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(Hey guys I’m back!!! How’s everyone doing? I hope you enjoy this b/c I plan to become Kaldur Trash once I open requests again very soon!)

Gives nose/forehead kisses

He does and it’s absolutely wonderful - whether or not he’s taller than you he loves to wrap you in his arms and kiss everywhere he can and call you cute names like “my love” and “beautiful one”. It leaves your head spinning every damn time.

Gets jealous the most

You do and he absolutely loves it, though he’d never say that out loud. It goes without saying that he’s absolutely loyal and the idea of cheating is unthinkable to him - and you know that. It’s just everyone with functional eyes can see how gorgeous he is and it kinda bugs you - so you make sure you’re holding his hand when you’re in public.

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

It would not be a good idea for him to drink, considering his system is wired differently - alcohol is probably deadly toxic to him. And you really don’t want to look like a sloppy fool in front of this wonderful guy, so you limit your drinking to ‘buzzed.’ and nobody has to pick anybody up.

Takes care of on sick days

You do! Ok so you know how when you move somewhere you get a bunch of new sicknesses all in sequence while your immunity adjusts? That happens to Kaldur when he moves to the surface, and he’s sick on and off for the better part of a year. He wants to be that guy that insists he’s fine and carries on regardless but wow, he’s really sick and he can’t bring himself to move. He’s very grateful that you stay with him and says you don’t have to - but he wants you to stay.

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

Lmao do you even have to ask. It’s him. Even if you’re a little afraid of drowning (maybe especially then) he’d promise that he won’t let that happen and that if worst comes to worst, he can breathe for you with your mouth on his.

Gives unprompted massages

He completely adores back massages and it doesn’t take much for you to notice he needs one - he’ll be walking around with his shoulders hunched up in pain, wincing and groaning a bit. And then you start with the massaging and he’s all surprised? “How did you know?”

Drives/rides shotgun

He has neither a valid drivers’ license nor the desire to obtain one - he thinks the traffic laws on the Surface are dangerous and confusing and so he lets you drive when you go places together. 

Brings the other lunch at work

You do - and you try to make it something new every time so he can figure out what surface foods he likes best. So far macaroni and cheese has been a smashing success.

Has the better parental relationship

His parents are awesome (except for Manta that is) - He has the beautiuful Sha’laina for a mother, an amazing stepfather, and two literal superheros (aquaman and queen mera) for mentors. So.

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

You. Totally you. He thinks it’s adorable, though, so it’s a win-win. And you don’t even need to be that drunk to be a bad dancer!

Still cries watching Titanic

Honestly neither of you care about the movie’s main plot - just the third-class passengers who weren’t allowed on the lifeboats, because that actually happened.

Firmly believes in couples costumes

You do! He’s perfectly willing to sit still and let you dress him up, though - he finds it strangely relaxing to have you paint his face and kinda likes the way it looks when you’re done.

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

Technically it’s you - technically, because you spent more than you were supposed to, but in terms of actual worth, the gift he bought for you in Atlantis is actually worth a lot more.

Makes the other eat breakfast

Well he’d definitely make sure you stay hydrated! But besides that he really loves it when you make food for him, so making breakfast is sort of a tradition for you.

Remembers anniversaries

You do - it’s acutally a bit ridiculous how many you remember. He’s down for celebrating the big ones with you (like your Actual Anniversary) but will just smile and roll his eyes if you bring up “It’s been a month since we had that one croissant together!1! *Heart Eyes*

Brings up having kids

None of you is exactly sure whether it’s possible, but I think he’d make an awesome dad and would be definitely down for trying - because what’s better than cute hybrid babies who can maybe breathe underwater? If they can then you can send the baby to their grandmother in Atlantis for weekends.

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Young Justice Starters (Part 1)
  • “ Why isn’t anyone ever just whelmed? “
  • “ He is not whelmed. Not whelmed at all. “
  • “ Mm, that boy. “
  • “ He hacked the motion sensors! “
  • “ I hacked the motion sensors. “
  • “ I feel naked… and not in a fun way. ”
  • “ Pass. Batcave’s crowded enough. “
  • “ I know it’s hard, but try to stay whelmed. “
  • “ Get traught or get dead. “
  • “ That’s it. All four are dead. “
  • “ This way…. or not. “
  • “ Quit touching yourself! “
  • “ By the way, worst death trap ever. “
  • “ You seem distraught. “
  • “ He probably wants me to kill you. “
  • “ What else aren’t they telling us? “
  • “ If you’re going, I’m going. “
  • “ Quit staring. You’re creeping me out. “
  • “ Get on board or get out of the way. “
  • “ Is it wrong that I think I’m hot? “
  • “ I know you hate getting your hands dirty. “
  • “ I am plagued by mosquitoes! “
  • “ This is a waste of my time. “
  • “ I hate monkeys. “
  • “ Definitely a disaster. Heavy on the ‘dis.' “
  • “ He can hear you. We can all hear you. “
  • “ Where I come from, that’s how you survive. “
  • “ I can hear you glaring. “
  • “ So I’m your ‘ninja boyfriend’, huh? “
  • “ Your money has blood on it, and I’m not here to make a buck. “
  • “ I may… possibly… be in over my head. “
  • “ We need to keep this family from falling apart. “
  • “ I’d let you go with me, but you’d slow me down. “
  • “ In this family, it’s every girl for herself. “
  • “ Um, did I miss the part where you actually SAID what the plan was? “
  • “ Nearly drowning two nights in a row is way less fun than it sounds. “
  • “ No way I’m nearly drowning 3 missions in a row! ”
  • “ Two words: gorilla lice. “
  • “ I can’t tell. Not if you kidnap me. “
  • “ Be as chalant as you like. “
  • “ I recommend you stay behind. “
  • “ So what are we waiting for? A theme song? “
  • “ You knew. You knew from the beginning why we were really here. “