Bang casually slaying and blessing us with his rap simultaneously 

who you should fight in bap and why

yongguk: hypothetically, he would probably win. personally i wouldn’t fight him. but honestly why would you fight your own father to begin with? who do you think you are?

himchan: 50% chance that you could beat himchan. Maybe more. but look at him, he is already tired all the time. look in his eyes and you see nothing. there’s a good possibility you can win but the point is, why would you even want to fight him. Just let him live

daehyun: fight daehyun. kick him and his greasy ass to the ground and just fight him. get youngjae to join you and maybe even jongup and just go wild

youngjae: it could go either way. you can probably fight him but he’s smart as all hell and could probably pull some nasty trick on you and cause your defeat. itd probably be better and more entertaining to just throw him & daehyun in a cage and watch them duke it out anyways

jongup: he could probably win in a physical fight alone but if you think about it this would go absolutely nowhere. you try and throw a punch but due to his excessive exposure to bad anime, chris browns entire discography and daehyun as a whole his movements are unpredictable and he is able to swiftly dodge your attack. he smiles. you have no idea what this means. you give up

zelo: what the hell is wrong with you you savage animal