Candice Beauty Secrets

What’s your favourite mascara?
VS mascara!

What is your all-time favourite product?
Rosewater – I use it as a toner every day, plus it’s great as a travel face spray travel. And Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm.

How do you keep your hair so thick and gorgeous?
It is difficult as my hair is worked on every day. I do regular deep conditioning treatments using Oribe products twice a week though, depending on what has been done to my hair that week.

How do you keep your body looking good?
With a mixture of healthy organic eating, regular exercise and sleeping 8 hours each night.

What is your favourite way to workout?
By doing an activity that I love, like swimming at the beach or working out with my trainer – I really enjoy boxing and resistance training.

What are your three desert island must-haves?
Conditioner, suncream and my boyfriend!

How do you keep your skin looking great?
It starts with what you put in your body and I am very conscious of eating things that are good for my skin like lots of salmon and cooking with coconut oil too. I also make sure I keep it clean when I’m not working and use very gentle, organic skincare products.

What’s your favourite beauty treatment?
I love having a massage and I religiously have a facial every 3-4 weeks – which my skin really needs because I’m working loads. Gentle facials tend to make me break out, so I have quite hardcore facials with full-on extractions and extreme exfoliation.

When I see old pictures of myself I don’t feel like it’s me. I remember always being self conscious and hating my body alot. I had always been a bigger girl growing up. And I always let it get to me. Never felt beautiful in my skin. And it’s something I still work on daily. Losing weight all the sudden doesn’t make you love yourself and think your body is awesome. I’ve lost weight and still struggle with picking apart my body everyday, my own worst critic. I have to shove those thoughts away and try to love me. I’m not perfect but who is? Try to love yourself today. You wouldn’t keep a friend who criticized you constantly so don’t do it to yourself. 💕
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Hey, My Lovely Followers:

After my post yesterday concerning the fandom fuckery and confirming my support in Swen with everything that’s been going, I’ve gained almost 20+ new followers, most of whom who are SQ. I’ve been privately messaging you guys back and forth, and you are ALL so loving and kind, and I’m thrilled we’re becoming friends and engaging in conversation, despite what we may or may not ship. I think that’s amazing and beautiful.

One of my followers asked about how I am at tagging posts, especially when it comes to some they might find personally triggering. I’m trying to get better at tagging, but honestly, I don’t tag. EVER. I keep telling myself I’m gonna go back and literally organize and tag AAAAAALLLLLL my posts, but I’ve never gotten around to doing it.

So, I’m going to put this post out there in the same way that I responded to this follower: ANY triggers you guys might have or any tags you might have blacklisted, please, please, PLEASE just send me a quick message with those triggers/tags. I ASSURE you that from here on out, I will make sure I tag appropriately, even if it’s not a OUAT related post because I would absolutely hate it if I posted something about a particular actor or ship, and it acted as a trigger for someone on a psychological level. I suffer from PTSD and with that comes anxiety, depression, etc., and I’ve come across many a post in the past that has triggered me, and it’s a terrible feeling to experience.

So, I beg and welcome my new SQ friends to go ahead and use my ask box and let me know what triggers/blacklist terms you might have. I completely understand if I post a particular couple of character or just random shit (because this blog can be hella random), and you don’t wish to see it.

And this also goes for my CS, OQ, etc. followers: anything you guys have blacklisted or anything you guys find personally triggering (OUAT related or not), please send me a message and let me know what it is you blacklist or are triggered by, and I will tag those sorts of posts from here on out.

I love all of you, and the outpouring of love and appreciation I’ve been receiving in the wake of my post yesterday brought me to tears last night. I love that we are coming together, regardless of ships, and forging friendships with one another. And because I love you guys and love our coming together, I would hate it if I posted something that you’ve taken measures against by blacklisting that sort of content and then BAM it popped on your dash without warning.

So, followers send me your triggers/tags you blacklist, and I promise you I will make it a point from here on out to tag posts with that content.

