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Why a Symmetra Main

I prefer to devour my Bastions whole.

And It is particularly satisfying to crack open the hard outer shell to reach the soft D.Va center.

For an appetizer I take great pleasure in demolishing an inattentive Widow or Hanzo. Doubly so when they stand together.

In a nest done just right, it is a joy to watch Reinhardt dwindle away no matter which way he turns.

A grounded Pharah always makes a delightful treat.

And dessert I think that Ulting Genji will do just nicely.

Except to add a dash of Mercy to make the day ever sweeter.

That is why a Symmetra Main.

backstreet boys sentence starters
  • “loneliness has always been a friend of mine”
  • “i’m leaving my life in your hands”
  • “people say i’m crazy”
  • “i can’t get you out of my head”
  • “i dont care who you are, where you’re from, or what you did. as long as you love me”
  • “it seems like we’re meant to be”
  • “backstreets back, alright!”
  • “am i original?”
  • “am i the only one?”
  • “i’m breaking”
  • “show me the meaning of being lonely”
  • “tell me why i can’t be there where you are”
  • “life goes on”
  • “we never said forever”
  • “your every wish will be done”
  • “there’s something missing in my heart”
  • “i have no place to go”
  • “i surrender my heart, body and soul”
  • “you were missing in my heart”
  • “please try to forgive me”
  • “stay here”
  • “hold me”
  • “you can save me from the person i’ve become”
  • “loneliness is tragic”
  • “help me”
  • “i’m here with my confession”
  • “i have nothing to hide”
  • “i’m looking back on the things i’ve done”
  • “quit playing games with my heart”
  • “nothing’s like it used to be”
  • “sometimes i wish i could turn back time”
  • “i should have known”
  • “everything i do is for you”
  • “love is all i have to give”
  • “i’ll never break your heart”
  • “i don’t have a fancy car”
  • “does it seem like he’s not listening to a word we say?”
  • “i wish i could give the world to you”
  • “i’ve got it going on”
  • “i want it that way”
  • “we’re two worlds apart”
  • “tell me why”
  • “ain’t nothin’ but a heartache”
  • “it’s too late”

Did I misspell Appreciation? Yes. Yes, I did. Did I really just make this edit which is more or less the embodiment of this blog? Yes. Yes, I did. Do I have any shame over it? No. I Do not. Because it’s this nerdy blog’s second year anniversary today!! Wooo!! It survived yet another year and closely approaching its 3k mark and I am so fudging happy about that!! And of course, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this point if it weren’t for all of you continuously bestowing me your unending support and encouragement!!

Thank you so so much for everything!! For your time, your patience, your beautiful muses and intricate writings, and more importantly, for following me!! It means a lot to have been given the chance to represent my views and portrayal on Toshiro. And it means even more to me to know that numerous of you genuinely love and accept what I do and treasure him as a character as much as I do. Now without further procrastination, here’s a list of several individuals who have made things memorial for me. If you do not see yourself enlisted, then it’s because we have yet to have interacted in any method and should totally try to change that ♥

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I'll Find Her and Bring Her Home. I Promise.

Hey everyone! I got this dialogue prompt from @random-superwholock-images and this was tons of fun. Thanks again Squishy! Hope you like it. As always, leave whatever comments/critiques you have in my inbox or in the reply sections! Thanks!

Summary:Claire and Alex are best friends with the reader, the Winchester’s adopted sister, and when you disappear after a hunt with Jody and her family, the girls decide to take matters into their own hands…

Warnings:Mild language (d—, s—) agnsty fluff? I dunno…

Tags: @winchesters-favorite-girl @the-third-winchester-warrior @daughters-and-winsisters @supernaturalmarvelgirl @lil-sister-winchester @jensen-jarpad @random-superwholock-images @winchester-sisters-imagines

“Claire, you don’t have to do this by yourself.” Alex pleads with friend and near sister, her dark hair brushing in front of her eyes briefly. “What if she doesn’t want to be found? Or if you end up in trouble?”

“No one wants to be alone. Even when I was on the run, part of me wanted to be found. To be safe with someone, even if I didn’t know who that might be. It’s why I kept going back to Randy.” Claire shoves another pair of shirts into a dark duffel bag before scanning the room for weaponry. She talks as she gathers her hunting items. “Look, Jody and Sam and Dean aren’t gonna get anywhere with their searching. Y/N knows what they’re looking for, so she knows how to stay off their radar. And there’s a reason why she hid her journal for us before she disappeared. She doesn’t want the boys to go get her. Y/N wants us!”

“Dean told us-”

“Dean is wrong, okay? Just because he’s a Winchester doesn’t make him right about every little thing.” Claire raises her voice before seeing the hurt flash across Alex’s face. Claire puts a final ponytail holder on her wrist, zips up her duffel, and spots her angel sword across the room. She sighs, grabbing the angel weapon and turning back to Alex, a weary gentleness in her eyes. “Alex, I’m going after Y/N. I don’t care what happens to me, but I’m gonna find her. I’ll find her and bring her home. I promise.”

