EXO Reaction to You Missing But There is a Simple Explanation

This would be scary for any of the boys. I hope you guys like this reaction <3

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Baekhyun: When he didn’t see you after almost the entire day, he turned to posting on Instagram a playful post that only you would understand. He was thinking of so many awful things that could happen to you. When you walked through the front door around midnight, he was ready to attack you with kisses and hugs. “Jagi! I thought you were in danger!” He exclaimed. You chuckled, holding out your hands to calm him. “Baek, I was at my sister’s house. She needed me to babysit for her.” You explained to him. Once you were done telling him, he smiled and laughed at his own over-exaggeration.  “Ah, you should have told me. I could have come to help babysit.”

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Chanyeol: You had been gone for a few days now. He had no idea where you were, but he had been so busy so long with promotions that he hadn’t noticed the first few days. Once he did notice, he became worried. He started to look at all your favorite shops and hangouts, hoping maybe he was wrong and simply over reacting. He called you a few times, being sent straight to voicemail. After that evening, you finally called him back. “Chanyeol, Chanyeol, I am so sorry. MY friends wanted to go camping last minute and we have no reception. I just got all your calls. Are you okay? I am sorry if you worried.” You told him in a concerned voice. He was frustrated, but he was trying to keep a calm voice so you didn’t feel guilty. “No, no, it is fine (Y/N). I am just happy you are safe and had fun.”

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Chen: He figured you were busy with work or hanging out with friends. He tried to keep a leveled head, not wanting to worry too much. However, the later the day got, the more he began to worry. He called you, hoping that maybe you would answer after the twentieth time. When you didn’t, he drove straight to your apartment. He walked in and was surprised to see you sitting on the floor with your baby brother sleeping in your arms. You looked up at him in confusion. “Jongdae? What are you doing here?” You asked in a nonchalant whisper. He let out a sigh, relieved to see you were okay. He searched for your phone and pulled it out from the couch cushion. “Jagi, do you know what this is? This is a cell phone. You should start learning to charge it.” He lectured you as he handed you your phone and collapsed on the couch.

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D.O.: At first, he didn’t think much about you not returning his calls. He knew that you didn’t pick up your phone often and you were normally busy throughout the day. But either way, it was like instantaneous worry. He was scared that once day you would not answer just because you were hurt or lost. He was terrified when you didn’t come home that night. He didn’t want to be a bother to you if you were busy, but he didn’t know what else to do. He needed to know that you were okay. He sat in the kitchen, having fallen asleep while worried that night. While he was drinking is coffee the next morning, he tried for your phone again. This time you did answer, telling him that you had to rush to the hospital because a friend was in an accident. He was silently relieved that you were okay, but he was also upset you didn’t tell him and left him worrying.

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Kai: You told him while he was sleeping, early that morning, that you were going to be gone for a few days to see your family, which meant you wouldn’t be able to be on the phone much. He nodded, mumbling acknowledgment that he had heard you. But that didn’t stop anything when he hadn’t heard from you for about two days. He called you numerous times, trying to get a hold of you, but nervous when he couldn’t. He assumed he may have been just worry too much, but now he was getting really scared. You were gone for a week before you finally came back to the dorm. “Jagiya! Where have you been? Do you know how worried I was? You can’t just leave like that without telling anyone!” He started to yell at you. You looked at him in confusion. “Jongin, I did tell you. I told you before I left. I woke you and you nodded your head in understanding.” He pouted when he heard that he was the one at fault. But you still apologized and took him out to eat to help him feel better.

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Lay: With him always being between Korea and China, the two of you agreed on meeting at certain times and certain days, wanting to keep in touch with each other despite how busy he always was. He checked his clock a dozen times, trying to figure out if he had messed up the time schedule with the time change, or if you were just running a little late. When he didn’t hear from you for a few hours, he started to get a bit nervous. His mind went straight to you getting hurt or something, but he didn’t want to think about that anymore. He called you a few times, wondering if maybe it was his phone or something. Towards the middle of the night, you finally called him; waking him up but he was happy to talk to you. “(Y/N), is everything okay?” He asked nervously. “Yes, yes, I am okay. I was helping my sister at her store last minute and we ended up going out to eat. I am so sorry. I lost track of time.” You explained. He didn’t mind though; he was just happy you were okay.

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Sehun: He was trying to call you for almost three hours. He knew you got off work in the afternoon, and it was already getting dark out. He tried to call you one more time before completely freaking out. He began to panic a little, calling any and every one he knew in case any of them saw you. He was not someone who normally worried too much and was trying to keep up the ‘cool guy’ persona, but he was honestly scared when you didn’t pick up your phone. The fact that it was getting dark was worrying him even more. He tried to talk to some of the other boys, hoping they would tell him that he was just over reacting and you were safe. The moment you came home, the next morning, and explained to him that your phone died while you were out with friends and ended up sleeping at their house, he automatically became sassy. “Well I don’t know why you are telling me. It isn’t like I was worried or even noticed.” But you knew that he was just putting up a front.

