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If interested, email me at with the subject “YGOREANIMATE ILLUSTRATOR” and you must include the following:

1) your name, email and website link
2) your familiarity with Yu-Gi-Oh!
3) Can you render video clip? (show me examples if you have done any) 
4) Can you do a simple BG panning? (show me examples if you have done any) 

Those who fail to follow the guidelines above and any links to websites that have little, to none, of your own work will not be considered (this is so that I know you can follow instructions, plus it will save me lot of time and trouble).

The illustrator positions will be reopened again once we get near to the ending credits, so don’t feel bad if you can’t make it this round.

- Phui Jing Ling

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Inverse Universe
Switch the ATK and DEF of all face-up Effect Monsters on the field.
Can Be Found In: Absolute Powerforce (ABPF-EN080), Battle Pack: Epic Dawn (BP01-EN106)

Stat manipulation has many advantages despite the popularity of removal effects in many Decks. For starters, it assures that our weakest monsters will either overcome any enemies, and/or become strong enough to deal lethal damage towards the opponent. Other effects can create an entire Deck of its own, improving all monsters or weakening the opposite field to always be on the lead. But the effects that gradually gained some reputation are chainable stat changes, as these are the only ones able to be activated at the very last moment of a battle so can become harder to counter.

“Inverse Universe” is a very interesting Trap Card as can go from chaotic outcomes to creating entire Decks arround its potential. After activation, “Inverse Inverse” will switch the ATK and DEF of all Effect Monsters face-up on the field. In a game so encouraged arround offense many monsters are lacking in DEF, so in most scenarios will turn many monsters into weaklings. However the Trap also affects our own monsters, and while that might seem a downside it has the potential of creating a powerful outcome when playing under the right monsters.

“Inverse Universe” can be used as any stat changing effect available. If the opponent’s monster or our attacks, we can activate this card before the battle resolves to immediately turn arround the tables. However, with the ability to affect the entire field “Inverse Universe” is preferable to prepare monsters arround its full potential. While many players have high ATK yet low DEF monsters, our Deck can play with high DEF creatures such as “Big Shield Gardna”, “Metal Reflect Slime” or “Gogogo Gigas” to become powerhouses thanks to their Stall nature. A very special case is “Gear Golem the Moving Fortress”, as thanks to its ability to direct attack can become an assured finisher when obtaining 2200 ATK. While the opponent’s monsters are weak, “Truckoid” can easily defeat them with its improved stats and become even stronger after each successful attack. “Mind Protector” on the other hand can lockdown many Decks, as with the weakened monsters on the opposite field will only allow a few to attack. Keep on mind that “Inverse Universe” only affects Effect Monsters, so instead we can play arround high ATK Normal Monsters as will ignore the Trap’s effect. But if you wanna play arround effects, archetypes like Arcana Force and Fortune Lady have matching ATK and DEF, while Gemini monsters won’t be affected by “Inverse Universe” until they unlock their abilities.

While there are continuous effects like “Ojama Country” and “Super Crashbug” offering the same results, “Inverse Universe” has some advantages that makes it stand out more. “Inverse Universe” doesn’t really require an entire Deck for all its potential, becoming even useful just to weaken certain monsters and keep us away from danger. This is specially due its chainable nature, using its permanent ability even if the opponent is trying to disrupt our field. And while has many setups and builds to unleash its entire potential, it gains some special care from Normal Monsters as they can work along effects like “Skill Drain” and “Curse of Anubis” to ruin most Decks dominating the game. “Inverse Universe” encourages having a Deck arround its ability, but if playing along the right monsters it can remain useful as a solid tool to keep battles under control.

Personal Rating: A-

+ Permanently switches the ATK and DEF of all Effect Monsters
+ Chainable activation
+ Many Decks and setups to obtain big results
+ Can work along Normal Monsters as will ignore its effect

- Requires to play arround monsters which won’t be severely affected by its effect
- Results will vary depending of the field and Decks