Another Tag Game

I was tagged by omgbtsandexo

1. Write your name in song titles

J - Janus - Boyfriend

E - Earned It - The Weeknd

N - Numbers - The Cab

N - Nillili Mambo - Block B

I - I Remember - Bang Yongguk

2. Why did you choose your URL? It’s from an anime that i like so

3. What’s your middle name? Mirjam

4. If you could be a fictional/fairy tale being, who would you be? A vampire

5. Favourite colour? Black and red

6. Favourite song? Exo - Promise

7. Top 4 fandoms? Exo, bts, seventeen, and maybe shinee

8. Why do you enjoy Tumblr? I have no idea

9. Tag 9 of your mutuals: enatanprkl lolakittylee typicalina jiminso minseokahs oppa-acid-kyah kyungsmooth fandommiscellany nezuminseok

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Hello :) Can I request a gifs reaction of BAP when you said that you want to have so many babies with them? Thanks ~

Yongguk: Haha why not?

Himchan: Huh? How many?

Daehyun: I want 100 kids!

Youngjae: How many kids?!

Zelo: But I’m too young to have kids…

Jongup: How many kids?

(All the GIFS/Images with the watermark that says “LaudRain” were created by me.

The GIFS/Images that are not mine all credit goes to the owner.)

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I was scrolling through your blog and I noticed you mention you think Yongguk is autistic. Why is that?

Hey! As I was recently ‘diagnosed’ with Asperger’s, I spend a lot of time thinking about my symptoms and some of the earlier tells I had as a child. I would watch the same vhs tapes over and over until I broke them, I would memorize every line and act the movie out as I watched it. But, when it came to socializing with other kids, I was… awkward. Outside of memorization and repetition, I had a lot of trouble organizing my thoughts long enough to get them out in a way that made sense to someone else my age. I had a speech impediment (that faded with time and lots of practice) and a stutter (that never entirely went away). My fixation on certain ideas/imagery/facets of pop culture carried over into my teenage years & adulthood.

While thinking about cues from my own childhood, I remembered a little factoid about Yongguk apparently not being able to speak at all until he was five. Which is something he has in common with Albert Einstein, who was likely autistic(I’m not directly making a comparison there, that’s just the connection my brain made).

From there, it’s really easy to pick up on little bits and pieces that resonate with me. In interviews, he has facial tics and cues that show he’s always unsure of what to say or speaking carefully so as to not trip over his words. Autistic people are generally very articulate and eloquent in their heads but have trouble with expression, so if they find themselves artistically inclined, they usually work on what they need to do to express themselves beforehand. For me it was spoken poetry/prose, and for him it was music. If you write down and go over what you mean to say, you can usually slow down and come across in a way that makes more sense to those around you.

He also seems to have a fixation with revolutionaries/revolution (which unfortunately has elements of cultural appropriation in the way he chooses to express it) given his mentioning of MLK and Che Guevara and that content about one or both of these men has taken over his social media at certain points and he’s even gotten tattoos involving Che. Lots of autistic folks get stuck on things, be they music or pop culture movements or TV shows or jobs, etc. Even his aesthetic choices on instagram could be a reflection of that, as typically autism tends to make you associate certain sensory things with comfort and ease of thought, so it might be easier for him to express himself within a limited color palette. That could also explain his repetition of certain phrases. At one point he mentioned that he used to smoke predebut which is a very common stim for people with sensory disorders (allows them to break what their doing into easily processed steps and focus on them and have something to do with their hands and mouth when they get overwhelmed).

I’m not saying he IS autistic. I’m not in a position to diagnose anyone with anything. I’m just saying, it would make sense as far as I’m concerned. But thank you for asking!

