Love In A Photograph- Bucky Barnes

Guys I loved writing this one! Hope you enjoy it! Requests are open!

Word count: 2.2K

Warnings: FLUFF

The first notes of the song start to sound through the big salon and you look at his blue eyes. Feeling the tears in your eyes, Bucky and you start dancing to Photograph, by Ed Sheeran. Your big white wedding dress moves with your body while you let Bucky lead the dance. You tight your grip at his shoulder, you can’t believe this is real. A few minutes ago, you got married. He is your husband, you are his wife. He makes you feel alive, he makes you feel like there is nothing in the world that you can’t do. A part from your husband, he is also your best friend, and you know that marrying him was the best choice you could have ever made.

You wish you could just froze the moment. Stay like this forever, Bucky holding you close to him, his forehead resting in yours and a big smile on his face. You bit your lip, the tears threatening to fall. He looks happy, he is happy. And you are the reason of it. Bucky and you have a large past. At first, you didn’t talk. It was like he hated you, but he didn’t. He was just so in love with you, he was scared of the feeling. You found yourself slowly falling for him, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Closing your eyes, you remember all the memories you made during this years, all the laughs, the conversations, the nightmares… Every single moment that you can remember crosses your head as you move around the big room.

It was never easy. Bucky used to be dangerous and, somehow, he still is. But you don’t care, because you won’t let him alone. You told him that you’ll be by his side no matter what happened. And you want to keep this promise, you will. Everyone was a little scared of your relationship when it started, but they relaxed when they saw the effect you had on Bucky. He always told you that your love healed him, he still does.

Bucky closes his eyes, pulling you even closer to him. All eyes are on both of you, but right now you feel like you are the only ones in this room. Everyday, you risk your life saving the world. It’s not a common job, but it’s what you both like, what you both were made for. You know you are lucky to be alive, but looking at Bucky, you realized that if you die tomorrow, you will leave this world being the happiest person on earth. There’s a lot of things you are not sure about, but what you know is that after all, Bucky will be the only thing that you take with you when you die. You know that your place is next to him, and that will never change. He is tattooed in your heart, he is the air you breath and the sky you look at. He is the world and the light, your heartbeat and all your tears.

Bucky changed your life when you met him and you were more than happy to welcome those changes. You will always wait for him to come home. You will be ready whenever he is, you will scare his nightmares away and tell him how beautiful he is. You will kiss his metal arm and caress his scars, assuring him everything is and will be okay. You will do whatever it takes to see that beautiful smile, even if that’s the last thing you’ll do. When Bucky appears, the rest of the world disappears. You are scared of this, but in the moment you see his blue eyes silently telling you that everything’s fine, all the fear leaves your body. Bucky is your anchor and at the same time he’s the one who makes you fly. He’s the force that makes you fight and the calm that makes you fall asleep. Bucky is everything, your everything.

The song ends slowly and Bucky leans in kissing you softly. He kisses you with such passion and care, it drives you crazy. You hear people clapping and break the kiss, smiling at Bucky. He smiles back at you and you cup his cheeks knowing you are lucky to have him in your life.

The party goes really nice. There’s not a lot of people, just close friends. Everyone seems genuinely happy that you have each other and you can’t stop smiling at all the compliments. There’s music blasting through the speakers and some people are drunkenly dancing on the middle of the salon. You giggle at the sight of one of your childhood best friend dancing with Sam. They look like they are having lots of fun. Steve approaches you, a glass of champagne on his right hand.

“You look really beautiful, (Y/N).” You smile at him while he kisses your cheek. “I’m really happy for you and Bucky. And I’m also really glad that you choose me to be the Best Man.”

“Who else, Steve?” You both laugh happily.

“I know, I know… But seriously, when Bucky came back… I thought it would be impossible for him to be happy again. Or at least to be optimistic. But you did it, (Y/N). It’s like we have 40s Bucky back. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you did. You healed him, you pick up all of his broken pieces and put him back together. So thank you, of all the people in this world, I’m glad that Bucky chose you to fix him.” You look at Steve’s eyes.

“You’re going to make me cry again, Steve…” You laugh a little bit and rub your eyes carefully.

Steve grabs your waist, hugging you sideways. He kisses your head and you hug his waist. During all this time you didn’t only become close with Bucky. You also built a great relationship with Steve. He is like a brother to you, he took care of you, he helped you with Bucky and he was always making sure that everything was okay with you. No matter what, he putted you first in a lot of occasions and you couldn’t thank him enough.