Thank you and love you all! ❤️

Heyy beautiful! Yes you! no one is behind u! YASSS thats right i mean you :)

I really want you to join the coolest thing organized by the most beautiful human being aka overlord Misha.

I really don’t want you to miss out! It’s closing real soon. 
I know you wanna join it, deep down. coz who doesn’t love fun and happy things. (i thought i don’t before i joined it but who am i kidding) Don’t worry about things you think you couldn’t do. This activity is about finding things u CAN DO. You’ll be surprised. DoN’T WorrY We just ReALly WanT you To HavE FuN with us! We are not harsh not competitive. We are all love and peace and happy bunnies <3 And we invite you to tea party now.

I won’t sound convincing enough to tell you how it could personally influence you, coz it’s my first year too. It honestly took me so much courage. But I have faith in Misha. He said it would be fun! Now now, don’t you trust this man with the world too? ;)

GOOD THING about joining gishwhes! MISHA SENDS YOU TONS OF RIDICULOUS EMAILS! i only signed up a week or two ago. already receive numerous. It will make you really happy, coz, you know this man :3

And my team has a very nice loving leader that convinced me to join. 

  • we aren’t competitve. we just want to have fun and be friends.
  • you’ll change as a person. so don’t let anxiety and worries stop you. bc they couldn’t stop me this time either.
  • People with anxiety decided to join again for the second time. Doesn’t this prove sth?
  • This summer could be different. This could be much more. This can be life-changing, best thing u ever participate in, or simply genuinely happy.
  • Seriously no pressure. but i know in your heart you must have consider this but anxiety/worry could be a big thing stopping you, but our team wouldn’t WOULDN’T pressure you. You can do sth u’re comfortable with. There must be items designed for u. Please join us. We would be really good friends. This is our emphasis really. 
  • if you’re still panicking, pull some clueless friends in here! I totally did that to my friend who knows nth about supernatural or misha. She said she’s already a misha fan now lmao. Even my stupid monkey is turned, why are u still resisting from overlord’s power? haha jk no pressure ;P
  • location isn’t a problem! You think u’re living under a rock, a small town, a non-western-culture city, in the wilds. It’s still okay. I mean, I don’t think there are Hong Kong gishers either but i googled and maybe there were still one or two or 5 in the past. But it doesn’t matter! Even I could join it! No where is left behind in this! Again, THERE’S ALWAYS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO! Pull a helper in, even if he/she doesn’t necessarily join gishwhes.

If you’re 1% considering. if there’s any challenge stopping you. please inbox me . If you need more reasons, if you have enquiries, if you wanna know about others’ experience in gishwhes, you can ask cas-is-my-angel  too.


our only requirement tho: you decided to join gishwhes :D


regardless. I wish you a wonderful day.

gabriels-eye-candy destiel-johnlocked crowreys-wormstache chukapix-the-stranger callmesierra strengthcas hey friends. anyone joining? please i really want you to join coz you’re my lovely cherries and i wanna have fun with you.

We still need like 7 members! We would get to know each other before it starts so <3


Hello beautiful creatures!

Today’s another awesome DIY Project that I’ll be sharing with you.

It’s all about hiding your clutter in a very stylish and secretive way.

YEP. I’m all about that stuff.

Alright, let’s begin!

What you’ll need:

You can increase the number of shoe boxes/ Johnnie Walker box, depending on how much clutter you’ll be hiding.


- Find a Johnnie Walker Box or any box that has a magnet on its end. This is important since this will create the secret storage for your clutter.

Paint it however you like, draw on it and just be creative with it.

-Paint your shoe boxes with any color you want or use a gift wrap/ colored paper to cover it entirely (inside and out).

*I’m going for a Minimalist room, hence the neutral choice of colors.

-Glue your Shoe boxes together.

-Glue them on top of the Johnnie Walker box.

And hide your soul in there.

Just kidding. But maybe you can? No? LOL.

