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Is it alright if I draw myself in your style? (of course crediting you!) Inspiration and motivation is low in my brain hole at the moment :)

Oh gawd YES YES. OFC 

so many ppl did it and that’s sooo flattering! i’m always grateful for the time ppl put in it !

So yea’! have fun ! and thanks again !(⑅´•⌔•`)*✲゚*。

So like- I’ve read Saiyaku wa Boku o Suki Sugiru before and I noticed it got updated yesterday… My reaction? Finally… (It’s been a year but in BL mangas, it’s normal for updates to take forever. I really wish I can read Japanese so I could maybe just read raws by buying or whatever //sobs)

ANYWAYS THE LONG AWAITED ROMANCE HAPPENED AHHH- THEY FINALLY KISSED AND I WAS SO HAPPY- it’s like— after so long from the battle, YOU GET A REWARD— that kind of giddy feeling…Man, this fangirl side of me is never gonna disappear isn’t it? I’m a lost nut case X’D


Yes Gawd!

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I figure this question will be right up your alley. Do you have any ultra-lewd charr fantasies you wouldn't mind sharing?

Yes gawd. Well first off I’m RPing one of them through the boys Velak, Naresh, and PatbingSu who is owned by the lovely @khurje.

Another one is being part of human, “adult circus” being held in the lack citadel to allow Charr to try something other then killing humans.

Also just because I’m kind of a slut for these big cats. Just being paraded around the black citadel getting pounded by any Charr willing.

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I think this calls for a fanfic, can I get one where Bambam's back in Korea and his black gf beats the shit outta him? Jk, she yells at him a bit but then she teaches him more about the culture.

I’m running errands which is why I’m just answering stuff right now mostly but I am going to type this up as soon as I get home!!
*applauds* I wish you were off anon so I could dedicate it to you but you’ll know who you are haha