I know I’m hard to deal with at times, but I want you to know that even if I say things I don’t mean, I will always love you for putting up with me. Don’t forget that.
—  Poets Love Her

Guys…. Yesterday I lashed out a tiny bit and my ask box was getting heavy and I was so afraid to even open it. So I asked my friend to take a look at the messages for me and she told me it was safe to look because pretty much every single message and comment of all those dozens that I received yesterday were the most heartwarming. So I went ahead and read them all and broke down weeping uncontrollably because you are all so so so sweet and wonderful and kind, I cannot even explain it… thank you so much with all my heart for being so understanding and supportive. Whenever I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed or begin feeling pressured, you help me remember how amazing it is to be part of this community, and my gratefulness is not only brought back to the surface but also multiplies a million times. Really. I’m just some random sad nerd who fell in love with a fictional world and wants to recreate it out of my imagination, and you are here being with me and loving it. Thank you so so so SOOOoooosnsdsfehgu much. Really. Truly. Love you all, even if you don’t really care that much, I still love you and am grateful for you. You don’t have to be here, but you are, and you appreciate whatever I manage to give. Thank you ❤

P.S. I’ll try to respond to the off-anon messages as soon as I have time!!

I mean… everyone is talking about The Hug™, which, don’t get me wrong, was awesome, but is no one going to mention Mycroft freakin’ Holmes getting hit on and not knowing what to do?

“Maybe you’d like a drink sometime.”

“Of… what?”

I’m telling you, Mycroft is my spirit animal. Only classier. And smarter.

Kyaaaaaaaaaaa OMG this is so amazing
@pammspamm eres la mejor!!! El color te quedo hermoso… I’m crying this is so beautiful!!!

I made the lineart and @pammspamm the colours and is so amazing… Pammm darling UsUk fandom is really blessed to have you. I feel so happy to met you because this fandom.

Love you girl. You deserve lot of happiness you are a wonderful artist.

And… You have to teach me how to make the colours like you 😘

Getting to know you was the most wonderful adventure…
It was like suddenly discovering the love of my life and my best friend all in one. There were moments when I was almost afraid that this couldn’t be real…. That YOU couldn’t be real… Everything about you was just too perfect and we were so compatible it just didn’t seem possible.
But I surrendered to the feeling… let it take me where I knew I was fated to go and I’m so glad that I did because it allowed me to get to know you and in getting to know you I was getting to know myself …. because YOU are other half of me.
It was discovering new things about myself I never knew and remembering things about myself I thought I’d lost like my childlike joy and ability to laugh loudly and love deeply.
Finding you brought a magic and a joy into my life unlike anything I have ever known…. and there is not a day that goes by I am not grateful that on a planet of over 7 billion people, I was lucky enough to find you.

It wasn’t supposed to be such a quick drabble but since I have no time to perfect it, here you go…

well then, ekhem- KUROBAS CUP 2015 MAKES ME LOOK LIKE A MESS.

Every time I see -tch- every time I RECALL crying Kenshou and Yuuki comforting him, my eyes go wet immediately. I know they became good friends after all this time and all but… that scene… I just cannot handle it without emotions simmering inside me ;W;

I shipped KagaKuro but not as a great fan or sth - I believe it’s going to change after everything that I watched… *w*

I didn’t even understand anything except few words and phrases… And still… I think I didn’t really need to understand…

Excuse me, I need to sob in the corner for a while. /crieees/

Thank you

Naya Kismet launched couple of weeks ago, and we already had some sweet and kind people who ordered from our shop, or donated to the cause! Thank you All very much! ❤️

We also would like to thank the brilliant @conversationinthehallway for helping and supporting our little project with her awesome fan-art.  She was one of the first ones who we asked if she would like to participate in this campaign and for our biggest luck, she said yes 😂  Hers and many more creative, unique designs can be found in our Red Bubble Shop.  Every time you purchase from the shop, you are supporting @childreachinternational​ & Target Zero.

Keep an eye on our blog for more details on all the amazing people who are helping us!😉

*If you have an idea, wish to submit something, make some fan art for our shop. please contact us @naya-kismet or @becksndot5, @sunshinetoday!*

In case you haven’t heard about Naya Kismet, please read more about it, here. Short summary: Naya Kismet is a project launched to thank David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson (@chewiesgirlfriend) for their hard work and inspiration. It was created by the fans, to come together and have a chance of saying thank you in the best way we can, ‘Being of service’. It was created to try and give a voice to those who can’t speak up for themselves. It was inspired by the dedicated work of Gillian & David and it wishes to give back and support two charities; Childreach International & Target Zero.

Let’s believe in a brighter future, new beginnings, and let’s reach for it in 2017. 

Deranged Gothamites & Where to Find Them


..where Tim is newly arrived in Gotham with his suitcase full of criminals that need to be put in Arkham. But of course they get out and Jason gets dragged into helping recover them before Bruce (powerful wizard authority) finds out.

-Tim is forced to do a sultry tango with Ivy to lure her in, but struggles; he asks Jason for help, to look in his bag and find anything that might weaken her. Jason, digging through Tim’s crap, finds a bottle labeled ‘cuddle pollen’ and effectively spills it. They manage to capture Ivy but Tim can’t stop holding Jason, even when Jason attempts to pry him off, until eventually he is forced to pat Tim’s back awkwardly and sag his shoulders in defeat. A beater drives by in the night, clinking whilst someone yells, “Get a room!”

-Catwoman is the Niffler.
Tim: -looks into store window, sees catwoman-
Catwoman: -freezes upon finding his gaze, drops a necklace-
High jinks ensue

-Roy is Jason’s muggle friend who gets involved. He can mysteriously solve all of the Riddler’s riddles and single-handedly tricks him back into the case

-Damian is the obscurus, but SPOILER: HE KNOWS
Jason: You INTENTIONALLY destroyed Main Street??
Damian: Well if FATHER had bought me a NEW LAPTOP like I TOLD HIM to

Bruce at the end: Give me the suitcase.
Tim: don’t hurt them
Bruce: …
Tim: …unless they try to hurt you, of course. Which they probably will. So yeah. Just forget I said that.