“Then I’m coming with you.” Claire raises an eyebrow and Alex rolls her eyes. “You’ll need backup, whether you want it or not. You know that I hunt as well as you. And Y/N means as much to you as she does to me, so…I’m coming.”

A small hint of a smile passes over Claire’s lips. She tosses an empty duffel bag she had slyly grabbed over at Alex, fully well knowing that Alex would join up. “Good thing I packed you some extra shirts then.”

Alex smirks back. “Let’s go get our girl.”


Jody calls up the stairs to the girls’ bedroom. “Claire? Alex? Dinner!”

No response.

Hmmm….odd…Jody learned a long time ago with her late son to go with her parenting intuition. She begins climbing up the stairs. “Girls? Sam and Dean are coming over again and you know they eat everything!”


Jody pushes open the door of her new daughters’ bedroom. She bites her lip and sighs at the sight that hits her tired eyes.


“Alex! Claire!” Jody shouts ring through the whole house fruitlessly; there’s no one home but her. A pit forms in the sheriff’s gut. She glances around at the teens’ room, looking for some kind of clue. There’s not much, but there’s enough for Jody to piece together what’s happened. Two duffel bags gone, the lack of clothes in the drawers, no wallets on the night stands, and the most obvious one: Claire’s missing angel sword.

Damn it. Jody reaches into her pocket with a heavy hand, fearing the worst. The past two days have really taken a toll on her, trying to find out what happened to Y/N. Claire and Alex loved her like another sister, as did Jody. Her disappearance his everyone hard. Y/N was a good kid, always doing the level-headed choice, becoming the Winchester’s conscience. Running was so out of character, it hit Sam, Dean, Jody, and the girls in the gut that morning yesterday.

She presses a number on her speed dial and holds the cold box up to her ear. Her breath trembles just barely as she hears a dial tone and almost immediate click.

“Jody. What’s going on?” A familiar rolling voice responds over the phone.

Sheriff Mills takes a deep breath. “Sam. Is Dean with you?”

“Yeah, hold on. I’m putting you on speaker.” Jody wipes her eyes for a second, hot beads of water stinging. “Okay. We’re listening.”

“You got anything?” The gruff tone of Dean Winchester cuts over the tinny audio.

“Yeah. Bad News. Claire and Alex are gone.” Jody pauses. “And I’m pretty sure they went after Y/N.”


The sky darkens from a shade of twilight gray to a deep, midnight navy. Clouds hide the moon and starlight. Icy, biting wind cuts into your body and face. Acrid winter air and blustery gusts blow, swirling invisible needles of pain into you. Yet you run. That’s the only thing that can make sense to you right now. Running. I have to get away. They’re in danger. I have to go… The same phrases repeating over and over in your mind. You don’t know what they mean, but you know from the pit in your gut and the panicky state you’re sent into whenever you try to remember why that something is coming. Something big.

And you have something to do with it.

You don’t remember how you got the series of deep gash marks on the backs of your arms, where you came from, your family if you even have one, your own name, nothing. Just a whole great big series of nothing. You know that you’re dangerous though. I mean, why else would a person carry around so many different weapons constantly? Or have wayyy more cash than anyone should in a duffel bag on your back. Or how every time you saw something strange, your first instinct was to try and help. Or kill.

But you know nothing.

Except that you have to run. Danger is coming after you, apparently something even more dangerous than you. That idea alone makes you shudder. But, it’s bad. And you don’t have the foggiest idea on what to do but run.

Your mysterious life on the lam has led you all over the US over the course of three days, beginning back in the mid-west. You found town names that elicited feelings in you, hoping to find some kind of connection to anything. Right now, you are back in somewhere called Poughkeepsie again. It feels…safe for you. You know it has significance, but, like everything else about your life, you just don’t know. You’ve been circling some of your paths in an effort to throw off who, or whatever, was pursuing you.

You run your fingers through your freezing hair, trying to come up with a place to stay the night where you won’t be recognized. The hotel knew you, as did the Women’s shelter. You sigh and bite your lip. It looks like your options are either the street or the homeless shelter. You could snag a hot meal, maybe even a shower if you went to the shelter, but that risked being spotted or followed. A cold wind stings your face and you bundle in yet another layer of plaid. Your stomach growls in envy, moaning for sustenance you haven’t received for a day or two. And dumpster diving wasn’t something you could just bring yourself to do yet.

Maybe…you don’t want to, but hijacking a gas station wouldn’t be the first time you’ve robbed a store. The last time went smoothly and so did the others, but you know luck has to run out eventually. You quicken your pace against the stinging wind and find a corner building doorway to rest for a moment. Cars drive past at a decent city speed, the lights just a little too bright for your taste.

