“I didn’t mean to do it… I was going to let him go!”

“… I know.”

AU: Katara accidentally follows through on killing Yon Rha, and Zuko tries to deal with the fallout.

Okay so let’s get this out of the way, I ship Narusaku, and I’ve never purposely been in my ship rivals tags and I really don’t know how to approach you guys so here is a awkward Zuko to let you guys know I come in piece.

These past couple of weeks have been toxic to all of our fandoms. In between all the anger, happiness, gloating, and sadness, we’ve became a big blob of ugly goo that seems to seep in no matter what pairing you ship. I’ve never in a million years dreamed of coming into your tag and try to convince you why my ship is “better” or makes “sense” or “development” yadda yadda yadda. No. I’m glad everyone has their own little idea of love and is so passionate about their pairings. BUT, I am here to remind everyone that in between this craziness you seem to forget behind each and every user name there is A REAL LIVE BREATHING PERSON; and just because you come on here and figure nobody knows who you are doesn’t mean you should put someone down just cause they think differently than you. This is not just targeted at SS and NH, plenty of NS and Narusasu shippers don’t seem to come with a filter.

I’m going to try something that’s been forgotten in this chaos. It’s called communication. You canon shippers are on cloud 9 at the moment and can’t imagine why anyone would be so hateful with this manga. So I’m here to help you guys understand why some of us fanon shippers are so angry. It’s okay if you don’t care and just think we’re bitter, maybe one day you’ll come around to actually wonder why we feel so upset.

Now I’m not going to use SS and NH as examples because you guys already know the feeling of being canon so asking you to put yourself in our place is useless, all I would get is “oh but we would never act like that” “we would accept what Kishi wants” “we should just be thankful for this amazing manga yadda yadda,” it’s like asking someone who’s had a nightmare once, what PTSD feels like. You haven’t really been through it, so here’s a scenario that might stir up a bit more feeling.

Bolt and Sarada, “Burrito Salad” I believe? Okay you have this adorable ship that you guys have created. Their like your babies marrying your best friends babies which couldn’t get any better. Imagine starting a manga with them as the main characters. Have I got your attention now? Good, because it gets better. They’re on the same team and Bolt is kind of a hyperactive prankster like his father, which tends to irritate Sarada and roll her eyes at all his antics, meanwhile inner Sarada is loving every minute of it. She also tends to say “you’re annoying.” to him a lot, and has gotten into the habit of poking him on the forehead every time he falls asleep in class. Adorable I know, especially with all the parallels! Bolt on the other hand finds her incredibly interesting and loves to watch her every move. He admires her from afar but believes that she doesn’t see him in that way because he’s to immature. So he works hard to became a man like his father, he wants people to take him seriously, and most of all to be admired by Sarada. Then comes Part 2 of the manga, people seem to tease them more about liking each other ever since Sarada has warmed up to him. You don’t really get to see her feelings about him but when you do, you can tell their are wavering feelings for him, especially when she blushes around him. You fall in love with the way he looks at her and the way she is fiercely protective of him. Saino’s kid tells Bolt to confess to Sarada but Bolt shrugs it off because he’s afraid she won’t see him the same way. Then Sarada saves Bolts life and while he’s unconscious she tells him she risked her life for him because she cares a lot about him and smiles sweetly as he recovers. Then as the manga ends and you have blissfully invested so much hope into your ship that seemed impossible to not be canon with all the hints, development, and parental parallels.

But…Sarada ends up with a complete different character that had took up less that 5% of the manga and Bolt ends up with another girl in his class. Later Kishi says that he had planned it from the start and that he mislead you guys on purpose, hence the parallels. Also that Bolt’s crush on Sarada was because he just wanted to be acknowledged by someone and step out of his fathers shadow. LIKE THAT IS NOT HOW CRUSHES WORK. YOU DONT FORCE YOURSELF TO PRETEND “LIKE” SOMEONE. I’m sorry that even angered me and I don’t even ship Burrito Salad. So I really hope this made a bit of sense? Just trying to find a way for you guys to understand why we dislike this manga and for some, the manga artist. We just feel lied too, like we were given something, fall in love, then snatched away so quickly. It’s none of your guys fault, and we’re not mad at you guys, we’re just trying to find somewhere to throw all this anger but with all the anti NS cross tagging, we get a bit confused at who to throw it at. Trust me, no matter how tempting it might be to check up on us and see how were handling this loss, you will not like the outcome. So save yourself some repulse and let us be, I know I’m done with this manga and taking Naruto and Sakura with me, but some people are still in shock. The NS tag is a hot mess at the moment but we are currently going through some reconstruction. This is not directed at everyone, some of you are sweethearts but NS NH SS SK SH and everyone else, can we please not directly attack people anymore? Yes? No? Okay thank you for bearing with me if you’ve read this far.

Now I’ll retreat nicely back into my tag, Zuko out.<:></:>

Title:  Elderly Advice

Rating: K

Characters:  Zuko, Mako, Korra, Asami, Bolin

Words:  1060

A/N:  I think I’m going to do a series of Zuko giving advice to Korra characters.  I’ve already done Iroh, Eska in a drabble, and now this is the second time I’ve done Mako.

The monsoons came early this year.  Which meant that now Zuko was stuck with four teenagers hiding from horrible criminals in his house on Ember Island.


“Ugh how much longer do we have to stay here?”  Korra complained as she lay on the couch.  

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