The airport scene has always made me an emotional mess, but it completely devastated me when I realized some things.

At first this sounds like Yuuri wants Victor to stay coaching him forever, even past the Grand Prix Final. But I realized it’s actually something else entirely.

Remember this line from episode 7?

Yuuri placed fourth in Rostelecom and didn’t podium. While I’m sure Yuuri logically knows Victor won’t stop being his coach, especially because he qualified for the Finals, anxiety, as we all know, rarely listens to logic.
So in reality, what Yuuri is asking is:

“Even though I didn’t make the podium, please don’t step down like you said you would. Please remain as my coach until the GPF, after which I will retire.”

Oh yeah, that’s another important and often missed thing: Yuuri has been planning retire for a while. It’s been hinted at many times throughout the seriesーeven in this very episode.

Now this next part here is what really makes me Feel Things

When Yuuri tears up, I always thought he was crying because Victor is being really sweet and they’re so in love and very emotional after being reunited. But now, looking into it, it’s actually devastatingly sad. Because here is what Yuuri is thinking:

“I’ve already decided I’m going to be retiring after the Final and I’m going to break your heart and I’m so sorry but it’s something I have to do.”

“Let’s enjoy what we have while it lasts and not think about the future for now, because it’s only going to hurt both of us.”

And now i’m hurting and I’m sure you are too i’m sorry

He was a Skater Boy

@yurionrunway Day Four: Subcultures of fashion

Pairing: Otayuri [age changed] / Rating: Mature

Yuri appreciated Otabek’s commitment to his personality; he wore it on his sleeve but Yuri honestly wished that when they went out somewhere a little nicer together, Otabek would wear something other than the tattered old dark-red converse he’d been wearing since they were 12.

“Ma’s having a dinner, can you wearing something nice, please.” Yuri groaned into his phone as he straightened his long scarf and fiddled with the way his crown braid was sitting on his head.

“I always wear nice things.”

Yuri could hear his smirk through the phone.

“Look, just try and find some jeans that aren’t ripped and for the love of fuck wear something other than your red converse.” Yuri hung up on Otabek so he could finish getting ready.

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I just wish I could make everyone watch Yuri!!! on Ice!…

…because it is so good and pure and happy…

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…full of endearing characters…

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…and laughter and shenanigans…

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…supportive friendships…

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…and fierce competition.

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There’s personal growth…

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…and learning to trust people…

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…to open your heart and let the world see who you are.

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It’s what it means to love yourself…

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…to let yourself be loved by others…

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…and love them in return.

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It’s everything.

Please do yourself a favor and watch it.

Preview time for my piece for the @yoihorrorzine which I am lucky enough to be collaborating with @shexhulk92 again for! [You can find our completed promotional collab here] but without further ado, here is a snippet from my piece, Deep Blue

Keep your communication open. I want you checking in every few minutes, and if something goes wrong, just scream. That’ll get the message across quickly and I’ll reel you up. King out.” JJ’s arrogant voice chirped over their radio and Michele had to resist the urge to turn it off completely.

The sides aren’t – it’s rock. It’s like – dug.

“What?” Michele kicked, attempting to bridge the gap between them, but it continued to stretch out. “Sara, what is it?” His radio crackled as the line connecting them strained.

Michele could still see the light of his sister’s chest piece, but it seemed far off and flickering. Looking down at his own, he could feel the pressure crushing his chest as he looked at their depth. They had moved further down then they had discussed before leaving the boat.

Michele looked back at where he had last seen his sister’s light, only to be faced with more darkness.

“Sara? Jean, have you heard from Sara?” Michele snagged the connection between them and tugged. It floated effortlessly back at him, the cord now jagged and frayed.


Full view of my contribution picture for @eatskatelovezine , a YOI Recipes Book Zine!

This piece is suuuuper old and as usual, there’s a lot of stuff I would like to fix rn, but regardless it has a special place in my heart!

I was assigned the Taiwanese Clam Soup recipe from the presh @momokkoi!.

Despite I’m kind of afraid of clams (so leave alone eating them), I feel now a special, personal connection to Momo’s recipe and everything it means for her and her family, and I would love to try making it someday, even if I can’t taste it myself!♥

kanzaki19  asked:

I love the idea of Detroit Days, those stories are so underrated and neglected. Your work is amazing and would represent that chapter of the universe beautifully 💜

SEE THIS IS EXACTLY HOW YOU CONVINCE WRITERS TO DO THINGS!! This popped up in my inbox and I immediately went “yup, ok, I’m gonna do it!” 

This will be my Sunday project :) :) 

In the meantime if you enjoy Phichit and Yuuri content, please consider checking out  Nerd’s Phichit Zine Series which is all Phichit POV but concentrates on their time in Detroit and is peak friendship goals! 

Thank you for the lovely encouragement!! You made my day!! 

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@bladesofyuri has some of the best GIFs in this fandom, just sayin, go check out blades’ blog lol