For the last step, just hide all your clutter inside the box and now everything will look clean inside your room. Even when it really isn’t. (Cheers for Cheats!LOL!)

WHOA. THAT’S SMART! I’m proud of myself! (Healthy self-esteem) CLAP CLAP for the box queen. LOL!

I’m really happy on how this turned out. This serves as a room decor and an organizer at the same time! WIN!

I hope you all like this DIY guys. This will be my last DIY post for this month. I’ll be back in August for my DIY ROOM DÉCOR and a ROOM TOUR for you guys! It’ll be all about the MINIMALIST JAZZ. Be sure to stay tuned for that!

P.S, You might want to check out these posts:

1. God is Love (Something to inspire you this week)

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4. Discover People: Hannah Surridge

5. Eight Months of NO SHAMPOO?!?


Alright, that would be it for today’s DIY Project, I really hope you try it.

If you do then use the #DIYBYDTT hashtag on Instagram & Twitter and TAG ME.  I’ll be happy to see your recreations!

If you love it then note it :)

Thank you guys. You’re all amazing!

À bientôt!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for more organized poetry? Like patterns, I mean. And what's your writing process? I tend to just write as I think and maybe go back and change a few words to make it sound a bit better, but my writing still feels like a mess. Sorry for bothering you, but thanks in advance! :)

hi there beautiful doll! ahhh, not really! i usually just write down my thoughts, and then i edit the poem. sometimes some phrases/words i’ll change out, or put them in different areas of the poem to make it flow better. my writing process is literally a mess! i just get a feeling, write it down, and then edit it and post it! that is usually what i do as well love bug. messy writing is the best kind! it is raw and full of emotion. you are not bothering at all <3 best of luck love bug 

gwinny3k asked:

jackalope, mermaid

jackalope: do you have any conflicting characteristics? what?

oh god yes. i love to have things organized and a place for everything but i am absolute shit at actually putting things away. i love girly clothes and dressing nice but i have this incredible desire to just wear t-shirts all the time because it’s easy and i don’t have to match multiple articles of clothing. i want to get excellent grades and do well in school but i never have the desire to actually study and put the work into it. what the fuck is that all about????

mermaid: how do you define beauty?

beauty is an amalgamation of personality and physical traits that is attractive to someone

send me a creature!!!!!


You have an intelligence and understanding that could rival your beauty and it’s radiance. When I look at you, if there is not a word uttered from my lips, it would be because I am attempting to comprehend it all at once and organize it into a sentence to somehow express it. But when I do speak, it would be because I gave up trying to find how to explain it, the grace you have doesn’t need explaining. And so it becomes normal conversation that brings me so much comfort that I realize I was being myself, and I truly, love it.

….This was going to just be your smart and your beautiful and I love you and it turned into this.

anonymous asked:

hi leigh! i'm sure you've had this idea before but if you haven't would you ever do a book club type thing with your followers, i would love to join/recommend books and you have so many thoughts and inspiring anecdotes idk it would be so cool to share that like a little community :)

aw that’s really sweet of you to think of me and want me to organize something like this, unfortunately i have two full time jobs and i can barely find time for my own projects/ healing but maybe some day when i can devote all my time to creating and loving. let your idea flourish though! you could create something beautiful like this, it is waiting to grow in you! much love to you 

it’s 8 pm est, my loves !! that means it’s time to release the accounts and get this show on the road !! once you’ve followed everyone, you can start posting intro stuff and whatnot, but be sure to look over the rules if you haven’t already. also, we kindly ask you beautiful people to use small text and hq gifs, just so we can keep the dash nice and organized, but if you have any questions about how to do either of those things, just message us !! i’ll be here for a bit afterwards to get everyone settled before going on my charrie account !! happy rping, my perfect petals !! edit: so im tryna make it soo everyone can be here for like the interaction opening like when you all can start posting starters and interacting bc like both of the other admins aren’t here rn, so interaction begins 12 pm est tomorrow (you know, bc it’s saturday and stuff). like once you’ve seen this.

sounds-like-pizza asked:

Hello love, I sent you an email about, 3 months ago I believe regarding your hand decorated note books and sketch books but got no response 😔 are you still doing them or no? ( by the way, you are my favorite artist and I just can't get enough of your work. ❤️ it's so unique and beautiful!)