“You need to take some credit. Bucky wouldn’t be the same without you, Steve. You helped him and most important you helped me. You are a great man, Captain. Bucky and I wouldn’t be who we are today if it weren’t for you. So thank you for always being there whenever you were needed.” You hug him tightly.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Nat approaches you and Steve. “Sadly, this is almost over. The cab is going to be here in about twenty minutes to pick you up and go to the airport! Let’s go change.” She grabs your hand and you kiss Steve on the cheek before leaving.

Nat handles you a creme, short, sleeveless dress and black high heels. She brushes your hair and fix your make up. When she considers that you’re good to go, she lets you go. Walking slowly, you make your way into the big salon, Bucky is already there. He is wearing a white, long sleeved shirt with black jeans and black moccasins. You make your way to his side and he grabs your waist, kissing your temple softly. You are in the front door, saying goodbye to all the guests. Finally, the only ones there are The Avengers. You hug all of them, thanking them for everything.

“Thank you guys, really. Are you sure you don’t want us to stay here and help you clean this up?”

“We will be good, just go.” Wanda laughs while pushing you and Bucky through the door.

“Enjoy your honeymoon, guys! Have a save flight!” Steve waves you goodbye and finally you and Bucky enter the cab.

When you arrive to your destination, your mouth is hanging open at the sight. Stark was really generous when he offered to you and Bucky to spend the honeymoon on his private island in the Caribbean. Your feet touch the soft sand and you smile widely. You look in front of you, a big beautiful house standing in the middle of the beach. Bucky grabs your hand and walks with you to the front door.

“Let’s make this right, doll.” Before you can say anything, Bucky picks you up bridal style and crosses the front door. You laugh at him and hold tightly onto his neck.

Bucky kisses you while walking until he arrives at the big bedroom. There’s a queen size bed full of pillows that looks really comfy. He places you carefully in it, his body hovering over yours. He kisses your jaw and your neck, making you close your eyes and bit your lip.

“This is going to be a long night, doll.” You chuckle at him.

It’s definitely going to be a long, long night.

The sun illuminates your face and you slowly open your eyes. You hear Bucky’s heartbeat in your ear and smile thinking about last night. Your body feels sore and tired, but you don’t care. You decide to get up and do some breakfast for the both of you.

While cooking the bacon, you feel a pair of arms hugging your waist. “Good morning, baby.”

“Morning, doll.” You put the bacon on a plate and turn around to meet his blue eyes.

“We have the whole island for ourselves, what do you want to do?”

“I don’t care as long as I’m with you.” You chuckle at his cheesiness and peck his lips.

“I talked to Stark and he told me there was another island about ten minutes from this one. There’s a little town with some good restaurants and really nice views. He also told me there was a lot of party during the night, we could grab the boat in the afternoon and go there, if you want to.”

“Sounds good to me, babe. Can we have a lazy morning? Just on the beach, please? I want to see you in a bikini.”

“Or…” You turn around again, grabbing the plate with the bacon and carrying it to the table. “I could go without any bikinis.” You chuckle loudly when you see Bucky placing himself in front of you, lifting you up. You put your legs around him.

“I have never done it on the ocean.”

“Well… There’s always a first time.”

You put on a pair of denim shorts with one of Bucky’s shirt. Tying up your trainers, you see Bucky already waiting for you on the living room. He’s wearing a white t-shirt, a pair of jeans and trainers. You handle him your hand and he gladly takes it.

“So, who’s going to drive?”

“I think I should, doll.” You look at him with your brow raised.

“I don’t think you’ll be really good at it, honestly. I should probably drive the boat.” Bucky rolls his eyes at you and you laugh.

“Whatever.” You kiss his cheek and run to the boat.

When you arrive at the island, you are starstruck. It looks so beautiful and exotic, you don’t even know where to look. The village is full of people, you can hear some music and the restaurants are crowded. Luckily, Bucky and you are able to find a free table in one little restaurant. Everyone is really nice to you, commenting how it’s so obvious that you two just got married. You laugh and thank everyone, looking at Bucky eventually to see the biggest smile on his face.

After dinner, Bucky and you walk through the streets. He grabs your hand and takes you out to dance. You laugh while following his moves. He is so happy when he dances, it’s almost like his past never happened and he was back in the 40s, just having a good time. Bucky smiles while turning you around and you just giggle at his expert moves.

