I haven’t posted anything about my AU babies in a at least century so have a compilation of crap I draw while I eat between classes ƪƪ’▿’)

Featuring Zelda’s hair and dresses, Link’s dumb face and!!! his adorable smith daddo, Ajax

Sole and Nick
  • Sole:I'm never gonna find him. He's gone.
  • Nick:You don't know that, come on kid. You've kicked down Deathclaw's, you can beat this.
  • Sole:I've failed, just accept it.
  • Nick:Until you know the full truth there's no point in giving up. What would she say if you did? If this was you and her talking one last time, what would she say.
  • Sole:*silence*
  • Nick:Sole?
  • Sole:She would say... "You promised me..."
  • Nick:You've never broke your word before. Don't start now. This is your last promise to your wife. She needs you to find him, not just for her sake. But for yours and his.
  • Sole:*long pause* Thanks Nick. I ah- you really came through for me.
  • Nick:Well I did owe ya one kid. I always keep my word. *smiles* and I know you do too! We'll find Shaun, just have faith- and a gun ready!

love is love is literally a phrase used for lgbt love overcoming oppression and being equal and the ham cast/fandom seem to have forgotten that