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so im scrolling through your feed-thing (yes, i know, it's just ye friendly neighbourhood stalker) and i stumble upon your croptop keith and for some reason Shakira's hips don't lie starts playing in my head and it's been like 20 mins now it's driving me c r a z y- your beautiful art is driving me crazy


And thank you so much?? I’ll promise to pay for the mental institution fee if you go crazy!

The part of the deep web that we aren’t supposed to see 

Story by Mr_Outlaw_

I’ll assume you all know about the deep web. Well, what you’ve heard is true, it’s not a great place. While some people are there to score legal weed or firearms, or even out of sheer curiosity, others… well they’re obviously not up to anything good. But I’m not here to talk about those sickos. I’m here to talk about what lies beyond that point. The more cryptic and unexplainable part of the internet. The part that nobody’s really supposed to see.

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Bright And Warm

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Characters - Dean x Reader
Summary - Dean never was one for relationships. He always messed it all up one way or another, but just this once, he hopes he can do something right.
Word Count - 1,296
Warnings - Language, a handsy asshole, allusion to previous physical abuse
A/N - Part of @whispersandwhiskerburn’s 2k Follower Celebration. Prompt: “Must Be Doing Something Right” Billy Currington + “Yes. Anything, just… yes…” I slightly modified the dialogue prompt since I thought it worked a little better the way I used it. This is different than my other stuff, so let me know what you think!!

Dean never was one for relationships. Sooner or later the shit hit the fan, and he was left with what was left of his heart shattered whenever it fell to bits. It happened with Cassie, and it happened with Lisa. It happened every time he let himself believe that he could manage to not fuck up something good in his life. Someone good in his life.

Then he met you.

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Just A Bad Day

Request:  Hello I love your work btw. Can I get a Harry hook x reader where the reader has an awful day and Harry is her best friend and he cuddles her to make her feel better. After he thinks she has fallen asleep her confesses that he loves her and would never hurt her, but she was awake he entire time and heard it all. As long as it has a very sweet kiss and it’s very fluffy I’ll be very happy

Warnings: Mentions of verbal abuse, swearing, a lot of bad luck, fluffy

Words: 1,165

A/N: I made the reader Governor Ratcliffe’s daughter, but do feel free to adjust the reader’s parentage as you see fit!

Do you ever wonder if some days were just meant to be terrible? Yeah… [Y/N] Ratcliffe was having one of those days. First, she woke up late and had to rush to get ready for school. Once she got to school she realized she forgot her backpack which held everything she needed for the day. Upon her realization of forgetting her backpack, she also realized that she forgot money to get something to eat, so that meant she was likely going to go hungry that day since her brother, Rick, was most likely not going to help her out. 

The worst thing that happened at school was probably when she accidentally spilled ink on Dr. Facilier, which of course would result in either detention or some sort of curse. It was obvious he chose the curse because it wasn’t even five minutes after school ended she ended up slipping into a big mud puddle. 

“Okay, [Y/N],” The girl murmured to herself to try and give herself a pep talk, “you just go home, get ready for work, and things will be okay after that.” She muttered to herself as she entered her home, seeing her father standing there, waiting for her. 

After about five minutes of being screamed at by her father for not picking up her room before she left for school and being called worthless and a no good savage, she headed into her bedroom and quickly picked up so her room was to her fathers liking. “Okay…just work.” She mumbled after getting changed. What could go wrong, she was a waitress. 

Everything could go wrong. The first thing that happened was the dishes hadn’t been done from the day before so that meant she had to spend a good hour doing them herself, getting her clothes soaking wet and filthy and ending up cutting herself on a fork of all things while she did them. Luckily it wasn’t major, but it was annoying. Next, she tripped over an uneven floorboard and accidentally spilled food all over Lady Tremaine, which [Y/N] knew she’d pay for at her next haircut. And last but not least, upon leaving her place of employment, she had to get one good burn from accidentally touching the burner of the oven. 

Instead of heading home where [Y/N] were sure to get yelled at for dirtying her work uniform, she decided to head to her best friend’s house to just vent and maybe relax a bit before taking on the rest of the day. 

“HOOK!” [Y/N] called as she entered the house, there being more clothes on the floor than there was an actual floor, along with pieces of rotten food and empty rum bottles everywhere. Much different from her house, where if there was a single speck of dust, she was in trouble. 

“Shh! Dad’s asleep!” Harry called quietly from his room, motioning for her to come down his way, which she gladly did. “What’s up?” He asked her after shutting the door behind her, able to tell she was stressed. 

“Bad day…can I stay here?” She asked, flopping down on his bed and frowning, wanting just to spend some quality time with her best friend, not wanting to really talk about the details of the day.

Harry frowned and nodded, going over to her and sitting down, putting an arm around her and rubbing her arm. “Of course ye can…want ta lay down, lady?” He asked her, that being his little nickname for her since her father had always expected her to be a lady. After nodding, he gave a nod in understanding and laid down on his bed, shifting some to get comfortable before letting [Y/N] lay down beside him, pulling her close and letting her rest her head on his chest, rubbing her back some. 

Harry was never good at comforting [Y/N], she was fairly emotional and got upset rather easy, but he tried his hardest whenever she was upset to make her feel better. But even his awkward attempts at helping helped. 

The two of them just laid there for a long while, neither of them saying anything, Harry just watching as [Y/N] started to relax and her breathing got heavier, taking that as though she had fallen asleep so he began to just quietly talk to her. 

“Aye, [Y/N]… I’m sorry that ye had a bad day…I wish I knew how I could make it better for ye. Ye deserve ta have nothin’ but the best, and it just breaks me heart ta see ye upset like this…fuck, it just breaks me heart ta know ye get hurt at all. Yer just such a beautiful girl…I’d do anything ta put yer beautiful smile back on yer beautiful face…” Harry whispered softly to her, reaching up with his free hand and brushing some of her hair out of her face. 

“Damn…I wish I had the balls to say this when ye were awake…I just, I don’t know…something about ye…I love ye. That’s it, I just love ye. I’m not good with love, ye know that…it’s not that I don’t care, I just don’t know how ta show it, tis all. Because I care so much. If someone were to hurt ye right in front of me, why they’d meet the wrong end o’ me hook. No one will hurt ye while I’m around…no one. Not even me.” Harry whispered, that last sentence barely audible, gently pressing his lips to her forehead. “I love ye…so much.” He whispered against her forehead, and when he pulled away he noticed a small smile tugging at her lips. “What the…ye little fucker!” Harry said, sitting up and realizing that she had been awake. 