Hi! yes I am! I’ve been insanely busy but I’m much more organized now haha I try to reply to all the emails I get, so if you’re interested in a notebook or anything just email me (again?) hahahha

thank you so so so much!!<3<3


Today I’ve been helping out a friend and it was a great experience because she is starting out her new blog which I am more than happy to help contribute into. We did many styling, editing, directing and etc. I love everything about it like how my face is covered barely with any makeup and it looks really organic. Even how the hair is just messily goes with it (intentionally). In Malaysia it definitely felt like a struggle due to the crazy hot weather (even in this picture i had to wipe out loads of sweat out off my forehead) and to seek a great location to embody her vision. But all in all i’m pretty happy how it all turned out. I especially learned a lot from it and most importantly things like this just push and motivates you to just put that effort to do what you love to do 

animalites asked:

*sends my url*

my opinion on;

character in general: i honestly don’t know much at all about your characters, but your fc’s are superb. like they are just a beautiful cast of people, i’ll have to read up on your muses for sure.
how they play them: ive seen you role playing on my dash and have to admit i enjoy stalking your threads ( in the least creepy way possible ) and your characterization is a+

the mun: um um i think we talked a bit in that group chat?? and you seem super cute and nice :) 

do i;

follow them: yes.
rp with them: nope.

want to rp with them: yes, absolutely. i would love too.
ship their character with mine: wouldn’t know just yes tbh

what is my;

overall opinion: well i visited your blog and its so pretty?? im actually jealous tbh. everything is so nice and organized and im really digging your writing as well so all in all your great!! 

anonymous asked:

i love your organization system! it's beautiful! looking forward to the evolution of this blog :) thank you for all the work you put into this

Thank you so much! I am so happy you are enjoying it! There is still a lot to do and work on so I love suggestions of things to edit/change and anything anyone wants to see!

Today I filled my mind with the sounds of cashiers conversations and new fabric.
Feeling empty and dull. Until was brighten up by organized bottles and clothes.

A new coat to warm myself with.
A new shirt to feel free.
Gifts. For those I love.
All of these obtained today and I felt whole.

I walked around, admiring the beauty of the complete mall and its walls.
It distracted me from the ugly empty halls I knew too well. It was nice. I’ll do it again and in abundance. They say money doesn’t buy you happiness, but how can you be happy without earning it. So that’s what I did. Spent what I earned and I was enjoying it. In that sense of thrill, I unplugged my earphones and listened to my thoughts drowning myself in sounds of chatter of those around me. I reflected within myself like the mirrors I pass by in the stores. With the weight of the bags, the weight on my shoulders slipped away.

I’m grateful.
I’m happy.
I should be happy.

I reminded myself:
“I should love myself.
Before I can love someone else.”

Kari Gran: Tinted Lip Whip

Rating: ✦✦✦✦✦

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tinted lip balm! It might not look like much but the formula is excellent! It’s all organic and natural and the color is really really subtle. Great for quick touch ups, and in the winter time! It’s of course “purse friendly” (fits in purse and not bulky) and you can bring it anywhere with you. It’s in a pretty sturdy container that you can probably reuse later when you’re all finished with the product (or if you’re a “rough housing clumsy girl like me, it’s perfect to prevent breaking and crying from when containers do break) and on the bottom of the jar there is even a handwritten expiration date!  

