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“hi ! i’m Zoe ( YOUFUCKINGLOOSAH ) i just wanted to let y'all know that i didn’t delete my blog. my blog was reported by someone who doesn’t give two shits about safe spaces and how i’m feeling right know. as some of you know, i’ve worked so hard in YFL and SKAAM. these blogs are everything to me and i’m trying to get them back. pleasee don’t think i gave up on this. i love my boys and i love you so much.”

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CFC-YFL Promotional Package. Intermediate Layout class. Objective: Find an organization or make one up, design/redesign the logo, and create a promotional system. I’m really glad we didn’t have to make an actual website or phone app. Overall, I’m satisfied with what I ended up with after four weeks. I’ll probably go back and tweak the website and poster before my review in December, but for now, I’m just really exhausted. Yuhh!

OH MY GOLLY! I had the best weekend ever. Purpose Driven Weekend was actually my first youth camp. Even though I’m already been in the community for 2 years now, when I joined, we didn’t have camp. I learned many things about God and how much he has given me. I also learned how to appreciate brothers for being so loving, supportive and protective. They’re a shoulder to cry on <3 I was surprised when all the brothers walked in with flowers and gave to sisters; I wanted to cry. I also learned how unique and special I am. God took the time to make me, well me. Usually, I’m never outgoing in YFL events; I’m usually hanging out with the people I know. But this time, I felt like God wanted me to finally open up. For the very first time, I met every single person in that camp. I never thought it would happen, but God made it happen. I was super crazy during worships; like I was jumping, dancing and showing God how much I love him by going all out during worship. PRAISE GOD FOR AN EXPERIENCE I WILL NEVER FORGET.

I hate when the YFL is labelled as "Asian Group". That is not why we are a family. Our race is not what bonds us all together. We are bonded through our Lord, Jesus Christ. We are bonded because we share the same love for the one who sarcrificed Himself. We are bonded because we love to worship Him. That's the only reason, nothing else. I love him. We love him. So why not join together? YFL is my family. Forever and Always.

OG short film winner at the 2012 yfl national conference.

“To Live”
Roald Credo & Sigfrid Credo

Praise God. 


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NCYC 2013

November 21-23, 2013 - Indianapolis