[Y/N] laughed at his sudden outburst, putting her hands over her mouth to keep the noise down and opening her eyes, taking a few moments to just laugh before trying to calm down, sitting up and wiping some tears from her eyes, having laughed so hard she began to cry. After taking a few deep breaths, she chuckled one last time before looking at the obviously embarrassed Harry. 

“Harry Hook, you are so dumb, even for a pirate, you know that?” She asked, but she said it with a smile as she looked at him, and before he could open his mouth to comment back, she leaned in and very gently pressed her lips to his, which caused him to freeze, but he quickly got over it and returned her kiss. The two of them kissed for a solid minute before they had to pull away, the kiss wasn’t heated, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t passionate. It was just a more intimate passion. 

“[Y/N] Ratcliffe…I love ye.” Harry muttered as he pressed his forehead to hers, and [Y/N] smiled, reaching up to caress his cheek. 

“And I love you, Harry Hook.” She whispered back. Maybe this day wasn’t so bad after all. 


character posters – minerva mcgonagall

“transfiguration is some of the most complex and dangerous magic.”

Sauce It Up

“Hello?” you call out to your seemingly empty apartment.

The sound of a crowd cheering emanated from the den and you followed the sound.

You placed your keys in the bowl and picked up scattered mail on your way. The hallway was a mess but an even messier living area can be seen from where you were standing.

Random bowls, bottles of wine and pizza boxes were placed on the coffee table. You raised your eyebrows at the sight before you, highlighted by Christian who looked like he wasn’t wearing pants.

You were greeted by Lori who came running, barking at you.

“Block him! Block him! Block him!” he yelled at the TV while aggressively pressing the game controller.

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Evolution of a trophy boy:
1) You sure you don’t mind giving your intern a ride back to the dorm boss? Doesn’t the CEO have … sweet ride! A Bentley? Wow! Sure, I don’t mind if we stop off at your place first…man, you eyes are intense…stay for a drink? But I just finished my Snapple…yes a drink…dinner…follow your words…you have great ideas…ideas about my style…yes I want to fit in at your office…you have ideas about how to look better…yes, I want to look perfect so I can fit in better…yes sir…oh man your eyes…

2) Yes sir, I’m in the Bentley on the speaker phone. Yes, I just left the salon…Yes, the way you suggested it… yeah super preppy…looks great with my new Prada shades you got me … yea they said they’d charge your card on file…. yea got a manicure and facial too… everything you told them to do….yea, I’m on the way to meet my soon to be ex. Yea I know he’s pissed I’ve been out of touch these last two weeks since that first time I slept over your place… you sure you don’t want me to come in to the office today? I haven’t been in since we first slept together…oh yea, I have to go visit the dr for my therapy… yea I can’t miss my weekly appointment. Thank you for suggesting I see him…he’s helping me see clearly…yea I’m a good boy… yes……I’m a…Preppy trophy…I get so hard when you say that…yea…yes sir…listen to my therapist…obey …break up with loser model boyfriend…yes, I really want to be your trophy… I only want your powerful rich man cum in their bum…yes…sir…. when you get home can I try on your Rolex again? I love to look in your eyes when you make me wear it… yes… I’m I good preppy trophy …

3) Hi Daddy… yea on speaker…just left the therapist…these last three months with him have been great…twice a week…he says hi…he said he got your email whatever that means….yea on my way to do my errands…gym, then salon, then get your dry cleaning…then back home to get ready for you…yea…always horny when I talk to you you know that…daddy can I ask you a question…the dr said I should ask you for things I want… well…During the session I just remembered how much I hate my name. Greg. Bleh. It’s so normal. Can you pick out a new name? … you have one in mind? …Gideon? Fuck! I feel so fucking sexy. Gideon…when you say it….man…So fucking greedy for your seed daddy… yes Gideon…greedy trophy….greedy whore….yea I’m listening…yes …Gideon loves to be obedient… Greedy Gideon…. only wants spoiled life… be whore to get it… Gideon will sign any papers to get everything… yea I want to ride you so hard

4) Gideon here…hey babe… yea in the Mercedes, just picked it up. You are such a good husband to me… yea you live to make me a hotter husband for you… yep, saw the dr this am. Love my sessions 3 times a week. Hey, remember how you love looking into my eyes when I ride you… imagine looking into them now… yea…yea you love falling into my eyes daddy… you love having a whore for a husband… eyes… empty. Such a good powerful daddy. My husband loves having the best looking most spoiled boy on his arm and the hottest whore in bed. Right babe? Yes. Good daddy. Eyes. Now, call the jewelry store where you bought my submariner and tell them you decided I need a president Rolex next. Yes. Yellow gold. You can’t wait to fuck me when I’m wearing only my own gold president. Good boy. Such an obedient daddy…. eyes.


“Ok, I’ll call you tomorrow.” You say and give your best friend a kiss on the cheek before you leave the bar.
Luckily you don’t live far away and so you decided to walk, even when you’re tired and your feet hurt from the high heels. After you’ve crossed the street you’ve the feeling someone is watching you and uncomfortable you turn around.
But of course you see no one and walk a little bit faster. Relieved you sigh as you reach your house.
“Is everything alright, Misses (Y/L/N)?”
You shrug together as you hear the voice of your neighbor Doctor Lecter.
“Yes, yes. I just had the feeling someone is following me.” You respond and in the next second you want to slap yourself.

‘Sure, tell the psychiatrist that you suffer from persecution.’

“Well, you’re safe now.” He chuckles amused and you smile awkwardly.
“Would you join me for dinner tomorrow?”
Surprised by his question you look up and nod. “Sure, I mean, I’d love to.”
“At six tomorrow. Good night, Misses (Y/L/N).” He smiles before he goes in his house.
“(Y/N).” You say and he turns around. “You can call me (Y/N).”
His eyes start glowing at your words and he nods slightly.