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Suho: He was doing a good job at playing it cool while you were missing. He called you a respectable amount of times, not wanting to overdo it or blow up your phone. A few hours passed from the time when you were supposed to be home, but he still tried to not worry too much. He called you again, then your family, then your friends. No one seemed to know where you were, but he was still simply nodding his head and acting as though it was nothing. Ah, she is probably just out shopping or something. He reassured himself. The next day, you finally came back. The second you walked into the dorm, he broke out into tears. He was a crying mess, looking like he was having a mental break down. “Jagiya! Jagiya! Where have you been? I thought you were gone forever.” He cried out. You held him, placing your arms around him and holding him tight. “I’m so sorry. My boss made me pull a second shift and then I was visiting my grandma in the nursing home and lost track of time.”

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Xiumin: You were gone for a while, leaving Xiumin to completely freak out. He was so scared, not wanting to worry too much until maybe the third day you were gone. After the third day, he began to blow up your phone, followed by going to your apartment in the hopes of finding some sort of hint as to where you went. He found that your phone was in your room, scared not that he noticed you didn’t even have your phone if you needed it. He looked through your phone and called your friends and lastly your sister. When no one answered, he started to panic even more. He was crying, not knowing where you were. When he heard his phone ringing on the fourth day. He reached over and answered it within seconds. “Minseok, please don’t yell at me. I am so sorry. My sister got really sick and was taken to the hospital and I came to take care of her kids. I am sorry I didn’t call. I was just so worried about her that I didn’t think about grabbing my phone or telling anyone.” You explained. Minseok was still crying a bit, but he was happy to finally hear from you.

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Exo colognes

Oh Sehun: Calvin Klein euphoria essence
Its Spicey with a hint of citrus. Just like him and his sass. Besides being a big baby he is honeslty so caring. Underneath all the play fighting making everyone else question why you are still with him from the amount of times he has made you want to tear your hair out. Idiot is a term of endearment for you two. It’s that time u where sitting both facing each other your legs over his staring into his eyes and just being. A moment that was entirely yours where he let his walls come down so you could see just how vulnerable and in love with you he was. It scared him and he has yet to tell you that but you know and wait for him to tell you in his own time.

Kim Jongin: Hugo and Boss bottled night.
Kim Jongin or Kai??? Honeslty I see this as both. It has a depth to it it has this Spicey scent with a hint of something dare I say sweet?? It is something you might find clinging to your sheets long after he has left for the studio or tour. Because he is like smoke especially when he moves. It’s also a comforting smell and you would grow a custom to it just as you would grow a custom to the traces he left behind. Its him beckoning you to dance with him with hooded eyes. Only to have him start laughing and twirling you round the room because he wouldnt last 5 minuets when your millimeters away and moving with him. Its the scent getting stronger the longer he stays and clinging to your hair a constant reminder of how he buried his face in your hair because you are shorter than him. Him bending down to your height and playfully placing kisses everywhere but where you want it most.

Park Chanyeol: Burberry Brit Rhythm
Its deep and earthy just honeslty something I see him smelling like. A rich dark earthy smell. It takes you back to the time he took you out on that picnic on the Han river when he wasn’t busy and it suddenly clouded over and rained. And he pulled you up and started spinning you around not caring if he would get sick. He later took you back to his apartment and gave you a sweat shirt that smelt exactly like earth after the rain. Waking up realizing you stayed the night your hair splayed across the pillows in his sweatshirt and thanking god he doesnt have to be at the studio and you dont have work and him just smiling at your sleeping figure.

Kim Junmyeon: Jean Paul Guitier Ultra Male
Its fruity and sweet just like this precious angel. It’s the smell of clean sheets spending the day in one of his shirts because you crashed at the dorm. Because he managed to kick sehun out just so he could spend the day in bed with you. Days like this for both of you are a rare and treasured thing because he is always so busy looking after everyone else its your chance to hug him and give him a break from that and try to keep him anchored as much as you can. Letting him have somewhere he can decompress without feeling like he is burdening Someone letting him vent and cry. Its trust and love in the purest form.

Do Kyungsoo: Dolce and Gabanna The One
A soft Spicey scent that’s comforting and warm. Movie nights alone just you two. No interruptions from anyone both of you turned your phones off just shutting the world out. Now a days it was rare for him to do this. Rare for him because it was your time where he could be himself and not worry about baekhyun calling him out for his pda because it’s you and him and that’s exactly how he likes it. Just you and him curled up on the couch with two mugs of tea just within reach. Mutual silence just lost in each others company and its in no way awkward. It would be you asking him to read to you because his voice is like molten honey mixing with the rain trickling down the window pain. Moments like this make tour bearable for him because he knows what he is coming home to. Warmth and tranquility.

Byun Baekhyun: Georgio Armarni Aqua di Gio
Its fun its light and different just like this dork. It’s a reminder he will always try to make you smile even if it’s doing something insanely stupid and putting his pride on the line. Like that time he tried to slide down the dorm hall in socks because no one was home only later to find out they all caught him because they walked in at just the right time to witness him running into the sofa and stacking it. making you almost pee yourself from laughing so much. You still have the video on your phone and he doesn’t know. But when he finds out be sure to be ready to run.