That’s when you see him. Your heart quickens, sending a small rush of heat and adrenaline through your body. Perfect. A man, clearly well off in life, is walking down the street your way. He pauses at the crosswalk and presses the button, hands in his coat pockets, clearly outlining a wallet. A pickpocket target. You might not go hungry tonight after all…

You brush a stray piece of hair from your face and step towards the street as the light turns green. A familiar orange hand made of tiny lightbulbs flashes on the opposite side of you. You stride along the crosswalk, the wealthy man coming towards you. You rub your fingers together, warming them back up for a clean swipe of the wallet.

But you never make it to the man. You hear him shout at you suddenly mixed with a blaring horn. Blinding light fills your eyes as you turn your head and reel back at the glaring brightness. A scream dies in your throat before it can hit the chilly air. You go flying for a moment and then hit the hard, cold pavement, the pain of the car worse than any wind hitting you before. That’s the last thing you register is the extreme pain. And the rich man running towards you.


Dawn peeks over the land as Claire sighs in the shotgun seat of a borrowed car Alex drives down I-280. Yes, they really did borrow it. Nothing was hot wired or stolen or anything like that classic Winchester business. Though, it is a classic car. 1966 light blue Mustang, a loan from a friend of Alex’s. But, for Claire, the excitement of the pretty classic wore off fast as the two girls drove down the monotonous stretch of land across Iowa. Lotta farms, not much else. Alex tries to make the boring landscape go away by cruising at 90mph for most of the flat land everywhere. They’d be out of the state in a half-hour if things kept up.

“Alex, when we get to the next town, I’ll take over. You’ve been driving all night just to get us to here.”

“I’m fine,” Alex responds with bloodshot eyes. “I can go for a little bit longer.”

“Alex, you haven’t slept all night. You gotta let me take over before we get pulled over by somebody.”

“Okay, okay. I will. Just let me cross the state line first. Then we’ll switch.”

“Deal.” Claire turns back to the roadmap she had stolen from Jody. She felt bad when she took it, but getting Y/N was more important. On the map, Alex and Claire had marked out some locations that were safe for a runaway. Alex’s bait and lure life over most of her youth gave her traveling and runaway knowledge. Claire was runaway for years. Combined with what they knew about Y/N, the two girls had made a list of where Y/N would go, as well as where she wasn’t. Usually those points were in areas Sam and Dean thought their younger, adoptive sister might be.

“She’s got a three day start on us, roughly. We’ve struck out all the areas Sam and Dean thought Y/N could be, but lucky for us,” Claire reaches under her seat and pulled out a lovingly worn black leather book, “She’s got a list of safe hideouts under code names. Like this one.” She runs a finger down a handwritten page of your journal to a name. “Nice Cinderella’s.”

“Yeah, that’s our house. You know, two girls and their guardian? Well, stepmom kind of, but same idea.”

Claire shrugs. “Makes sense. Most of these are under mythology and fairy tale names. Like over here, Bobby’s house is listed under Hephaestus’s Dump. Scrapyard.” “It’s gonna take us time to figure all these out…”

“There’s some coordinates in the back that line up with the codes, but they’re in code also.” Claire pulls a face looking at some of the numbers. “What kind of language is this?”

Alex glances over quickly before turning her attention back to the road. “Calculus, I think. My old boyfriend took it and I’m pretty sure that’s what it looks like.” Alex let’s out a sigh herself. “She went through a lot of code, didn’t she. This is not gonna be fun.”

“You expect any less from Y/N?” Claire smirks gently. “Think about it. I mean, she’s crazy smart, but she’s just…”


“Yeah. I’m still trying to figure out any idea to what happened.”

“What do we know? Just, trying to make a timeline kind of thing.” Alex keeps her eyes on the road as she spots an exit sign coming up in the distance. She slows the car down to 70 mph. Claire stares and Alex shrugs. “Typical cop hideout.”

Claire nods. “So…we know Sam and Dean and Jody found whatever they were hunting.”

“Because we were there too.”

“Right. We snuck behind watching them with Y/N.”

“Then there was an attack behind us from a hiding creature.”

“Y/N tackled it and got a little scraped up. I chopped its head off and then Sam and Dean showed.”

“Yeah. Then Jody got mad for us following, but it was good because that creature would’ve gone into town on a rampage like the one they were hunting.”

“Which we still don’t know what it is.” Claire sinks down into the shotgun seat some more before continuing. “Everyone leaves: Winchester boys to a motel and us girls back home.”

“Y/N gets bandaged up by Jody, we talk upstairs, wake up and she’s missing.”

“And doesn’t show up on anything. Phone ditched, no credit card trail, no cars stolen, nothing. Completely invisible. Sam and Dean freak out and start searching the nearby areas for a Jane Doe.”