When the song ends, he grabs your hand taking you away from the crowded place. He walks hugging your shoulders to the spot on the beach where you left your boat. When you arrive back at your island, both of you go straight to the room, Bucky already kissing your neck.

“You want round two, Soldier?”

“Fuck yeah.” You laugh at his words and turn to look at him.

“I love you, Bucky.”

“I love you, doll.” He grabs your face and kisses you gently.

You can still taste the chocolate from his dessert on his tongue and you smile. He grabs your hips and squeeze them, making you giggle.

“You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, (Y/N).” Bucky separates his body from yours and goes grab something. He turns back with a Polaroid on his hands. “This is Wanda’s present. Let’s take a photo together.” You agree, smiling widely while he snaps the pic.

“You’ve never wanted to take pictures before.” You look at him smiling, running your hands through his hair.

“I know, but I realized… My memory it’s not really good.” He laughs slightly. “If something happened… I wouldn’t know what to do. So, if something ever does happen, well, at least I’ll have these to remember you, to remember us. I’m going to keep this love in a photograph.” You smile, recognizing his words from the song you danced at your wedding.

“I love you, Bucky. I really do. I’m going to be with you forever.”

You smile widely at him before kissing him softly. Your bodies fell to the bed and you smile, keeping all this memories to yourselves.


Love at first bite

Originally posted by my-avengers-imagines

Prompt: Steve finds his soulmate (Y/N) when the avengers are going to get something to eat. She doesn’t believe that someone like her can have someone like him as a soulmate but with a little prompting from the avengers she comes around.

Word Count: 1,077

Warnings: Cursing (not much) angst  

Author’s note: this is my first imagine and I really hope you guys like it. It took me a while but I think it’ll be like two parts

Bucky’s POV

“Steve you’ll find her she’s out there somewhere” Bucky said trying to reassure his best friend but Steve looked on at the sunset distracted not paying attention to the reassuring words that fell from Bucky’s lips. Bucky looked hopelessly. Ever since the soulmate mark on Steve’s wrist burned slightly indicated that his soulmate was near he was obsessed and there was nothing that Bucky could do to stop it. Just as Steve opened his mouth to say something Bruce stepped out onto the balcony. “We’re hungry and Nat threatened to shoot someone if she doesn’t get food. Then Thor responded that he’ll start throwing Mjolnir at Tony if he doesn’t get food soon. I mean I wouldn’t mind that part but I would mind cleaning up the blood.” Steve nodded slightly walking back inside with Bucky and Bruce hot on his heels. “What are we getting to eat today guys?” He questioned as one by one every avenger except Thor shrugged. “SHAWARMA!” Thor screamed and his voice boomed like thunder throughout the tower. Steve gave him a small smile and a nod “Okay Shawarma it is.


Your POV

You looked around your new and rebuilt restaurant. Apparently last month some crazy god tried to take over Earth and instead of slowly remodeling you had to rebuild your baby from scratch. It was all you had left and after it was destroyed you had to take time to cope then rebuild it. It took a while but it turned out perfectly and she was finally reopened. You went to the back to check on employees as you heard the bell ring signaling that someone has entered. Your wrist started to itch and burn slightly as you walked from the back to greet whoever entered. You ignored it and lifted your eyes up to see the group of people who had a hand in destroying your baby. You gave a small glare then a small smile because they did save the world from being enslaved. You look specifically at Captain America him being the only one who’s name you really knew. You cleared your voice prompting them to look you. “Hi welcome to (Y/L/N)’s diner I’m (Y/N) and I’ll be serving you today are you going to be eating here or…..?” You trailed off waiting for a response. “Here unless you don’t have a table big enough for us” replied the red-haired lady. You nodded and pointed behind you.  As they started walking to the table behind you your wrist started to burn more. “Shit” you hiss out in pain and walk to get some ice for your burning wrist. “Bucky I think she’s here” you heard someone whisper. You came back out and saw their menus folded and them waiting patiently. You gave a smile and looked around. “Do you know what you want?” You asked looking around and the guy with the long blonde hair who you assumed was Thor smiles at you. “Shawarma”  You nodded and took the orders down they were either shawarma or gyros with fries and as soon as you got to Captain America his blue eyes locked onto yours and your breath got caught into your throat. You stared at him like a deer caught in headlights and you finally understood what your mother meant when she said you’d feel it when you looked into your soulmates eyes. Your heart dropped, your stomach twisted into a ball and you felt the blush rising to your cheeks. Not him not the beloved Captain America not your soulmate. You felt the world stop and your ice bag fell to the ground revealing the shield etched onto your wrist with the name Steven G. Rogers. You watched as his eyes fell forwards your wrist and back into your eyes. His eyes were captivating to yours and you felt captured in them, very safe and secure but then you broke your start to look at the rest of the team staring at you with wide eyes. You bite your lip as your eyes started to swell with tears. You turn around and walked in the back biting your lip sharper wiping your tears away. You ran a hand through your hair tugging at the ends. “Pull yourself together (Y/N)” You splash some cold water on your face and you walked back out biting your lip drawing a bit of blood. You grab a napkin and stop your lip from bleeding as you walk back over to the only occupied table. You look down and you can feel their eyes on you. “I’m missing your order Steve.” you quickly glance up and he’s nodding at you. “So you knew he was your soulmate all along and you said nothing?” The guy with the long black hair and a glove on his left hand. “N-no I didn’t know I just had a shield on my wrist and I thought it meant that they shielded their heart. But I’m not worried about that no I don’t think that I’m good enough for him and I don’t think he should try to fall in love with me. I think he should find someone better.” Just then you heard the bell ring and your best friend Peter walked in. “Hey Pete” you say waving as you walked over to hug him. You met him years ago when he was a smaller kid and Aunt May would volunteer at an animal shelter when you did. You always looked out for him but you finished high school before he entered. He was always so kind and nerdy always worried about finding his soulmate and telling her that he was spiderman but that would have to wait because he always felt that saving the world was more important. “What’s up (Y/N) any luck with finding your soulmate today?” This was recurring joke between you two which you’d usually shake your head for. “It’s uhm Captain America” you whispered. 