Lu Han: Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy
Need I say why? Not only is it his fav football player but honeslty I could see luhan wearing this. It has a smokey smell to it and also kinda musky and warm. I could see him wearing it after playing football and coming up and hugging you smelling of sweat and this. It’s manly and we all know how much he loves being seen as manly. he would just hug you much to your protests of being sweaty and gross and beg him to shower, but this cologne would stick to him and make it almost bearable. He would scoop you up twirling you around the middle of the pitch ignoring your screaming and just laughing. Burying his sweaty head in your neck and you just cave and laugh right along with him.

Huang Zitao: Gucci Guilty Black
Its citrus with a hint of spice that gives him that elegant air when he walks into a room. It’s coming home to a black bag on your bed opening it and pulling out something red and lacey just because. Its his soft nature and how he can be ruled by emotions and he is not afraid to let people know how he feels. Its staring at each other from opposite sides of the couch no make up and legs tangled. Because he is comfortable with you to let you see him. To him you are so fragile and beautiful to him you dont need make up you are his and he wants you to know that. Whether its surprising you with little black bags on your beg or just holding you and whispering everything he loves about you. Its his infectious giggle because he is a child at heart all because he hid your make up bag because your natural beauty is forever leaving him speechless.

Kim Jongdae: Hugo and Boss The Scent
Its warm, musky and slightly sweet. His sarcasm and his eye smiles. Dragging you out for coffee stealing one of his sweaters and have him playfully whine about it because apparently he thinks you wore it better. Its having a safe haven knowing he will always support you and catch you. You are his support and he is yours. Its managing to have a quick come back lined up making him do a double take and start laughing. Its his constant hugs or need to be touching you whether his arm is wound around your waist or having a hand resting on your knee. Its him being a troll and leaving marks for people to see to know you are his. His reason he can sing that love songs finally have a reason and meaning. Its just being able to collapse on him and knowing he can do the exact same. Its comfort warmth and you are each others home. Its sitting on the lounge floor legs over his waist his faces inches from yours with music in the background as you get lost in each others eyes.

Kim Minseok: Narciso Rodriguez For Him
Its hot, Spicey and warm. This scent lingers the morning after when your both in bed just staring into each others eyes wondering of last night really happened. It’s the marks he left for only you to see. Slow lazy morning sex because you looked so kissable with the morning light playing across your skin he just couldn’t contain himself. It’s refusing to let go of him when he has to leave for a late rehearsal because you just want to stay like this with his warmth right next to you. Exactly where he belongs. Its him picking you up and hoisting you over his shoulder throwing you on the bed hovering over you only to have you look up and smile and he crumbles Burying his head in your neck and him tickling you instead.

Wu Yifan: Bvlgari Man In Black
Its dark, intense and musky much like the Vibe he gave off when you first met him purely by accident. He caught you when you tripped you looked up and saw this gentle person willing to catch a stranger before they face planted into the concrete. It’s black lace and his hands always on your waist steadying you or pulling you in for a kiss that will make you melt and leaving you gasping for more. Hands wound through his hair pulling him closer. Peeling back his layers and vulnerability showing his fun side but still keeping his dark cool image. Earning his rare smiles that make his whole face light up and bring out a new side to him.

Zhang Yixing: Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue
Its soft and comforting just like his presence. He can light up a room just by smiling. It’s tired smiles his dimple showing because you showed up to practise to drag him out because he needs rest, food or just someone to make his mind relax. Because he is dance he moves are sharp and quick hard to catch but he let you catch him. You balance him and make sure he knows when to stop and remind him that it’s ok to take a break. It’s having his favorite sweater on the heater when he came out of the shower after late rehearsal and curling up with your head on his chest in bed as he runs his fingers through your hair as you drift to sleep. Its the constant love and care you two share that will have you both glowing. Its a promise shared between you two no matter how far away you two are one will always find a way back to the other.

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EXO reaction when their girlfriend starts touching them/getting horny in public

Sehun: He would love this so much. I think if you weren’t going to give in and pleasure him, he is for you. He would probably finger you right there under the table in public.

Kai: He is going to be shocked about it but love it. The way you rub him against his jeans will send him wild.

Tao: He would be the exact same as Sehun. Although he is going to get cocky when you wont let him give in.

D.O: He would moan under his breath. Trying to be so secretive about it.

Chanyeol: He would look at you and smirk, But also think of it as a game and start teasing you back.

Chen: When Chen finally has enough and is way to horny for public he is going to pick you up and throw you over his shoulders and say “Sorry everyone but we will be leaving first.” 

Baekyun:“Guess what else is hard except the fact that we are in public.”

Lay: He would try so hard to ignore you. *But when you move to his sensitive neck, forget it is over now.”

 Suho:*he is pissed because he can’t do anything and is hard asf*

Kris: “Why now?”

Luhan: “Why do you always do this to me!” *The gif explains the rest.*

Xiumin:*Teases back*