“Nothing pops up for two days, and they were going to expand the search to other towns and hunting safe houses.”

“Today. But we found her journal she left yesterday and decide to go after her.”

“Aaaaaand then we’re driving.” Alex smiles as a mile marker appears. Only 20 more miles of unbelievable flatness and dull farmland til Illinois. But her smile disappears fairly quickly as the two girls drive past the freeway exit.. Red and blue lights start flashing in the rear view mirrors and familiar sirens ring out on the flat land. A cop car peels out from the Interstate off ramp and follows Alex.

“Aww, shit.” Alex pulls off onto the shoulder and stops the car. Claire reaches for the glove compartment for the hidden tranquilizer gun they had also stolen from Jody. She hides it in her inner jacket pocket as the officer walks towards the driver’s side of the car.

“‘Scuse me ladies, but may I ask what you two are doing at this hour of night?” He has a deep voice with a slight twang of a Midwest-hillbilly accent. Kentucky maybe. A grey mustache dons his upper lip and thick holster on his hip.

Alex puts on a sweet smile and a heavy accent of her own. “Officer, I’m just driving my sister and I back to our farm and Ma over in the next state over. She ain’t doing so well and my sis and I wanna see her real soon before noon hits.”

The cop scratches his head. “See now, girls, I’d let you get going now, but I just got in a call from a friend of mine that this car is on the stolen vehicles list and I’m sure you two wouldn’t happen to know anything about that now, would you?”

Alex turns her head at Claire and widens her eyes. Claire leans over, copying Alex’s accent roughly. “Sir, now why would our car be on a watch list? It’s been our Mama’s car for at least 40 years.”

“Kid, when I get a call from Sheriff Jody Mills saying that her two girls ran off in a ‘66 blue Mustang, don’t play dumb with me. Now, I know that something’s a’going on so you better come up with a good reason why you just lied to a federal officer.”

Claire stammers for a sec. “Uh…we-”

“Oh, that’s it,” Alex interrupts, dropping the phony accent. She yanks the tranq gun out of Claire’s jacket and fires. Two large darts sticking out of the policeman’s chest, the cop falls backward onto the asphalt with a heavy thud. Alex brushes a stray hair out of her face and tosses the gun in Claire’s lap, hitting the gas again.

Claire stares, completely shell shocked. “You just shot him!”

“With the highest dose of darts we have. Good call on loading those up. We gotta swap cars next town over.” Alex drives like nothing happened.

“You just shot a fed!”

“Like you wouldn’t have done the same thing.”

Claire raises her eyebrows. “Wow. Didn’t expect that to come out of you.”

“Hey, we’ve gotta get Y/N back. And now we’re on a smaller timetable. It’s like you said. We’ll find her and bring her home.”

The Mustang cruises back up into the triple digits as the fire of determination rekindles back up in the girls.

I’m Not That Kind of Doctor (Clint Barton x reader)

Clint couldn’t believe what was being asked of him for this mission; well, not even a true mission really, but a task that Tony decided that he was perfect for beyond everyone’s better judgement.  The group sat around the conference room, giving him their best looks of support and encouragement as he held the crisp, white coat in his hands, staring down at it as if it were making him painfully uncomfortable to even have it touching his skin.

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Open Wide (Doyoung x Reader)

Aloha, guys!! I’m back with some super tasty Doyoung smut, requested by an anon who understands that we. need. more. Doyoung! This scenario is where you’re just casually watching a movie when…uh oh, Doyoungie is a bit touchy! Also. I DON’T KNOW WHY IT TURNED INTO A DADDY KINK SCENARIO, BUT IT DID AND I’M EMBRACING IT. Enjoy!

P.S. This gif never fails to make my panties drop, everything about him is pure perfection jciowjevi

Originally posted by taesyong

The winter storm warning alert you had received on your phone earlier that day certainly wasn’t wrong, nor did it disappoint. The ground was already completely covered in white and the darkening sky was blocked out with puffy grey clouds that shed snowflakes the size of dinner plates. Luckily for you, you were currently snuggled underneath your favorite blanket in your cozy living room while your boyfriend prepared dinner diligently in the kitchen.

You could hear Doyoung humming softly to himself as you stood up from your blanket cacoon to see what he was close to finished. You loved watching your boyfriend in the kitchen, his broad shoulders shifting underneath his red long sleeve shirt as he carefully tasted the soup. He wasn’t surprised to find you barely hovering behind him, a smirk on his face as he held out the spoon to you, “Open wide.”

Some pink found its way to your cheeks as your took the spoon into your mouth, tasting one of Doyoung’s special recipes. You watched the way his eyes lingered on the way your lip closed around the metal spoon, perfectly pink and sinful. He slowly dragged the spoon from your lips, his own mouth quirking ever so slightly, “How does it taste?”