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Hello! Could you possibly give some Prussia headcanons maybe, please an thank you? :)

(You didn’t specify so I did general and romantic, hope that’s fine sweetie! Sorry it took so long, I was having trouble with my internet.)


⦁ Can probably function on little to no sleep
⦁ Is team Instinct.
⦁ Spends a lot of time online
⦁ Takes like 9586 selfies with his friends.
⦁ Has very little impulse control
⦁ Will fight anyone


⦁ When you first get together, he’ll probably cry of happiness (In secret of course.)
⦁ Really likes playing with your hair, especially if it’s soft.
⦁ Tries to be super romantic because he wants to be “the best boyfriend ever!”
⦁ If you have periods, he’ll do things like buy tampons/pads and medicine, also to be “the best boyfriend ever.”
⦁ Also is somehow never late to your dates
⦁ Likes play fighting more than cuddling
⦁ But he can’t say no to cuddling
⦁ Is usually big spoon, but if he’s had a hard day he might switch to little spoon
⦁ If you live together, he’ll do most of the cleaning
⦁ But you two will regularly switch on who cooks
⦁ He’ll fall asleep holding onto you but will wake up in a dramatically different position, like half hanging off of the bed
⦁ No one really knows how it happens, it just does.

THIS IS ONE OF THE FLUFFIEST THINGS I HAVE EVER WRITTEN IN MY LIFE OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY @amehanaaa!!! You are one of my favorite writers of all time, and one of my biggest inspirations to write. It’s honestly such an honor for me to be able to talk to you at all. I really hope you enjoy this little NaLu drabble I wrote for you ^_^ though it pales in comparison to your writing lol

Title: Colors of the Seasons
Summary: “Their love had lasted through each season, yet seemed to star anew each day.” Lucy loves him, and she loves the colors he brings her life. (NaLu, AU)

Autumn, three years before

Lucy lounged across her bed, her head on top of her best friend’s torso. Natsu was playing with her hair and tapping his phone quietly.

She looked out the window from the corner of her eye, a smile playing at her lips. Golden leaves swirled in the breeze, brushing onto her window before spiraling to the ground. The trees moved back and forth in the wind, scattering leaves of red, yellow, orange and brown.

Though she now lived alone, she had vivid memories of happy autumns. Her parents’ laughter, halloweens with decorations all over their house and funny costumes, playing in the fallen leaves, warm apple cider and pumpkin pie. She was an adult now and her parents were gone, but the warm feeling of chilly autumns still tugged at her soul.

She tried to remember the last time she had carved a pumpkin. The last time she had jumped into piles of colorful leaves. The last time she had gone apple picking.

