Just Stop ~ Jack Maynard

Characters: Jack X Reader

Word Count:

Summary: Jack and Reader spendning the day in bed messing around and cuddling

Requested: Yhas

Groaning Jack woke up, blinking his eyes he sat up on his elbows letting his eyes roam around the room until they landed on the sleeping figure next to him. Smiling he relaxed himself back down on his side and started placing kisses all over your face.

You’d been sleeping peacefully, when you could feel something warm and damp brush against your nose, then cheek and before you knew it you were giggling opening your eyes to your boyfriends face and cheeky smirk.

“Babe, what are you doing?” You yawned.

“I was bored.” Jack pouted over dramatically.

Laughing you rolled onto you back, “Now you know how I feel when you’re still sleeping.”

Picking your phone up, you groaned when you saw it was nine in the morning, “Why the fuck is you up so early.”

Jack sighed, resting his head in the crook of your neck, “I need to go apartment hunting.”

“Found any you like yet?” You questioned.

“There’s one, it’s alright but its thirty minutes away without traffic…” Jack went into detail about the apartment that you knew he didn’t want but it was good enough for him.

You also knew he didn’t want to be so far away from you, you had been together for two years now and you lived a five-minute walk from the apartment he lived with Josh and Conor.

“Move in.” You blurted out, stopping Jack talking about the neighbours.

“Wh-what?” Jack asked confused.

You turned onto your side, so you were facing him. “Move in with me. Think about it Jack, you spend most nights at mine and you have half of your stuff as it is, you won’t be so far out from the rest of us, move in with me.”

“You sure?” Jack grinned sitting up.

You sat up to grinning twice as big, “For fucks sake Jack, move the fuck in. I’m not asking, I’m demanding.”

Jack tackled you into a hug pushing you both back on the bed, “I love you.” Jack mumbled before leaning down and kissing you.

The kiss started to get more intense when Jack suited himself between your legs, Jack tugged on the bottom of your tank top, telling you he wanted it off. Just as you broke the kiss to pull it off, Jack’s phone rang causing Jack to groan and you to sigh.

“Hello?” Jack spoke lying back down. “About that…I’m going to have to cancel all the appointments…. I found a place to live…With Y/N….shut up…. bye Lexi.”

Jack put his found down before climbing back over you, ticking your sides. “Jack stop!” You laughed. Jack kept tickling you, while you died in laughter. Tears rolling freely your face, “Just stop.” You wheezed causing Jack to laugh rolling onto his back with you on top grinning at him.

“Do you know what I’m thinking?” You grinned.

“Let’s have sex?”

“What, no. Stop being a horny bastard. I think we should go collect all my junk food and have a day in bed.”

Jack pretended to think about it, “Hmm… I think that’s a great idea Miss Y/L/N.”

So that’s how you and Jack spent your day, laughing, snapchatting and at one point you had a competition who could put so much popcorn in your mouth, which Jack made a lovely innuendo when you won.

Once it got to around eight, you were both cuddled up in bed with pizza and Chinese as you both wanted both.

“Hey baby.”

“Yeh Jack?”

“We need more days like this.” Jack pecked your forehead.

You smiled kissing his neck, “Once you move in we can have as many days like this as you want.”

“Maybe I want days like this, with you for the rest of my life.” Jack grinned.

“Maybe I want that too.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too Jack.”