The best.
She only deserves the best, Hannibal thinks while he pours some red wine in the sauce. Hannibal wishes he wouldn’t feel like that. The ridiculous warm feeling which builds in his stomach, everytime he sees her, is a weakness.
Yesterday he followed her home, worried that something could happen to her. Humans, especially men, can be animals when they see someone so beautiful.
He looks up as the door bell rings and opens the door and for a moment he’s speechless.
He saw her in so many different outfits, but she never looked like this.
“(Y/N), you look incredible.”
Her cheeks heaten up as he bends down and kisses her cheek, taking the chance to inhale her scent. Pleasurable he closes his eyes and leads her in the dining room.
A bunch of red peonies stands on the table, making her smile.
She bends forward and smells on them and immediately Hannibal’s heartbeat increases at her sensual face.
He wants her.
And he’ll get her, with all consequences.

Paris - Isaac Lahey

Originally posted by salvatorexwinchester

Requested: Issac lahey based off the song Paris by the chain smokers

Summary: (Y/N) takes Isaac to ‘Paris’ when she sees his bruises. They then build a relationship and Isaac surprises her. 

Side note: So I did some researching about what the song actually meant and the band released that ‘Paris’ was symbolic for searching for something that isnt real and hiding from the truth of what one’s life is. They say: "Paris is a metaphor for that place u go to where everything’s ok. It’s subjective. It’s where those who don’t understand u don’t exist.“ so that was my inspiration for this imagine. (tl;dr: ‘Paris isn’t a physical but more so a mental place.)

I slammed my locker shut and huffed loudly. 

“You okay?” I heard a sweet voice from behind me. I turn around to see a tall guy with blue eyes and curly hair.

“Oh, yeah sorry. Long day and I still have Mr. Harris’ class to go.” I rolled my eyes and giggled awkwardly. “I don’t think I’ve seen you around? Are you new?” 

“Yeah, I am. Also, I have him now too so if you’d like I can walk you to class.” He smiles charmingly. I smile and nod. “I’m Isaac by the way.”

“(Y/N)” I smile back at him. 

We walk out of Mr. Harris’ classes laughing. “So I guess I’ll see you tonight to work on the project? I’ll text you my address.” I wave him goodbye and head home to get ready for tonight. 

I had put on some music softly in the living room and a couple of bowls of food out. I was studying on the coffee table when I heard a knock on my door. 

“Hey” I smiled widely at Isaac as I open the door. I lead him to the living room where he sits on the couch. “Do you want a drink?” 

“Nah I’m good thanks” He says monotone. I look at him confused but just went off and got myself a water. We start working on the project when I get back and something seems really off. Isaac wasn’t laughing at anything I had said or wasn’t cracking any jokes like he was earlier in the day. I decided just to leave it alone until he reached out to finally grab a chip out of the bowl where I saw his sleeve pull back and a large cut surrounded by a purple-black bruise had formed. I gasped out of surprise and Isaac noticed what I was looking at and he quickly pulled his arm back to his chest. He quickly stood up and grabbed his books ready to leave until I stepped in front of him. 

“Stop, Isaac. Talk to me. What’s going on?” I asked worried.

“Nothing.” He says with his head looking down at the ground. 

“Isaac…” I whisper and grab a hold of his arm. I pull up his sleeve and see his arm is filled with bruises. I look up at him to see that he’s holding back tears. I engulf him in a hug and he starts crying. I feel his grip tighten agains me until he winces and I let go not wanting him to hurt anymore. 

“Here, come with me. I want to take you somewhere” I say and hold his hand taking him to my car and then driving towards the forrest. 

We had been walking for 10 minutes and Isaac had kept asking where we were going. Finally, we stumbled upon an abandoned tower. 

“This place used to be a lookout tower but I guess people just stopped coming and now its been forgotten.” I say to him as we climb the stairs. Once we reach the top Isaac looks around and looks confused when he sees a small box in the side of the room. I open it and pull out 2 blankets. I sit on the ground of the tower looking out at the lights and pat the spot next to me for Isaac to sit. He settles next to me and pulls the second blanket over him. We sat in a peaceful silence for a few minutes. 

“I call it Paris.” I mumble.


“This tower; Paris. Because it’s just a place I feel that I can go and just be free. Free of those that hurt me, those that stress me, anything. Even my own worries. Everything just feels so… surreal here.” I smile as I look at the lights before resting my head on Isaac’s shoulder. “If you ever need then you can come here and just… escape.”

“Thanks, (Y/N).” I can hear the smile in his voice. 

Over the next few months Isaac and I had gotten closer and closer. I consolidated him through his dad’s death and his new found powers. Every few weeks we’d meet at ‘Paris’ to tell one another how we were feeling. Eventually, our friendship led to something more and we were in the stage where we both felt something for one another but we hadn’t made anything official. Isaac and I had shared secret kisses and hugs. We were there for one another and closer to each other then we ever had been with anyone else. 

I heard footsteps coming up the tower and turned back to see Isaac climbing the stairs into ‘Paris’. I turned back around and stared at the view as he sat next to me. He told me about his day and I told him about mine until he really sparked interest in me. 

“I have a surprise for you.” He says cheekily as he reaches into his pocket. He pulls out 2 pieces of paper and I grabbed one and looked closer at what it was. 

“Oh my god.” I whisper and then squeal and jump onto his lap hugging him. “We’re going to Paris!” 

“The real deal” He chuckles and hugs me back. “Although,” He says and unwraps my arms from around his neck and brought them to by lap while still holding them. “It’s one way. So… you don’t have to come with me. But recently I just realised that I need to get out of here. After Allison and everything I just…”


“Yes?” His eyes lighten up.

“Yes!” I squeal. “I don’t think there’s anything better than being with my favourite person in my favourite place.” I giggle. 

“Then we leave next week.” He smiles and we hug. Before we left I turned back and looked around my ‘temporary Paris’. I smile softly, mentally thanking the tower for all it had given me and Isaac and then follow Isaac down the stairs. 

BTS as professional mermen:

Author’s note: Yes! Just… yes! I love professional mermaids! Honestly, it would be a dream job! Here are your sparkly, majestic BTS as requested 💖

Jin: “The water’s not cold, I promise” Jin encourages you from the side of the tank, flicking his silicone tail.

You giggle as you test the temperature with one foot. “Is this even allowed?”

You aren’t really meant to be here, no other people swim in this aquarium tank, apart from Jin. But when he asked you to come to his work, and to bring a swimsuit with you, how could you say no?

