Yes, we are unworthy. But, we are made worthy.

Yes, we are all losers. But, we have a champion.

Yes, we are no one. But, we have Someone.

This is my message to everyone who look down on themselves.

It’s fine with me if you consider yourself ugly. It’s fine with me if you believe you have no purpose, that your existence is nothing but a joke. It’s fine with me if you want to think all negative thoughts about yourself.

Why is it fine with me? Because sometimes, even if I tell so many times that you are beautiful, that your life is full of meaning and that you are created for greatness, you just don’t want to listen. So now, go ahead and believe whatever you want to believe. Go shout to the world how small your value is!

And when you’re tired and done screaming of how little you are; when there is no more voice your mouth can make; when you are all desperate, maybe by then you’ll be willing to accept Jesus. Maybe you will receive Him when no one else wants to stay by your side. Maybe you’ll start listening when no sound of self-disgust can be uttered by you. And then, maybe you’ll begin to see the real value of your existence.

One song says, “It’s not because of what I’ve done, but because of who You are.” And that is so true. It is never because you have done good deeds that He loves you. Because, even if you happen to be the worst man alive, He is still going to love you. It is not what you did that made Him love you – it is His nature to love you. And that nature cannot be changed by any action you can possibly do.

The same song also says, “It’s not because of who I am, but because of what You’ve done.” With those lyrics I just want to say, “You are unworthy, but you are made worthy.”

We are of no value, brothers and sisters. But, the King had picked us up from the ashes and clay, and gave us breathe. He had made us valuable. He gave meaning to the non-living by giving it life. We may have wasted the gift of life. Our lives may have been like gold buried and forgotten under the earth, covered with dirt and mud. And like gold, even if it’s dirty and all, the value remains.

This is our creation. We are created of great value. We are created even for greatness. But, most of the time we miss the mark. And during those time when we are living below the standard we are made, Jesus usually calls us to be His champions. Not because we know our real worth but because He ALWAYS know our worth.

God bless the brokenhearted. :)