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YG Entertainment to Take Legal Action Against G-Dragon′s Hacker!

On September 21, YG Entertainment revealed, “Recently, G-Dragon′s privacy was compromised when his personal private SNS account was hacked and we will be taking legal action.”

YG Entertainment continued, “The hacked account was only open to G-Dragon′s close acquaintances and he had carefully set it as private. Hacking a private social networking site and sharing the photos is a crime.

"The person responsible for hacking the account set G-Dragon′s ′Private′ account to ′Public′ and broke the law. As a result, photos that were only available to 150 close acquaintances were widely spread online.

"We will be filing complaints against not only the hacker, but those who spread malicious rumors. These are measures to prevent additional invasions of artists’ privacy, which crossed the line and broke the law. We have already asked media to refrain from using G-Dragon’s leaked photos.”

Source & Translated by: MWAVE