• me: hey brain u wanna work on any of your abandoned WIPs
  • my brain: nah
  • my brain: ... but how about we crank out two thousand words of a set-up for the tropiest bed-sharing undercover fake relationship mission fic you've ever come up with
  • me: ... are they in a vineyard cottage
  • my brain: my buddy FOR SURE they are in a vineyard cottage

stregafiore replied to your photoI hate almost everything about this and that…

I thought that rug was a moldy floor. Omg that dressing table!! <3 <3 Also, a dressing table is the one thing I wish to own before I die.

I think maybe if we just scream-chant “CLAIRE UNDERWOOD” into the night for the next 3-4 years, this situation will simply manifest before our eyes:

Roommate Privileges; Namjin

Namjoon stared intensely at the two eldest in the band as the younger of the two ate from Seokjin’s plate without even asking. And he didn’t even say anything! Unbelievable!

Namjoon was sure they could feel his glare, but he was also sure they were ignoring his existence and it irked him because his boyfriend was supposed to be sitting there next to him and sharing his food with him, not Yoongi.

Namjoon coughed lightly to see if he caught at least a little bit of their attention but no. Of course, Seokjin was more into his food than his lover down in the dumps of depression right across from him. Of course Yoongi ignored him to continue taking advantages of his roommate’s food. Although Namjoon swore he heard Yoongi mutter something when he covered his mouth.

“I can’t just ignore him!” Seokjin whispered loudly causing Yoongi to wince.


Namjoon coughed again when he noticed Seokjin’s attention wasn’t getting any closer to him, but the sound was harsher this time and it almost sounded painful. Seokjin breathed in deeply through his nose and Yoongi rolled his eyes as he stuffed his mouth with more of Seokjin’s perfectly cooked and cut steak bits.

“Namjoonie,” Seokjin started, clearing his throat. “Is there something wrong?”

Namjoon looked away innocently. “No hyung. Nothing’s wrong. I think I got a bit of a cold, ’s all.”

Seokjin narrowed his eyes but nodded. “Alright. Tell me if it gets worse. I’ll buy you some medicine.”

Namjoon smiled, not the kind that showed his dimples, but the awkward and forced one that was so obvious, especially to his hyungs but they didn’t comment on it and instead went back to eating. He saw Seokjin was a bit hesitant to go back to his food but his worry wasn’t enough to overcome the hunger in his stomach.

Namjoon huffed and let his chin rest on his forearms that were placed over the table, his intense stare not being acknowledged yet it hadn’t faltered either.

He finally decided. Namjoon hates room privileges.


Imagine this scene, with Judy being Freakazoid, and Nick being the German guy.