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Things I love to think about: How NONE of my fav Bruce characters would survive loosing their significant others.

I mean, Lee would only survive Amanda’s death to take care of the kids (ahem ahem look at this fic just look at it) but if Joe took them away from him (like he did IN THE FIC SERIOUSLY JUST LOOK AT IT) he would not be around long.

A Jet-less Alan would be absolutely distraught by Lora dying I MEAN he almost completely looses himself when Kevin goes missing, and he has Lora to help him through it. Loosing both Lora and Kevin? Nope. Also I like to imagine Kevin actually going back to the real world after a long time (shush Legacy didn’t happen) only to find out two of the people he loved the most in the whole world are dead L O L. How’s that for angst.

And last but not least Sheridan loosing Delenn after S5 would literally destroy him completely. They were so sure they had 20 years, he had never even thought that they wouldn’t even make it so far and that he’d have to live his remaining years without her. (Bonus points if in his darkest moments he wishes Lorien had let him die in z’ha’dum)

Sora meets Pyrophobia!


“W-w-what is this place?” A young Sora nervously questioned as he gazed around at the threatening landscape, sweat trailing down his young face from not just his fear, but the surroundings as well. It looked like the bad place where naughty kids always fall to, which is likely named Hell or something. “It’s scary.”

Unaware to him, he was not exactly alone to begin with. There was someone that lives in this horrible place that would probably make his fears even more worse for wears.

Armor Review/GoldenLuneZ (BladeMaster)

With G rank Gold Rathian, and Silver Rathalos officially being released for 4U, i thought i would review both sets, starting Golden Lune Z (Gold Rathian)
First off, let me start off by saying that you only need 1 Rathian Mantle in the making of this set, which is a steal considering how nice this armor is, or can be.

This set has 10 slots, without any weapons or talismans, oh gawd yes, 10! combine that with a nice Charm, and you can gem in just about anything you want, from handicraft, razor sharp, and some other essential BladeMaster Skills.

But let’s cover the most important part, and thats the skill’s. Right off the bat Great Luck can become  Miraculous Luck with just 2 more points!, that makes farming for rare drops easier, in most cases. Part Breaker, is great for breaking parts, which increase your chances of better loot, even more!, and then Divine Blessing which is pretty much Felyne Defender. I personally would just ignore the Thunder Res-20, unless you really wanted to use this set on a monster like Zinogre.

And last is the 8 points for Tranquilizer, what that does is increase the number of item rewards for catching monster’s. Now before anyone overlooks this skill, it has 3 tier’s.

Capture God+20 Very often increases the number of Reward Items received for captures.
Capture Master+15 Often increases the number of Reward Items received for captures.
Capture Expert+10 Sometimes increases the number of Reward Items received for captures.

The text speaks for itself, this is the ultimate Loot set, and it’s why we’ve waited as long as we had for it. It’s a good set, and you can make it 10x’s better with a great charm and decorations.

( Note: I could not get the max defense for this armor to show up on Pings MH4G DEX, but in the future, ill be covering Base defense, and maxed out defense for the sets i’ll go over :3 )

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I've been a big fan of yours since I don't know, like 5 years ago or something and I just found out you have a Tumblr blog! And you post RaeX!! Please, could you write a really smutty kinky filthy piece of them? More shower sex would be awesome! That is if you want, of course.

OH GAWD YES. Anything for the babbus. NSFW.
- - -

Jason growled low in his throat as he kissed down her neck, biting and lapping at the skin as she fought to control the volume of her voice. Her hands lifted up and buried in his dark hair as she rode his fingers with little whispers. Around them, every shower head in the communal locker room was turned on, blasting out sweltering water and filling the white room with steam. Jason’s grunts echoed over the empty space and her little whispers were amplified into screams, making the whole scene that much more erotic.

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so when black people do things like take care of their children y’all be like “don’t congratulate or laud someone for doing something easy or something that most of us do anyway” but if a white can clap on the beat or pretend to like rap it’s “yes gawd she real omg he down white boys winning black girls better stay mad”

on this episode of Y’all Love Praising Massa But Shitting On Ya Own 

Good Lord Magic Mike XXL....

If you saw the last one, If you hated it, if you didn’t see it…..Fucking go see it! I was very disappointed with the last movie because there was a lot of story that was super depressing and the bare minimum of hot bodies on screen. They fixed it. It’s almost the exact opposite. I don’t really want to say much else but……..the last 30 minutes……Joe Mangianello……Channing Tatum………..If I had a boyfriend I would have text him as soon as I got out the theater like you need to get yourself together because my body is READY. Like I was literally fanning myself. Also, I need to add that I don’t go to male strip clubs or do male strippers (but maybe I need to fucking start!) But I was so into this movie. We were pissed when it was over. This is a first day out on dvd purchase and I haven’t done that since the complete Daria series came out on dvd. It’s that serious.