“Probably not, but we’ll keep it a secret,” Jin says, drifting a few inches closer to you and holding out a hand, “Come on, no one will know.”

You glance around. You are the last people in the aquarium, left to lock up after Jin’s work ends for the day.

“Okay!” Taking a breath, you jump in, and feel Jin’s arms entwine around you.

“How’s this?” he asks, when you surface, blinking.

You gaze up at him, at the ripples reflecting across his face and hair. “Magic,” you breathe, “You’re like a real-life mermaid.”

Jin smiles, proud to show you how he earns a living. “Let me take you for a swim, then you’ll see some real magic.” With an expert swish of his tail, he’s pulling you towards the deeper water, where outcroppings of fake rock and coral house tiny fish.

You let him lead you, remembering your earliest fantasies of swimming with mermaids. All of a sudden, Jin’s brought back your childhood and you couldn’t be happier to believe in magic again.

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Yoongi: You’ve never seen Yoongi out of water before. All the time you’ve worked at the aquarium you’ve never once seen him without his tail, walking around on two legs. You almost believed he was a real merman, born breathing water.

It’s a shock to see him stepping out of his tank.

Curious, you stop what you’re doing and take a few seconds to stare as he shakes water from his hair and reaches for a towel.

“Something interesting you?”

You jump, realising Yoongi caught you in the act. “No, sorry, just… I don’t think I’ve ever seen you out of costume. You look strange without a…” you trail off.

“A tail?” The corners of Yoongi’s mouth twitch up to a half-smile. “Sorry to disappoint, but mermen don’t actually exist.”

You puff up your cheeks in denial. “Actually, ninety-five percent of the sea is unexplored, so there’s no way of knowing what does or does not exist.”

This garners a smile from Yoongi. “Well then, why don’t you and me take a walk after your shift ends, and you can explain all the pro-mermaid arguments to me. We can get coffee as well, if you want.”

“Like… a date?”

“Maybe,” Yoongi smirks as he walks past you towards his changing room, “Don’t take it lightly. An offer like this from me is as rare as a mermaid sighting.”    

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Hoseok: Never in your life have you seen anyone move so beautifully.

He takes your breath away when you least expect it, led to find him by the curiosity that niggled you to investigate the ‘mermaid display’ highlighted in your aquarium’s handouts.

He’s swimming in his tank, entangling your heart like the seaweed that catches at his fingers and hair.

But somehow swimming isn’t the right word for this.

This is dancing.

Every movement through the water is carefully timed, performed with delicate precision, yet looking effortless. His arms flow to the rhythm of the waves, following the small coral fish that flicker through the water, flashing bright. Even his tail moves naturally, a part of him - it stirs up storms of bubbles with one swoop here, one swish there.

You step forward, enraptured. For you there is nothing else, but this man and the blue lights sprinkling through the water to catch in his hair and scales.

He catches you staring, he stares back, bleached blonde hair drifting across his dark brown gaze. Then he smiles.

Never in your life have you seen anyone smile so beautifully.

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Namjoon: One of the biggest perks of Namjoon’s job as a professional mermaid is the trips abroad, bound towards tropical islands for exotic photoshoots.

And always, you’re the one he decides to bring with him, needing your company on the long-distance flights and in the hotel beds.

Again, you’re struck with wonder when you step off your most recent flight and set foot in a new country. “This is gorgeous,” you gasp, as you leave the airport, met with a wave of heat and a view of the beach.

“Isn’t it?” Namjoon grins as you run ahead to soak up the rays of the sun, arms outstretched.

You beam over your shoulder at him. “You live in a real life fairy-tale, Namjoon. You get to be a mermaid, to travel to all these beautiful places and to experience all these new cultures.”

“And don’t forget,” he adds, wheeling his suitcase forward to where you stand, bathing in the sunshine and in his bright smile, “I get the fairy-tale ending with my princess.”

“Lucky you,” you smile, stretching to steal a kiss before your taxi pulls up to take you to the hotel.

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Jimin: Having a professional mermaid as your boyfriend comes with its quirks.

It means storing his waterproof make-up next to yours in the drawer, it means keeping a prosthetic tail in your closet, and it means that sometimes you’ll come home to… this:

Jimin, suited up in swimming trunks, sitting fully submerged in the bathtub, letting water crash over him.

On opening the door, you are greeted by a wave of water sloshing over the side of the tub. “Jimin, what are you doing?” With a lunge, you reach over him and turn off the tap before more water spills onto the tiled floor.

“Huh?” Jimin looks up at you, eyes cloudy, still stuck in in his own head, mentally choreographing new swimming routines.

“What are you doing?”

“Training,” he explains, “I need to get used to holding my breath for a long time.”

“There’s got to be a better way to do this,” you say, grabbing a towel which you wrap around his shoulders, “I don’t think we can make an insurance claim if it’s your fault that the floor gets water damage.”

Jimin frowns, looking down to where bath water is flowing into the cracks between the tiles. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t notice.” Then he begins to laugh. “Oh man, I’m really sorry.”

You begin laughing too. “It’s fine.”

Then he reaches out to you, and you scream as he wraps his wet arms around you, pulling you into a sopping hug. “I’ll clean this up now, okay?”

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Taehyung: Going to the swimming pool with Taehyung is never a normal experience.

He always wants to play, splashing in the water, and trying out new moves for his routine as a professional merman.

No matter how much you insist that you’re fine sitting at the edge watching him, he always finds a way to get you involved.

Today is no different. He’s determined to get you in the water. From your spot, sat by the pool, you laugh as you watch his shape gliding below the surface, moving towards you. He stops at the spot where your feet dangle over the pool’s edge, grazing the water. He’s waiting. Shaking your head, you turn your gaze away, pretending not to notice him, until at last: he pounces! With a roar and a cascade of droplets, his arms wrap around you and he pulls you down with a splash.

You scrunch your eyes shut, and feel his grip around your waist tighten, supporting you underwater. Then his lips are brushing your eyelids, your cheeks, down to your lips – a secret kiss, shared underwater, out of the view of curious swimmers.

Then he lets you go, and you both surface, giggling, before you squirt him with water. Serves him right. Another kiss quickly puts things right, and all is forgiven.

