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Ok, I thought about doing a follow forever/bias list, but the idea sounded quite boring to me ––– SO, to celebrate my followers, I will do something else instead. Unfortunately I have no talent whatsoever, I cannot draw particularly well and my graphics skills are quite basic, BUT I CAN WRITE. Here is the deal:

                    like this post, and I will write a
                    short poem about your muse!

It might take me a while, because of course I am slow and in general I waste time in the writing process, but this was the best way I could think of to thank you all. Thank you for following me and Kiss-Shot, thank you for the support, and the interest you displayed towards my muse. Thank you to each and every of my writing partners, old and new, thank you because without you I would have never grown as a writer, and I would have never encountered so many interesting characters. Hopefully you all enjoy writing with me as much as I enjoy interacting with you and your muses (though I know Kiss-Shot is an arrogant, little shit, but what can one do?). I AM NOT THE BEST AT THESE SORT OF THINGS, so I will stop here ––– I stole more than enough of your precious time I guess. 


Luis Angel Layseca ‏@Layseca_
@DavidArchie muchas gracias por el saludo !!! #TheVoiceChile #luislayseca #LuisLaysecaEnLaFinal #Santiago

David sang with this guy when he was in Chile on his mission; now he’s a finalist on The Voice (Chile) and David sent this video for him. <3

Last night, I managed to watch the latest all stars movie.

First half was just recaps of all the Precure’s theme songs. Watching the movie had me lost and I question to myself where this movie was going.

The OTHER half begins after ALL the previous theme songs were out of the way and then the plot resumes back to their evil ways (yeah, yeah, I know. Previous cures are down and out and the latest are the ones to save the day.)

The good thing about this is that there are NO MORE miracle lights! That’s a plus considering how much of a waste it was when we all know that it’s obvious that the Precures are going to win anyway. Then again, Toei is asking for audience participation :P

The ending was done nicely by Morning Musume 15 with a live action performance (I like it when the kids are doing the dance with Cure Lovely and Cure Flora dancing along with them). It’s an interesting view, but it doesn’t save much about the film entirely.

Overall, the movie was a bit too musical with recaps of the previous theme songs by the veteran Cures (expect that our first heroines, Splash Star, Yes Precure 5 got upgrades), but the plot felt as if it was going nowhere. Sure, I understand that after their performance, the enemies trick the mascots in exchange for stealing their transformations, but literally it was more of an interviewing plus musical performance.

I doubt they’re going to make ANOTHER all stars as it is known for either a hit or a miss.