“Yummy,” you murmured, having sensed the sudden change in Doyoung’s demeaner the moment you walked in the kitchen. Oh, how he loved playing games with you.

“You can go sit down, sweetheart,” his voice changed again, back to his usual calm and sunny self, “I’ll bring it out to you.”

“‘Kay,” you smiled to yourself, thinking while you walked to the table that Doyoung was plotting something, what though? You didn’t know. All you knew was that it would make you feel really good in the end.

If you were aware of Doyoung formulating some sort of plan a minute ago, it was suddenly gone from your mind as Doyoung set a heaping bowl of soup and rice in front of you, “Order up.”

You and Doyoung chatted like usual, with him telling you about how freezing the van was on the way to his schedule, how he almost forgot to introduce a group on one of the music shows. You laughed as he described all the events of the day, much more exciting then your stay at home. You loved seeing him get excited about, essentially, his new job as a debuted idol. He’d flourished this past year, growing and surprising you time and time again with all his new talents. He was definitely, more often than not, tired all the time, but at least he was happy. You did all you could to help, but it always felt like it wasn’t enough.

Upon finishing your dinner, you suggested you watch a movie to wind the day down. The chilly Friday was a perfect day for just that and you couldn’t help but want to snuggle with him on the couch. Doyoung agreed, but called dibs on picking the movie out. You didn’t care very much though, knowing that he had pretty similar taste to your own. The two of you had a pretty vast collection of dvds to choose from, so Doyoung took his time perusing while you went to grab more blankets from your bedroom. When you came back into the now dimly lit living room, Doyoung was settled on the couch with the remote in hand as he waited for you to sit, arm slung across the back of the couch, just begging for you to snuggle in.

You were about to flop down beside him, when he suddenly spoke up, “Baby, I had a rough day today,” he murmured, his low voice commanding. “Why don’t you sit on oppa’s lap and comfort me?”

You gulped, the tone in his voice sending a delicious shiver down your spine as you made yourself comfortable on his thighs. You wrapped an arm around him, absentmindedly playing with the soft hairs at the back of his neck as you let your head rest on top of his. He placed his remote free hand on your thigh, stroking the soft skin as his eyes trained on the movie. Doyoung knew that your thighs were very sensitive, and he loved to exploit that weakness whenever he could, no matter how innocent the setting.

You were trying your hardest to pay attention to the movie, but the way Doyoung’s fingers gently dug into your thigh made you shift in his lap. You didn’t hear him give a sharp inhale of breath, your mind trying its hardest to be absorbed in the film; anything but realizing that Doyoung’s hand was far more distracting than you cared to admit.

The movie was about a third through when you felt Doyoung move underneath you, his long fingers tightening their grip and slipping further down your inner thigh, “Doyoung?”

“You’re really pushing your limits, aren’t you? Huh, baby girl?,” he groaned, his lips grazing your neck as you squirmed to look at him.

“What are you talking about?,” you furrowed your brow, only to have your eyes widen as Doyoung dropped the remote and gripped your waist tightly. You realized the moment you felt something very familiar and hard poke at the bottom of your pajama shorts. “Oh…”

Doyoung looked as calm and collected as can be, turning you so that you sat sideways on his lap, “So what are you going to do about it? I was trying to watch the movie and you just can’t seem to sit still, can you?”

“W-what?,” you stuttered, not being able to remember the last time you saw such a predator look in Doyoung’s brown eyes. Maybe you had pushed his buttons a little, but your thighs were so ticklish you couldn’t help wiggling. It was as much his fault as it was yours, and you knew he liked it anyway.

“Come on, baby girl,” he drawled, nosing into your neck. “You know Daddy doesn’t like to repeat himself. Especially when he’s annoyed.” He emphasized his point with a quick nip, making you gasp at the sudden pain.

You swallowed, eyes big and pleading, “I’m sorry, Daddy. I didn’t realize…”

“You didn’t realize you were rubbing your little ass all up against Daddy’s dick?,” he finished, quirking an eyebrow, pulling away from your neck to look at you. You were treading dangerous waters right now, and Doyoung was doing all he could to get you to drown. You can’t even remember the last time he demanded you call him daddy, probably because he had practically fucked you into a coma. All memory of that night had faded into one collective feeling of pleasure and lust, all you remembered was that you had enjoyed yourself immensely.

Doyoung lived for when you acted compliant, bite the bullet now and you’ll get what you wanted later. You tried to look as sorry as possible, coming off more as shy and embarrassed, “Yes, Daddy, I did. I really want you, so I couldn’t help myself.” You played with the loose threads of Doyoung’s shirt, biting your lip and waiting with bated breath for his response.

