel like I’ve been dragging this on and this part’s pretty freakin long so I’m going to take a break with it to move onto other requests and write the bonus part I have in mind at some other point. So I hope you guys enjoy, and thanks again for the request! :-) 

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I was tagged by @the-knights-who-say-book FOREVER ago and found this in my drafts again so here we go: 

What Was the Last Movie You Saw: In theaters, it was NERVE, but just yesterday I was watching the Princess Diaries II

What Was the Last Song You Listened To: “Bloom” by The Paper Kites 

What Was the Last Show You Watched: The Get-Down 

What Was the Last Book You Read: On Wattpad, I’m reading a book called EVE, which is pretty good.

What Was the Last Thing You Ate: Doritos 

If You Could be Anywhere Else Right Now, Where Would You Be: Anywhere cold. It’s too hot here, I may have been born in August but I hate the heat :’)

If You Could Pick a Decade to Travel Back to in Time, What Would it Be: Considering I’m a woc, and not willing to perform the basic womanly duties of most time periods, idk. Maybe a quick glance in the Library of Alexandria before it was lost? I could explore the past and save a legendary part of history while I’m at it  

If You Won the Lottery, What Would Be the First Thing You’d Do: Put half of that $ in my bank account, and the other half between splurging and paying off bills/debts 

Which Fictional Character Would You Like to Hang Out with For the Day: NO idea. Someone with a lot of patience, since I’ll be asking questions all the time. 

What Was the Last Fandom You Joined: It’s been a while. I think that last one I joined was Ari and Dante? It depends on what we’re defining as “joining the fandom”. Is it reblogging posts, or discussing w other readers, or ?? 

The 10 I tag are:

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A Joshifer Drabble

Cue the Violins

By: Jamie Sommers and Broadway Baby

Rated: NSFW

The second in a series of satirical Joshifer drabbles.

These stories were written with the best of intentions and meant for a laugh. Though we know we won’t please all of you with our twisted humor, we do hope some of you will get a chuckle out of them.

Thank you to the authors that are allowing us to use their story titles in this series. In this chapter we are featuring stories by peetasbunmyoven, areyouserial, lurkinginthecorner, hutchhitched and myself, jamiesommers23.


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