Matrix Era Vapp Highlights 

Happy 151115 with B.A.P!!!

im a new baby and honeymoon was my first comeback w/ them. Since i wasn’t with them for long, just by listening to honeymoon, i would’ve never guessed that B.A.P went through everything that they did :/ anyways, what im trying to say is, for people who don’t know what B.A.P went through (like me at first lol), honeymoon is just a beautiful song. but for Babyz, it shows how happy and free they are now and how much they overcame! 

also i really love this song and the lyrics and the meaning and the mv and the album and the concept and the boys and B.A.P in genera loll!! <3 


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ive logged back in to say: i love donghan and taehyun with my entire heart