IG & Twitter Update by Zelo and Yongguk

I feel really sorry for Junhong’s lost, poor boy *pat pat his shoulder* (btw can you guess who the girl is? hehehehehe)… I’m really happy to see Bbang’s updating his IG (I’ve been waiting for ages, I MISS HIM SO MUCH), I love seeing him working XD I can’t believe I missed his update bc I was busy drawing XD

Mirarosae - Chapter One; Aries

I know we’re on hiatus, but I did say I was going to post a chaptered fic so here it is. Chapter one of a series we’ve called Mirarosae. It features nearly all the members we writer for, so each sign has its own sub-plot so it doesn’t get too much, whilst following an overall plot (sort of like Game of Thrones). Anyway, I hope you enjoy chapter one ^^

The town of Neirversis laid at the foot of the only volcano in Mirarosae, and was surrounded by hot springs that the people used in an attempt to keep those unwanted out. Like all the others in Mirarosae, those who lived in Neirversis lived a secluded life, and only those in its army and the warriors (chosen by The Miscere) ever truly left the town, like that of the armies and warriors of the other towns in Mirarosae.

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I think the meaning behind Bang’s 4:44 AM track really flew over a lot of people’s heads. Half of the comments are just so shallow like omfg. Please realize he literally just admitted to having suicidal thoughts at one point. He said he wants to go back to his grandfathers arms. His grandfather’s dead. He even admitted to taking pills at one point. Same goes for Zelo’s No Title track. These songs aren’t just “omg they’re slowly coming back as idols again!! <3”. They’re literally trying to tell you all the shit they went through and how much they’re now doubting this industry.