People don’t get why yongguk isn’t active in front of cameras anymore. It’s because when they debuted, the younger ones were very shy at interviews and Bang tried to take a lead to get them used. He never was a talkative type from the start. (anon)

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I don't think I have a chance with you after all "*laughs and takes a seat* But thank you for letting me stay *glances towards you with a small smile* Goodnight, Yongguk-ssi -🎀 Anon

Why do you say that?-sits right next to you and lays you down next to me-good night

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"Well..." his words trailed off as he thought, coming up short. Daehyun wasn't still quite certain as to why Yongguk treated him so nicely, even when he was annoying. Especially when he was annoying. Unresisting, he allowed himself to be pulled up and blinked curiously at the elder, his expression quickly becoming excited. "Now?"

“Yes now. Why? You have better plans?” He teased, sliding them both off the couch. “Put some clothes on, not that I mind the lack thereof, but on the water it might get a bit chilly for you. That’s only a guess, I know you run warmer than most, so it might not bother you at all.”

I’m trying to get into BAP so i watched Warrior and i have so many questions?

Like first of all why in the fresh hell were they all blonde? Who thought that’d be a good idea?

And Yongguk crumping??

And why are they always so aggressive in their videos ?

I’m just ?????