The orchard her parents used to take her to was about ten minutes away from her childhood home, and forty from her apartment. There were endless rows of different apple trees lined up like stiff soldiers, bending down to display their fruit. Her dad woulds sometimes lift her onto his shoulders so she could grab them in her little hands.

She remembered making apple pie with her mother, though their cook would fuss over them. She remembered her mother’s worry whenever Lucy so much as glanced at a knife. She remembered her dad’s face when he saw her carrying the slice of apple pie to him on a little plate, fork in the other hand.

She missed it.

“Hey Natsu, have you ever gone apple picking?” she asked, absentmindedly.

“I don’t really remember,” he frowned. “I feel like I have, but the memory is fuzzy. Why?”

“I remembered what it was like. I kind of miss it,” she replied, smiling sadly. “The last time I did was with my parents…and that was before mom died.”

Natsu stopped twirling her hair with his fingers. “Then let’s go,” he said immediately.


“Let’s go tomorrow. We should go apple picking.”

Lucy smiled again, though a bit confused. “Not that I’m complaining, but…why? We’re not exactly kids anymore, Natsu.”

“It’s a good memory for you, right?” She nodded slowly, though she didn’t move off of him. “Then I want you to feel happy about it again. Let’s have fun together.”

Times like those, she remembered exactly why she was in love with her best friend.

Winter, two years before

“It’s snowing! Luce, Luce look out there!”

Lucy woke up groggily, opening her eyes slowly. She looked at her boyfriend, who himself looked like an excited puppy. She couldn’t help but giggle, though her voice was hoarse from sleep.

“Yay! We need to make snowmen and throw snowballs and make snow angels and drink hot chocolate and hey maybe we should make an entire snow family-”

“Natsu,” Lucy laughed. “Calm down. Can I wake up first?”

He pouted but chuckled too. “Fine,” he allowed. He rubbed his nose against her cheek. “Wake up, sleepyhead.”

“I’m awake, I’m awake!” she squealed, as he used his nose to tickle her neck. “Ah! Natsu stop!”

“But I don’t want to…”

She pushed him away as she tried to sit up, only to be tackled back down by him. He tickled her until she screeched, desperately trying to get him off of her between peals of laughter. Like most tickle battles, it ended up with the blanket wrapped between their legs and them falling off the bed.

“Now look what you did.” He pouted again.

“This is your fault!” she exclaimed, looking at him in disbelief.

“Now come on, we have a day of playing in the snow ahead of us!”

She smiled, watching the bright splashes of excitement twinkle in his eyes. She sat up and kissed his nose, then rested her forehead against his. “Sounds great, Natsu.”

Spring, one year before

“This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.”

Lucy’s world spun with the breeze, cherry blossom petals floating like autumn leaves. How Natsu had managed to get tickets to the most exclusive cherry blossom exhibit she had ever heard of, she didn’t know. What she did know, however, is that she loved him more than ever. His kind, loving smile. His sparkling eyes. His rosy pink hair that matched the pink of the petals resting in it.

The feeling of his hand around hers, callouses and fingertips against her skin.

She wished she could capture this moment in more than a photograph, and she wished she could grasp it forever. With that, her grip around Natsu’s hand tightened too.

“I’m glad you like it here, Lucy,” he said, smiling brightly. His eyes grew sad. “I know nothing can make up for what happened, but if I can at least do this-”

“Hey,” she stopped him, stepping closer. “That was not your fault. I lost my temper, and I didn’t mean a thing I said. I can’t make it up to you, you know. You’ve given me nothing but love, and I…I’ve just brought you pain.” Her cheeks felt warm. Bringing her other hand up to her face, she realized she was crying.

Natsu brought her into his arms, nuzzling into her shoulder. “I yelled at you, Lucy. I yelled at you, and I hurt you, and being apart those months was the hardest thing I have ever been through. I can’t ever forgive myself for those awful things I said.”

“It’s over now,” she told him, managing a shuddered sigh. “Couples fight. We’re okay now, though. I love you. I will never stop loving you.”

He pulled away, and Lucy saw tears staining his cheeks. She reached up to wipe them. “I love you, Lucy Heartfilia. I always have, and I always will. You’re the light of my life.”

Her laugh was broken and shuddering, because the love in her heart was overwhelming. She didn’t know how to put it properly into words, to describe the butterflies of emotions dancing inside. “I love you,” she whispered, and touched her lips against his.

The cherry blossom trees swayed and dipped down towards them, framing the couple in love.


She walked along the beach, holding her shoes in one hand. In her other, she grasped the handles to the little gift bag for her boyfriend, her best friend, and the love of her life.