Doyoung seemed to be measuring your response, sizing you up like a piece of delicious prey that had stumbled into his lap. You saw him trace the corners of his mouth with his tongue, fingers flexing where they rested on the curve of your hip. Eyes half-lidded with lust, your boyfriend smirked down at you, his thumb coming up to stroke your bottom lip, “Well then, sweetheart. That means your pretty little mouth is going to be doing some work tonight.”

You nodded eagerly, stomach churning with your bundle of pleasure, “I want to make you feel good, Daddy.” You were already sliding off his lap and kneeling on the floor rug in front of him, the carpet digging into the skin of your knees.

He looked rather pleased to see you on your knees before him, one of his hands lazily going to unbuckle his belt, but he didn’t say a word. The clinking of the metal set you on edge, wanting nothing more than for him to use the leather belt on you, sick as you were.

Doyoung slid the belt from the loops of his dark wash jeans, about to toss it when he thought of something better. He placed it on the arm of the couch as if saving an idea for later, leaning back into the plush sofa as he waited for you to finish stripping him. Your fingers clumsily scrabbled to unbutton his jeans, looking far too tight as the outline of his member pressed against the denim. Once freed, your boyfriend’s dick proudly sprang against his toned stomach, the tip swollen from your accidental teasing during the movie. You licked your lips in anticipation, watching as he let out of a sigh of relief when your hand softly grasped the base. You directed the tip into your mouth, tongue lavving against the underside of his dick.

“Oh, kitten,” he groaned, hand coming up to grasp your hair, already in control of your movements as he directed you to take him deeper into your throat. “Just like that.”

You hummed, satisfied as a cat that you were eliciting such delicious moans from him with only your mouth. You fervently bobbed your head, careful to not seem too eager as you took him as far back in your mouth as you could before you choked and released him with a wet pop of your lips. You were both panting, but Doyoung still remained composed even after you did everything in your power to shake him. He calmly reached forward and gripped your jaw strongly, forcing your mouth open as he inserted his cock once again, dissatisfied with your sudden stop.

You gasped through your mouth full, choking delightfully with lusty tears in your eyes as Doyoung face fucked you. He was panting, hips rutting roughly even as he gripped your hair in one hand, forcing you to take his dick. Doyoung’s words came out choppy from his rapid movements, “You don’t stop unless I tell you too, kitten, understand?”

Your eyes were practically rolling back into your head from the sheer animalistic nature of the whole situation, your body trembling as you managed to moan around him. Without your hands busy, you had, in your pleasure, grabbed the cushions of the sofa in an iron grip. You let one of those hands sneakily wander down to your pajama shorts, where your soaked heat practically begged to be touched. You knew Doyoung’s rules well, but you couldn’t help yourself as you got lost in the desire.

Slipping your fingers past the waistband of your panties, you’d barely brushed your clit before your mouth was suddenly empty and your wrists were being grasped in Doyoung’s much larger hands. Your vision refocused, taking in Doyoung’s annoyed face, brow furrowed in a cross expression, “I know you know the rules, baby girl. Why do you like to break them so much?”

You thought quickly, writhing in Doyoung’s grip as you leaned into him, “I’m sorry, Daddy-”

“Save it, kitten,” Doyoung cut you off, dragging you to your feet with his dick still hanging tantalizingly from his open pants and bending you over the arm of the couch. “I’m starting to think you’re only apologizing to get what you want.” He tugged your shorts and panties down your legs, tossing them carelessly behind him.

You shook your head hastily, toes curling as you craned your neck to look back to him, “No, Daddy- Ah..!” You cried out suddenly, feeling the sting of where Doyoung’s hand had smacked your ass, the skin already turning pink.

“You’re talking too much,” he simpered, reaching for the belt that was beside you, a small smile reaching his lips, but not his eyes. You felt his dick rub against your soaked core as he leaned over you, teasing and prodding, not seeming to care that you were practically dripping down your thighs.

“Open wide, kitten,” Doyoung smirked, remembering those same words being spoken earlier in the kitchen. You listened obediently, mouth wide as he buckled the belt behind your head, creating a makeshift ball gag of sorts. “That’s better,” he licked his lips. “Now, where was I? Oh, that’s right.”

You were prepared for this slap, feeling your ass jiggle under his hand as he smoothed over his now very visible handprint. You let out a small moan, enjoying this far too much. Doyoung noticed and smirked, “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” To your pleasant surprise he began to stroke your dripping heat, his fingers dipping briefly inside of you, eliciting a keening moan from behind the belt in your mouth.

Another smack, another, and another close enough to your core to make your fingers dig into the arm of the couch in pleasure. Doyoung fucking loved the sounds you were making for him, your moaning muffled by his belt. You were practically dribbling from your mouth, tears pricking at your eyes as you silently begged for Doyoung to finally fuck you.