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Jungkook: Inspiration is hard to find. With an art project due in seven days, but nothing stirring your passions, you find yourself at a loss. No muse has come to you, no sparkling dreams or dazzling epiphanies – just the mundane and the boring. You can’t paint mundane or boring.

Stuck in a rut, you decide to do what you always do when you’re lost: go to the aquarium. The cool blue hues and flashing scales of exotic fish always give you a chance to clear your head, opening up the door for passion to sneak in – a maddening fever, an itching to create.

But this time, the inspiration you find doesn’t come in the form of lazy drifting jellyfish, or slow-gliding sting rays. Instead, it’s a pair of human eyes that entice you, sparkling behind a layer of glass and water:

A merman, at least, for those breif moments in the tank he is. As he moves through the molten-silver water, you start believing in your childish fantasies again. Mermen really do exist. Here’s one now, born in the form of Jungkook, who you are convinced came into this world with the red scales of his tail kissing his waist, and pink coral stuck to his honey golden skin.

Fumbling in your bag for your sketch book, you find a quiet corner where you can sit down and sketch him. You’ve finally found your muse.

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! I did not make the gifs !

Fanfiction - To Build a Bridge (College AU)


To Build a Bridge

Claire surreptitiously watched Jamie, his eyes guarded – surrounded by deep dark circles born from sleepless nights –, as he pretended to read a large book, written in Latin. She moved uncomfortably on the picnic towel, battling the urge to say something. Tired of the confinement of the library and wishing to speak to him alone – but not really knowing how to introduce the subject – she had proposed for them to study outside and enjoy the sunny day, laying on the grass of the nearby park.

She gulped and opened her mouth to speak, words dying inside her throat like decaying flowers, too weak and soulless to thrive.

“What?” Jamie whispered, his eyes still fixed on the book – they hadn’t moved an inch for the past minutes, his mind absorbed in replaying the events of the last few days.  

“You should talk to him.” Claire blurted out, finally closing her own book with a slapping noise. “You should go to John.”

“I should not!” He furrowed his brows, silently admonishing her to stay away from the topic. She blatantly ignored him.

“You should!” She insisted, nervously trapping a curl behind her ear. “You’re hurting and the only way to solve it is to say what’s on your mind!”

“I already did!” Jamie hissed, almost projecting the paperback to the nearby pond, where ducks splashed and played, hiding their faces bellow dark waters. “Loud and clear. I remember my fists were involved.”

“That wasn’t talking.” Claire pointed, grasping for patience. “You were angry – maybe rightfully so. But John is your friend and you can’t have peace until you settle things with him.”

Was.” He growled, tilting his head to look away from her pressing eyes. “He was my friend – and it seems that friendship was verra one-sided. John had other plans – like sticking his filthy tongue inside my mouth.”

“You’re being unreasonable.” She said heatedly, sliding to be within his eyesight. “John has feelings for you, Jamie. He is in love with you.” Jamie winced, but Claire pressed on. “Is it easier for you to pretend it was just a whim? A physical thing? To act like there wasn’t something much deeper there?”

“Claire.” He gave her a serious and warning look. “Ye’re out of line. This has nothing to do with ye.”

“Am I?” She asked, her voice softer. “I’ve held your soul between my own two hands, James Fraser. I have given you my body to bring you back, to keep you here – with me. I wear the ring you offered me and vowed to entwine my life with yours, for as long as we may live. I thought I was carrying your child – I still carry them all with me, the children you may one day give me. I have kissed you, loved you and fought you every day since you told me you’d have me. So don’t talk to me about a bloody line!” Claire finished in a broken voice. “There is no line between us. One soul, one heart – even when it hurts the most.”

They were silent for a moment – Jamie’s eyes moist and troubled, Claire almost panting from the effort of excavating such words, deep truths hidden in the vault of her chest. Eventually he sought her hand – and she allowed him to find her. Right there. Always within reach.

“What can I tell him, mo nighean donn?” He asked in a hoarse voice. “What words may I use to take us back in time? What may I tell him that wouldna sound heartless, diminishing to his feelings?”

“You’ll find the words.” She promised him, lightly caressing his temple, admiring the way the light caught in his eyelashes. “You always do.”

I don’t love ye.” Jamie whispered. “Such few words. And yet entire worlds are crumbling, visions of a life never to exist disappearing like sand in an hourglass. I’m sae angry still, mo ghraidh. It simmers and coils inside me like a fire snake ready to pounce.” He leaned over and rested his forehead against hers. “I fear I’d be crueller than needed if I went to him in such spirits.”

“You need to tell him what you told me.” Claire kissed the corner of his lips, slightly chapped from the sun exposure. “How afraid you were for us. How heartbroken over the idea of losing his friendship. And just how much it costed you to hurt him.”

“I never asked for any of it.” He sighed, tugging her closer to hug her body with his powerful arms, hiding the pain in his words inside the mass of her hair.

“No.” She whispered against the warm skin on his neck. “But only you can make it right.”


Jamie walked in long steps, his hands plunged inside his pockets, his head slightly bent against the dusk’s strong wind. Claire had texted him, asking him to meet her near the track and field. He didn’t like to be so close to the rugby stadium, knowing the team would be training at that time. After the fallout with John, both players had been punished and suspended from the team, until they had put on an agreeable display of contrition. The coach’s screams still echoed inside his ears – the wrath of losing both of his best players because of their hot-headedness had been phenomenal.

A tall and lean figure became apparent in the periphery of his visual field, equally busy battling the unpleasant weather.

“What are ye doing here?” Jamie snapped, biting the inside of his cheek. John Grey looked distraught and positively mortified to be unexpectedly face to face with the captain.

“Claire asked me to meet her here.” He said haltingly, his usually fair cheeks flushed with crimson. “Said she needed my help with an assignment.”

“Did she now?” Jamie said between teeth, half irritated, half amused. “I think I ken exactly what assignment she needed help with.”

“Oh.” John looked around nervously. “Do you mean - did she plan for us to meet, then?”

“Aye.” Jamie sighed and shook his head in disbelief. “Claire is a healer – not just what she does, but who she is deep down. She is trying her hardest to fix us.”

Jamiesorry,” He grimaced, remembering the brutal way Jamie had demanded for him never to address him in such manner again. “I want you to know that I am sorry and I –“

“Don’t.” Jamie interrupted him, his jaw tense. “Maybe someday I’ll be able to talk about it – to really listen to whatever you have to say – but not now. Not yet, anyway.”