I LOVE the Peppermint tinted one! It gives a nice soft minty flavor and smell when I put it on. They have 3 different choices for you to choose from: Peppermint, Cinnamon, and “nude” (the nude shades still have the choices of peppermint or cinnamon flavor but it’s just not tinted) 

I have a weird thing about dipping my fingers in a potted beauty product while I’m out and about (I have a germ problem… (;° ロ°) ) so I really only use it at night as part of my nightly routine. I slap on a nice thick layer (after my a good lip exfoliating session of course) and I sleep with it all night. In the morning my lips are hydrated and soft! The worse thing for me is having cracked lips, and weird loose dry lip skin when I wear lipsticks/ liquid lipsticks etc. It’s just not a cute look. I don’t want to be chewing on my lip skin trying to “Eat it off” so it doesn’t look like my lips are cracked and dry. “That’s so gross!” you say? Well whatever. You know I speak the truth and we’ve all done it before. 

You can find it here

🌌💛"When you touch the celestial in your heart, you will realize that the beauty of your soul is so pure, so vast and so devastating that you have no option but to merge with it. You have no option but to feel the rhythm of the universe in the rhythm of your heart.“ Amit Ray💚🌌 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Seriously you guys, the entire universe resides in each and every one of us. I really felt that today at this morning’s Super Workout. Looking around and seeing everybody working, sweating, and SMILING filled me with gratitude and love. Very proud to be a part of the #TeamBeachbody organization. 20,000 people showed up at 6 AM to make themselves better and sweat their butts off and everyone gave it their all. I saw myself in the eyes of everybody that I made eye contact with. The connectedness of everything in this universe is unreal. And it is all inside of us. #LoveAndLight ❤️💛💚 ✨
by zachary_cuaresma

Do you want to start yoga today???
Order Deft Yoga Dudes: Getting Started With Yoga: A Guide for Men to Get Off the Couch and Into a Better Life

Let your feelings be your guide

Yesterday I was distraught over what I should do in terms of my situation. There has been a constant battle between my mind and my heart for the past 2 months. The mind is a corrupt place filled with envy, jealousy, anger and all other negative emotions. Love cannot come from the mind because why is it when you are hurt the first feeling you get is in the chest area. The heart the organ of love is delicate but powerful. I tried to discern whether or not I’m doing the right thing by listening to the world, allowing myself to be sucked in to the calamity that has befallen my generation. I chose to follow my heart because when listening to my mind I wasn’t happy but my heart is at peace regardless of the circumstance because I know how I truly feel. A beautiful lady told me yesterday that God will direct your steps even if you decide to follow your heart. Thank you God for speaking thru the most unlikeliest of people. I will follow my heart but I will do it according to your ebb and flow. Even though some decisions I make with my heart hurt I understand that you are testing us. The Father does not only give you the good but the bad and he does all this to see if we stand firm.

Forgive the office yoga post. Day 16 of #YogafitJuly is utkatasana. My favourite pose for so many reasons. I will give you all the benefits of the pose and check my co-host @MissBCross for more instructions . Strengthens the spine, calves, thighs and ankles.Stretches the chest and shoulders.Stimulates the heart, diaphragm and abdominal organs.Helps reduce fat in the body, especially in the buttocks.Helpful in conditions like arthritis and joint pain.Improves functioning of the immune system. The more you squat in this pose, the more resistance to gravity the body will be required to overcome. This will require a lot of strength from the quadriceps, which is one of the biggest muscles in the body. Individuals with knee problems will benefit from this pose because it strengthens the muscles that give the knees support. However, it is important that the pose is practiced gently because the bones of the lower legs can rotate with the bending of the knees and increase the chances of injury. Therapeutic Applications Reduces flat feet.Helps in the stimulation of the muladhara root charka. by distinguisheddiva

Imma be honest, I don’t expect to much. You’ll probably run bac to him after you walk through us. Whatever us is. It’s not what it once was nor will it ever be more than what it is.

I met this beautiful girl, you know the rest.

Hold my interest that’s all I ask. Keep it real, I shouldnt have to ask.
I can’t make you love me you do or you don’t.
I can’t ask you to fuck with me you will or you won’t.
When it’s organ and it’s better, don’t force it don’t reach