yukiakaren 質問:


  • My first bias: Yongguk
  • Your current bias and why: Still Yongguk. He is my ultimate bias and I loved him since first sight. He is just perfect. I like he’s voice and looks, but I love his personality. He speaks important things and do amazing music. And yeah if I write more whys this goes on and on.
  • Favourite song: ALL!!! But right now Coma, Punch, 0(zero), Dancing in The Rain, Body&Soul, What The Hell, Excuse Me…
  • Favourite MV: One Shot even is heartbreaking. Oh and I also like 1004(Angel) very much. All of their music videos are amazing :’D
  • OTP: Daejae! But Jonglo and Banghim too :’D
  • Member you think has the best smile: ALL!! Yongguk’s smile make me smile everytime tho, but all.
  • Favourite choreography: Um… Power?
  • Favourite era: Badman!
  • Do you own any merchandise: YES! One Shot, Badman, First Sensibility and No Mercy repackage, Yongguk socks and one poster.
  • Have you seen them live: sadly no ;_; I wanna cry
  • Favourite voice/singer: HIMCHAN’S SINNING VOICE OMG! Yongguk’s voice and Daejaes high notes. I just can’t pick fave.
  • Favourite dancer: Jongup! Zelo and Daehyun is good too tho.

Gosh this was hard really hard ._. I hate you :PP

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