Recognizing the inherent worth of every living being with whom we share this planet is beautiful and transformative. We all want to live autonomously and free of suffering. Our subsequent extension of our circle of compassion to include nonhuman animals and our refusal to contribute to their exploitation is not an inconvenience or burden, but rather a chance to align our daily actions with our deepest values.


This is the first video of many (hopefully) of bibtownees dubbing over the lovely mobile game ‘My Horse Prince’ (recommended by @angelicxi)

Credits: @gigi-tastic for voicing the love interest (Yuuma, the horse)

@lokiagentofasgard for voicing the rancher (potato-man)

@me, the narrator, and protagonist

@thebibliosphere for creating the space that made us all agree that this project was a good idea that we should put efforts into

@lanibgoode @ashioxander-hamilton @ardentlythieving


ok idk if this has been recced to u I feel like viktor needs 2 skate to the weird russian singer omg (also he would unironically enjoy this song)