“Alright.” The blonde young man looked utterly broken, forcing a good-humoured smile into his lips. “At least you didn’t punch me this time around, so I call it an improvement. I should be on my way, then.”

They glared at each other – almost hearing the distant echoes of their former selves, laughing and pushing each other in that exact same place, just days before. Jamie finally looked away and slowly walked, the rugby field coming within sight. When he talked, be didn’t look at Grey, but his voice softened.

“Michael really needs to pass the ball to Glen, if that play is going anywhere at all.” He waited, as a surprised John gathered himself enough to mumble an agreement. “Watch Glen now. He is about to get tackled and doesna have a clue about it.”

“That pass should have been longer.” Grey analysed a bit later, as they sat on the grass watching the practice, a respectful distance separating them. “Christ Gavin, move that shoulder son!”

It was a pale comparison with what they used to have – the complicity, the easiness - but it was a truce. A kind of hesitant companionship, every movement and word calculated. It was a start, nonetheless – a fragile bridge they might cross, ignoring the haunting canyon bellow, to find common ground. A safe haven.

“I should go.” John said, as night fell around them. “I have an essay to finish. I – it was good seeing you, Jamie.”

“I’m sorry I hurt ye, John.” Jamie rushed through the words, his voice almost lost in the howling wind. “Not that I punched ye – just that ye were hurt. But I wasna ready for any of it and I let my fear get the best of me.”

“I blindsided you.” He twiddled his thumbs. “I just wish you could forget it all, to be honest.”

“Well, I canna do that.” Jamie got up and brushed his jeans, getting rid of wet green leaves. “I still respect ye too much to forget what ye feel, John. But maybe there is a way forward, if we are given enough time and us being willing.”


Claire was waiting close to his dorm, an expectant smile written on her lips. Jamie strode to meet her – his eyes and the lines of his face burning with a fierceness that almost frightened her. She half-expected him to yell at her - and maybe she deserved it for meddling.

When he finally reached her, his arms crushed her against his body, and she relaxed feeling the waves of relief pouring from him.

“Thank ye, mo nighean donn.” Jamie whispered against her mouth, as the tip of his tongue slowly caressed her bottom lip. “For being not only my heart, but also my conscience.”

“Did you find a bridge, then?” She leaned against his body, melting with the hard slopes of him.

“Aye. My lass, my love.” He whispered almost breathless, right before he kissed her deeply. “Ye are the bridge.”

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Mom, I've been feeling so down bc my (ex) girlfriend broke up with me and she just told me that all she ever wanted was sex and i was so in love and idk. You can totally ignore this but if you can could you please write Alex feeling insecure and Maggie reassuring her, that she loves her and its just not great sex. I'm sorry if it bothers you

She spends the nights laying up in bed, a thin sheen of sweat still clinging to her bare skin, because she’s just waiting.

Because it’s happened before.

Faking an orgasm – not that she’s faking now, god, god, she doesn’t have to fake a damn thing anymore – and feeling his (hers, now, and god, god, how could she not have known?) and he’ll be gone in the morning, no matter how many times he told her it was great, no matter now many times he told her she felt incredible; he’ll just be gone in the morning, every time, every guy. Which is fine because it wasn’t ever good for her anyway, she was just trying to feel something anyway, she just always failed again anyway, but you’d think she’d be worth at least a phone call the next day, right?

But it was always just sex, and it was fine with her, it was, because she didn’t want them, with their clumsy hands and careless thrusts, but she wanted… to be worthy. She wanted to be more. More than just a warm body to get off on, in. More than just a good fuck on a Friday night when she should have been at the lab.

It never stung, not exactly, because it was always uncomfortable anyway, always mildly repulsive anyway.

But now?

Now, there’s Maggie.

Now, there’s Maggie, and her laughter makes Alex’s heart backflip.

Now, there’s Maggie, and the way she says her name – over dinner, on the phone, at game night, in the field, underneath her body in bed – makes Alex’s entire body swoon.

Now, there’s Maggie, and she’s smart, and she’s tough, and she’s beautiful… so beautiful.

And Alex is wildly in love.

So when Maggie tears her throat on Alex’s name, Alex tries not to get her hopes up, because it’s probably just sex to her.

And when she asks if it’s okay before she scrapes her nails down Alex’s back, Alex tries not to feel cared for, because for sure Maggie’s done this before, for sure it’s nothing more than common courtesy to her.

And when she tells Alex how amazing it feels to be inside her, how beautiful she is, how incredible her body feels, Alex tries not to let her heart take in the words, because it’s just dirty talk, it’s just sex talk, it’s just… sex.

It has to be.

And she’s a secret agent, and a damn good one, and she prides herself on her poker face, but now?

Now, there’s Maggie.

And Maggie sees right through her.

“Alex, what’s wrong?” she asks as she’s pulling Alex close to her after they’ve both cum – and Alex is still trembling from that, because god, god, god, that’s never happened before – and concern is etched all over her perfect face. “Did I hurt you, babe, did I go too fast, did I – “

“No, no. It’s fine, it was… amazing, Maggie, everything’s…”

But Maggie’s head is tilted and her eyes are soft and her hands are gentle and her face is patient and kind and… something like loving, Alex dares to, maybe, hope.

“You can tell me anything, Alex, it’s okay.”

She’s fought off entire armies, goddammit. She can say an honest damn sentence in bed with a beautiful woman.



“It’s not just sex for you, is it? Like, I mean, it’s great, right, having sex with you, it’s great, it’s amazing, I’ve never… it’s amazing, Maggie, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to stop having it, but I don’t just… I don’t just want that, I don’t just want sex, I… but… for you, is it – I mean, I don’t want to be clingy, god, I’m not – “

“Whoa whoa whoa, Danvers, slow down.” She puts a gentle finger to Alex’s lips and Alex kisses it automatically and Maggie’s eyes light up softly, perfectly, and Alex tries not to feel loved, because what if she’s wrong? Because Maggie is perfect, and she’s so… broken, and damaged, and inexperienced, so how could it possibly be anything other than… sex?