It was the anniversary of the day they met, and like the previous few years, she had gotten a present to represent the time they had spent together. She was rather proud of herself for finding the little painting.

It was one of the most beautiful paintings she had seen, easily. The colors swirled over the canvas like autumn leaves, like falling snow, like delicate cherry blossom petals in the wind. The shades were as lovely as the colors of the ocean sprawled in front of her, and flowed like the rolling waves.

The painting had the different seasons blending together. Red, orange, yellow and brown autumn. White, silver, blue and grey winter. Pink, purple, green and peach spring. Golden, navy blue, aquamarine and pearl summer. They were delicate and strong, weaving together like the seasons themselves.

Their love had lasted through each season, yet seemed to start anew each day. Like starting a new year at school, a new year on the first day of January, a new year for flowers and animals, and new freedom. She couldn’t put it into words without reaching unsuccessfully for the thoughts that curled into little wisps of wind, yet the painting seemed to do it for her.


She turned, seeing Natsu in a crisp white shirt and jean shorts. His signature scarf was still wrapped around his neck, though the summer heat was scorching. His cheeks were tinged in rose, and his eyes were gentle. She walked towards him, her dress fluttering behind her. She handed him the gift, placing a quick kiss on his cheek.

He tilted his head before opening it, his smile growing. His mouth popped open in awe, appreciating the beauty of the painting. She felt pride at finding it fill her again.

“Happy anniversary, Natsu.” She tucked her hair behind her ear, grinning at him.

“Hold this for a second?” he asked. Lucy nodded, and he placed the painting back into the bag before handing it to her. She grasped it lightly as he reached for something out of his back pocket.

Her jaw dropped, and her eyes filled with tears.

He sunk onto one knee, opening the box with a nervous smile. “Will you marry me, Lucy?”

She laughed, and felt the breeze pick up. The sun seemed to smile at her, dipping slightly to paint the world orange. Orange like the pumpkin they carved together. Orange like his favorite mug to drink from. Orange like the flowers that bloomed in front of the apartment they shared.

Orange, like a summer sunset she would never forget.


I really really hope you enjoyed!!! Happy birthday senpai hehe ^_^


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how to spot a toxic friendship? I have a long time friend thats starting to weigh me down and they don't take any accountability. I feel like a horrible person thinking like that. Its been years of this. Idk, I was hoping you could spare some advice.

you’re in one right now. cut them off. i know it sounds really atrocious and harsh, but from personal experience, you will be so much better off in the long run. you might regret it or feel horrible for some time (it took me several months on and off), but now i think it was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made.

true friends should always be people who pull you up, not drown you. and i think you’ve given your “friend” plenty of chances to redeem her/himself but it’s so obvious s/he’s got a long way to go. be selfish this time and put yourself first. end it.

Your Love - Part 17

A/N: Here is part 17. Finally, I know. I hope you enjoy.
Pairings: Dean Ambrose x Reader x Seth Rollins (with Roman Reigns)
Warnings: language.
Tags: @sanazebreigns @hellyeahimagenius @suplexx-city @littlewrestlingnerd @sonicscrewdriverandtulips @yukanda-tsuyoi @wwefoever70 @coolstoth @blueblazezz @hellonheels-x  @happelu970

Part 1 - 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16

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Danisnotonfire Imagine Just A Movie

Anon requested: Could you do a dan x reader where dan is your best friend (but he’s in love with you as per usual) and you guys watch a sad movie and even though he knows it’s just the movie making you sad, his heart breaks from seeing you cry (from his p.o.v. please?)


“Hey there bestie!” (Y/N) said brightly and I smiled. We were best friends and always had been. We’d met in school and had been friends ever since. I’d always hoped for something more to blossom, but (Y/N)’s never shown any interest, so I’ve let my love remain secret. 

“Hey, it’s good to see you. What are we doing today?” I asked excitedly and (Y/N) laughed. 

“I was thinking that we could have a movie day. I know we normally go out, but I feel the need to be antisocial today.” (Y/N) laughs and I can’t help smiling along. 

“Ok yeah. I’ll go get some snacks from the kitchen and you can pick out the film.” I say and (Y/N) moves into the living room. I don’t mind when we watch films, but I always find my eyes on (Y/N) instead of the film. I take a deep breath and grab the food, before walking into the living room. (Y/N) is sat on the sofa and I collapse onto it. 

