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read the information i pasted in the reblog i made of your original post.

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oh and read the article as well.

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Drama queen. Cheer up, you arent dead! Although you will be if you dont have that strep throat looked at.


I will I will

gosh. you’re like mother hens.

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i think for me, its the sudden radical change to the mythos. too many changes in only one episode. but makorra and boleska are dead, so there’s those two silver linings.

you’re definitely right about that. as much as i enjoyed the changes, there were certainly too many for only 2 episodes. the avatarverse rules were bent because of harmonic convergence. korra is now the last avatar that we are familiar with and the new avatar that we will come to know in books 3 and 4. but these changes might have been too radical; it’s almost as if we are no longer watching avatar anymore.

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Decided shortage of Asami was part of it, and kind of a predictable plot, too.

asami not being there really bothers me, but not enough to detract from everything else. i’m too used to this by now.

maybe it is the predictable plot. i sort of expected the deus ex machinas and, when they came, i couldn’t even be happy for them. yeah, it’s great that korra managed to defeat vaatu, but she did so in a way that cannot be explained. this inner spirit bull shit, while it certainly did wonders for korra’s character, was totally an asspull. why must every season finale be subjected to these things?? can’t we have a finale that makes sense for once??

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Cuz the overall series was meh? No matter how good some parts were, I can’t forget how awful the bad parts were. I built up little to no excitement, so I just whatever by the end.

but, as i said earlier, i was able to forgive the series after episode 10. that was a fantastically written episode, personally. it made me forget how bad everything else was.

the finale couldn’t do the same. maybe it’s because all the problems were amplified and then excused? many loose ends were left unattended. korra got her character development, but at the price of everyone else besides tenzin.

moreover, jinora really had a chance to shine in this finale. instead, we got her pulling mORE deus ex machinas so that korra could save the day. and the reason for such is NEVER EXPLAINED.

i am not satisfied.

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is australia really that bad?

Socialized education, medicine, infrastructure (inc a new national broadband network).
No bill of rights, nor constitutionalized rights.
Heavy Gun-Control, Carbon tax, Tobacco tax, Alcohol tax, You-name-it-tax.
Reactionary moral legislation is extremely common.
Minimal (if no) state rights, federally controlled distribution of tax dollars.
Near all major industries are subsidized (mining, agriculture).

Big-government views are so standard that libertarianism is near unheard of.

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i agree something was missing, but, i cant put my finger on it.

yeah…i didn’t feel happy for the ending and i really wish i could explain it

i’d like to say that it didn’t have enough asami (which it REALLY DIDN’T), but that can’t be it. episode 10 didn’t have asami at all and i still loved it.

i have a feeling it’s the way the finale was presented. after you got over how sick the concept of an avatar battle was or how pretty the animation is, you start to get…idk bored.

i’m so frustrated with myself. i actually don’t know why the finale was so fucking meh.

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what client

Mercedes-Benz. They pulled advertising because of Gawker’s ‘pro-bullying’ tweets.

So far that’s Intel, Scottrade, Mercedes, Best Buy, and UAT.

They’re gonna double down though, most likely. Cold day in hell before they admit they aren’t the shining white knight soldiers of equality they think they are.

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you hit it. that’s it. where do we go from here? since the line is broken, does this episode signal a new line? or has the concept of the avatar been changed completely, where, now each future avatar will rely on him/herself

no idea. they have plenty of directions to go from here, but many of them seem to veer off what we identify as part of the avatarverse. the show’s been dramatically changed for the audience, especially those who have grown up with the first series believing that the rules set then would be the rules forever established. clearly, that is not the case as korra not only flips everything on its head, but very possibly destroys the past avatars, making it seem as if the avatar series we came to know was just a dream.

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SAME. i feel like im gonna have to watch the season back to back later to make sense of why it was so lackluster.

i’m still trying to figure it out. i’m going over everything, but all the reasons i’m stating don’t seem to be doing it for me. i thought it was the lack of aami, the shitty character development for every other character, the unabashed use of asspulls, the revival of the love triangle, the flattening of unalaq’s character, the assholery of bolin, the radical story changes, the fact that jinora literally did nothing but float around in a ball of light…but none of them sound right. maybe it’s all of the above and i just don’t know it yet? i don’t know. i hope that one day i do because, as i was watching the episodes, i kept thinking “something is missing”.

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