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Hey hey hey guys, so I’m not sure if you all knew, but someone angered and annoyed me recently, why? I shall explain.

When it comes to fanart, fanfics and the like, there is a fine line between showing your support for the creator, and basically shoving their work back in their face.

Without naming names, obviously, someone reblogged a requested headcanon which I wrote about specifically requested characters from SITS and blindly added in another character without asking me. Now, you may think ‘but what’s wrong with that?’ well, I’m here to explain why it upset me so much.

Now, before I start, I want to say this person did message me with an ‘apology’, if you could call it that. Personally I don’t see it as an apology, I saw the message as saying that I’m butthurt for what she did and that she did nothing wrong. I do not forgive this person, but I haven’t blocked them, yet. If they begin to message me horrible things, or starts to cause any sort of drama, I will be blocking, I don’t need this negativity on my blog. 

Right, so, what was really wrong with them reblogging and adding their ‘2 cents’? Their defence was that’s what the reblog button is there for. No, that’s not what it’s there for. The button is there to share what you like, or dislike, you use it to add comments and opinions, not to dive in and add what you thought was missing. Now, if this was a piece of art and someone reblogged and added in a story, or even vice versa, a story and someone reblogged adding a piece of art, THAT is completely acceptable.

Another example is scriptwriting. I am a learning scriptwriter, and if someone had taken my work and added in characters they thought were missing, that’s stealing! As a class, we can suggest characters, suggest story changes, but never just add it in ourselves. But, because this is fanfic, people think it’s an ok thing to do.

However, using that art work example, and I discussed this with @tygerlander, what this person did was the equivalent to this (this is my own artwork):

“Hey guys, check out this Princess Luna I drew!”

*someone reblogs the art with this*

“But you’re missing my favourite character of Pinkie Pie! Don’t worry, I’ll fix it!”

Would you really do that to an artist? No you wouldn’t, the artist took a long time and a lot of effort to draw that piece, you wouldn’t deface it. It’s the same for a writer, but so many people don’t see these two avenues as similar.

If a writer you follow has done a request, and the requester has asked for specific characters and they miss out your favourite, don’t go adding it in yourself, that’s like a slap to the writers face. If you want your favourite character in it, go ask the writer nicely, say something like ‘Oh hey, you know that headcanon you did? Could you add this character in?’ Common courtesy and politeness costs nothing.

You may say ‘But these characters and fic aren’t owned by the writer…so I have every right to do it’ I guess you’re right, but like I said before, there’s a fine line. It’s right I don’t own the characters, but I do own the writing I have produced, same as art, I own all of the pieces I have spent hours drawing and colouring. IT’S THE WAY YOU GO ABOUT IT! If you’re not happy the way someone did a headcanon, go onto your own blog and write your own. Not happy how Kyohei reacted to the situation? Go write it on your own blog.

At the end of the day, the asker asked me for the headcanon on specific characters, if character Y was left out by the asker, me as the writer I could have added it in as a bonus, or if someone asked why no character Y? Then I would have added them in. Don’t be the commenter going ahead and stick on the commenters headcanon onto MY headcanon. Some writers out there don’t include all characters to their headcanons and fics, yeah it saddens me, but NEVER in a million years would I just go ahead and add MY version of events to THEIR work. I would come to my own blog and say I was inspired by so and so to make my own version.

I am only coming out about this publicly so my followers can understand that I do not like or accept this kind of behaviour. If I miss out a character you like, just send me a message and ask if I’ll add them in, I seriously don’t mind that.

Think before you reblog to ‘add’ something to a post please! Thanks @tygerlander for helping my get my words out :) I won’t be making another post about this and I’m sorry for posting such a long post about something negative.

What I know I look like when I’m talking about Narumitsu to people who aren’t Ace Attorney fans:

You’re my partner in all this..


A very Happy Birthday to @mostlikelytofangirl! :D It’s not much, but thank you for always being the most supportive and loving big sis! ♥ You’re a treasure to everyone you’ve graced in your life, and I cherish you so dearly! Have a wonderful birthday! ♥

I saw @missladytale​ ‘s answer to an ask, and figuring out Melon was 18. So now i’m also really questioned on how old some of these au sans are. So if you have an au sans how old is he? 


Oh the youngest sans I’ve heard of so far is 16. 


Ah 10 is pretty young. But its cool to see some little baby children sans. Thats cute ^^ 

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congrats on 400!! if you're still taking requests, could you draw kobra with a fluffy doggo? he's supposed to be this tough character so stuff like that is really cute to me. tysm!!!! 💕💕💕💕

he likes fluffy doggos