“What are we watching?” I ask, my eyes flickering to the screen. 

“I thought we could watch Bridge To Terabithia.” (Y/N) says and I swallow the lump in my throat. Great, a sad movie. 

“Ok.” I say and play the film , my heart hammering in my chest. The film continues normally until (SPOILER) Leslie dies. I don’t cry, but I turn my head when I hear sniffles from the other end of the sofa. (Y/N) is staring at the screen with a tear stained face. I can almost feel my heart breaking. 

“Dan, can we cuddle?” (Y/N) asks and I move over, opening my arms, which (Y/N) dives into. My hands are on (Y/N)’s back and I feel my heart wrenching. I want to make it better. I know it’s just the film, but hearing (Y/N)’s sobs makes me feel awful. 

“It’s alright.” I coo and (Y/n) looks up at me with red eyes. I smile and wipe away a stray tear. 

“Do you want to stay here tonight?” 

“I just want to stay with you.” (Y/N) replies and I nod. I cradle (Y/N) until they’re asleep. Then, I softly bring my lips to (Y/N)’s forehead. 

“I love you and I’ll always keep you safe.” I promise, before I fall asleep. 

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The best gift you could ever receive is a friends thoughts-

Let me explain. I am letting my friend borrow my Raven Cycle Series by Maggie Stievfater, since she’s never read it, and while she reads she will annotate. She’s going to write down her questions, thoughts, and feelings as she goes along and once she’s done with a book she will give it back to me for the next one. Soon, I’ll have the entire series full of my friends thoughts, and I am so excited! Every time I read the series I’ll get to see it through her eyes the first time she read it, and I’m hoping to do the same with many many books in the future. I want to sit in my library, surrounded by both books, and hints of my friends.

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So... I'm a flaming homosexual and most of my family is super religious and homophobic. It also doesn't help that I have the biggest crush ever on my best friend. I want to ask her out, but if my parents were to find out about the relationship, I don't know what they would do.

Hi there,
As someone who has lots of homophobic family who interprets the Bible only off of face value, I totally understand you.
My advice to you is to not come out if you aren’t safe, and if it is possible and you aren’t endangering yourself, you could try to date them in secret.
Check our resources page for the link to a site called hope remains (if you/your family is Christian, if not there are other sites listed) it helped me a lot when coming to terms with my sexuality and religion, helping me figure out God does not hate gays as my bigoted/traditionalist/heteronormative area/school says He does

Hope this helped and best of luck

Let Me Take You Out ||| Faberry

The last time Quinn was on a date was with Rachel, and now, after that break up, and after, well, after some bad months, she was finally going on a date with Rachel again. Well, it was not a date, date, it was a friends’ date, at least, that was what she told Rachel, so she could accept going out with her after work. When people say they are meant to be, Quinn tries to believe that, but, is that the truth? Are they really meant to be? Quinn was not 100% sure, since their story is a little bit different from all the other love stories.

But now, Quinn was just giving her best to have a friendship once again. She missed having Rachel as her best friend, like she had for almost two years, ever since they arrived in Hazel Run. So, tonight, Quinn will give her best.

The blonde took a deep breath, and knocked on Rachel’s dorm’s door. She bites down her lip, and made sure her dress was looking good. Quinn has been working in just ten minutes ago, so, she just had time to put the dress on, some little make-up, and run to go pick Rachel up. At least, Quinn had a car now, so, it was better than just going out on a walk at night, what if it started raining, right? This way, they were safe inside the car. She was just praying for this date to go well.


so for the first time in four years of friendship i met my best friend, @gxxus today. these past four long-ass years have shaped me. from my own personal struggles to helping you with yours, Dimitri you’re the best friend I could have ever hoped for. you’ve helped me so much- you pushed and pulled me through hard ass times and we came through together.

thank you, for everything you’ve done for me. you deserve all the love in the world because you have been through everything and came out the other side stronger, as a winner.

thank you <3

The number of people I can truly trust dwindles and dwindles. On three fingers I can count the people who I know have my back fully. The rest of my friends are on the fence at best. My ex has been communicating with my friends more in the last several weeks since our breakup since he ever did the three years we were together. I know for a fact that he has a great support group of friends and family he could turn to if he really needed to talk, but no, he chooses to talk to my friends about us, half of whom he doesn’t even like. What his motives are, I am still uncertain. He has this idea that he is such a good guy, and he desperately wants everyone to believe that. The things he did and said to me were unfathomable. And yet my friends are pitying and comforting him. He’s very good at what he does. His ability to emotionally manipulate others is unparalleled. I’m not playing this game anymore. If he wants my friends he can have them. I am not angry. I am just done. I have no time for people who I cannot trust.   