“Alex, I would never…” Maggie bites her lip and strokes Alex’s hair and blinks tears away from her eyes. “I get it. Feeling insecure like that. Alex, I feel that way all the time. You… how could a gorgeous, genius woman like you even give me the time of day, let alone… share my bed? I… Alex, those questions you just asked me? I want to ask you those all the time, too. Because I… I’m crazy about you, Alex, and I just… yes, yes, I just want to kiss you, but I don’t only want to kiss you. I want… I want everything with you, Alex, I want to… to build things with you.”

“Like… Legos?”


“You said build things.”

“A life, Danvers. I wanna build a life with you, I… I’m wild about you, Alex. You could never, ever just be sex to me. You are so much more than that, I promise you. And if you ever feel insecure like that? Then I will move entire continents to make sure you know how I feel about you. Because how I feel… how I feel is amazing. I’ve never felt this way before, for anyone. You’re special, Alex. You’re perfect. I promise.”

“So you’re saying you like me?”

“You’re never gonna let that one go, are you?”

“You love it.”

“I do, Danvers. I do.”

Where did this even come from!!

And why is it trying to wreck my ship list!! Like from what I know Markbum is kinda an underground or at least not as popular ship but it hit me hard with in the last week and I’ve completely fallen into the trap

Originally posted by dani-okem

Like Jaebum being hyper is adorable and just has the tendency to cling to Mark’s shoulder which is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

Originally posted by nevertrustkpop

Like look at him just flopping, they weren’t even suppose to go that low but Jaebum is being a precious koala child so I approve

Originally posted by incessantcomposition

And like oh my gosh this game screwed me over. There were different objects where they got closer I think but I couldn’t find any gifs of it but this one still is just omg

Originally posted by markbeoma

I also recently read the cutest story about them being childhood friends but punk Jaebum and pastel Mark and Mark just had completely control of Jaebum (in one of those cute totally in love ways) and it was the cutest sh:t I’ve ever read I don’t remember what it was called though but omg yes thank you for whoever wrote it

Originally posted by got7-ijb-imjaebum

I just need more appreciation for this ship cuz just yes guys just yes

*I do not own any of these gifs*

Puppy Love

Hey, @legendarydragondefender I, uh, I heard you were sad? So…I put this together in like fifteen minutes, so uh yeah, hope you like it? It’s probably pretty small and shitty with typos but uh I tried? 

I’m also really sorry for your loss. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

Lance lays on his stomach in the middle of the living room, cheek on the palm of his hand as he smiles lazily at the small puppy in front of him.

The puppy continues to leap, trying to catch the tanned hand Lance keeps hovering above him, but at every attempt, the small puppy trip on his own paws, making him roll sometimes and fall on the carpeted floor.

Lance chuckles softly as he helps the puppy to stand up once again.

“Well, aren’t you the cutest thing ever,” Lance coos, booping the puppy’s nose playfully.

The puppy stares at his finger, jumping and trying to catch it.

“I thought I was the cutest thing ever.”

The brunet turns at the familiar voice behind him and smiles when he sees his boyfriend closing his laptop a few feet from him.

“Nah, you’re the hottest thing ever.” Lance winks, grinning pleased when Keith laughs at his tactics.

“Website says that we should take the little guy to take his shots as soon as possible,” Keith says casually, standing up from his chair before walking and joining his boyfriend on the floor, “I also texted Shiro. He said that Allura would gladly take a look at him just to make sure he gets the right shots and the right treatment for his ear. She’s coming over in an hour.”

Lance sighs in relief, eyes going back to the small stray puppy that now lays upside down on the carpet, nibbling on his finger. “That’s good, I would hate for this guy to lose his ear; who knows how long he has been on the streets with it infected, ya know?”

“It’s a good thing you rescued him then,” Keith nods, leaning down to drop a kiss on the brunet’s temple, “Don’t think on the ‘what ifs’, love, focus on the fact that he’s here: clean, safe and happy as far as I can tell.”

“You’re right, you’re right, of course.” Lance sighs, closing his eyes and leaning against his boyfriend.

The puppy stares at the couple, big brown eyes wide with innocence and curiosity before he leaps, going straight to Lance’s face and licking every part he could reach.

Lance laughs, trying to pull away and yet grinning wildly. “Woah, buddy, alright, alright! Someone likes to have all the attention.”

“Reminds me of someone,” Keith jokes, arching an eyebrow to his boyfriend, who sticks his tongue out as an answer.

“Don’t listen to him, Van Gogh, there’s nothing wrong with wanting attention.” Lance coos, picking up the puppy and bringing him to his face, nuzzling their noses together.

“Did you just name our puppy without my consent?” Keith gasps, hand over his chest in mock indignation and Lance’s eyes snap open.

“I didn’t know it was our puppy until now but in that case: then yes, yes I just named our puppy.”

“We’re not calling him Van Gogh!”

“But babe!” Lance whines, flopping himself back, head landing on his boyfriend’s lap, puppy still on his hands and now laying on his stomach, “Think about our baby!”


Lance ignores the correction. “Our baby’s name is perfect!”

“He won’t lose the ear, Lance.”

“It’s about the concept, Keith!”

The puppy barks, as if supporting Lance’s statement and Keith narrows his eyes at him.

“You lil’shit, you don’t know what I’m trying to save you from.” He says lowly, booping his small head gently and earning another small bark from Van Gogh.

“Van Gogh it is!” Lance cheers, lifting one of the puppy’s paw to high five him playfully.

“Ugh, fine, you’re lucky you are cute.” Keith sighs and Lance sends him a grin.

“Why, thank you, babe.”

“Wasn’t talking to you.”


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Yurio getting really drunk and instead of break dancing in the middle of the dance floor he steals the mic sings a very emotional song and the whole crowd is in awe AT HIS BEAUTIFUL VOICE NOBODY KNEW YURI PLISETSKY COULD SING. AND BEKA IS. BEKA IS FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM ALL OVER AGAIN (u have no idea how many times otabek falls in love with yurio everytime a new side appears HE FALLS IN LOVE WITH IT)



I don’t know why I’ve never taken the time to really consider Yuri singing? Sweet (but raw) voice, Russian accent and all? AHHH YES PLEEEASE if anybody has any fics hmu because I can’t even write a coherent responsE I JUST!! YES! GOOD YES THANK YOU

Use The Spare Bedroom

Summary: Phil starts bringing boys home. Dan starts tweeting song lyrics. 

Word Count: 3436

A/N: List of songs referenced at the end. 