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Fuck, kill or marry but... Why is there a "kill"? Why would you kill someone? Anyway... I'm not gonna give you a Hobi, oh no... I'm gonna give you Tao, Yongguk and Namjoon :)

why don’t we replace ‘kill’ with HMM ‘beat up’??

ok lets do this

Fuck Namjoon (KHEMEKHEEMM can you imagine how the sex with him would be, fffucckckck damn)

Marry Yongguk (because he looks like a husband)

Beat up Tao (because how dare he leave Sehun alone >:C)


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Kpop game for B.A.P :)

my time period as a fan / Since 2013

my bias among the members & why / Yongguk~ His gummy smile caught me 

favorite song / Angel 1004 and save me

favorite mv / One Shot

favorite choreo / Bad man Choreo

favorite era / Angel era

cutest member / Zelo~

sexiest member / Jong up and Daehyun

best friend member / Himchan

best smile / Yongguk~

favorite rapper / Yongguk~

favorite vocalist / Daehyun

favorite dancer / Jong up

what i see for them in the future / Stronger! They will come back stronger than ever once the lawsuit is over. I believe in them *tears up* I’m waiting~

aye, send me a kpop group and i’ll answer the following

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Hi There, Finally got to it. Thanks!

my time period as a fan: I’m not sure, Not very long.
my bias among the members & why: Yongguk, He’s just wonderful to  look at, That smile and i think he’s a great performer
favorite song: One Shot
favorite mv: One Shot 
favorite choreo: Warrior
favorite era: I have no idea, I don’t know that much about them. 
cutest member: Zelo
sexiest member: Oh Gosh…. Besides Yongguk…. Youngjae…
best friend member: Daehyun
best smile: Yongguk
favorite rapper: I do like when zelo raps
favorite vocalist: Young Jae
favorite dancer: Himchan
what i see for them in the future: hopefully a comeback….. I’d like to get to know them…. I should watch some of their stuff….. like in real life stuff

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Thank you ;D


My time period as a fan: Uhh I’m not sure but around of two years.
My bias among the members & why: Bang Yongguk and just for only reason: his kindness, leaving aside everything else, you know what I mean.
Favorite song: Fight for freedom or Unbreakable or Badman *undecided af*
Favorite mv: 1004/Angel or One Shot
Favorite choreo: No mercy or Warrior
Favorite era: ALL. Sorry but I can’t choose only one.
Cutest member: Zelo a.k.a. The noodle haired baby
Sexiest member: Jong Up
Best friend member:  Himchan my sprirt animal too xD
Best smile: Young Jae
Favorite rapper: Yongguk
Favorite vocalist: Daehyun
Favorite dancer: Jong Up
What i see for them in the future: FUCKING JUSTICE FOR B.A.P.
Okay, calm down. I mean I only want a successful future for them. They are hard workers and they LOVE what they do. I’m sure they going to found the way to reborn better than the Phenix. They deserve it. ^^

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idk if you're still bored but here's another one...or two 😜 infinite and bap...if you listen to them

thank you!!!


My first bias: L

Your current bias and why: sungkyu bc his voice and also Kontrol was perfect

Favourite song: BE MINE!!! BE MINE!!!! BEEE MINEEEEE!!!!

Favourite MV: bad it was so aesthetic

OTP: idk them too much to have an otp

Member you think has the best smile: hoya

Favourite choreography: u know how in the chorus for be mine whenever they say “oh” or whatever they like push their hand out? lmao idk but i love it

Favourite era: there’s no era cuz they infinite get it haha lol woooo!

Do you own any merchandise: nope

Have you seen them live: nope

Favourite voice/singer: sungkyu but i like calling him sunggyu?

Favourite dancer: me


My first bias: himchan

Your current bias and why: yongguk bc he’s such a sweetheart


Favourite MV: of it has to be one shot everyones fave mv should be one shot

OTP: i dont know

Member you think has the best smile: DAEHYUN

Favourite choreography: the hip roll in no mercy help me

Favourite era: when they were actually active haha sigh but at least they’re trying to leave that crap company

Do you own any merchandise: nope

Have you seen them live: nope


Favourite dancer: me