He didn’t seem in any rush too, but your body couldn’t take anymore waiting, so you pulled out your trump card. You managed to push a few more tears out, attempting to look as pathetic as possible for him. Through the belt you managed to whimper, voice weak, “D-daddy, please!…I can’t take it anymore!”

That seemed to snap Doyoung from his reverie, body coming to life as he looked down at your pitiful state. He saw the way your hair stuck to your sweaty forehead, your eyes brimming with tears that leaked from your big doe eyes as you pleaded with him, “Daddy, please fuck me!”

Doyoung cock visibly twitched, his hands coming up to unbuckle the belt from your mouth, allowing your sore jaw to relax. He silently pushed you back down into the couch, his body crawling hungrily over yours as his hands found the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head carefully. His uncharacteristic silence confusing you as his warm hands rubbed your most sensitive areas with care, lips pressing to your skin as he sucked hickeys in various places. You moaned wantonly as he allowed his thumb to press on your clit, his dark eyes meeting yours as he finally groaned, “Baby girl, I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll be seeing stars.”

With that he thrust his entire length into your waiting core, slipping in oh so easily. You both groaned in relief, finally getting what you so desperately wanted. Doyoung didn’t wait for you to adjust, knowing how you liked him to fuck you up completely with no bars held. He sat up on his knees, never stopping his perfect rhythm as he pulled his shirt off, revealing his lean chest and broad shoulders. You wanted so desperately to rake your nails down his chest, taste his skin as you sunk your teeth into his shoulder, oh you wanted it so badly.

He stayed sitting up, rutting his hips into core as he smirked, “You want to touch me, don’t you?” Damn, at this point you were sure he could read your mind.

Your boyfriend came back down from his towering position, caging you in his arms again and obviously allowing you freedom to roam. Your hands scrabbled across his chest, groaning in appreciation as you finally felt his gorgeous body. Finger nails scraping angry red lines across his pecs and abs, lips coming up to meet the sensitive part of his neck. You sucked a dark purple bruise into his neck spitefully, secretly loving to mark his perfect porcelain skin in the most dirty ways possible. Doyoung enjoyed your touch too, rocking his hips into you faster than before, your mouth on his neck egging him on.

You gasped when one of his hands came down to rub licentiously on your clit, causing your breath to be sucked from your lungs and your back to bow. Your chest rubbed against Doyoung’s, the feeling of your peaked nipples against his warm bare skin almost too much for your body to handle. You were having sensory overload, unable to do anything except pant and hang on to Doyoung’s shoulders for dear life as he hammered into you relentlessly, close to your high.

Doyoung seemed close too by the way his breathing increased, eyes squeezing shut in pleasure as his body rocked into yours faster than ever, his hand still working diligently on your clit to bring you closer. Your breathing picked up too, air leaving your lungs in gasps as Doyoung’s hips began to stutter, you could feel every vein in his member drag against your walls. You clenched around him, urging him to come as you tangled your fingers in his hair, whispering, “Come inside of me, Daddy! Please!…”

Hearing you whimper such a lewd request was all it took for Doyoung to finally come undone, his hot seed shooting deep inside of you. He didn’t stop thrusting his hips, voice strained as he groaned, “Oh, fuck, kitten.”

“Daddy!…,” you wailed, hips rutting up into Doyoung’s as his fingers brought you over the edge, the knots in your stomach snapped as you orgasmed around his member. Your clenching walls milked Doyoung of every last drop of cum he had ejaculated as you came, head thrown back in pure pleasure. He let you ride out your high, his hips rocking slightly into you and his fingers rubbing you until it felt like you would black out.

Finally settling down, you looked up at Doyoung shyly, gauging his emotions to see how he felt. You were happy to find a lazy smile on his face, his lips coming down to meet yours softly. Your boyfriend wrapped you into his arms, gentle with your soon to be sore body, mumbling into your shoulder, “Sorry about the belt. I-”

You cut him off with a quick kiss, fingers stroking the hair away from his forehead, “It’s fine, I liked it. Although, maybe something more comfortable next time? And maybe less leathery tasting?” You looked over at the television, realizing the movie was scrolling through the end credits, “There goes watching a movie…”

He laughed sheepishly, nuzzling into you again before he stood up and took your hand, “I’ll see what I can do about the belt, and sorry about the movie too, baby. For now though…shower with me?”

You rolled your eyes, but let him lead you off to the bathroom, stomach already churning anticipation for what could only be round two.


wait til the end to hear mafu say he loves you~ ♥

Don’t forget to do the event and get your Promise Ring!  Goes great with Shepherd of Six Stars Sorey!  XD  It’s actually a really nice piece of armor with a really useful passive on it, since the passive functions like an additional Link Finisher passive.  What this means is that even though it’s a piece of armor, it also has a really nice ATK stat and can buff your hero’s final ATK, so much so that you might want to consider using it in place of a second weapon if you’re like me and you don’t have a ton of UR (or better) weapons for your mystic arte finishers for your team.  Mind you, when you do this, you may actually get a listed attack total that is lower than a dual weapon set up, but that’s because you’re not getting the Link Finisher-style damage buff from the ring when you’re looking at it in the hero set up screen.