It started one Friday night. Dan was sprawled out on the couch. Laptop up and open to tumblr. He was settled for the night.

Then Phil came out of his room. He was in black jeans and a button up shirt.

‘I’m going out with some friends from uni.’ He announced.

'Oh.’ Dan took a few moments to process the information. 'Since when?’

'About forty-five minutes ago. I got a message and I thought why not?’

'Why not.’ Dan echoed.

'So… I’m not sure how late we’ll be out. Don’t wait up for me.’


Dan didn’t normally get to bed until about 2am on a normal night. He sort of thought he would see Phil come in before he headed off to retire for the night. But at 1.30am when he was heading off there was still no sign of Phil whatsoever.

He was woken up at 3am to the sound of a door slamming.

'Sshh.’ Followed by a giggle. 'My roommate is asleep.’

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could you write some tiny clones? maybe in the tiny obiwan au where the clones get hit with a temporary tiny-fying spell and see obiwan in a new light


The shout echoed the room but barely anyone had time to react before a shockwave of energy burst through the room from the machine experimental machine the CIS had been working on. Obi-Wan managed to hide in an open drawer.

Though he would NEVER admit that to Anakin, the other would have a field day.

He popped out once the wave was over and looked around quickly. “Commander Cody!? Longshot!? Report!” He snapped, glancing about worridly when he could feel them but not see them.

“Down here General!”

Obi-Wan blinked and looked down over the edge of the desk, staring in surprise when he saw them. The team of 212 were his size!?

Obi-Wan quickly jumped down and stood in front of them, staring before giving a breathless, shocked laugh. “Well, this is…unexpected. Were they working on a shrink ray?” He reached out and touched Cody’s shoulder before laughing again. “Oh my…”

“Um, General?”

“I’m sorry, its just…I’ve never seen anyone even close to my size…” He smiled at them before frowning and looking around. “Oh Force, we’ll need to contact the others and have them collect us.”

Cody knew he should be contacting Rex or anyone really but all he could do was stare at Obi-Wan, being the same size as him was…different.

“I’m taller then you.” He couldn’t help but offer and Obi-Wan blinked before chuckling and shaking his head, reaching for Cody’s arm and typing into it.

“Hmm, if this ray functions, then it could be incredibly useful for me at least…shrink down gear like comm units.” He mused. “Anakin?”

“Com-Obi-Wan? Is that you?” Came the other Jedi’s surprised voice over the comm.

“Yes. There has been an incident. Cody and the rest of my team has been shrunken down to my size, I’m not sure how permanent it is but we require aid.”

“…Are you telling me there’s a bunch of tiny clones with you?”

“Tiny for you. A bit taller then me actually.”

“We’re on our way Obi-Wan.” Anakin sounded almost gleeful and Cody could hear Rex sniggering in the background but none of that mattered!

He hoped he could remain this size forever because Obi-Wan was right there in front of him, the harsh light of the lab in his hair but looking just as gorgeous as when he rode on Cody’s shoulder.

“Now, does anyone here have a rope?” The General looked around and Cody forced himself out of staring to look at the rest of his men.

“No sir, why do you need rope sir?”

“Well, none of you can Force jump. It will be easier for the others to see us if we were on one of the desks. I could jump you one by one up.” The Jedi mused before shrugging. “Yes, I think that will have to do.”

With that he grabbed a hold of Cody and lifted him, armor and all, bridal style. In one bounce, he landed on the desk and set Cody down before repeating the pattern until everyone was on the desk. He promptly flopped down on his ass and smirked at their surprised faces.

“What, didn’t know I could do that?”

“No sir.” Cody sat down beside him. “We can’t exactly be light, even now.”

“Technically speaking, when Force boosted, I can lift you in your full size. But only as high as I am. Its only useful if I’m dragging someone onto a ship.” Obi-Wan chuckled. “I’d advice against eating anything for now.” He quickly offered when Boil tried to go for one of his ration bars. “If the ray is temporary, there’s no telling what kind of effect it would give when you grew big again if you ate it now.”

“…That’s a depressing idea.” Boil gave his ration bar a suspicious look and sighed deeply. “I guess food will have to wait.”

“Don’t worry to much.” Obi-Wan chuckled and made a surprised noise when Cody wrapped his arm around his waist, blinking down at it before looking at the clone commander with wide eyes.

“Are you alright sir?”

“Ye-Yes I just…so that’s how an arm around the waist fits.” He glanced back down at it, marveling at the sensation.

Things others took for granted were things Obi-Wan had never experienced and Cody shifted closer to offer comfort. “If you get uncomfortable, please tell me and I’ll move away.”

“No, no, this is nice. I like this.” Obi-Wan settled his head on the others shoulder, watching the others. “Its strange being able to look someone in the face instead of always looking up.”

They learned what he meant when the others arrived, Ahsoka cooing at them while taking pictures and Rex almost bursting at the seams as he watched the 212 having been shrunken down.

“Well Obi-Wan, they’re in luck, this seems to be temporary.” Anakin offered from where he had sliced into the computers. “I don’t know about fixing the shrinking ray but I can pull the information and bring it back to the temple, perhaps we can build something for you.” He smiled a bit and Obi-Wan chuckled quietly.

“Build something for me…

“You know what I meant.” Anakin hummed. “How is the 212 holding up?”

“Good but its very disorienting. The General has my respect for managing life with everything so…big around him.” Cody offered and Waxer and Longshot agreed loudly with him.

“Alright.” Rex clapped his hands together and turned to his men. “Everyone pick up a vod and be careful with him. Anyone drops them answers to me.” He turned back to Cody and offered his hands to him and Obi-Wan. “Want to hitch a ride with me General?”

“Sure. Anakin is still busy and Ahsoka seems busy cooing over Boil and Waxer.” Obi-Wan chuckled, stepping into one of Rex hands and using the thumb for support so he wouldn’t fall. Cody quickly did the same in the other hand as Rex lifted them to his shoulders.

Cody struggled a bit to get a good grip before he finally figured it out and noticed several vods having the same issue. Only Obi-Wan got instantly comfortable. ‘So this is how the world looks from his view…’ He glanced over at the Jedi and smiled at him.

This was the world from Obi-Wan’s perspective and Cody swore to keep it in mind when he was big again.

Especially if Obi-Wan agreed to try dating him.