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dear Ex-bestfriend and/or dear bestfriend

Dear ex-bestfriend,

When I look back I remember thinking that you were the bestest friend I would ever have, but now I realize it wasn’t that great. I tried really hard to stay friends with you and make you happy, but you never did the same for me. I really miss you at times, but us parting ways was for the best. We had a lot of fun times together and I want to thank you for that. We used to laugh and make jokes all the time and that was honestly the happiest I ever felt. I tried to be there for you as much as I could,but you wanted to be a different person so bad that we drifted apart. I know you said some things about me that really hurt, but I forgive you. I hope you’re happy with the person you became. I hope you laugh at some of the jokes we had, like I do. Thank you for being a part of who I am today.


Yesterday at 2am I didn’t want to sleep because I was hoping that you would reply to my texts like the day before. You’re my brother’s best friend and I know it’s a complicated situation, but I really like you. I’ve never really been one to talk to boys a lot, but 40 days ago when I got the guts to send you a snapchat, I don’t think I would have ever imagined to be in this situation now. It was late and I was tired but I somehow found the confidence to start a conversation with you. It’s only progressed from there and it makes me so happy.

We spoke for over 3 hours two nights ago and I stayed up until almost 6am talking with you. I felt so close to you - and I felt like maybe we could become something. You make me feel so special. You told me your secrets and I told you mine. I have no idea if you like me the way that I like you. You’re kind. You’re funny. You’re just so amazing. 

Today, I did something that I never thought I would be able to do. I invited you to come with me and some friends to this event and I know that we’re in a group and it isn’t serious, but I’m so proud of myself. I hope I’m not bringing my hopes up for nothing. 

Maybe (hopefully) one day. 


I have never felt more blessed than I have today. I have the best family and friends and boyfriend that any girl could ever ask for and today they showed me nothing but love and I’m just so grateful. 18 was a year of being lost but the last half of 18 I found myself and I felt finally at peace with who I was and who I have in my life. I’m so blessed. I hope 19 treats me well.

Baby? I know you read all my tumblr so I know you will see this and I hope it makes you smile.
Baby? You’re an angel, ever since I met you, you’ve always out me first, even if you were at rock bottom I was your top priority. You are so strong and I admire you every for it. You’re soooooo cute I just wish you could see it. The distance between us is a lot like 8000 miles and something, but soon that will only be a few centimeters. 2018 will be our year baby!!! And I can’t wait!!!! I also can’t wait to have 2 little children, hopefully a boy and a girl, kai and Emily xxxx such beautiful names, speaking of names I am gonna have to steal your last name, if you will let me. I love you to the end of time and back, you are my world, I give you my all baby, and I love you with everything I am xx xxxxxxxx I will need let you go and I hope you will never let me go xxxxxxxx love you my baby boy xxxxxxxxx

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I have a few questions and I hope you can answer them! Ok, When will we see Miku's supposed "best friend that she's in love with"? Will they ever appear in the blog? And if Miku is gay, this could lead to some delicious minor angst between the decision of this "friend" or Gumi. Also, do you ship Miku with Kaito, Len, or another character that you'll personify in the blog to be this "best friend"?

((I never really had the intention to make Miku’s crush ever really appear, since he’s mostly related to why she’s the way she is and I count him as a  ‘backstory’, but I did make a comic with him in it when I first started this askblog! here’s the link to it ! And I didn’t really want to make her 100% gay I even called her bisexual in my about page initially but never bothered removing it but who even reads about pages, but idk yet! AAND about this best friend, he’s just some nameless dude with black hair, he isn’t really any certain character ;u; oo but thanks 4 dat angst suggestion ))

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I think I'm losing one of my best friends. She started spending less and less time with me a started hanging around with a group that just drinks and smokes all the time. She asked me to gou hang out with her today and then she found that group and stopped talking to me. They were drinking and smoking(one was puffing the smoke into my face and I have lung problems). I didn't want to leave her there alone because who knows what could happen.She shuts me dow when ever I mentioni.tWhat should I do?

maybe she wants to be friends with them bc she thinks they’re cool…? i guess just tell her how you feel and let her decide whether or not she cares enough about you to listen 💛 i’m really not the best advice but i truly hope you work it out peach