Full numbers behind the cut, I don’t actually want to scare people off with the numbers and equations, lol.

TL;DR/I don’t want to see the calculations:

  • For those of you using Shepherd of Six Stars Sorey, max limit broken with max herbs and a UR+ or better MA: If your second weapon has an attack value that is greater than 657 + 5% of your first weapon’s ATK, go dual weapons.  Otherwise, best weapon and the ring will actually net you higher attack for the mystic, which is important because that’s why you brought him along, right?  Or dual wield rings if you got one earlier.
  • For those of you using Armatus of Fire Sorey, max limit broken with max herbs and a UR+ or better MA: If your second equipment piece has an attack value that is greater than 717 + 5% of your first equipment piece’s ATK, use those.  Otherwise, highest ATK equipment item + ring will net you better results.

Keep in mind neither of the above takes elemental advantage for the weapons into account, so make sure you equip an appropriate element weapon for bosses with elemental weaknesses to get the most out of your mystic arte!

If you’re interested in just playing around with the numbers, here is a link to a spreadsheet for other MA finishers.  (Spreadsheet not mine.)

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There Will Be History - Part Three

Lin x Reader

Word Count- 1,201

Warnings- Nothing. It’s the calm before the storm.

A/N- It’s a small, tame one before what I am planning to be the fourth and final part of this unplanned series! @plamspringsdancingontables has, as always, been a saint in helping with this and I love her more than I love most things.

Tags- @always-blame-jefferson @awesome-wow-imagines @findmyflower @butlinislin  @hamilton-gaygod @congratsonhamlet @yayhamletnonstop @quiet-fawn-of-the-galaxy @fangirlwithasweettooth @spicydice @tea-at-teatime @panacebean  

Part One/Part Two/Part Three

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I’m officially overly annoyed with the rude anon asks. I haven’t done advice Saturday lately because people began to treat it like a joke. I’ve had private messages I’ve responded to instead. Yes, I really am planning a wedding which is happening February 10, yes I really did change jobs to a pediatrics clinic, yes I really am busy as you can see from my colored calendar so I can remember everyone’s schedules aside from my own, and to top it off I’m currently sick. Yes we really are house hunting, and NO! TUMBLR IS NOT MY JOB! Do you want to sit down and pay my bills? Do you want to take care of my family? Do you want anyone questioning or berating you for not having the fucking time? No? Then shut the fuck up. I will post when I have the time. I will write when I have the time. My first priority is my family and that requires me to work and be present at home. For those that do have the time to work 50+ hours a week, take care of a family, and a home, kudos to them. I however cannot manage the time the same way that they can. If you don’t like it then don’t follow me, it’s that plain and simple with me. If you don’t like me or something I write, the block button is free to use. Try it. It would save me the headache of dealing with the bullshit. This is a hobby, not a job. When you grow up and get into the real world then you will figure it out when it knocks you on your ass.

I Believe You

Warning: Smut

When a couple goes from not being able to keep their hands off of each other to barely touching each other, it usually means something is up.

Which is why Joe was concerned.

He and Jack hadn’t been together that long, although the flirting had occurred months prior to when they finally hooked up. And in the beginning, Joe and Jack couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. The boys had even expressed frustration, because whenever they were all hanging out, Joe and Jack got lost in their own little world, and well, it usually ended in them being kicked into another room.

But lately, Joe noticed that Jack hadn’t been as touchy feely with him. There were times where he would even flinch away from Joe’s touch.

And that wasn’t right.

So Joe backed off a little, giving Jack some space, trying to figure out what the hell was going on with his boyfriend.

Maybe it was just him? But then, Joe watched as Jack, who was usually touchy with all of the boys, kept his hands to himself. He watched as Jack would flinch away from the boys when they would jokingly pull at his shirt, or make little comments.

There was nothing different about how they acted or joked, except for Jack.

He was different.

And Joe didn’t like it.

It was time to get Jack to talk to him.

Deciding it would be easier to do at his flat, Joe invited Jack over one night, something that was normal for them. But the younger man was hesitant and unsure about staying, claiming he had an early meeting the next day.

Which Joe knew for a fact that he did not. After some convincing, he managed to get Jack to come over.

Just the two of them.

It would be perfect, they could talk, get Jack’s problem dealt with, and then they could spend the rest of the night making up for all those days they had missed.

Because Joe really missed Jack’s kisses, and his touch, and the way he made him feel. It was addicting. And Joe needed his fix.

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Yahaba and Shirabu have taken over my heart what can I do .・゚゚・(/ω\)・゚゚・.