Just because someone’s not around any more to tell you you’re beautiful or kind or amazing doesn’t mean that you’re no longer those things.
Those attributes are yours - they belong to you. You didn’t just magically become them because one person came into your life and suddenly voiced them one day, the same as they didn’t stop being true the moment that person left.
Your positive attributes, your value as a person doesn’t just disappear because 1 person stops caring about you.
Nobody has that power.
They did not speak you into life … and their silence cannot kill you
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Stop calling yourself fat

Stop calling yourself ugly

Stop judging yourself by the color of your skin

Or your religion.

Stop beating yourself up

Stop saying your alone.

Why am I asking you this?


That’s right.

None of that is true.

You are in perfect shape

You are beautiful

You are Special, and that’s why you are amazing


SO please stop.

stop lying:


When Taylor is saying her clean speech you don’t feel like she’s talking to thousands of people, you feel it personally. When she talks about exact scenarios that so many of us face, you automatically related it to yourself.. She is so personal with it that its truly amazing and it makes you feel so good when tells you what you AREN’T and what you ARE, because at the end of the day you will replay in your mind what Taylor Swift says, not the negative person in your life trying to bring you down. She truly tries to bring everyone up and make everyone feel good, appreciated, special, and valued in a world that is so judgemental.